Graco Size4Me 65 Review – The most underestimated car seat?

Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat Review

The underdog car seat that many parents take a pass on…

For some reason, this car seat is not that known. I wonder why? At first glimpse, it doesn’t stand out. When you dive into the details, you can see why it is superior.


There are two major concerns for parents when they are shopping for a car seat. The first is safety. Let me share with you something there are no lemons in the car seat market.

If there would be problems, there’s an instant recall.

The second that’s important is comfort. This is where the price difference shows. If you want extra padding, then you have to pay more. There’s a good reason why certain seats are loved by kids instantly, and others are plain out rejected.

Here’s a neat little trick I learned from a friend of mine. Whenever they are changing car seats after the unboxing, they leave it in the room. Their little one will come and explore. She will sit in the chair and starts to like it. Once they install it in the car, it’s familiar, and there’s no protest or crankiness.

Before we get any further, let me give you a quick preview. The Inright-latch system makes the car seat installation a breeze. It has two modes of rear-facing and front-facing. You can use the rear-facing one from 4 pounds up to 40. And the limit for front-facing is 65 pounds.

The material is easy and fast to remove, and it’s washing machine friendly. The protection is all around from the front and rear. It has side protection as well. There’s no manual harness rethreading ever.

Let’s get this Graco Size4Me 65 review started. If you stick with me until the end, I will tell you the pros/cons. Some of them are unexpected, to say the least.

Who is the Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat?

This car seat fits into small cars easily. If you want to see other top-rated seats for compact cars take a look for the best car seat for small cars post. It delivers safety and quality for the price.

It offers way more then you can see on the surface.

What can the Graco Size4Me 65 car seat do for you?

This is a nice and versatile car seat. You can effortlessly change it from rear-facing to front-facing mode. The installation is quite simple, thanks to the latch system.

Let’s talk about safety a bit. The frame is made out of steel, so you know your little one is safe. It has front, rear, and side-impact protection. The head wings offer extra protection from side impact.

When I touched the fabric, it felt like a premium. They managed to combine a soft fabric that offers thick cushioning.  Remember that sandpaper-like material they used to have back in the days? Now, this fabric is from a whole other world.

It has a quick remove technology. You don’t have to dismember the car seat just to get the material washed. Plus, it’s a washing machine friendly.

This car seat is so comfy that most kids fall asleep in it.

The headrest can be easily adjusted, plus it auto adjust the straps. Say goodbye to the days when you had to manually rethread the straps. I know that I won’t miss those days. That’s my kryptonite I can’t rethread.

The cup holder is nice. Kids can easily get access to it. Plus, you can put most bottles and sissy cups in it.

This car seat comes with newborn inserts free. Other premium brands ask extra money for the insert.

Graco Size4Me 65 shortcomings

This is the most popular section of my reviews. I wonder why? Anyways I have found some flaws with this Graco size4me 65 Convertible Car Seat. I will be sharing with you to get the full picture. Let’s get started.

This car seat is heavy, and it will be stationary. Once you installed it, you won’t incline to bounce it from one car to the next.

It’s advertised as a rear-facing car seat. But they only allow a few recline positions. I was surprised that it only had three positions. Other similar car seats have at least 10. I haven’t experienced head flopping, but it’s possible.

They made an odd choice of design for the buckle holders. The seat has some cutouts where you put the buckles. That’s great in theory, but in practice, they always fall out. It’s kinda useless.

For some reason, I’ve found that it’s harder to tighten the straps when I’ve put my baby in the car seat. Yes, I’ve used the pinch test.

So these were the main issues with the Graco size4me 65 Convertible Car Seat. Are they a deal-breaker for you? If not, let’s got to the next chapter.

How To Get The Most Out Of Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat?

Once you get the car seat, you need to decide where you will place it. Obviously, the safest place is in the middle of the car. Now for some, this will not be practical. That’s why I highly suggest the second safest place which is behind the driver.

Once that’s decided, you have to do the installation correctly. According to recent data in the US, 75% of car seats are installed incorrectly. That’s the troubling number when you take into count the number of accidents. A good install means that the car seat doesn’t wiggle more than an inch.

This Graco Convertible Car Seat is super easy to install with the latch system. Just listen to the two clicks, and you’re set. If you want to be on the safe side, ask the opinion of a licensed professional CPST.

After all, this is done, you can adjust the headrest level, and if you’re in rear-facing mode, you can adjust the recline level.  The more comfortable your little one is, the better the trip.

Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat


It provides versatility for a growing child

No harmful chemicals and toxic flame retardants

The fabric feels premium it’s soft and provides a thick cushion


It’s a heavy car seat once installed you won’t move it

Buckle holding cut-outs are useless they fall out

Conclusion for the Graco Size4Me 65 Review

As you have seen, this car seat delivers. It’s safe and comfortable at the same time. It has everything you will need without going over the top.

We have reached the end of the Graco Size4Me 65 Review. I hope this article helped you make up your mind. If it’s the right fit, get it soon before supply runs out.

If you have experience with this type of car seat, do share it with us below.

Catch you next time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is Graco Size4Me 65 FAA approved?

Yes the Graco Size4Me 65 is FAA approved as long as you’re using it 5 point harness mode. Booster mode is not FAA approved.

How wide is the Graco Size4Me?

The Graco Size4Me 65 is 22 inches wide.

What is the Size4me 65 convertible car seat weight limit?

Since it’s a convertible car seat there are multiple weight limits. The rear facing weight limit is 40 pounds. The forward facing weight limit is 65 pounds. The weight range for forward facing is 22-65 pounds. The weight range for rear facing is 4 to 40 pounds. The height limit is 49 inches. The harness height is 23.4 inches. There’s no height range just the maximum height limit or the harness height. The weight and height limit is quite generous. The rear-facing weight limit is 40 pounds. You can do extended rear-facing thanks to this rear-facing weight limit of 40 pounds. The rear-facing height limit is not set but your child should be 1 inch below the handle. Even low birthweight babies can use it because it’s set to 4 pounds.

How can you install these Graco convertible car seats?

Since it’s a convertible you can install it forward facing or rear facing. Also you can use the latch system or the vehicle seat belt to install. Before you get started make sure you read the manual. The next thing you have to make sure is that the level indicator is at the right spot. Since it caters to infants you will get an infant insert in the package. By far the latch connectors are the easiest way to install.

What is a good competitor for the Size4Me Convertible car seat?

The graco mysize all-in-one carseats, size4me 70 convertible seat pops into mind.

Can this Graco car seat can it be used as a booster seat?

No it can’t be used as a booster seat because it’s just a convertible car seat.

What are the key features of the Size4Me convertible car seat?

Here are the key features: it comes with one built in cup holder. There’s the simply safe adjust harness system. Plus the harness straps are adjustable with the headrest. This seat can be used to many years old. The install is meant for the back seat.

What kind of safety standards does this Graco Size4Me 65 infant seat comes with?

This Size4Me 65 infant seat comes with high safety standards and it’s endorsed by the american academy of pediatrics. Car seat safety is very important for parents. Here are the most important safety features: side impact protection and eps foam. Sadly you have to rethread harness every time when you adjust the harness setting. For those who are concerned about car seat safety this is the best car seat for them.

Can you do extended rear-facing with these Size4Me 65 convertible car seats

Yes you can do extended rear-facing with these Size4Me 65 convertible car seats. It’s easy to use. With these convertible car seats you can do extended rear-facing up to 40 pounds.

How comfortable is the Size4Me 65 made by graco car seat?

The simply safe adjust harness system makes it look all too easy. There are many recline positions thanks to the harness position options. The shoulder room is sufficient for most kids. Before you install check the ball level indicator (ball indicator) so the head rest is in the right recline position. The adjuster button is easy to access for the simply safe adjust harness system. The seat cover is easy to remove. And you can use machine washing for the seat cover. It’s super comfortable thanks to the recline positions head wise. The harness slots can be adjusted.

Which car seat should I buy Graco or Chicco?

For most people Graco is the better choice.

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