Diono Rainier Review – Saved lives

We went on a spin ride, said my son after we got T-boned…

Everybody wants to avoid accidents as much as possible. And when it happens, you can’t do anything. Get the safest car seat you can get, and everything will be fine.


This has happened to some friends of mine. They were crossing an intersection when an inattentive driver T-boned their car. It was a vicious crash. The metal twisted and airbags deployed. Glass was flying everywhere.

The car spun around. This wasn’t a light fender bender. The car got totaled. My friend had a shoulder injury, and her little one was fine. She was cheering and said that they were in a spin ride. They were between life and death, but the car and the seat did its job.

Or I’ve heard about another accident where the car was totaled. The little boy was sleeping in the car seat as if nothing has happened. The policeman woke him up to see if he’s alright. This is how good these Diono Rainier seats are. Of course, the little one was in good shape, no injuries what so ever.

Before we get any further, let me give you a quick preview. If you want a luxury car seat here, it is. It’s convertible so it can be used from 5 pounds up to 120. It allows extended rear-facing since there’s more than enough room for your child. Steel core offers the best protection possible.

It’s the safest car seat from the Diono brand. They have upgraded the side protection so your little will be safe all the time. This car seat looks cool. You can select from 7 colors.

Let’s get this Diono Rainier review started. If you stick with me until the end, I will tell you the pros/cons. Some of them are unexpected, to say the least.


Who is the Diono Rainier 2AX Convertible Car Seat?

This car seat is ideal for parents who have big cars. Also, it’s intended for those who want to save money in the long run by having this seat from 5 to 65 pounds.

Plus, it’s for those who want to do extended rear-facing.


What can the Diono Rainier Car Seat do for you?

As you have read above, the Diono Rainier has been safely tested by birth parents in real situations. It has passed with flying colors. It has protected the children, and even in the worst crashes, they were unharmed.

We can safely say that it offers the best protection for the money. Besides safety, it’s a real looker. Have you seen the color choices? I mean, it’s hard to choose from all those vibrant colors. It has a fresh and clean modern style.

Since it’s a convertible car seat, you can use it from the day you bring home your child until they learn to drive. That’s a hell of mileage for the money.

I have some good news for all those parents who want to do extended rear-facing. As you know, this position is the safest of them all. With this Diono, you can do it until your child reaches 50 pounds. That’s wow.

You probably guessed that this car seat is huge, and it has one more surprise up its sleeve. It has a narrow profile. Who would’ve guessed? Thanks to this design, you can fit 3 in a row with ease.

The kids usually fall in love with this car seat. They have upgraded the head padding, and it’s one of the highest-rated ones when it comes to side-impact safety.


Diono Rainier shortcomings

All car seats have drawbacks, and Diono is no different. By getting to know the negatives, you will have the full picture. Plus it will be easier to make a good decision.

This car seat is heavy. Like most convertibles, it packs a lot of weight. Once you’ve installed it, you won’t have the motivation to move it to another car.

If you have a smaller car brace yourself, in the rear-facing mode, it takes up a lot of space. So the front row will suffer. This is good if you want to do extended rear-facing because there’s a lot of room to grow.

It’s not the easiest installation ever. There’s a steep learning curve. If you don’t watch the videos, then expect anything between 15 to 20 minutes of sweat and cursing. So to make it as easy as possible, check those out.

Now here’s a biggie. I mean, it’s a design flaw. If you want to adjust the headrest, you will have to uninstall the car seat. I know it’s counterintuitive. In a way, it’s just dumb.

Another big issue is that smaller kids will have their head slumping while they sleep. There’s nothing really to do about it besides using the front-facing mode.

Well, these would be the flaws of this Diono car seat. What do you think are they that bad? Let’s continue with the next section.


How To Get The Most Out Of Diono Rainier 2AX Convertible Car Seat?

This car seat is throwing my usual advice out of the window. Here are my top recommendations. I advise doing rear-facing as long as possible. But it’s a bit tricky because the seat is taking up a lot of space. So who’s sitting in the front row will be squished.

My other recommendation is to place the car seat in the middle. That’s the safest spot for the child. Not if you have a smaller car that will be uncomfortable for two people. Look at the bright side; it has a narrow profile. In this case, the second safest place is behind the driver. Again it’s the same issue.

The next step is to get it installed properly. If you watch the videos, the learning curve will be drastically shorter. As always, if you want to extra sure, do ask for a second opinion from a licensed professional.



It’s the most protective car seat from all the Diono car seats

It supports extended rear-facing, and it has a lot of legroom for long-legged kids

The car seat gives you a lot of mileage from 5 to 65 pounds


In rear-facing mode, it takes up a lot of room in smaller cars

It’s tricky to install if you haven’t watched the videos


Conclusion for the Diono Rainier Review

As you have seen, this car seat is ideal for a few parents. If you have a big car, then this will be a joy to use. It has been tested by birth parents in real commissions, and it has protected the children perfectly. What more can you ask?

We have reached the end of the Diono Rainier review. I hope this helped make up your mind. Now, if this is the right fit for you, get it soon because stocks are running low.

If you have ideas about what I should review next, do let me know in the comments section below.

Catch you next time.

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