Safety 1st Continuum Review – Does it deliver?

When you invest for the long haul, this is the car seat…

You have to get a car seat. There’s no way around it. Luckily you can choose the one that fits you the best. There are two types of car seats to choose from.

There are the ones that are specifically made for that age period. And there are the ones that cover everything from infancy to pre-teen age.


I’m going to share it with you and industry secret. If you want to save money, it’s a way better choice to go with the all in one solution. Sure the individual seats might be cheaper, and when you add them up, they cost more. Plus, you have to get used to the different installation process.

As you can see, the one in all solution does not just save you money, but it saves you time and nerves as well.

The Safety 1st Continuum is also known as a grow car seat. As your child outgrows the current stage, you make one adjustment, and it’s still usable.

Parents can use this car seat rear-facing as long as possible, so their little one is safe.

Before we get any further, let me give you a quick preview. This is a 3 in one car seat. It can be used as rear-facing, front-facing, and a booster seat. It comes with the all too important side impact protection. These are the most dangerous accidents, and your little one is protected.

It has a removable cup holder, and the fabric is machine washable.

Let’s get this Safety 1st Continuum review started. If you stick with me until the end, I will tell you the pros/cons. Some of them are unexpected, to say the least.


Who is the Safety 1st Continuum 3-in-1 Car Seat?

This car seat is for parents who want to save money by getting a “grow with your little one” car seat. Plus, it’s for those who want to use the extended rear-facing mode.

The price is ok in most households as well.


What can the Safety 1st Continuum car seat do for you?

When it comes to car seats, I always recommend a 3 in 1 option. It’s a real-time and money saver. True that these are not the lightest ones, but that’s just a small sacrifice.

If you have a newborn, this Safety 1st Continuum comes with pillows for maximum comfort. It’s great that these are free other brands charge money for them.

First up is the rear-facing mode. It’s comfortable for babies. Plus, there’s ample legroom. If you prefer to use this car seat in extended rear-facing mode, then you can do it. Do take into consideration that you will have to give up some room from the front row.

This car seat comes with a lockable cup holder. This means that your crafty little one won’t be able to remove it. Also, there won’t be copyholders flying around in the car, eventually getting lost.

It’s one of the best seats you can get for a growing toddler. It’s light on your pocket as well. For a 3 in 1 car seat, the price well worth the features.

Last but not least, I want to touch upon the material. It’s easy to remove, and it’s machine washable. After a dozen or so washes, there’s no deterioration what so ever. So this material is a lifer.


Safety 1st Continuum shortcomings

There are so many car seats on the market, and I haven’t found a perfect one yet. One was pretty close. So let’s see what flaws this Safety 1st Continuum car seat has.

It’s on the complicated side so that you won’t be switching from car to car too often. The weight is fairly decent; it’s not a tank. Yet the installation does take some time.

Many parents reported that it usually takes two people to get this car seat in place. This is what I meant by being a hassle to switch.

In rear-facing mode, there are three-angle adjustments. But it doesn’t go sufficiently down. This means that if you have a bigger child might not fall asleep.

As you have seen, this car seat has some flaws. Now, if they are a deal-breaker for you now, you know. Since you’re still with me, let’s continue.


How To Get The Most Out Of Safety 1st Continuum 3-in-1 Car Seat?

The stats are horrible. Did you know that 75% of car seats in the US are installed badly? That’s a frightening number. A car seat is there to protect your little one, and if it’s not installed correctly, then it can’t do the job right.

Before you get started with the installation adventure, do check out the manual first. Also, for reassurance, check out YouTube for videos. I learn the fastest from videos. Maybe that’s just me. After the install, if you want to be on the safe side, you can always ask the opinion of a certified professional.

The next thing to consider is the right position. The safest place for your baby is in the middle. Now that might not be a choice for you, then go with the second one, which is right behind the driver.

After all, this is done to put your child in the car seat and start adjusting. This should be the easiest part.



There’s a lot of legroom if you want to keep your child rear-facing as long as possible

Great protection without breaking your bank

Durable fabric which can be washed with the machine without deterioration


It’s difficult to install. Usually it’s a two-person job

Switching cars might be challenging


Conclusion for the Safety 1st Continuum Review

As you have seen, this car seat has everything you need like extended rear-facing mode. Plus, it’s light and perfect for growing toddlers. The fabric is easy to wash, so accidents won’t leave a mark.

We have reached the end of the Safety 1st Continuum. I hope you have founded useful. If this is the right fit, get it soon until supplies last.

If you have a question, feel free to ask them in the comments section. Also, if you have used this car seat, do share your experience with the rest of us.

Catch you next time.

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