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Welcome to the best car subwoofer award show!

For the past 16 days, I’ve locked myself in my garage to solder, heat shrink, run wires, tune, and mount. Meanwhile, my wife was threatening me by saying that sooner or later, the kids would be walking up to perfect strangers asking, “Are you my daddy?” I’m ready to reveal the very best car subwoofers on the market today.


Finding the perfect subwoofer for your car comes down to three things: your bass needs, space, and budget. As soon as you’ve determined these, it will be easy to find the perfect woofer for you.

I’m ranking the top 10 best subwoofers for your car by size, power, bass level, ease of installation, and price.

I’ve been installing, tweaking, and upgrading car audio for over 20 years. Whatever you’re looking for, I’ve done it all. I’ve thought that, by writing this review, you will be able to find winners and avoid lemons.

You will not only find a good sub by continuing to read but you will also save a lot of time. Frankly, picking any of the subs listed below equals ending up with a guaranteed winner.

Let’s feel some bass already!

In a Hurry? Here Are the Top 3 Best Car Subwoofers

For bass lovers who don’t mind being a bit over the top while getting good bass for extremely cheap.

For music fans who want more than just a bit of thump for the daily commute

For people who have small space yet want to enjoy their commute with great bass and rich music

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Best Car Subwoofer Reviews in 2021

#1. Rockford Fosgate P300 – Best Subwoofer for Cars in the Market  Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Watt Powered Loaded 12-Inch Car Subwoofer

And we have a WINNER!

“HOLY COW! What a huge difference!” said one of my many happy customers when he turned his new system on. It was thumping like a beast at only 50% gain.

If you like some rich-sounding music and strong bass that can be used to give you a massage, then this sub is for you.

This sub is a full package. It comes with everything included, so there’s no guesswork involved. 300 Watts RMS amp will rock and deliver more than enough bump in the trunk.

No wonder why this Rockford Fosgate sub landed is at the top of the list. Besides the more than enough bass you’re getting, it’s trunk-friendly. Sometimes, you have to pop the sub out for groceries, kids’ practice gear, and whatnot. For those annoying times, there’s the quick connect, and it is so fast you can mount your precious.

Thanks to the auto-on feature, you will be able to enjoy your desperately needed bass at a moment’s notice.

Finally, Rockford went the extra mile and thought of everything. This sub comes double-boxed, so no matter how clumsy the delivery person is, it will arrive safe and sound.

This is why it’s top of my list:

  • Kick ASS Bass!!! Get ready for some MONSTER thump! If you want it to shake your mirrors, it will. If you want a bass massage, you will get it. If you want to enjoy a loud, crisp, and clean bass that is just perfect, then you have found your ideal sub.
  • Cheaper alternative for a possible mid-life crisis: It will be easy to justify to your wife as it’s a lot cheaper than a Corvette or a boat.
  • Easy installation: Everything is included, so there’s no guesswork. It’s simple and clean. If you want pros to handle it, then you will get your new sweet-sounding ride back super-fast.

Although, here are a few drawbacks that I’ve encountered.

For some, the Velcro didn’t do the trick at holding the sub down properly. This depends on the car you’re driving, and if this might be the case, there are some sturdier mounting options.

There were a few complaints about the big toll on the battery, which led to flickering lights. Luckily, it’s an easy fix. All you have to do is add a stiffening capacitor.

Rockford Fosgate is well known, and the “Punch series” is highly reviewed. So, no wonder I’m getting requests every week to get it installed. I have a long list of happy clients,  but I won’t bore you with it — let’s just say that I’ve turned all the popular car brands with this sub.

This baby is selling like hotcakes, so don’t be surprised if it’s out of stock. The last time I checked, there were still a few available. So, grab one before someone else takes your precious.

If you want something a bit cheaper, then check out #2 below.

  • You get amazing sound quality in a small package.
  • It fits most trunks, and it’s easy to connect and disconnect.
  • This sub will rattle your bones; it’s that powerful.
  • If you’re a perfectionist, you have to customize the sub for each type of music.
  • You need creativity to secure it in place.

#2. MTX Audio TNP212D2 Terminator – Best Powered Car Subwoofer

MTX Audio TNP212D2 Terminator Power Pack Subwoofer System - Set of 2,BLACK Subwoofer for Cars

In short, it lives up to the name Terminator. Oh, boy, this can hit hard, and it’s unexpectedly loud!

If you like to turn some heads, then this sub is the one for you. With its 250 Watts RMS, you’re getting a big bang for your buck.

And the lows…

If you enjoy the lows, rest assured as this baby will deliver them hard. To get the very best sound, you have to put it in the trunk. Even there, you will feel that little thump in the chest. The people sitting in the back seat will enjoy a full body massage.

This sub is a greater starter, and it will satisfy your needs. Although at this super low price, it won’t be competition-grade, it will be more than enough for a sweet-sounding ride.

You’re getting the full package with it: two 12” subs and an amp, plus a box packed up neatly. This sub is a looker as the constructor has used quality materials and a good design.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

  • Thump in your chest: It’s so comfortably loud that it will turn heads; if you position it right, you’ll be able to enjoy a full body massage.
  • It’s a steal: You’re getting so much power for so little money; it’s unheard of! I hope the brand doesn’t realize the pricing mistake and increases it.
  • Build to last: A good friend of mine asked me to install this sub in his car four years ago. Since then, I have had to do a few cosmetic fixes because he has carelessly tossed things in the trunk. Other than that, it is still hitting hard.

Although, here are a few drawbacks that you should know about.

First, you’re getting the complete package without a bass controller. Luckily, MTX sells external bass controllers that you can buy separately on their main page.

Grilles are now coming in the package. If you want to use it for a long time and enjoy that bass, get some Kicker GR120 12” grilles as they fit like a glove.

This Terminator sub is very popular. It’s one of the most reviewed subs on Amazon. You will be enjoying every beat and thump with it. I also have a long list of happy customers who wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

With this type of popularity, there’s one catch: these units are flying off the shelves. If you don’t want to be stuck with a subpar audio system, take action and buy one right now.

  • You can easily rattle the neighbor’s windows.
  • It delivers the very best sound quality, a clean crisp, and the music is rich.
  • It is easy to install with amazing bass.
  • This sub shouldn’t be considered an upgraded unit.
  • It takes a lot of space — most of the trunk in some cars.

#3. Rockville RWS10CA 10″ – Best Small Subwoofer for Cars

Rockville RWS10CA Slim 1000 Watt 10 Amplified Powered Car Subwoofer Enclosure

Maybe you don’t have a lot of space to spare for a sub, or maybe you just had enough of constantly removing the woofer every time more space is needed. This Rockville sub is the answer to this problem.

It’s a shallow mount sub…

This means you can squeeze it in just about anywhere. If you put it behind the seat, get ready to enjoy a full body massage without having to wait for an appointment with your therapist.

Yes, it’s small. It’s just 10”, but don’t underestimate it. This unit sounds like a big boom box. The built-in 300 Watts RMS amp will shake your rearview mirror out of place.

Rockville managed to balance out the need for bass and for comfort. Inside the car, you will be able to enjoy that rich music and deep-hitting bass, while outside, people won’t get so pissed at you that they’ll call the cops.

All this is packaged up nicely in a box that has an embroidered logo, which is cool. And, the price is ridiculously low. It’s not like you have to empty your retirement account or anything.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

  • Deep bass: This little guy delivers a mean punch. It thumps the seat, as a sub should. The music will feel alive and rich when this bad boy is kicking.
  • It’s a keeper: Who would’ve thought that you can listen to good bass and not bother the kids in the back? Plus, it’s not so overpowering that it will piss off the neighbors.
  • It’s a breeze to install: No rocket science diploma needed here; you can get it done in 5 minutes flat.

Although, here are a few drawbacks that you should know about.

First, some reported issues with the initial smell. Well, it’s the case for a few people, but rest assured, it disappears after the break-in period.

A few people also reported that it started cutting out after 5-6 hours of continuous use. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for that. All you need is a cooling fan.

People often think that there’s a big boom box in the car when, in fact, it’s just a shallow mount 10” sub. This woofer is one of the most highly praised and reviewed models on Amazon, so no wonder they are hard to keep in stock.

If you like the small profile, great price, and, best of all, big bass, you have to move fast, or someone else will grab the best shallow mount subwoofer before you.

  • Thumps the seats like a real sub should.
  • A lot of bass for a small amount of money. No need to empty your retirement savings account.
  • If you’re missing the lows, this is the best sub to fix it.
  • There’s a burned smell initially, which will fade over time.
  • The sub tends to cut out when the amp overheats. Use a cooling fan to fix this.

#4. JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10″ – Best Car Subwoofer for the Money

JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10" 600W Dual 4-Ohm Car Subwoofer

It makes the commute more enjoyable…

Are you commuting to work back and forth? It’s a good idea to pass the time with some great music. This is what the JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10″ is delivering.

I’ve made a bet with a friend of mine. He got a Sony sub, and I got the JL Audio. It wasn’t a contest. The JL audio humiliated Sony with ease.

The critics always appear when there’s a pricier model on the market. It’s the same with this JL audio sub. It costs more than the nearest competitors, and it’s so worth it. Look at the craftsmanship. It’s a 10” sub. It delivers the sound without any distortion. Is worth paying for it?

Hell yeah. This JL audio sub is a contender for being the best car subwoofer in the world. Now besides price, people often mention that it’s heavy. Well, I can’t argue with that. This means that they have used quality materials. No wonder the audio quality is that good.

Maybe it won’t win the prize, but this JL audio might be one of the best subwoofer on the market today. The bass is clean and hard-hitting thanks to the rubber surround.

Once I’ve installed it, I felt the difference. All my favourite songs were like brand new. I was like hmm interesting. I have never heard that note before.

Key Features:

  • ​Power handling 200-600 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 1200 Watts peak
  • ​​Frequency response: 22-200Hz
  • Mineral-filled polypropylene cone with rubber surround
  • Satin black cast-alloy basket
  • 10″ subwoofer
  • You will feel that all your favorite music is brand new
  • The bass is rich and fun to enjoy
  • It brightens your commute day by day
  • This baby is heavy
  • You need a budget because it’s not cheap

#5. Kicker CompQ10 Q-Class 10-Inch Subwoofer – Best Car Subwoofer for Deep Bass

Kicker CompQ10 Q-Class 10-Inch (25cm) Subwoofer, Dual Voice Coil 2-OhmBeauty and functionality in the same package…

I know, I know some people love the deep bass. This is why I’ve chosen the Kicker CompQ10 Q-Class for this category. With this sub, you can enjoy that deep bass all day long.

So far, I’ve tested with a lot of different music genres. For example, I’ve listened to ’70s, ’80s and different rock music and boy I love the audio quality.

I have to mention the great build quality. In this line of work, you see all types of subs. Sometimes I’ve seen some hideous products. I was wondering who would install this monstrosity in their car. The Kicker CompQ10 Q-Class is different. They have managed to combine the looks with functionality.

The best way to describe this subwoofer is by saying that it has solid bass and a crisp sound.

This Kicker sub is with you for the long haul. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty. This is outstanding in the world where one year is the norm.

This is why I’ve chosen the Kicker CompQ10 Q-Class as the best deep bass subwoofer.

Key Features:

  • ​Power handling 700 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 1400 Watts peak
  • Cast aluminum basket
  • ​​Frequency response: 24-100 Hz
  • 10″ Subwoofer
  • 3-year warranty
  • If you enjoy the 70s, 80s, rock, this is sub is perfect for them
  • This is a sturdy unit with 3 years of warranty
  • It’s a real looker matched with great performance
  • It sucks way too much power than it should
  • If it were a bit cheaper, it would’ve been perfect

#6. Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Sub – Best Compact Car Subwoofer Car

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

It’s deceptively loud for its size…

I have friends riding with me after I’ve installed the Pioneer TS-SWX2502 series subwoofer. At first, they were laughing at me that I’ve wasted my money. Imagine the look on their face as I started to crank up the volume.

For such a little guy this sub has a lot of oomph. After the ride was over, they were all amazed at this little fellow. The deep bass is very punchy. The Pioneer TS-SWX2502 has a shallow enclosure. And the sub-bass is weak.

To get the best sound quality, I highly recommend pairing it with an amp. Even so, the quality is amazing. All those who want that extra perfection a compatible amp would be the next investment.

Since it comes with deep bass, I went to the extremes. Boy, this little sub is powerful. While I ride, I don’t bump it up to max. At a normal level, it doesn’t destroy the interior.

This unit is slim, so it will fit wherever you want to. Plus and this is huge it doesn’t tax the battery. I know powerful subs usually drain the battery. This is not the case with the Pioneer TS-SWX2502.

If you are looking to buy a 10-inch sub take a look at the best 10 inch car subwoofers post. It was rated as the best pioneer 10 inch subwoofer.

Key Features:

  • ​Power handling 300 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 1200 Watts peak
  • ​​Frequency response: 20-125Hz
  • 10″ shallow mount sub
  • You will be surprised how loud this baby is
  • All my friends who rode with me were shocked and envious of the performance
  • It’s battery friendly it doesn’t suck too much juice
  • The box is small, so you will barely feel the bass
  • It’s suited for smaller cars

#7. Kicker 10TC104 10″ 300W – Best Sound Quality Subwoofer

Kicker New 10TC104 10" 300W Subwoofer + Sub Box + Boss R1100M 1100W Amp +Amp Kit

When you want something that beats factory units…

Let’s face it for car manufacturers best sound quality is not top of their list. They are more interested in safety and cutting costs. So no wonder that factory units sound dreadful. It doesn’t matter if they have installed Bose or other high-end speakers.

You need a subwoofer and even an amp to get the best quality sound possible.

This is why I’ve picked the Kicker New 10TC104 10″ 300W as the best sounding subwoofer. This is where the Kicker New 10TC104 10 comes into play.

If you want to listen to your favourite music and you’re commuting, you have to upgrade your system. The first thing you will need is a sub. With the Kicker New 10TC104 10, you are getting a good deal. The sound quality is superb. It’s well worth the money. The bass is punchy, and you can feel it.

There’s a lot of potential hidden in this small unit. It is a true champ, and it can compete with the big boy. Did I mention it has 300 Watts RMS power?

Yes, this little guy can take on the big ones with ease. It can easily shame factory stereos. So what are you waiting for?

Key Features:

  • ​Power handling 50-150 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 300 Watts peak
  • ​​Frequency response: 30-500Hz
  • Ported truck-style subwoofer enclosure with one 10″ Comp
  • Reinforced MICA injection-molded resin preloaded subwoofer cone
  • It delivers punchy bass for the money
  • The sound quality is great with the ported box
  • It brings a lot of potential to the table
  • Some customers had to remove the plastic to fit
  • The install’s a hassle, and you might want to invest in quality wires

#8. JL Audio CP108LG-W3v3 – Best JL Audio Subwoofer

JL Audio CP108LG-W3v3

You will take a long way home just to enjoy great music…

When I’ve installed this sub in my car, everything changed. The music wasn’t flat anymore. I usually dreaded the daily commute, and this has changed. Now I’m intentionally taking a long way home to enjoy my favourite music in pristine quality.

My friends who were riding with me thought I’m pulling a fast one on them. They couldn’t believe that this 8” JL Audio CP108LG-W3v3 subwoofer is delivering all this. They all said that there must be a 10” or 12 inch sub hidden somewhere. There wasn’t. The 8” JL Audio is this good.

If you have a small car, the 8” JL audio sub will be perfect for you. It fits any small space. You can place it anywhere, and you will be able to enjoy the bass.

This JL audio comes with an enclosure. It’s made out of durable material, and it’s built to last. What can I say they make amazing products?

The number one criticism is the price. Indeed, they are not the cheapest ones on the market. Yet what they deliver it’s a pure pleasure. The biggest problem with subs is that they tend not to do so well at lower frequencies. This JL audio is the exception under the rule. This sub thrives on lower frequencies.

Since it’s one of the subs ever made the gloves came off when I was testing it. I have played all types of songs. From rock to rap and country and it delivered. It made me smile at perfection no matter what kind of song was playing.

It’s well worth being the best JL Audio sub.

Key Features:

  • ​Power handling 50-250 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 500 Watts peak
  • ​​Frequency response: 28-250Hz
  • Ported enclosure subwoofer with one 8″
  • Has a steel-mesh grille
  • 2 year warranty
  • I have fooled people who thought that this 8” is 10” or 12 inch in power
  • For small vehicles, it’s a perfect fit
  • It will make you smile no matter what music you’re listening to
  • It’s pricey for being so little, and it’s worth it
  • There’s no sealed enclosure it would’ve provided the deeper base

#9. JBL GT-BassPro12 12” Car Audio Powered Subwoofer System – Best Subwoofer For Car Trunk

JBL S2-1224SS Series II 1100 WATTS 12" Selectable 2 OR 4 OHM SUBWOOFER Enclosure

It’s perfection no wonder it has a 5-star review…

There’s a huge problem with the JBL GT-BassPro12  12” series subwoofer. If you get it, you will be compelled to upgrade your speakers. So factor that in when you are creating the budget for this sub. I kid you not. Many consumers said that they wanted absolute perfection, so they have upgraded.

It’s one of the loudest subs that I’ve ever tested. I’m sure that the neighbours hate me at this point. Man the power is insane. When I’ve popped Ice Cube – Why we thugs wow, I probably shouldn’t have done that at 6 am on Sunday morning. It’s fine, it’s fine. At least they didn’t call the cops on me.

This isn’t a light sub. It weighs at around 30 pounds. So you won’t be moving it anytime soon. Once it’s in place, it stays there.

It’s loud, and you can hear the bass a mile away. What else can I say about this JBL GT-BassPro12? It’s a real workhouse. Best of all, it’s easy to install. I mean it’s pure plug and plays. You don’t have to run miles of wires like with other subs.

The sub comes with an amp and enclosure, so you’re getting a great value for the money.

It’s worth every star from its 5-star rating.

Key Features:

  • ​Power handling 150 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 450 Watts peak
  • ​​Frequency response: 35-120Hz
  • Remote bass-level control included
  • powered 12″ subwoofer enclosure
  • It is the perfection that’s why it got 5-stars across the board
  • It’s a workhorse that delivers great bass
  • It’s loud, and it has strong punch and boom
  • Neighbors will turn to be haters
  • After the install, many people upgraded their speakers to get perfection

#10. Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Enclosed Subwoofer – Best Enclosed Subwoofer

Kenwood KSC-SW11 150W Low-Profile Amplified Car Subwoofer Enclosure+Amp Kit

It’s the ideal partner for everyday driving…

I will be upfront with you. It’s not the prettiest thing on the market today. When you want something that does the job, and it’s not over the top expensive. This Kenwood is the choice for you.

The Kenwood ksc-sw11 is small and fits anywhere. The performance is ok, and it can beat the stock factory system any day of the week. It’s a great value for the money.

Guess what you’re getting a remote control for this sub. No, it’s not wireless. And yes they make those wired controllers. So you can easily adjust your sub while driving. As you know with most subs, you have to change the settings depending on the type of music you’re listening to. The enclosure is a steel basket with rubber surround.

The design is flawless. I loved the look and feel of this Kenwood KSC-SW11 sub. It’s so discreet that you won’t notice that it’s there. It won’t bother your passengers, and it will deliver the required bass boost.

You have a fair number of mounting opportunities. It’s easy to install. It almost plugs and play.

Now I can confirm that on high power it starts to distort. Well, no problem you have to tweak a bit the settings, and you’ll be all good.

Some say that this isn’t a real sub. Well if it looks like a sub and sounds like a sub, then it must be a sub. The fact is that you won’t feel a major boom. Either way, it’s a great sub to have, and the Kenwood ksc-sw11 is worth every penny. This subwoofer has really good bass output. It’s not too loud, but it gives you a nice rumble.

Key Features:

  • ​Power handling 75 Watts RMS power
  • Peak power 150 Watts peak
  • ​​Frequency response: 35-125Hz
  • Compact powered subwoofer
  • Steel basket and rubber surround
  • 8″ subwoofer
  • It beats stock systems with ease
  • You can enjoy great music while driving every day
  • Cool design and fits anywhere
  • A lot of tinkering is needed to eliminate distortions
  • It can’t go below 40Hz, low frequencies are questionable

Best Subwoofer for Car 2021 Buying Guide

It’s very important to check out buying guides so you know you’re getting the best there’s/ Chances are, if you have made it this far into this article, you are still undecided about which car subwoofer you should choose. For those who are new to the world of subwoofers and need a quick crash course in purchasing car subs, we decided to put together a little “Car Subwoofers 101” guide to help make your decision that little bit less stressful. Continue reading this best car subwoofer buying guide to find out what to look out for.

Benefits of Having a Subwoofer in Your Car

Regardless of whether you like to listen to the heaviest of metal, the smoothest of jazz or even the poppiest of pop (is that even a word?), the good quality bass is an absolute necessity if you want to enjoy the music how the producer or artist intended. These are a must if you want a good car sound system.

Car stereo speakers tend to be small and lack the power that is required to generate the low-end frequencies that make the music feel “complete” and real. Without good bass level control, music has a tendency to feel flat, tinny and dull. This is where car subwoofers come in.

Subwoofers are simply speakers that are dedicated to producing lower frequencies of sound. When coupled with some good-quality speakers and a powerful amplifier, the music that you know and love can evolve into something magical. It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you finally hear your favorite music through a set of good-quality speakers. It’s something you have to experience to truly understand.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Subwoofer

It’s no use looking at a bunch of car subwoofers if you don’t even understand what makes each one unique. To improve your understanding of subwoofers, here is a breakdown of some of the most important factors that you should be considering when making your final decision.


When looking at the power handling rating of a subwoofer, you only need to consider the watts RMS power rating and not necessarily the maximum output of the particular woofer you are looking at. The watts RMS rating is what you can expect to run your car subwoofers at consistently, without any issues. With that being said, if you want a powerful system that really explodes with bass, you will need to look into purchasing something with as high a power rating as possible.

Always check to make sure your amplifier can match up with the power handling of the subwoofer, else they may not work together.

Input Sensitivity

The higher the range of sensitivity that a subwoofer has, the less power output is required to achieve the same level of sound as it would with a subwoofer with lower sensitivity. If you have a powerful amplifier and you want to achieve maximum sound and power from your subwoofer, always look for the highest sensitivity.

Frequency Range

In simple terms, the frequency range determines how “low” a subwoofer can produce sound. The greater the range, the more suited the subwoofer will be at playing the lows and the highs of the bass sequence of the music you are listening to.

Voice Coils

The majority of newbies to the world of voice coil subwoofers will usually opt for a single voice coil sub, as they are the easiest to set up and still offer a fantastic quality of bass sound. For those with more experience and those who want to fine-tune their entire system, a dual voice coil (DVC) subwoofer will be more suited. This is the main difference between single voice coils and dual voice coil. As you can imagine single voice coils are a bit cheaper than the dual voice coil option. Though the later one is giving you more options.

[REVEALED] The Best Car Subwoofer in 2021 7

How much money are you ready to spend?

Giving Power to the Subwoofer

Unfortunately, installing and setting up a new subwoofer is not as simple as just throwing it in your trunk, clicking the “on” button, and hitting “play” on your stereo. Powering the subwoofer takes a little bit of mechanical know-how and a little bit of time, so if you are an absolute beginner and don’t know where to start, it can be a good idea to ask for guidance from someone who knows what they are doing.

Simply put, the power cable needs to be connected to the power source (car battery) in order to provide the power for the subwoofer to work. The power cable can reach the battery through a hole in the car’s firewall and can be kept neat and tidy by running underneath the car’s carpet.

The process of powering a subwoofer isn’t difficult, but it is incredibly important. If the connection is loose in any way, there is a chance that it could produce a short circuit, causing the subwoofer to fail and stop working.

Different Types of Enclosures

One of the most important aspects, and often the least appreciated aspect of good quality bass sound is the type of enclosure that you house your subwoofer in. It doesn’t matter how expensive or well-reviewed a subwoofer is; if it’s not fitted correctly into an appropriate enclosure, it will never be able to spread its metaphorical wings and produce the bass that it’s capable of.

Chances are, if you are inexperienced with car subwoofers, car speakers or any other form of audio technology, you will need to rely on a “ready-made” subwoofer enclosure. If you are handy and know what you are doing, it can be a great idea to build your own to your own specifications, but if you are a newbie and don’t understand what is what, you are better off purchasing one that is ready to go. I personally opt for a sealed box enclosure. With the sealed box you’re not only getting airtight fittings but excellent acoustics as well.

Different types of enclosures will produce different types of bass reproduction. Knowing which one is the best choice for you is crucial if you are serious about making your car audio your own. Here are the characteristics of the most common types of enclosures.

[REVEALED] The Best Car Subwoofer in 2021 8


If you require an accurate and consistently tight bass sound from your subwoofer, you will need to go with a sealed enclosure. As the name suggests, a sealed enclosure (foam surround) is basically an air-tight box that houses your subwoofer. The bass that a sealed enclosure encourages is flatter, warmer and more precise. If you are looking for a loud, booming bass, a sealed enclosure is probably not the best choice for you. If you want warmth and richness of sound, then this is definitely your best bet (component subwoofer).

Using a foam surround sub will take more space. And I gladly give it up for the perfect audio. Foam surround is the best to choose.

Power handling

Always check the power handling. If the numbers are small then you might not get the deep bass you’re looking for. On the other hand if the power handling number are big you might be taxing the battery. Sadly there’s no golden ratio for the best power handling you have to test it out.


A ported box is simply an enclosure that utilizes a small vent (or port) to produce louder, lower bass tones. In other words, you get louder, more in-your-face bass with a ported enclosure when compared to a sealed one. Ported boxes are perfect for hard-hitting music like heavy rock, metal, and fast rap. Ported enclosures are considerably larger than sealed enclosures, so keep that in mind when making your final decision.


Bandpass enclosures are very hit and miss. They don’t work well with some subwoofers, but for the ones they do work well with, they work VERY well. The reasoning behind bandpass enclosures is to squeeze every little bit of slam out of the subwoofer as possible. If you want bass that will shatter an entire row of cars windows when you pull up to the traffic lights, a bandpass enclosure is probably the right choice for you. I know this is a long article for easy navigation check the table of contents.

Best Subwoofer for Car Conclusion

Choosing the best subwoofer for your car is far from an easy task. The market is flooded with models that all offer something unique. One person might find one car subwoofer to be perfect for his music tastes, while another will think it’s junk. This list shows the best car subwoofers that one can buy at this moment in time. It does not aim at providing value for money, as that is purely subjective to each person. Only the best of the best subwoofers have been picked out, so these are all models that have received excellent reviews. If you’re still not sure which subwoofer is best for you, then consult our guide or ask in the comments below.

What’s the point of a subwoofer if you can’t play anything on it, or worse, you can’t connect it to your head unit? In our guide about the best double din head unit, you will find the best double din head units that you can get right now. Did you know you can make your car as smart as your phone? With the right head unit, you can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the best subwoofer brand?

Hands down the best subwoofer brand is JL Audio for a car audio system. Yes, it’s pricey, and it’s well worth it. The quality that it delivers it’s unheard of. If I have to choose today, I will go with JL Audio without question.

Which is the top subwoofer brand for a car audio system?

For a car audio system, there are many top subwoofer brands on the market. If you go with Rockford Fosgate subwoofers or Rockville subwoofers, you will be in good hands. As for what’s the top of the top, it would be JL Audio in my book.

What are the best car subwoofer brands?

The best subwoofer brands are here on this page. If you pick anything from Rockford, JL audio, Rockville you will be satisfied. Now there’s also MTX audio and Polk audio sadly they didn’t cut. Though MTX audio, Alpine r, Orion HCCA122, Polk Audio are good as runner ups. Even though Polk audio makes the best audio components I still haven’t given them a spot.

What do you need for the perfect car sound system?

To get the best car sound system you will need the following things: a decent head unit, an amp, and a quality subwoofer. And I know this is easier said than done. If you have read this best car subwoofers post you already have an idea which is a quality subwoofer. For a good head unit do check out my other review. The amp is a must for a good car stereo system.

What’s the most important thing to look at when creating the car audio setup?

When you’re considering a car stereo system the first thing is to check is the watts RMS. Without a sufficient power range, the audio signal will be weak. The next thing to consider is the frequency ranges. The next important factor is the bass control and bass quality (bass effect). So all this needs to be considered when you are looking for car audio systems. If you’re stuck there’s always customer service.

Where should I put my subwoofer system?

When you’re upgrading your car stereo audio system you have to look at the car space at your disposal. If there’s isn’t sufficient room in the car check the trunk space. There are some sacrifices for having the best car subwoofers. You can always choose a compact subwoofer or a subwoofer box unit if the space is tiny. The usual place to put your subwoofer speaker is under the backseat or under the car seat. Again if you can question customer service will be able to sort you out when it comes to car stereo audio system.

Do I need a wiring harness?

You will need a wiring kit for head units. There are miles of wires to connect so it’s beneficial over there.

Which cone design would be the best for me?

There are quite a few to choose from like: pulp cone, paper cone, or polypropylene cone. The best quality would be the polypropylene cone one. Even though it’s a higher price point it’s well worth it.

What is dynamic motor analysis?

The dynamic motor analysis is a patented tech from JL audio. It helps with noise cancellation for excellent music sound.

Should the price tag be the ultimate decider with your car stereo audio system?

As you know the higher the price better the quality of the speaker system. In another question above I’ve mentioned which are the most important chars to look at for a music system.

Are SVS subwoofers one of the best car subwoofers on the market?

Yes, Svs subwoofers are one of the best car subwoofers on the market?

The higher the watts RMS the better right for car subwoofers?

Yes, that’s true the higher the watts RMS the better subwoofer speakers you have. Also the better sound reproduction you can enjoy with your car system. Do read the reader interactions in the reviews section. Don’t forget about the voice coil.

How important is the pole piece?

The pole piece comes into play when you have a powered sub. It helps with cooling down the unit.

Should I choose a polypropylene cone sub for car subwoofers?

The polypropylene cone (plastic) is easy to make and gives reliable performance. The polypropylene cone is good but kevlar is the best for sound dispersion.

What is the best subwoofer for car?

In our opinion, the best subwoofer for car is the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D budget car subwoofer.

What are the best subwoofers for single cab trucks?

The best subwoofers for single cab trucks from this list are: the Kicker New 10TC104 and the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D.

Which is the best powered subwoofer for a car?

The best powered subwoofer for a car is the MTX Audio Terminator Series.

Should I consider BOSS subwoofers, if I’m looking for the best car subwoofers?

Boss subwoofers are quite decent, but I would say they are not the best car subwoofers on the market.

Which are the best 12 inch subwoofers?

The best 12 inch subwoofers are the: MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D and the JBL S2-1224 – 12”.

Is the MTX 12 Terminator the best budget car subwoofer?

Yes, the MTX 12 Terminator (MTX 12 inch subwoofer) is the best budget car subwoofer.

Which are the best car subwoofers, if I want to buy the best under seat subwoofers?

The best underseat subwoofers are the: Rockville RW10CA and the Pioneer TS-SWX2502.

Which is the best car subwoofer for the money?

The best car subwoofer for the money is the JL Audio 10W6v3-D4.

Which are the best subwoofers for cars?

The best subwoofers for cars are the:

  • 1. Rockford Fosgate P300
  • 2. MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D
  • 3. Rockville RWS10CA 10″
  • 4. JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10″
  • 5. Kicker CompQ10 Q-Class
  • 6. Pioneer TS-SWX2502
  • 7. Kicker 10TC104 10″
  • 8. JL Audio CP108LG-W3v3
  • 9. JBL GT-BassPro12 12”
  • 10. Kenwood KSC-SW11

How is the subwoofer size measured?

Subwoofer size is generally measured using the diameter of the speaker’s cone. For example, a 12″ subwoofer has a 12-inch diameter cone.

What size of subwoofer should I get?

The safest bet for good sound is a large sub that has plenty of power. You’re much better off running a big sub at “3” than you would be turning on the small one all the way up to 10.”

Can you put a subwoofer under a back seat?

You can put a subwoofer under your back seat. You’ll be able to enjoy better sound from your car’s stereo system then, and more bass too!

What is the best car audio subwoofer brand?

There isn’t really a best car audio subwoofer brand. It all depends on what you are looking for.  Some people recommend Rockford Fosgate. They’re durable, and they provide some really powerful bass. Others say JL Audio is the best because they have excellent bass and sound quality. Kicker subwoofers are also a good option, it has an excellent sound quality and the price is affordable.

Where can I buy the best car audio subwoofer?

You can buy the best car audio subwoofer at Amazon because they have the highest quality products, lowest prices, fastest shipping and top-rated customer service! Amazon has the largest selection of all kinds of high-quality car audio subwoofers.

Does subwoofer size matter?

Of course, one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new subwoofer is its size.

What is a 4 ohm voice coil used for?

Many car audio enthusiasts use 4 ohm voice coils to enhance the efficiency of their subwoofers.

Is a subwoofer cooling system necessary?

Yes, a subwoofer cooling system is important. The best subwoofers can go very loud without distorting, but they need to be cooled or else they could overheat.

What is a good frequency response for bass?

The best bass response frequency is 20-500Hz.

What is a component sub?

A component subwoofer is a dedicated low frequency speaker that you can use in conjunction with your car audio system.

What does speakers power handling mean?

The speaker power handling meaning is the maximum amount of electrical power that a loudspeaker can handle without being damaged.

What is better dual 2 ohm or dual 4 ohm?

Although louder, 2 ohm subwoofers are also more likely to produce a poorer quality of sound due to its’ power consumption. 4 ohm subs are not so loud, but the quality of sound is a lot better.

Is a paper pulp cone any good?

Yes, they are decent.

Should I upgrade my car stereo speakers?

If you’re looking to add a little bit of shine and sparkle to your vehicle’s audio equipment, then you should really consider upgrading your car stereo speakers. They’ll give you a high-quality listening experience that’s comfortably loud enough to enjoy on road trips or in traffic jams.

Is it worth buying the best subwoofers for cars?

Yes, the best car subwoofers will greatly improve your car audio.

What is the best subwoofer for a small car?

The best subwoofer for a small car is the Rockville RW10CA 10″ 800 Watt Slim Low Subwoofer.

Which is the best sound quality subwoofer?

The best sound quality subwoofer is the Kicker 10TC104.

What is a car subwoofer?

A car subwoofer is the speaker system in your vehicle that is responsible for producing low frequency sound waves when you play a song with bass.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of car subwoofers?


A good set of speakers will help passengers have a much better time. Car enthusiasts might also want to install better speakers for safety sake; if something goes wrong and a person needs to stop the car quickly, they can use loud horn tones for nearby drivers or other motorists to hear them. Furthermore, replacing old speakers with new ones will likely improve sound quality from the stereo system. A beautiful sound blends in well with gorgeous custom rims (which is why many people opt to purchase upgraded audio systems).


In addition to the initial cost, having an upgraded sound system will inevitably be more expensive in the long-term, because of its much higher power consumption.

What are the best subwoofers for cars in 2021?

The best subwoofers for cars is a very subjective idea, as it depends on what you seek from your audio system and how much power you can put to it. The best car subwoofer is also very much a “boutique” item, as its technical parameters can be mostly measured only by the one who listens to it. This means that we cannot say which model is better or worse in terms of technical characteristics, because if someone likes it – it is the best for him/her.

How do you choose the best subs for your car?

Most people think power and size are the be-all, end-all of what determines a good stereo. A voracious appetite for watts is where many newbies make their first mistake. You want to keep in mind output at lower volumes as well. This is where efficiency becomes important – if you turn it up too much, those BIG subs could blow before they even have the chance to sing!

Which car subwoofer should I buy?

It first depends on the size of the car. Bigger cars typically require larger speakers to produce deeper bass, while many smaller cars will work with a less powerful speaker. The space available for installing a speaker in a car can also be important – it needs to fit properly without blocking visibility through the window or making an obtrusive sound and creating more vibrations than desired. Next, think about what your priorities are. If you want a strong and powerful sound from the subwoofer, generally you have to spend more money. If you just want a good sound, then there are affordable options available. However, if you will be regularly listening to songs with strong bass and can spend a little bit more money for the best subwoofer for car available.

Can I trust car subwoofer reviews?

You should always be careful when reading car subwoofer reviews, as there are many reviewers out there who do not know how to test speakers properly. If you read only positive comments about a particular product, this doesn’t mean that it is the best one for you. You need to make sure you take into account the negative comments as well. Furthermore, the sound quality of car subwoofers can vary greatly depending on the place where they are tested (for example, an empty parking lot or a closed underground garage will produce different results). The best way to understand which car subwoofer is better is to compare several models in your price range at high volume.

What are the best subs for car?

The best subs for car today are:

  • 1. Rockford Fosgate P300
  • 2. MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D
  • 3. Rockville RWS10CA 10″
  • 4. JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10″
  • 5. Kicker CompQ10 Q-Class
  • 6. Pioneer TS-SWX2502
  • 7. Kicker 10TC104 10″
  • 8. JL Audio CP108LG-W3v3
  • 9. JBL GT-BassPro12 12”
  • 10. Kenwood KSC-SW11

What are dual voice coils?

Dual voice coils (DVC) are a type of voice coil that is commonly used in subwoofers, usually configured as 2 ohms. Dual voice coils can also be configured as 1 ohm or 4 ohms. A dual voice coil consists of two single voice coils connected together to form a double layer. This produces an increase in the amount of coils in the voice coil, which is a direct analogy to an increase in the value of resistance. The relative power that the speaker can produce is proportional to the number of turns.

What are Dual Voice Coil Subwoofers?

A dual voice coil is a subwoofer with two, sometimes 4 coils so that it can power both high and low frequencies. They produce a true stereo sound effect for anything you might be listening to. A common way they’re used is by being connected to another amp or signal booster to create more power and volume levels than any single voice coil.

What are component subwoofers?

Component subwoofers are a special type of car audio speaker in which the individual driver and amplifier is housed in a separate box. When installed properly they provide you with high-quality, clear sound from your vehicle’s stereo system without taking up much space within the cabin. Component subs offer greater power handling capability, higher frequency response (up to 150 Hz), better durability and more precise control than conventional coaxial designs; these factors can make them an attractive option for those who want to produce quality vehicle audio.

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