Britax Pioneer Review – Does it deliver?

Britax Pioneer Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat Review

Is this the best car seat for a growing child?

When it comes to car seats, there are two camps. In one are those parents who prefer to buy a car seat for each development phase. And in the other camp are those parents who buy the all in one solution.


There’s no good or bad choice. Here’s the truth. Both car seats are safe. The only difference would be more comfortable with the single-use car seat. Since it’s made for a specific age range, it might be more comfortable than the all in one solution. But this comes at a price.

If you add the cost of having three or four car seats, then it will be more expensive than buying just one. The main advantage of the Britax Pioneer is that it saves you money in the long run. Plus, you only have to learn one car seat installation tricks.

A good friend of mine who’s a police officer told me this. The only unsafe car seat is an unused one. If there were issues with a car seat, it would’ve been recalled already.

Before we get any further, let me give you a quick preview. If you want to invest in the future, this might be the right choice from toddler to big kid age; this car seat will serve you well. Thanks to the latch system, it’s one of the easiest car seats to install.

With this Britax, you can do extended forward harness up to 70 pounds. You can choose from two modes, which are the harness and booster modes. Your child will be protected from side crashes because this car seat offers two layers of protection.

Let’s get this Britax Pioneer review started. If you stick with me until the end, I will tell you the pros/cons. Some of them are unexpected, to say the least.

Who is the Britax Pioneer Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat for?

This car seat is for parents who want to use an extended harness (up to 70 pounds). This car seat saves money because it can be turned into a booster seat.

From toddlers to big kids, it will provide safety and comfort.

What can the Britax Pioneer car seat do for you?

I know many families who got a Britax car seat; they stayed with the brand until their child didn’t need a car seat anymore. It’s safe. The Britax brand has the highest safety ratings from them all.

Besides being safe, this car seat is a lifer. Some friends of ours have been using it for seven years. Guess what? It looks brand new.  The material is amazing. After seven years of wear and tear, it still looks like they just removed it from the box.

Some parents feel that the 5-point harness should be used as long as possible. This can be done with the Britax Pioneer because the upper limit for the harness is set to 70 pounds.

From toddlers to older kids, it will provide safety and comfort. The design is so good that your kids would be able to easily climb in and out from the seat. This will boost their feeling of independence.

The frame is made out of solid steel. That will protect in case of a crash. Besides safety, you’re getting a bonus. The Britax Pioneer looks good.

Also, if your kids tend to fall asleep, then there’s a recline option so they can snooze in comfort.

When my son got this car seat, his face was priceless. He said, “my chair!” He loves the big kid chair.

Last but not least, I want to mention that it has two convenient cup holders. And the fabric is easy to clean.

Britax Pioneer shortcomings

Every car seat has flaws. Let’s see what’s wrong with the Britax Pioneer. Maybe it’s a deal-breaker, so you know this upfront.

Like all car seats which can be used in multiple modes, this is heavy. Once you’ve got it installed, you won’t be hauling it from one car to the next. Plus, it does not travel friendly. I mean, you could take it on an airplane, but it will be a real hassle.

Besides being heavy, it’s wide as well. 3 across will be difficult in a big car. If you happen to have a compact car, then three won’t fit.

I found this issue a bit troublesome. I didn’t manage to adjust the height after I’ve installed it. Without strapping this car seat in, it was easy a doable.

If you check out the reviews for this car seat, you will see that they are polar opposite. One says it’s the easiest car seat to install, and others say that’s impossible to install. Why is this? It comes down in your car. If you have a newer car, then it will be easier to install. Plus, you need to take the seat material into consideration as well.

For example, this car seat tends to slip on leather seats.

Now, these would be the flaws of this car seat. If you’re still with me, let’s move on.

How To Get The Most Out Of Britax Pioneer Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat?

Once you got the car seat, you need to decide where you will mount it. My usual recommendation is to put it in the middle. That’s the safest spot. This car seat is wide, so it might not be the best solution. So here’s the second safest spot which is behind the driver.

After it’s decided you need to do the install. With the latch system, it will be easy to get it done. In case if it’s difficult, it means that it’s not compatible with the car. For this, you will need to study the manual and check some videos as well. I learn the bet from videos.

If you want to be on the safe side, do get a second opinion from a licensed professional.

Britax Pioneer Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat Review

  • After 7 years of use, it still looks like brand new
  • This car seat will give your kiddo the “big kid feel”
  • Great design because kids can easily climb in
  • It’s heavy and sturdy, so it’s not airplane friendly
  • It’s wide, so 3 across won’t be possible

Conclusion for the Britax Pioneer Review

As you have seen, this is a safe car seat to have. It’s heavy, which means it will resist any crash. Plus, it has two layers of side protection. Not to mention the durable fabric which looks brand new after 7 years of use? Also, we shouldn’t forget about the flaws.

We have reached the end of the Britax Pioneer review. I hope this article helped you decide. If you feel that it’s the right fit, the get it now. Stocks are running low.

If you have ideas and feedback, share them below.

Catch you next time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How long is Britax Pioneer good for?

The Britax Pioneer is good for 6 to 10 years after the date of manufacture.

What is the difference between the Britax Frontier and pioneer?

There are two differences between the Britax Frontier and Pioneer. The Frontier allows harness mode up to 90 pounds while the Pioneer only to 70 pounds. The Frontier has 2 recline positions while the Pioneer only has one.

How long are Britax car seats good for Canada?

The Britax car seats are good for Canada for 10 years.

What should you know about the Britax pioneer g1.1 combination seats?

These Britax pioneer g1.1 combination seats are the first generation. That’s why they named them g1.1. In the review above I went with the latest version, not with the Britax pioneer g1.1.

What is the weight limit and the height limit for the booster car seat?

The lower weight limit is 25 pounds the booster mode weight limit is 110 pounds. The top harness height limit is 58 inches for booster mode it’s 62 inches. The product weight is 21 pounds. As you know there’s a harness limit for the pioneer. The harness limit is set to 65 pounds. After this, you have to use the seat belts for securing your child. The belt guides and the belt path will make the installation easy.  The measured height limits are for the standing harness height limits. The pioneer 70 booster seats have a harness limit of 70 pounds. Make sure that the shoulder height is adequate for your child. The booster height limit is 57 inches.

Which car seats would be great contenders for these combination seats?

The frontier and pinnacle would’ve been great competitors. But the thing is that the Britax Frontier booster seats and pinnacle are getting phased out. So the best option would be the Britax Grow with You.

What kind of modes do these Pioneer combination seats have?

You can use them in booster mode or harness mode. The harness mode is for smaller kids. This combination seat comes in multiple color options.

What kind of safety features do these Britax seats have?

These Britax seats come with side impact protection as standard. As you know side impact protection is very important nowadays. It doesn’t matter if your child is in high back booster car seat mode or simply in booster mode. That’s the only way to protect from T-bone accidents. The EPS foam is very important for car seat safety. With the right harness positions, the car seat safety will be top-notch.

How do you install this Pioneer booster seat?

Just like any other booster seat, you can use the seat belt or the latch connectors. In harness mode, you can use the seat belt and the latch connectors. In booster mode, you can only use the seat belt. Also, make sure you check out the manual before you start. You can do the install with the push-button latch connectors (latch connection) or the belt guides. Make sure there’s no recline position during the install. The seat belt has to go via the shoulder height level and feed it through the belt path with the help of the belt guides. By far the push button latch connectors are the easiest to use. The crotch buckle has multiple positions. Plus the crotch buckle can be adjusted by the crotch strap positions.

How easy is it to wash the seat cover with the Pioneer seat?

The seat cover is removable. Plus the harness straps are padded. Not to mention that the harness straps are washable as well. The seat cover is machine washable. The shoulder height depends on the harness height. The seat pan is comfortable.

Which is the better choice Britax or Maxi Cosi car seats?

Britax is the better choice for most parents.

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