Finally Revealed the Best Britax Car Seat in 2023

Best Britax Car Seat

3 kids were in the back… slamming the brakes wouldn’t have helped… it was too late, and there were too many cars in front…

The scariest part of getting in the accident is the loss of control.

There’s nothing for you to do only to hope that all the safety equipment will do its job. What if you have kids on board?


As parents, we have to make sure that our little ones are safe. This means that you have to get the most protection possible. This is why I’ve created this best Britax car seat article. I’ve selected the very best car seats for your needs.

The Britax brand is known as the safest one of them all. They have multiple top-rated car seats on Consumer Reports.

By reading this article, you will know exactly which the best car seat is for you. Also, if you stick with me, you will find out which one of the car seats were in the accident. Plus, you will know every detail about it. Not to mention how did it perform.

Let’s see which Britax car seats are the best.

#1 Britax One4Life – Best Britax Car Seat

Britax One4Life Best Britax Car SeatThe One4Life won the Best Britax Car Seat award. From all of the Britax car seats, this gives the most mileage for your money. You only have to buy it once, and it will serve your little one from birth until young adulthood.

This can be the car seat in which you will take your little one home from the hospital. Plus, it will serve you through the years until the car seat won’t be needed anymore.

It has all the safety features that your child will ever need. It’s built like a tank. It comes so much cushion.

Now there’s been an ongoing joke with Britax that they can create a car seat that can handle anything from crashes to fires, but it can’t handle the washing machine. Finally, they have answered our prayers. The cover can be easily removed and washed with the washing machine.

The installation couldn’t be simpler. You have to use the ClickTight tech, and things got simplified a lot.

The Britax One4Life car seat comes with three modes rear facing, forward facing, and booster mode. It supports extended rear-facing up to 50 pounds.

This is why this car seat is the best from Britax because it’s super safe, it’s easy to install, comfortable, easy to remove, and wash. Plus, it will serve you for 10 years.


It’s easy to install, and it’s impossible to mess it up

Extremely durable it will last for ten years and serve several kids

Finally, a Britax car seat that allows machine washing the material


It’s pricey and if you plan to buy more than one you need a serious budget

It’s large and heavy anything for safety

#2 Britax B-Safe 35 – Best Britax Infant Car Seat

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car SeatWhat if your newborn doesn’t want to fall sleep?

This has happened with our neighbors. Everything was fine until they brought their little one home from the hospital. Then all of a sudden, he didn’t want to go down.

The parents were already sleep-deprived. They were left with one single choice. The father got the idea to put the little one into this Britax B-Safe carrier and started driving around. What do you know the little one went down like a champ.

Just to be sure he drove around for fifteen minutes or so. This was their life saver. For the next six weeks, this was their nightly program. The father was driving around the neighborhood until their little one has fallen asleep.

The B-Safe 35 won the Best Britax Infant Car Seat award for the following reasons. It’s the safest carrier you can use. It has all the safety features what your little one will ever need.

Britax makes many convertible car seats that cater to infants. The only issues are that convertible car seats are not portable. During the winter months, the carrier is your best friend. Plus, the carrier takes up less space on shopping carts.

The base is easy to install, and the carrier can be installed with or without the carrier. This is good to know if you have multiple cars. As you have seen, the B-Safe is super comfortable since it rocked a newborn to sleep in no time.


This car seat does not expire great for the long term

The best material since it doesn’t show wear and tear after a year of heavy use

The easiest infant car seat to install


It’s not shopping cart compatible

The space between the handle and the canopy is small

#3 Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat – Best Britax Convertible Car Seat

Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car SeatsThis accident happened with my cousin.

She had her three kids in the back and driving on the highway. There was an accident ahead, and there were many cars stopped. She noticed them too late. Hitting the brakes wasn’t enough.

As a last-ditch effort, she aimed towards the dirt median. Stopping an SUV traveling 70-80 mph on the highways is hard. She managed to hit the dirt median and not crash into other cars.

Her SUV started rolling over. Their dog Coco was ejected from the car. The phones, laptops, and camping gear became lethal weapons. According to bystanders, the car rolled over 5-6 times. It was a horrible accident. The SUV got totaled.

My cousin and her three kids walked away with a few cuts and bruises. Even Coco wasn’t harmed.

Thanks to the steel frame, the kids didn’t get hurt. The Advocate Clicktight comes with three layers of side impact protection. This came very handily during the rollover crash. As you know, rollover accidents are the deadliest from them all.

The Britax Advocate Clicktight car seat is the best Britax Convertible car seat. It’s built like a fortress. It’s a bit heavy, but that’s a small price to pay to know that your kids are safe no matter what.

The Britax Advocate ClickTight installation makes it a breeze to install.


It’s a fortress which provides both front-facing and rear-facing mode

According to a policeman parent, it’s absolutely the best

It’s easy to understand thanks to the well-assembled manual


It’s heavy once you have installed you won’t move from the car

ARB looks like an afterthought a bit flimsy

#4 Britax Grow With You – Best Britax Booster Car Seat

Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car SeatThe Grow with You won the Best Britax Booster Car Seat award for the following reasons.

First of all, it looks cool. It stands out from the rest of the same old, same old car seats. After a while, kids always want what big kids have. This is the ultimate “big kid” seat. They will be so happy when they get this upgrade.

Let me tell you a secret. This will be the last car seat that you ever have to buy. It has two modes harness and booster mode. So it will serve your child from 25 pounds up to 120 pounds. The expiration date is set to nine years. That’s a lot of mileage for one car seat.

If you have heard about ClickTight, then you know how easy and simple it is to use. The latest generations of Britax seats rely on it. The Britax Grow with your booster seat is simple to install. All you have to do is pop open the seat part and feed the seat belt through. After that, close it down, and you’re set.

There is two cup holder for drinks and toys. Also, the cover can be easily removed and machine washed. This Britax booster seat will serve you for many years to come.


The safest car seat after you have clicked it in it doesn’t wiggle a bit

Your little one will be safe like a Nascar driver thanks to the 5-point harness

This is the ultimate traveling companion if you want to style


Big and heavy you won’t be swapping between cars

This car seat needs better instructional videos

#5 Britax Marathon – Best Britax Convertible Car Seat For Small Car

Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car SeatsThis incident happened with some friends of ours.

They were coming home from a long road trip. Their 13-month old little girl was a sleep in the back.

The father couldn’t see the big puddle of water after the curve. When he noticed it was already too late. He lost control. The car hydroplaned off the road and hit a tree.

More accurately, the SUV wrapped around the tree. The vehicle got totaled instantly. The windows shattered. The metal twisted. The airbags deployed saving lives. After things got quiet, they instantly checked on their daughter.

She was crying because she was scared. Other than that, she was perfectly healthy. They were lucky that they have walked away from the accident.

The Marathon won the Best Convertible Car Seat For Small Car award.

Let’s face it Britax has many car seats on the market. Some are hard to install, and some are with old technology.

The Britax Marathon won because it has a narrow profile. You will be able to do 3 across with ease. It’s an ideal car seat for compact and small cars. Thanks to the space saver size, even an adult will be able to sit between two of these car seats.

Thanks to the ClickTight tech, it’s effortless to install.


It can be installed in 5 minutes without the help of a big strong man

It has a narrow profile so 3 across can be done

It’s easy to get the perfect install, and you can tell it instantly if it’s right


It’s pricey

There’s no enough head cushion so the head slumps

#6 Britax Boulevard – Best Car Seat for 2-Year-Old, 3-Year-Old, 4 Year Old

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat2,3 and 4 years old is a big mild stone for kids. The Britax Boulevard is perfect for this age range.

First of all, it’s a good idea to do rear-facing as long as possible. It’s highly recommended to keep your little one in rear-facing mode until the age of two. This mode offers the most protection for kids. The Boulevard offers extended rear-facing until 40 pounds.

After the rear-facing mode, harness mode is the safest. With the Boulevard, you will be able to keep your child safe until 65 pounds.

Being a convertible car seat, the Boulevard answers these needs perfectly. As a bonus, the installation is a breeze. You can choose from the latch system install or the seat belt. With the new ClicTight system, it’s easy to get it tight. You don’t need any force, and it’s grandparent friendly.

If you have a smaller car, the Britax Boulevard will be perfect for it. Many parents reported that you could even install it in a Prius with ease.

Besides being a safe car seat, it’s stylish. There are many colors to choose from, so pick the one that highlights the individuality of your child.


Opting for the ARB bar is a life changer

It’s a GAME CHANGER chair that lasts for ten years

This car seat is a beauty the colors are so alive


It’s a challenge to transfer in and out from the car

It’s a wide chair, and three-across will not be possible

#7 Britax Allegiance – Best Affordable Car Seat

Britax Allegiance 3 Stage Convertible Car SeatsWe all know that car seats tend to be expensive. Plus, you will have to buy up to four of them for one child.

This is why the Britax Allegiance won in this category. It’s easy on the pocket without sacrificing safety.

It has a steel frame, and yet it’s light. It has energy-absorbing materials, so the impact does not reach your child. As you can see, they haven’t made any compromises with this car seat.

Allegiance has two modes of install. You can mount it in rear-facing mode and front-facing mode. It caters to newborns from 5 pounds. And it can be used until your child reaches 65 pounds. It’s an extended rear-facing friendly. As you know, this mode offers the most protection possible. You can keep your child rear-facing until 40 pounds.

It’s a convertible car seat so that you will be sacrificing portability. If you have an infant and it’s wintertime, you’re better off with the Britax infant carrier.

Other than that, it’s great value for the money.


It comes with a simple adjustment feature without manually retreading the straps

Great Velcro holder for the straps no more wasting time trying to find it

This three stages convertible car seat saves you money because you buy it once


The manual is confusing you’re better off with YouTube videos

The fabric is not machine washable you can imagine the rest

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Buyer’s Guide

Since the car seat market is over-flooded with so many models, I thought it would come handy to create a buyer’s guide.

In this section, I will share with you my foolproof plan on how to check out car seats. But first, here are two hot tips.

Before you order your car seat, figure out where you will install it. The safest spot is in the middle of the car. Yes, and for some, this will not work. So here’s the second safest spot which is behind the driver.

My second hot tip is about the install. All car seats are safe on the market because they passed the safety tests. If the car seat isn’t mounted properly, then it won’t be able to protect your child 100%. This is why it’s so important to keep the wiggle room under an inch.

Here’s my list on how I measure up car seats


By far, this is the most important part of a car seat. With Britax, you can’t go wrong. They make the safest car seats. This is why they got so many to-rated car seats on Consumer Reports.

Most car seats are tested for front and rear collisions. Now a handful of them provides side-impact protection. As you know, the human body wasn’t designed to take damage from the side. Keep a lookout for SIP (side-impact protection). The car seats have one to three layers of protection.

Only a handful of car seats offer rollover protection. These are the most dangerous ones to be in.

The steel frame is a great thing to have. Plus, energy absorption is useful because the impact force doesn’t travel up to your little one’s body and does damage.

Size and Limits

My second category is the limits of the seat. Now there are three types of car seats you can buy. There are the infant carriers, the convertibles, and the harness boosters. Depending on your child’s weight and height, they will fit into one of them.

Look at the numbers carefully because this is where you will be able to save some money. The math is simple, the more you can use it, the more money you save. It’s that simple.

Also, take into account if the seat allows extended rear-facing or harness mode. Extended rear-facing is recommended until the age of two. Harness mode offers more protection than the seat belt.


This is where the rubber meets the road. The easy install car seats tend to be a bit expensive. It’s money well spent. You won’t believe the types of seats I’ve tried and tested. For some, I need a degree in engineering to get it right.

Luckily most brands have a simple system. The Britax comes with the ClickTight system. It’s so easy that even grandparents will be able to install it with ease.


The last important item on the list is the fabric. I mean we’re talking about kids so spills and accidents will be common. So you will have to know this upfront. The earlier versions of Britax only allowed hand washing. It’s not fun washing partially digested food out of the material with your hands.

Luckily they have upgraded, and now they support full machine washing.

This would be my buyer’s guide. Put it to good use.

Conclusions for the Best Britax Car Seat

Britax made a name in the safety department. Their car seats won many awards. They have top spots on Consumer reports as well.

They indeed make a ton of car seats. This is why I’ve picked the best for you. No matter you need you will,l find the one that suits you the best.

We have reached the end of this best article. I hope you have found what you’ve been looking for. Now it’s your turn. Get the car seat that fits you the best and get it soon because stocks are running low.

If you want to share your ideas, please write below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Which Britax car seat is the safest?

By far the Britax Advocate Clicktight is the safest Britax car seat.

Is Britax a good car seat?

Yes, Britax is a good car seat. They have a big line up. They make the safest car seats and they are easy to install.

Why are Britax car seats so expensive?

Britax car seats are so expensive because they overdeliver on safety. For example, they have car seats that have 3 layers of side impact protection. Plus they have the ClickTight installation. The Click Tight system helps you install these seats in record time.

What’s a good alternative for the Britax Advocate Clicktight convertible car seat?

The Britax Marathon Clicktight convertible car seat or the convertible seat or there’s the graco extend2fit convertible car vehicle seat.

How easy is it to install this Britax infant car seat?

Here’s the truth the infant car seat is the easiest one to install. Things get complicated as time goes by. It’s interesting to see that most brands only make one infant car seat. Although these infant car seats have multiple versions like max or ultra and even zip infant seats. Most all in one car seats have an infant car seats mode. Make sure you know that infant seats are fast outgrown so get ready to upgrade.

What is the weight limit for these Britax car seats?

The weight limit for these Britax car seats is similar and it’s broken down to stages. The weight limit for forward facing booster seat is 120 pounds. The weight limit for forward facing harness mode is 65 pounds. For rear-facing position is 30 pounds. For higher weight limit I recommend the extended rear facing mode car seats. For those the higher weight limit would be 40 pounds. What is the weight range of the convertible car seat? The weight range for britax is 5 pounds all the way up to 65 pounds. The rear-facing weight limit is typically 40 pounds. They are highly recommended by the american academy of pediatrics.

From all the Britax car seats what is the best convertible car seat?

Britax car seats have many convertible ones. So which are the best convertible car seats. When we’re looking at the best convertible car seats we need to look at few things. The best convertible car seat would be the Britax Advocate Clicktight it has the highest side impact layers. The runner up would be the marathon clicktight. The convertible seat is one of the most important purchases in your life.

Can you fit three across with Britax car seats?

Britax car seats are known for many things but for narrowness, they are not. So no matter if you choose a backless booster child car seat or normal booster seat you won’t be able to do 3 across.

What kind of safety standards do these Britax convertible seats have?

When it comes to safety standards Britax makes car seat safety top priority. Thanks to the clicktight installation system you will enjoy the ease of use. All Britax seats come with side-impact protection. Some of the seats have 3 layers of side-impact protection. Infants seats typically have an anti-rebound bar. The anti-rebound bar makes the crash energies to dissipate. Typically you have to manually add the anti-rebound bar because it’s not attached in the package. Also the anti-rebound bar can only be used in rear facing mode. As you can see Britax cares a lot about car seat safety and easy installation is next. They have done more than their fair share of crash testing. When it comes to side impact protection the Britax boulevard clicktight is the one of the best on the market. Not to mention the energy-absorbing foam (eps foam). The anti-rebound bar, energy-absorbing foam (EPS foam) the side impact protection are the most important for a safety seat. Thanks to the safety guidelines you can’t get it wrong. There’s one more important item for infant car seats in rear-facing car seat mode on a tight budget. If it’s properly installed then seat rotation is prevented during crash tests. These seats do have lower anchors and tethers for children. With the safecenter latch connectors installation system the shoulder straps and the tether can be tighter. The seat also has great crash test results.

How can you install these Britax car seats?

The installation is super easy thanks to the clicktight installation system. The clicktight installation system works both in rear facing and forward facing mode. You can also use vehicle seat belt. Make sure you read the manual first. The latch system works like a charm with the lower anchors.

What other car seat features are there?

The seat cover is removable and easily washable. These seats are meant to be installed on the back seat. The booster seats are meant for older children. Don’t forget to adjust the harness for older children. There are multiple recline positions too choose from booster seats don’t have this option. Only the infant car seats don’t have cup holders. The other britax seats have cup holders.

What kind of alternatives are there for these convertible car seats?

Good alternative convertible car seats would be the: clek foonf infant car seat, clek fllo booster seats, britax boulevard clicktight infant car seat, nuna rava infant seat, chicco nextfit booster seat, diono radian 3rxt forward-facing car seat. These convertible car seats can be installed as rear-facing car seat or forward-facing seat. Typically the infant seat has to be installed on the back seats or center seat. Britax is not known for booster seats. They have combo option convertible seats. Like infant seat to convertible seats or infant car seat to booster seats. They have options for convertible car seats like the britax boulevard clicktight convertible seats, infant car seats. Many parents choose them because of their superior crash test performance. The car seat installation is quite easy thanks to the user manual. Also many parents choose it for the ease of use.

How do you level Britax infant car seats and convertible car seats?

These britax infant car seats and convertible car seats are quite easy to level. All you have to do is check the bubble levels to be in the right spot. Additionally you can use a pool noodle for added recline angle.

How long can you use an infant insert with britax infant car seats?

Typically infant car seats allow it up to 11 pounds. With the multiple recline positions it will be nice and cozy for any little one. Every time you use the clicktight installation system it will get easier. For infant car seats it’s highly recommended to keep them in rear-facing car seat mode for as long as possible. Every time you adjust the recline position make sure that the infinite slide harness system is arrange as it should. The harness straps can be hidden away in the harness storage compartment (harness holders). What you need to know about britax is that they all come with no-rethread harness height adjustment. When you adjust the headrest height you automatically do the harness adjustment as well.

How easy to clean is the Britax boulevard clicktight fabric cover?

Just like other britax car seats the britax boulevard clicktight is easy to clean. You can use the washing machine.

How do you use the seat belts with Britax seats?

It’s a good idea to use the seat belt lock for safe installation features. Now there are different belt paths for front facing and different belt paths for rear facing. The seat features air travel compatability. Though the seat weight is typically heigh so it’s not recommended.

What’s the upper weight limit for Britax car seats?

The forward facing weight limit is 120 pounds. This 120 pounds is for backless booster seats. The latch weight limits are set to 65 pounds. The seat features top of the line safety items such as the seat rotation, side impact protection, safecenter latch, anti-rebound bar and energy-absorbing foam. As you know the anti-rebound bar can only be used in rear facing mode. The seat rotation prevention comes handy during a crash. The safecenter latch makes the tether latch connection tighter. The more layers of side impact protection you can get the better it is. Typically car seats have between 1 and 3 layers of side impact protection.

How to make these Britax seats as comfortable as possible?

First of all you have to use the right recline positions for your little one. By pulling on the recline handle  you can adjust the seat angle. The crotch buckle is adjustable with the crotch strap after the needs. The latch straps with the chest clip should be below your child’s armpits. The super cinch install will make the seat bottom comfy.

Which one is better Britax vs Maxi Cosi?

Britax is the winner between Maxi Cosi and Britax car seats.

Which company makes better car seats if we compare Britax vs Diono?

Britax makes better car seats, so for most people, it’s a better choice.

How good are britax strollers?

If you know britax company then you will love the britax strollers (britax stroller). For example britax b safe 35 is compatible with the stroller and for maximum safety your best choice is the britax infant car seat or the britax convertible car seats. Plus the britax one4life clicktight is known for easy installation. It’s also rated as the safest car seat for 3 year old. The easy installation features of latch installation, two buckle positions, more than enough room for other seats, big weight capacity and comfortable ride makes it the ideal choice for parents.

Which are the top top britax car seats?

Most britax car seats are in someone’s best category so it’s hard to choose from. The best way is to create the categories: britax infant car seat, britax convertible car seats, britax booster car seats (these can be belt positioning booster seat; booster car seat grows with your child; harness 2 booster car seats, european belt guide friendly, highback booster car seats). Pick any booster seat or  britax booster car seats (combination car seat) from the britax brand and you will know for sure it has all the safety components that will protect you child in car crashes. After you’ve install britax car seats you will value all the safety features such as: high strength steel frame, entire car seat is covered with two layers of side impact protection (there are not many brands that offer two layers of side impact protection), seven recline positions, lap belt lock offs, 5 point harness, premium breathable padding, reduce forward movement om case of a car accident and absorb energy so no wonder that the britax seat is the right car seat that has forward facing seat and rear facing seat options, quick adjust harness, quick adjust head protection, it was crash tested for front seat used that diminshes forward movement and offers extra safety features and maximum safety. The britax convertible car seat and booster seat (convertible seat)  are safe car seats with two cup holders with easy installation and great safety features.

How long should a child remain rear facing?

The answer is the longest possible because that’s the safest way to travel. The crash test rating proves this. No matter the car seat type automotive safety is the top priority this is why an absolute must to have the federal safety standards met. Even the safest seat won’t provide enough protection if installed incorrectly and not taking into account the weight capacity. With britax seats you can do three seats across easy. Always take into consideration the weight maximum and the seat meets the necessary width.

Are britax convertible car seats?

Yes many of the britax convertible car seats are in my top list. Thanks to the steel frame and removable head pillow, adjustable harness positions, quick adjust harness (adjustable harness) and additional safety features makes it the only seat for your needs. The car seat installation can be done with latches or with the vehicle’s seat belt (shoulder belt) even in forward facing mode. If the child outgrows the convertible the next level is the booster car seat or belt positioning booster. The child restraint is done by the vehicle’s seat belt (shoulder belt). Thanks to the european belt guide and belt lock offs you’re getting easy installation. Now respecting the weight capacity of the seat’s base and the proper angle of the child’s head thanks to the adjustable positions you’re getting and easy installation. I’m currently using a belt positioning booster car seat with lock offs and i’m very happy with it.

What are the best Britax car seats for 2023?

The best Britax car seats for 2023 include the One4Life, B-Safe 35, Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, and Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat.

What are some benefits of Britax car seats?

Some benefits of using a Britax car seat include providing maximum protection in any accident including rollover accidents which are especially deadly; being easy to install; being built like a fortress for extra security; offering adjustable headrests for added comfort and support; having an energy absorbing foam liner to protect your child from impact forces; and having buckle pockets for secure strap positioning.

What is the safest Britax car seat?

The Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat is renowned for its superior safety ratings, having been tested and proven to exceed Federal Safety Standards. It features a patented ClickTight Installation System that makes it easy to properly install the car seat each time, as well as an impact-absorbing base and two layers of side impact protection.

Are there baby car seats with speakers?

Yes! The Grow & Go Air 3 In 1 Convertible Car Seat by Graco has built-in speakers that allow you to connect any device via Bluetooth so you can play music or audio books for your little one on long drives or road trips! Additionally, this convertible car seat also features 10 positions of adjustable headrests along with 6 recline positions so your baby or toddler can ride comfortably no matter their age group.

What is the best Britax car seat in 2023?

The best Britax car seat in 2023 is the One4Life, which provides safety and convenience from birth to young adulthood.

Which car seat is ideal for use with a small vehicle?

The Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat is perfect for smaller cars and tight spaces due to its compact design.

What are the best Britax car seat reviews?

Britax car seats have consistently been rated highly by parents and testers alike. Many of their models, such as the Frontier ClickTight, Marathon ClickTight, and Pinnacle ClickTight Plus all scored well in safety tests and reviews for convenience and comfort.

Which is the best Britax toddler car seat?

The Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat is a great choice for toddlers as it features multiple recline positions for comfort, side-impact protection with deep foam-lined shell, and an easy installation process through the “”Click Tight Installation System””. Its also lightweight so you can easily transfer it from one vehicle to another.

Is there a good britax infant carseat?

Yes! The Britax B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Car Seat is ideal for infants up to 30 pounds or 32 inches in height. It provides side impact protection thanks to its SafeCell Impact Protection system along with an energy absorbing foam liner which absorbs crash forces before they reach your baby’s delicate head and body.

What is the best Britax booster seat?

The best Britax booster seat is the Frontier ClickTight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat which features advanced side impact protection system, a 2-position recline feature and an adjustable headrest that can be adjusted up to 12 positions. It also features quick-adjust harness straps with integrated harness pockets which provide extra comfort and support while riding.

What is the safest Britax car seat?

The safest Britax car seat is the Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat which provides superior side impact protection with its deep foam lined shell that absorbs energy in case of any collision or sudden stop. This model also has an integrated steel frame for added stability and comes equipped with click tight installation technology making it easier to install properly every time you use it.

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