Britax Boulevard Review – The Child Nascar Seat for Kids

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Review
Do you want peace of mind knowing that your child is safe no matter what happens?

As a parent, we want nothing but the best for our little ones. And there’s an issue that is rarely talked about. When the car seat is uncomfortable, we tend to look at our child and see what’s going on.

This means we’re taking our eyes off the road. That’s when accidents occur.

If you know that your child is safe and comfortable, then you can focus on the road.


If you’re a fan of Nascar or race cars, you are going to love this car seat. It’s just like a miniature version of the real deal.

Before we get any further, let me give you a quick preview. It comes with the Patented ClickTight tech, which makes installation a breeze. All you have to do is to listen to the click sound, and you know that it’s secure. It’s one of the safest car seats you can buy. It comes with side impact protection, a steel frame, and an impact-absorbing base. You can choose from front facing and rear facing install.

We shouldn’t forget that it’s safely made in the USA.

Let’s get this Britax Boulevard review started. If you stick with me until the end, I will tell you the pros/cons. Some of them are unexpected.

Who is the Britax Boulevard convertible car seat for?

This isn’t a cheap product, and it’s well worth it. First of all, it lasts for ten years. Two or even three kids would be able to use it. Now that’s value for money.

It has a five-star safety rating, and this is the maximum what a car seat can get. So for safety-conscious parents, this is the right choice.

Anybody can install it. Maybe the grandparents want to take out your child? Or maybe the baby sitter helps out? No worries. It’s so simple to install that they can do it without any fuss.

What can the Britax Boulevard car seat do for you?

Here’s my recommendation when you’re getting the Britax Boulevard car seat make sure you get it with the ARB (anti-rebound bar). This is a real lifesaver.

This car seat was made to last. They only used durable materials. This is what you want if you drive a lot with kids.

Another major selling point of this chair is that it fits most cars. It doesn’t matter if you have a small car like a Prius [convertible car seat for compact cars] or a big one it will fit.

This car seat has earned a lot of prizes for being the best (babysit and BabyCenter).

The Britax Boulevard car seat is easily adjustable. You don’t need strength to get it in the right spot. The adjustment buttons are well hidden, and they are out of the child’s reach.

Simply this car chair delivers peace of mind. If you know that your child is safe and comfortable, you can focus on the road. This single point is a reason why many parents have chosen this car seat over the others.

If you like to be fashionable, there are several colors to choose one. Those colors are beautiful.

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Britax Boulevard convertible car seat shortcomings

The review wouldn’t be perfect without sharing some flaws of the Britax Boulevard car seat. Without it, this wouldn’t be a real review, just a promotion. So here it goes.

It’s not the cheapest one on the market. You have to have a budget and if you want to buy more than one start saving as soon as possible.

The advertising says that many things are easy with this car seat. And most of it applies, and some parents reported that it’s not that easy to transfer in and out of the car.

The #1 first world issue with the Britax Boulevard car seat is that it doesn’t have a cup holder. I had to mention this because many people complain about it. We if you need one, you can buy a latch on the cup holder.

This car seat is wide. So it will be impossible to have three across in the back. The best it can do is two across. If the car is small or you need the room, then you will need a narrower design.

Last but not least, I want to mention that if you mount this sear rear-facing, you will need to level it out. This isn’t a big problem since most of the car seats need it as well.

So are you still with me? Or did I scare you off?

Is Britax boulevard better than advocate you can read my comparison on this page.

How To Get The Most Out Of the Britax Boulevard car seat?

Here’s great advice that was handed down to me. Keep your child rear-facing as long as possible. That’s the safest position for little ones. Secondly, the safest place for them to ride is in the middle. If that’ not possible, then the second safest one is the driver’s side.

After that, you have to install it. Don’t forget to get a second opinion if you have doubts. There are many certified people to help you out. And know this 75% of car seats are installed incorrectly. This is why many kids get hurt during accidents.

Once the car seat is installed, you’re ready to go. Thanks to the design, it’s easy to clean. And when you have kids, you can expect blowouts and vomit. There’s no way around that. The question isn’t about if but when.

Britax Boulevard has ample legroom, and it’s comfortable. If you want to add extra convenience, you can get a cup holder or an iPad holder.
Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Review

  • Opting for the ARB bar is a life changer
  • It’s a GAME CHANGER chair that lasts for ten years
  • This car seat is a beauty the colors are so alive
  • It’s a challenge to transfer in and out from the car
  • It’s a wide chair, and three-across will not be possible

Conclusion for the Britax Boulevard Review

As you can see, the Britax Boulevard is a good car seat to have. It has some flaws that will turn off some people. And it has many strong points, which is why it will be a must-have. In which camp are you in?

We have reached the end of the Britax Boulevard review. I’ve given my objective opinion about this car seat. I’ve covered the pros and cons. You need to know all this when you’re in the buying process.

If you have any feedback comments below, what was your experience with this car seat?

Catch you next time.

Frequently Asked Questions Britax Boulevard Clicktight car seat

Which is better Britax Marathon or Boulevard?

The Britax Marathon is the better than the Britax Boulevard Clicktight. For more details check out the comparison between Marathon vs Britax Boulevard Clicktight.

How long is Britax Boulevard good for?

The expiration is set for 10 years.

What is the best Britax car seat?

Britax One4Life is the best Britax car seat. You can check out the full review here.

What kind of protection does the Britax Boulevard Clicktight convertible car seat has?

The Britax Boulevard Clicktight convertible car seat is packed with safety features. Just like with other convertible car seats you get the full package. Side impact protection for front facing and rear facing mode. There’s an anti-rebound bar for rear facing mode. The anti-rebound bar reduces injuries to little ones so it’s a must have. Side impact protection comes with two layers. The foam padding offers extra side impact protection. Britax seats are known for ease of use. With the clicktight tech you can make your install tight enough. All this provides great crash protection. Britax has one more thing up his sleeve. It comes with safecell impact protection wich absorbs energy the foam padding has the same purpose. The head restraint has energy absorption built into it.

It the crotch buckle adjustable with the Britax Boulevard Clicktight convertible car seat?

Yes the crotch buckle is adjustable with the Britax Boulevard Clicktight convertible car seat. Plus you can adjust the crotch strap length as well.

Does this convertible car seat have a tether strap?

Yes it comes with a tether strap, tether connector strap and tether anchor. The tether anchors are usually located on the bottom. The tether anchor weight limit is 65 pounds.

What about comfort how comfortable is this convertible car seat?

The britax boulevard clicktight car seat is super comfortable both the kids and the parents. There’s no rethread harness. The Boulevard clicktight seats come with many recline positions for comfort. It can be mounted both front facing and rear facing. For more recline or leveling you can use a pool noodle. It has enough legroom for both the kids and the first row. There’s a small storage space hidden in the back of the seat. To access is you need to remove it from the vehicle seat in front facing mode. The seat cushion is plentiful. The chest clip and the chest pads are well designed and comfy. The seat base is 18.5″ wide. Depending on the install you will have to choose the slot closest to your child.

What kind of car seat installations can you do?

There’s the clicktight installation system and the seat belt installation system. The latch system is known for the ease of use. You make it click and push the seat down and you’re set. You don’t even have to pull on the latch belt. For the seat belt you have to guided through the belt path.

Is this convertile car seat for cater to infants?

Yes these infant seats do just that. Better yet you’re getting an infant insert in the package.

What kind of harness position does the Boulevard clicktight offer?

The boulevard clicktight has everything you need harness slots, harness pads, sufficient harness length, and comfortable harness straps. The harness height adjustment is automated with the headrest movement. This harness is also known as click safe snug harness. Finding the perfect harness slot will be easy. The shoulder pads are connected to the harness so are the shoulder straps.

What are some alternatives for the Boulevard clicktight?

Well there would be the britax advocate and the chicco nextfit. They both have reviews you can check them out here: britax advocate review and chicco nextfit reviewed.

What’s the weight limit on this Boulevard clicktight car seat?

The weight limit is 5 to 65 pounds. For the most comfortable seating positions check the recline indicator. It’s advised to keep it in the light blue zone for babies. Now Boulevard clicktight is well known for its ease of use. It’s much easier to install than other car seats. It’s always a good idea to check best practice reviews tips. Being a combination car seat

Britax vs Maxi Cosi which one should I choose?

Britax is the winner between Maxi Cosi and Britax car seats.

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