Car Seat Reviews

There’s one thing certain about child seats, there’s plenty to choose from. Typically picking the right seat for your child might take up to a few weeks if not months. As a parent I understand how important safety and comfort is.

This is why I’ve reviewed the most popular car seats on the market. I will show you the good the bad and everything between. By reading the review you will get the full picture. Also you will know if that seat is the perfect fit for your family.


Britax Reviews

Britax car seats are known to be the safest one in the industry. You can’t go wrong with them. When it comes to safety and comfort they are top of the line.

Chicco Reviews

Chicco car seats are one of the coolest child seats you can pick. They are the ultimate “big kid” chairs to choose. Once your child sees it they will say I want that one mommy/daddy.

Clek Reviews

Clek seats were the first ones to pass the government safety tests without the use of harmful flame retardants. They have a narrow profile and free from any poisonous chemicals.

Cosco Reviews

Cosco seats are the most affordable child seats you can choose from. Their price is unbeatable. As for comfort well you might only use it on short trips.

Cybex Reviews

Cybex seats are German made. This means you get the best of the best. Also they were the first one to create smart child seats. If you have a crafty little one you will know when they unbuckle the seat belt.

Diono Reviews

Diono seats are known for their narrow profile and being one of the safest ones on the market. Better yet they went overboard with safety. Not to mention the big color combinations to choose from.

Evenflo Reviews

Evenflo seats are one of the budget brands to go with if you’re tight. Even though they are inexpensive they are safe and comfortable. They have won multiple best awards on my blog.

Graco Reviews

Graco car seats are a good choice if you want functionality and safety at a decent price. They are not overpriced like other brands and will keep your little one safe no matter what.

Maxi Cosi Reviews

Best Maxi Cosi Car Seats have been tried and tested for many years and they deliver. There’s a wide range of child seats to choose from and they will serve your child from infancy all the way up to early adulthood.

Minnie Mouse Reviews

Who else wants a cute looking seat? With this Minnie Mouse car seat your little one will look adorable. It’s a real eye catcher.

Safety 1st Reviews

Safety 1st seats are chosen by many parents. They are fairly priced and give excellent performance both in safety and comfort.

Uppababy Reviews

Uppababy seats are the second brand on my list that is flame and toxic chemical free. Not only they are ecological but they look cool as well. If you want a looker then this will be a great choice.

Wayb Pico Reviews

WayB Pico seats are the ultimate travel car seats. They are light weight and easy to carry through the airport. The mesh fabric will keep your child cool no matter the temperature.