Are You a Fan of Boss? Then Check Out the Best Boss Subwoofer for the Ultimate Sweet Sounding Ride


Welcome to the Best Boss Subwoofer Awards
After spending the last 12 days installing, fine-tuning, breaking in subs meanwhile drinking a lot more coffee than my cardiologist should ever know about, I’m ready to share with you the best Boss subs that you can buy on the market today.
To make things simple, I’ve picked the 3 very best ones, and I’m ranking them by bass strength, power needs, looks, ease of install and price
Finding the best Boss woofer is easy if you know the space in your ride and your budget. Once that’s clear, then having the perfect sounding ride will be a breeze.
It’s been more than 20 years since I’ve installed my very first subwoofer. Since then, I’ve updated so many car audio systems that I’ve lost count. During these installs, I came across a fair number of dubs. This is why I’ve decided to share with you the top 3 best boss woofers that you can buy today.
To make things simple, I’ve picked the most common sizes, so no matter which one you choose, you will have a winner by your side.
Let’s enjoy some bass already!

#1 BOSS Audio Systems CXX12 – Best Overall Subwoofer

And we have a WINNER!
If you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade your stock system, you just found the best subs on the market for that.
I know it’s unbelievably cheap, and they actually slap. The sound is crisp and clear the bass is simply lovely.
For this price, you can listen to the lows down to 30 Hz. The $3 extended warranty is a no-brainer. It has everything you need for a budget build.
Here is the reason why it’s the top pick on my list:
Concert on wheels: this woofer actually slaps so you can get some great bumping for your ride
Super Cheap: the price is unbeatable. It’s almost in the throwaway category
Easy to the wire: this sub is so easy to install that in most cases, you won’t even need YouTube’s help
I have found a few drawbacks you have to see:
Well, the first thing you have to consider is that you shouldn’t believe the hype. It’s advertised as 1000 Watts peak power, and when you check the RMS, it’s 500 Watts, and with a couple of people, we suggest this be lowered to 150 Watts.
It’s so cheap that durability comes into question. Even if they are throw-away subs, you can afford one now and again or opt for the extra 3-year warranty.
I had a few takes for this sub, and they asked me to upgrade their system to a Toyota Corolla and a Kia Niro. The owners drove away grinning ear to ear thanks to their new system.
If you’re looking for something smaller and even cheaper, then check out #2 on my list.
You need to move if you like this sub because the last time I’ve checked, there were only a few in stock. Once they’re gone, you have to wait weeks until the new units arrive. Jump on it now.
To my surprise is quite well built for the cots
Crisp, clean sound, and it slaps
3-year warranty for $3??? I’ll take it
The Watt RMS is highly overrated. It’s more around 150 Watts
It’s so cheap. Will it last? There’s the 3-year warranty for that dirt cheap.

#2 BOSS Audio Systems CXX8 – Best 8 Inch Sub

Before we get any further, make sure you have the right expectations for this sub. This JBL sub is 8” in diameter, and it’s rated at 150 Watts RMS.
This is a cheap sub, so you have to have the right expectations. It’s nothing earth-shattering or distortion-free sub. However, it’s a great way to change your burned-out stock system or upgrade it without spending thousands of dollars.
On another note, it packs quite a punch, and it can make your mirrors vibrate, so it’s a low-key sub.
With this JBL, you’re getting a nice full sound, and I would rate it as mid-level acoustics.
Here are the top reasons why it’s a must-buy:
Cheap way to replace factory subs: now you can get superior sound without enriching the greedy dealerships
Good for home theater use: you can indeed use it in your home theater, so explosions and gunshots become real
Good Bass: for being “just” an 8” sub, it delivers quite a punch. It makes the mirrors vibrate
There are a few drawbacks that I would like to mention:
Be extra careful with this one because if you even attempt to reach the limit, it will burn out
Make sure you have a drill next to you because, in most cars, the holes don’t line up
It’s quite a popular sub for being an 8” speaker. I’ve installed it in Toyota Avalon, Lexus ES 300, Tahoe, Yaris, Accord, Charger, Suburban and Kia Soul, to name a few.
If you love this sub, then you have to move, or you will be left out. Listen, the stock is running out, so grab one while you still have the chance.
It’s a cheap way to replace factory default woofers
It delivers quite a punch that the mirrors vibrate a little
You can enjoy a nice full sound in your ride
You will need to drill some holes for a better fit
If you get around the RMS limit, it will get fried

#3 BOSS Audio Systems CXX10 – Best 10 Inch Sub

For a 10” inch sub, it’s not power-hungry because it’s rated at 150 Watts RMS. Also, make sure you stay away from that peak power rating because that’s the perfect way to fry your sub.
Let me tell you first hand that this thing hits. The bass is deep and tight, just like the doctor ordered. My friends call this sub a premium sound on the budget, so you’re getting great bumping for the money.
If you want eye-watering bass, this is not that. On the other hand, if you want a bass that can be felt without rattling the car, you have found your perfect match. All this at an unbeatable price.
Here are the top reasons why it’s a must-buy:
Premium Sound on the Budget: you will be surprised how hard these subs hit, and there are no distortions whatsoever
Unbeatable Price: I can’t even imagine how they managed to create an ok product this cheap
Inexpensive upgrade: these simple and cheap Boss subs sound way better than the factory default, so it’s worth the investment
There are a few drawbacks that I would like to mention:
Some people mentioned that they are constantly breaking at least they are cheap, so replacement is affordable.
There’s another biggie related to the soldering points. They are poorly made, so get ready to do some re-soldering from time to time.
I did install it in a few vehicles, such as Pontiac GT Sedan, RV and a crew cab truck. The owners never reported any premature failures so far.
Since these subs are so cheap, they are in high demand, so no wonder that they are constantly out of stock. If you’re lucky and you’re finding one, grab it before someone else does.

You’re getting a bumping bass for the money
Budget and beginner-friendly subwoofer
It’s a tighter and more controlled bass without distortions
The soldering points are weak. You have to redo them
These need to be replaced quite frequently

We have reached the end of the Boss subwoofer awards. By now, you probably picked out the best fit and best-priced sub. Congrats, you’re just a few steps away from getting the perfect-sounding vehicle.
Now I had a blast testing these Boss subs out. No matter the trouble, I’ve managed to find a workaround. The reason I’ve made a top 3 list is that to make things simple and clean. Secondly, I’ve done it so only the very best remain and no matter which one you choose you will have a winner on your side.
Finally, take into consideration that because of the current situation, the stocks are nearly gone. So take action so you can enjoy some great bass.
If you have questions or tips, feel free to contact me.
Roger and Out.


Last Updated on July 5, 2021

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