UPPAbaby MESA Review – What’s behind the price?

Do you want peace of mind knowing your little one is safe?

It’s the top-rated, most safe infant carrier you can buy. OK, let’s see what a professional has to say about that. I recently ran into an old friend of mine who’s a police officer. He has seen many crashes, so I respect his words of wisdom.

I asked him if there’ s the difference between cheaper or expensive car seats. His response was an eye-opening one. Can you guess what he said?


After he has seen so many crashes, he concluded that there’s not much difference between cheaper or expensive car seats. According to him, the only bad seat is an unused one. So I kept asking then what’s the difference.

After some thought, he said the level of comfort. Cheap car seats can’t offer the same comfort and padding as an expensive one. Cheap seats are bare-bones and have good enough comfort.

So if you are traveling, you will need as much comfort as possible. There are many reasons for your baby to fussy, and comfort shouldn’t be one of them.

Before we get any further, let me give you a quick preview. It’s easy to install. It has indicators that let you know if the install is correct. What a relief. No more second-guessing. It’s compatible with UPPBaby strollers, and they will make the perfect travel system.

If you want to limit exposure to toxic chemicals, this is the right choice for you. The fabric doesn’t contain any toxins or fire retardants. It’s merino wool, which is naturally fire retardant, and no additional staff is needed.

Let’s get this UPPAbaby MESA review started. If you stick with me until the end, I will tell you the pros/cons. Some of them are unexpected, to say the least.


Who is the UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat?

This infant carrier is ideal for parents who want something cool for their baby. It has no chemicals or fire retardants since the fabric is made out of merino wool.

This carrier is for parents who are on the go. They can combine it with a stroller to have the ultimate travel system. It’s great for running errands.


What can the UPPAbaby MESA Car Seat do for you?

When you put your little one in the infant carrier, you will get peace of mind knowing that they are protected no matter what. Just look at that car seat. No wonder it’s the safest infant carrier to get.

The base is easy to install. The ad says that it’s done in 5 seconds. The reality is that it will take you around 5 minutes to get it right.

If you have an oddball car like a mustang, it will be extremely hard to use this carrier. The car is notorious for having the smallest car seats so there won’t be much room for the front passenger.

There’s an indicator that tells you if you got the perfect install. It couldn’t be simpler than that.

It’s comfortable. The material is soft, and it’s not one of those sandpaper type ones. It’s worth every penny.

Little ones fall asleep fast, so it’s super comfy. And the looks I can’t get enough of that. Others are the same old, same old Mesa is like fresh air. It’s a real looker.

The main selling point for me was the material. They don’t use any chlorinated or brominated chemicals. Fewer toxins mean no rashes for the baby. Since they use all-natural merino wool, they are no fire retardants used either. When you get this car seat, you don’t have to de-gas it.

It’s ideal for environmentally friendly parents.


UPPAbaby MESA shortcomings

Every car seat and infant carrier has flaws, and this isn’t the exception either. I feel that it’s my civic duty to tell you the negatives so you will get the full picture. Plus, down the road, you will avoid unwanted surprises.

There’s no beating around the bush; this carrier is pricey. It’s one of the most expensive infant car seats I’ve ever reviewed. If you’re planning to get him, you have to set up a budget for it.

The carrier part is 10 pounds in weight. This might be difficult to haul around if you have a heavy baby. It is what it is. I would prefer more weight over less protection.

Last but not least, I want to mention that some parents reported that this car seat tends to heat the baby. I haven’t noticed that. It might be the fabric or who knows.

Now, these would be the negatives of this Mesa carrier. I’m sorry that I’ve disappointed you. Usually, I have a long list of things to talk about. They did an excellent job, so there aren’t that many things to mention.


How To Get The Most Out Of UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat?

When the car seat arrives, you have to make a decision where you will install it. Let me share with you a few tips. First of all, the safest place is in the middle. Now for some, this is not the best solution. Here’s the second safest place which is right behind the driver.

The second thing is you have to get the install right. Now with the Mesa, you can’t get it wrong. There’s an indicator that you follow, and you’re set. If you want to be extra careful, you can always ask for a second opinion from a licensed professional.



It’s the safest car seat, and it’s top rated

It’s the perfect carrier for running errands

Leveling indicator that helps you get the perfect install



It’s a pricey infant car seat

A few parents reported that their baby gets hot in it


Conclusion for the UPPAbaby MESA Review

As you have seen, this infant carrier is in a league of its own. It’s one of the safest ones to get. Plus, it’s compatible with strollers. Now all this stuff comes with a high price. Child safety is not where people make compromises. Now to mention, this is the best fabric for your baby’s skin.

There are no harmful chemicals in it. Don’t forget the coolness factor, either.

We have reached the UPPAbaby MESA Review. I hope you have learned a lot from this article. If you feel that this infant carrier is the right choice, then get it now. Stocks are running low.

If you have experience with this car seat, do share it with us. If you have any feedback, drop a line below.

Catch you next time.


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