CYBEX Aton M Review – Is it the right fit?

Is it an upgrade or just a newer generation with a different name?

Not long ago, I’ve reviewed the CYBEX Aton 2. If you want to see a comparison made, let me know. Until then, let’s see what the CYBEX Aton M has to offer us.

Is it just a pretty infant carrier or has much more to offer?


Based on my conversation with a policeman, car seats are mostly the same. They all are safe, or they are removed from the market.

Now the price difference comes from the level of comfort offered and brand. For example, CYBEX has a smart car seat. It’s first of its kind maybe if you are interested in high-tech seats that might be interesting for you.

The biggest issue comes from badly installed car seats. According to a recent study, around 75% of car seats are installed incorrectly. If there’s something wrong with the mounting, then your little one isn’t protected 100%.

This car seat is made in Germany. No wonder it’s a different style. If you have seen one car seat, you’ve seen them all. When you look at the CYBEX Aton M. You can tell that it’s different.

Before we get any further, let me give you a quick preview. It’s a rear face infant carrier that can be used up to 18 months. It has one of the best side impact protection I’ve ever seen. It’s called LSP. Thanks to the belt routing, you can install it in any car without the base.

It has an ARB which will protect your child in a crash. It can be combined with strollers so you can create your ultimate travel system.

Let’s get this CYBEX Aton M review started. If you stick with me until the end, I will tell you the pros/cons. Some of them are unexpected, to say the least.


Who is the CYBEX Aton M Infant Car Seat?

This infant carrier is for parents who want the absolute best in protection. You name it. There’s everything from side impact protection to ARB.

It’s narrow so ideal for smaller cars. It can be installed in taxis and ride-sharing services with ease. Not to mention, it looks good.


What can the CYBEX Aton M car seat do for you?

When it comes to safety, the CYBEX Aton M is top of the list. Besides being safe, it’s light to you can easily carry your infant anywhere. This car seat is only for rear-facing mode and up to 30 pounds.

When it comes to security, it’s equipped with the most important features like the LSP side impact protection and ARB.

Once you touch the material, you will like it and understand the price. They didn’t cut any corners. It’s top of the line in safety. It’s comfortable and looks cool at the same time.

My biggest issue with the CYBEX Aton 2 was with the canopy. It was rated as 50+ UV, and it didn’t cover my little one all the way. Now they have managed to fix it. The shade now offers 100% protection.

The headrest is adjustable, and the straps will never twist. I had a different car seat where every time I had to straighten the straps out. Life gets 10x harder if I have to put a fussy baby in the car seat. This is why I always recommend no twisting straps. Best of all, you don’t have to rethread them ever. Everything is done for you once you adjust the headrest.

This car seat has a narrow footprint, so you will be able to do three across.

I’ve mentioned that the fabric is nice and comfy. Here’s a bit of downside. It’s quite difficult to remove from the seat. Once it’s done, the washing is easy.

Last but not least, you can mount this infant carrier on a stroller. Thus you’ll have a travel system.


CYBEX Aton M shortcomings

Every car seat has flaws. This CYBEX Aton M isn’t different either. Let’s see if any of them are a deal-breaker for you.

First of all, CYBEX isn’t a cheap brand. So this infant carrier is pricey. You will need a budget if you’re considering it.

The base is heavy. Once you’ve installed it, you won’t incline to move it. Luckily there’s the belt routing that will allow you to install it in any car without the base.

Last but not least, the release buttons are positioned awkwardly. There are two of them, and they are located in hard to reach places. To make things worse, you need to use a lot of force to get the top detached. Do some warm-up, so you don’t sprain a muscle.

These would be the drawbacks of getting this infant carrier. What do you think can you live with them? If so, let’s continue with the next section.


How To Get The Most Out Of CYBEX Aton M Infant Car Seat?

Once you get your car seat, the first thing you have to do is decide where you will install it. The safest place for your little one is in the middle. Now for some, that’s not an option, so pick the second best. This would be right behind the driver.

The next important step is to install it correctly. But first, it’s a good idea to put your little one in and adjust the straps. And only then start the installation process. You need to get the tightest right. The wiggle room should be less than an inch.

CYBEX thought of everything. There’s a red and green indicator about the installation correctness. Now, if you want to be extra careful, you can ask for a second opinion from a licensed professional.



Finally, they fixed the canopy now your baby gets full protection

For absolute safety, it has red/green indicators for the perfect install

It’s sturdy they have made no compromises



It’s pricey

The base is heavy you won’t be moving it after the install


Conclusion for the CYBEX Aton M Review

As you have seen, CYBEX Aton has come a long way. Many things have been improved since version 2. The price is a bit on the steep side. Either way, the protection you get is amazing. Plus, the convenience to easily install the carrier in any car of your choosing without hauling the heavy base is priceless.

We have reached the of the CYBEX Aton M Review. I hope you have learned a lot about this infant carrier. If it’s a good fit, take action and get it now because stocks are running out.

If you have any ideas or questions, do post them below.

Catch you next time.


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