Graco Milestone All in One Review?

What do you when a dear jumps in front of you?

I’ve seen them afar, but I never had to react to it at the moment. Some friends of ours did experience that. They were heading down a road filled with twists and turns. After a corner, there was a huge deer in the middle of the road.

Your options are limited. Hit the brake and try to avoid it. You might end up in ongoing traffic or flip the car into the ditch. Or you break and hope for the best. There’s no good solution.

Our friends went dead ahead. The dear wrecked the car. It was absolutely totaled. Luckily the little guy (3 years old) was strapped in tight with this Graco car seat.


The whole family got lucky; there were no injuries what so ever. They had the right car seat, and it was installed properly. If either of them would’ve been missing, then the story would be different.

This is why car seats are not optional. They do save lives.

Before we get any further, let me give you a quick preview. This Graco comes with three functions rear-facing, front-facing, and highback booster seat. It will serve your little one from 5 pounds up to 100. It has the simplest strap adjustment, no rethreading ever.

It comes with complete protection front, rear, side, and rollover crash. The installation is easy, thanks to the InRight Latch.

Let’s get this Graco Milestone All in One review started. If you stick with me until the end, I will tell you the pros/cons. Some of them are unexpected, to say the least.


Who is the Graco Milestone All in One Convertible Car Seat?

This car seat is for parents who invest in the long run. These car seats grow with your child. So they will last as your child needs one.


What can the Graco Milestone car seat do for you?

The looks and feel are important for parents. There are some hideous car seats out there. And if you check the price tag, you would question who allowed it for mass production.

The Graco looks great, and it’s comfy. It has ample cushion, and the kids will fall in love with it. The #1 problem with car seats is that they are hard to move. As you get, it installed, and then you won’t have the motivation to bounce it to another car.

Many parents reported that it feels and looks safe. Plus, it seems that it was designed by a mom because there’s a lot of attention to detail. Now this car seat can be used for traveling. To be your constant travel buddy, it wouldn’t hurt if it would be lighter.

In rear-facing mode, your little one will be sitting high up. This will allow seeing out through the window. And yes, you could use it in extended rear-facing mode.

There aren’t many color combinations. I prefer the darker color scheme because dirt isn’t visible.

I have to mention the material used. It’s nice and soft. It provides the necessary cushion. In case of accidents or spills, it can be removed fast. It’s washing machine friendly, so cleaning is effortless.

The cup holder relies on clip-on technology. You can install it on the side you like.


Graco Milestone All in One shortcoming

The Graco brand is well known and trusted. And I will share with you the flaws of this seat so you will get the full picture. Once you have it, you can decide if this is the right fit.

To my surprise, this car seat doesn’t have any harness holders. What happened? Somebody forgot to add them, or they wanted to increase profits?

Normally it’s not a problem to fish out the harness under the baby. There are times when the baby is asleep. And by poking around, you might wake them up. Also, what about the time when the baby is cranky and is protesting. This is why it’s a must to have a harness holder. Some brands do it with a magnet. It’s way easier than the hook option.

Here’s another design mistake. The strap release button is conveniently hidden out of sight. Again this is not a problem if you have small hands. For my husband, it’s an issue. Since he has big hands and not doing yoga, he can’t reach it.

If you have a smaller child, then the cup holders might not be in reach. This is a perfect reason why to throw a tantrum. Once kids grow, it’s not an issue anymore. I want to add that they are not well-positioned. I constantly bump into them while I get my little one in and out.

These would be the major drawbacks of this car seat. Are they deal-breakers for you? If not, let’s get to the next chapter.


How To Get The Most Out Of Graco Milestone All in One Convertible Car Seat?

Remember the accident above? The luck part came from the good install. Before we get to that, you need to pick the right position for the car seat. The safest one is in the middle of the car. For some that’s not doable, no worries, then get the second safest one which is right behind the driver.

Many car seats have a bad rap for being hard to install. This is not the case with the Graco. Thanks to the latch system, it’s easy. You need to tighten it to the max. If you wiggle it, then the movement should be less than an inch. If you want to be extra safe, do get a second opinion from a certified professional.



Easy to get baby in and out and it’s easy to move between cars

Great dark colors so dirt isn’t visible

It’s so safe it has probably designed by a mom


There’s no good harness holder you will waste time strapping in

If you have large hands, it will be difficult to loosen the straps


Conclusion for the Graco Milestone All in One Review

As you have seen, this car seat has performed well in a real crash. The little one was safe without any injuries. It delivers on the safe side. The looks aren’t half bad either. The truth is that there are some drawbacks.

We have reached the end of the Graco Milestone All in One Review. I hope you have found some valuable info in this article. Now it’s your turn if it’s a good fit for you to get it now because stocks are running short.

If you have used this car seat and want to share your experience, make comment below. If you want me to review a different car seat, send me your suggestions.

Catch you next time.


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