Find Out Which Is the Best 8 Inch Subwoofer for You Ride


Welcome to the best 8 inch subwoofer awards!

After spending the last 11 days testing, mounting, fine-tuning and soldering meanwhile skipping on my favorite TV series, which was spoiled by my wife (I will get even with her don’t you worry about that), I’m ready to reveal which are the best 8 inch subs on the market today.


Finding the perfect 8 inch sub comes down to two things, your taste and budget. As soon as you know these, it will be easy to find the perfect woofer for your needs.

There are a ton of 8 inch subs on the market, and after ruthless elimination, I’ve kept seven of them. I’m ranking these 7 subs by size, bass power, looks and ease of install.

You see, I’ve been installing car audio since my late teens, and more than 20 years have passed. I’ve thought that it would be a good idea to do the heavy lifting for you and show you the real winners in the 8 inch category. No matter which one you choose, you will have a winner on your side.

Going with any of them bellow guarantees that you will feel the bass perfectly.

Let’s feel some thump, thump already!


#1 Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 – Best Overall 8 inch Sub

And we have a Winner!

Alpine knows how to create a premium-looking product that delivers big time. This 8” sub is rated at 120 Watts RMS power, and it’s very punchy.

The build quality is top of the line. It has a rugged construction so that it can handle some abuse (off-roading and such).

Some say it’s a gamble, and I don’t think so because it’s a trusted brand. They have created this sub to enjoy strong and clean bass without sacrificing any space whatsoever. With this subwoofer, you will enjoy some serious boom in a small footprint.

Best of all, there’s a built in amp, so you don’t have to mix and match and potentially fry the sub. It’s as plug-and-play as it can get.

This is why it’s top of my list:

Wow Factor: this thing is a beauty; the cast metal construction telegraphs luxury and coolness.

Big bass in a small space: thanks to its thin profile, it fits anywhere, and the best place for it would be under the car seat.

Full package: this Alpine sub comes with everything needed. The amp is included, so you don’t have any guesswork whatsoever.


A few drawbacks that I’ve encountered

It won’t handle the lows that well. It will start struggling at 35hz. On the flip side, all 8 inch subs have this issue.

For some reason, I didn’t have enough brackets for mounting it. Maybe there was something wrong with the packaging.

Alpine delivers with this sub, so no wonder that people love it that much. Here’s the list of happy customers who were driving: Tacoma, 4Runner, Silverado, Tundra, Nissan Hardbody and Jeep Wrangler, to name a few.

Since this sub is so popular, no wonder that there are stock issues with it, last time I’ve checked, there were only a few in stock, so you have to move if you want to enjoy that amazing-sounding ride of yours. Grab one while there’s one left.

If you want something a bit cheaper, then check out #2 on my list below.


This sub brings the speakers alive it’s the ultimate wow factor

If you want clean bass without sacrificing space, this is the right choice

Rugged construction made out of cast metal so it can handle some abuse


It struggles when it has to go down below 35hz

There aren’t enough brackets for mounting


#2 Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 – Best 2-Ohms 8 Inch Sub

This subwoofer is a real treat. Besides having a great build quality and looking expensive, it delivers the perfect bass. It’s deceptive. For being an 8” sub, it’s rated at 150 Watts RMS. And you can shake your mirrors and more on this a bit later.

There’s a heavy magnet inside, and because of the unique design, the break-in period can last up to three weeks. After the break-in is done, wow, the difference is night and day.

Whoever heard of an 8” sub shaking the windows? It’s possible with this Rockford Fosgate because it’s part of the punch series. If you get it right in the car’s sweet spot, you will see your mirrors shake.

Let it be rock, hip hop or another type of music, and it will sound way better than the stock system.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

Underestimated: being only an 8 inch sub, people tend to pass over it, and boy, this thing hits hard.

Big bass in a small package: besides being powerful, it’s clean and accurate without distortion while having a slim design perfect for under-seat install.

Plug and Play sub: it’s the easiest to install sub that I’ve worked on so far; it’s a breeze.

A few drawbacks that you have to know about:

This is quite a unique subwoofer, so that’s why it needs a lot longer break-in period; brace yourself.

I wasn’t lucky with the screw patterns with my car. Maybe you will, or you will have to drill a few holes.

Either way, this sub is a keeper. I’ve installed it in Ford Explorer, Lincoln, Tahoe, 4Runner Mustang and Yukon, to name a few.

Since it’s such a popular product, no wonder there are constant stock issues. You will have to move fast if you want to enjoy that sweet-sounding ride. Grab one of these subs before someone else does.


The bass is clean, tight and punchy without distortions, even if this is just an 8” subwoofer.

It’s perfectly loud without causing permanent hearing damage or setting alarms nearby.

The build quality is high-end while the installation is a breeze plug-and-play.


This sub didn’t match the factory screw patterns, so I had to drill a few holes.

There’s a long break-in period because it has a unique shape.


#3 Rockville RW8CA – Best 8 inch Enclosed Sub

This is a deceptively sneaky sub. Don’t let the size full you. It’s an 8” sub, which is rated at 150 Watt RMS. Don’t judge it by sheer size alone because you might pass on something great. I was impressed by the bass power it produces.

Let’s face it; an 8 inch one can’t compete with bigger ones; however, it can still overdeliver. This is the case with this Rockville subwoofer. Besides looking good and being a space saver, it sounds good. It has that concert feeling. Best of all, it’s sufficiently loud on the inside while being super quiet from the outside.

Best of all, it’s an affordable way to get some bass into your car. I mean, if you check the price, you won’t believe your eyes because it’s a steal.

Depending on where you install this sub, it can be a great back massager, back to the bass. All music sounds perfectly clean, so you will enjoy this sub for many years to come.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

Loud without being loud: the bass is spot on, and it won’t cause a headache if you listen to it for longer periods.

Concert Feel: this sub is nice and boomy on the inside, and there’s nothing leaking to the outside, so no fines or disturbing the peace.

It’s a steal: wow, this is one of the most affordable subs that I’ve seen because it has everything you will ever need to enjoy some great bass.

A few drawbacks that you have to know about:

The bass could be more powerful, but you can’t expect more from an 8 inch sub with a shallow design.

It’s beyond me why you would put a bright blue LED on this sub. Luckily if it’s under the seat, you won’t notice it.

There were quite a few takers for this sub. I just love when the owners drive away grinning from ear to ear. My list of happy clients includes: Tacoma, Jeep JK Sport, Fiat 500, Jeep Rubicon, S10 Pickup and Nissan Sentra, to name a few.

This sub is selling like hotcakes. I hope you get lucky, and you will find one in stock. If not, check back later because you never know.


Low profile sub that is ideal for small cars or minimal space

Powerful and punchy bass as if you would be on a concert

Besides being a sub, it can be used as a great massager


The bass isn’t that powerful

The blue light might be distracting during the night.

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#4 Kicker 43CWR84 CompC – Best 4-Ohms 8 Inch Sub

If you’re looking for some good base to make your commute fun and you have a small car, then you have to found a winner in this Kicker sub.

This Kicker sub has only 8”, but it’s rated at 300 Watts RMS power. No wonder people confuse. It is a 10” or 12” one. This little one takes on bigger subs with ease.

If you haven’t had anything Kicker-related, then you’re in for a treat. This sub comes with the legendary Kicker reliability. Once you get it, you will be bumping into this sub for many years to come.

Among these benefits, there’s the price. It’s a real steal. No wonder that there are so many happy customers for this subwoofer.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

Groundbreaking difference: Even if it’s just an 8” sub, the difference couldn’t be higher. You will love your new-sounding ride.

Deceptively powerful: many confuse this little one as being a 10” or 12” subwoofer.

Perfect Lows: this sub is just perfect. If you’re missing the lows, it will give a new dimension to your favorite songs.


A few drawbacks that you have to know about:

During the break-in period, theirs is a strong smell coming from the woofer. I call it Kicker smell; it will fade eventually.

It’s a power-hungry sub, so brace yourself to feed it everything it needs.

People would rather go with a 10” sub than being caught having an 8” even so I have a list of happy clients driving: Jeep, Tundra, Forester, Lexus and Crown Victoria, to name a few.

This sub soon will be a best seller. It’s ideal for small cars that want that powerful bass, so no wonder the stocks are running low. Make sure you check back later in case they are out because there are frequent updates.


These are such good subs that people think that you have 10” or 12” ones in the back.

This sub is high output and excellent quality matched with a great price

Once you install this baby, the difference will be night and day


This little thing is power-hungry

For me, it had a burn-off smell. It went away after a few hours.


#5 Skar Audio SVR-8 D2 – Best Sleeper 8 inch Sub

Sweet Heavens to Betsy, what do we have here. This Skar Audio sub is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They say it’s just an 8 inch sub; however, it’s rated at 400 Watts RMS. That’s insane power for a little thing like this.

You need to be a bit patient. You need to finish the break-in period, and after that, you can let this monster loose. Just in case you have some flickering lights, make sure you have a backup battery fully charged.

Depending on your style, you can enjoy punchiness with Rock and Jazz or feel the Dips and the lows with Rap, R&B and pop.

If you want to go for the overkill, you can get 4 or 6 of these bad boys, and you will have some crazy pounding bass. The bass is addicting, which might make you linger in the car for a longer time.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

Almost a competition sub: the performance is almost there without the heavy price tag.

Big fat bass: the bass is hard, and the sub can handle the dips with ease, perfect for Rap, Pop and Hip & hop.

Space saver: being an 8 inch sub and having a small footprint, it won’t take up much space.

A few drawbacks that you have to know about:

This sub is a very greedy one, and it needs a lot of power. If you can give it to it, then you will be one happy camper.

Being this power-hungry means that you won’t be able to pair it with other less demanding subs.

Since 8” subs aren’t that fashionable because of client’s egos, I’ve only had a few happy customers like Chevy Cruze and Cherokee.

The last time I’ve checked, only a few of them were in stock. So you have to move if you want to enjoy this sub or you risk waiting for many weeks until a new shipment arrives.


If you can, you will easily rattle granny’s fine china from a distance

It can handle any type of music let it be punchy or with deep lows

The finished product is breathtaking with awesome craftsmanship


It’s a greedy one. I tell you a lot of power is needed

For the reasons above, it can’t be mixed with different subs


#6 Kenwood KSC-PSW8 – Best 8 inch Under Seat Sub

If you have no space to spare for a sub, this is where the Kenwood shines. It has an ultra-thin profile while delivering punchy bass. It’s just an 8” sub, and it’s rated at 150 Watts RMS.

I’ve installed this sub in a Toyota where there was no room for groceries, and I’ve managed to find the perfect place for it under the seat, and it fits like a glove.

Typically factory settings aren’t that great sound-wise. This is where Kenwood steps in and takes the lead. It rounds out the system perfectly.

If you come with realistic expectations, you will have a pleasant surprise, and after installing it, you will enjoy a very fun commute.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

Enhanced stock sound system: factory stuff is weak, and by getting this Kenwood, you will enjoy an amazing sounding ride.

Great bass in a small package: if you have no space what so ever then this Kenwood sub will be a game-changer.

Safe driving: thanks to the remote, you can adjust the bass to each song without taking your eyes off the road

A few drawbacks that you have to know about:

Depending on the vehicle you have, it might be a tough one to install. To make your life easy, get the harness kit that will speed up the process.

This sub has so much potential sadly, it’s just an 8” sub. Maybe its bigger brother will deliver more power.

Since it has an ultra-low profile, people are buying it like hotcakes. Just look at my long list of clients who got this sub: Tundra, F150, Highlander, Forrester, Chevy crew cab, 4Runner, Chevy Volt and BMW X3, to name a few.

Since it’s so popular, the stocks are always empty. Take a look, and if you find one in stock, grab it before someone else gets the chance.

The Kenwood KSC-PSW8 is one of the best rated under seat car subwoofer.


It has an ultra-thin profile while banging hard

It hits the lows perfectly, and it rounds out the sound system nicely

Excellent remote control knob to adjust the bass on the fly for every song


It’s not that easy to mount if you don’t have the right harness

It’s just an 8 inch sub


#7 BOSS Audio Systems CXX8 – Best Affordable 8 Inch Sub

This Boss sub is one of the cheapest subs that I’ve ever worked with. I hope this is not done by slave labor because it’s too cheap.

On another note, it delivers mid-level acoustics. If you want something stronger, you have to invest more. After installing, you will notice a nice full sound with some additional bass.

You should have no high expectations for this sub. First of all, it’s small secondly it’s ridiculously cheap. I mean, these might as well be throwing away subs. As soon as one break and you can buy the next one because they are so affordable.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

Packs a punch: for being an 8 inch sub, this delivers quite a decent bass

Cheap Factory upgrade: you can’t go cheaper than this and get a functional sub, so it’s a perfect way to upgrade your system if you’re on the budget.

Not just for Cars: these subs work well in home theater systems. They are cheap, so they are perfect.


A few drawbacks that you have to know about:

This drawback depends on the car you have for some it won’t be a problem however for me it was. The drill holes didn’t align properly. No biggie, I’ve made a few with my trusted drill.

You have to be extra careful with these subs. They fry extremely fast. Don’t even think about pushing it to the limits, or you can order your next one.

These are very cheap subs, so no wonder there were so many takers: Avalon, Kia Soul, Fiesta ST, Accord Yaris, Dodge Charger, Lexus ES 300, to name a few.

Since they are so cheap that they can be considered throw-away subs, they are constantly out of stock. If you are lucky, you might get the last one. Don’t think just buy it, or you have to wait for a long time until the fresh supply gets in.


It’s a cheap way to replace factory default woofers

It delivers quite a punch that the mirrors vibrate a little

You can enjoy a nice full sound in your ride


You will need to drill some holes for a better fit

If you get around the RMS limit, it will get fried


Conclusions for the best 8 inch subwoofer

We have reached the end of this award show. I had a blast trying and testing these subs out. Now my list is short because I’ve eliminated so many of these and left the winners.

So you can pick any of these in confidence, knowing that you have a real winner by your side. By now, you should know exactly which sub is the right fit.

As you have seen above, there are still supply issues, and the big demand is not helping. So you need to move if you want to have that sweet-sounding ride.

Take a look at the best subs for car post for other top-rated subs.

If you have questions or tips, you know where the contact button is.

Roger and out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are 8 inch subwoofers worth it?

Yes 8 inch subwoofers are worth it. They deliver tight bass. 8″ subs are perfect for those who have smaller cars or don’t want to sacrifice the trunk space. Plus it’s less expansive.

What is the highest quality subwoofer?

If you want to know the highest quality subwoofer that is 8 inches than here they are:

  1. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Restyle Compact Powered 8 Inch Subwoofer; 120 watt rms power handing;
  2. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 8 inch car subwoofer Dual 2-Ohm Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer; 300 Watts Max power handling (power rating); 150 Watts RMS handling
  3. Rockville RW8CA 8″ 600 Watt Low Profile Under-Seat Active Powered Car Subwoofer; 600 Watts max power handling (power rating); 150 Watts RMS power handling

Are 8 inch subs better than 10?

In most cases 8 inch subs are not better than 10 inch ones. You’re getting a better bass response and more clarity with a 10 inch one than an 8 inch one. Plus a single 10 inch sub takes up less space than a two 8″ ones. If you don’t have a lot of space then it’s a  better idea to use a single 8 inch one.

What is the best subwoofer for deep bass?

The best subwoofer for deep bass would be the Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Watt Powered Loaded 12-Inch Subwoofer Enclosure punch series sub. If you’re interested in more hard hitting subs check out my full list.

What is the frequency response for these best 8 inch subwoofers?

The frequency response for these best 8 inch subwoofers are as follows:

  1. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Restyle Compact Powered 8 Inch Subwoofer; 120 watt rms power handing; frequency response: 32 – 250 Hz
  2. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 8 inch car subwoofer Dual 2-Ohm Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer; 300 Watts Max power handling (power rating, peak power); 150 Watts RMS handling; frequency response: 38-250 Hz; top Mounting Depth: 2.66 in (top mount depth);
  3. Rockville RW8CA 8″ 600 Watt Low Profile Under-Seat Active Powered Car Subwoofer; 600 Watts max power handling (power rating, watts peak power); 150 Watts RMS power handling; frequency response: 20 – 150 Hz
  4. KICKER 44CWCS84 CompC 8 Inch dual 4 Ohm SVC 200 Watt RMS Power handling and 400 Watts Peak Power Dual Voice Coil Car Vehicle Audio Subwoofer; frequency response: 30 – 500 Hz; lower sensitivity 85.6 db; 3.87-inch top mounting depth (top mount depth)
  5. Skar Audio SVR-8 D2 8″ 800 Watts Max Power handling (peak power) Dual 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer; frequency response: 30 – 350 Hz (frequency range)
  6. Kenwood KSC-PSW8 250 Watts Max peak power (150W RMS power) Single 8″ Under Seat Powered Subwoofer Enclosure; frequency response: 35-150 Hz (frequency range); top mounting Depth 9.444″ (top mount depth)
  7. BOSS Audio Systems CXX8 8 Inch Car Subwoofer – 600 Watts Maximum Power handling (peak power), Single 4 Ohm Voice Coil: frequency response: (frequency range); Resonant Frequency: 49 Hz; rubber surround

Which subs didn’t make the best 8 inch subwoofers list?

These subs didn’t make it on my best 8 inch subwoofers list: Planet Audio AC8D 8 Inch Car Subwoofer – 1200 Watts Maximum Power, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil; CT Sounds audio system MESO-8-D4 1600 Watts Max 8 Inch Car Subwoofer Dual 4 Ohm Frequency Response: 23Hz-3kHz 250 hz; Skar Audio system EVL-8 D2 8″” 1200 Watt Max Power Dual 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer top Mount Depth 5.95″; JL audio system; P3SD4-8 – Rockford Fosgate 8″ 150W RMS Dual 4 Ohm Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer ; JL Audio 8W7AE-3 8″ Single 3-Ohm W7 Subwoofer Anniversary Edition (8W7-3); Top Mount Depth: 6.83″

What features should I check out when checking out the best 8 inch subwoofers on the market?

These are the most important perks when shopping for the best 8 inch subwoofers on the market: easy to install, advanced cooling system, pressed paper cone, you will need quality materials for accurate bass, the type of enclosure like sealed enclosure, ported enclosure, for the best listening experience and quality sound use a cast aluminum basket for tight spaces, M-roll santoprene surround, bass boost stereo system, santoprene surround car speakers, 4 ohm impedance with heat dissipation, single voice coil or dual copper voice coils, high temperature resistance (heat dissipation) 2 ohms compact design with minimal distortion and anodized aluminum booming bass, foam surround, sealed enclosure, polypropylene cone, high performance on low frequencies even in a limited space, enjoy better sound without distortions even at high volumes.

What are the benefits of a shallow mount 8 inch subwoofer, car audio subwoofer?

The benefits of a shallow mount 8 inch subwoofer, car audio subwoofer would be the following: the oversized and  foam surround (or rubber surround) with polypropylene cone in a ported enclosure gives a sound quality even with a single voice coil or dual voice coils (2 ohms, 4 ohm impedance, 4ohms). The shallow mount feature gives reduced space while delivers powerful sound and deeper bass at lower frequencies. You don’t need much power or high power to get a great sounding car audio subwoofer. Even though there is a  shallow mount 8 inch subwoofer on my list the sound quality is spot on thanks to the competition grade paper cone, the single voice coil subwoofer available on the market. Some of the subs that I have removed from the list were rated at 800 watts (800 watt) peak power and there is one at 1600 watts with a 2 ohms, 4 ohms (4 ohm) high temperature subwoofer cone. The dual voice coils and oversized cone is nice and it’s not mandatory. The quality of the car audio equipment depends on the enclosure type and period of time in use.

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