If You Want to Feel That Bass in Your Chest, Look No Further and Check Out the Best 12 Inch Subwoofer List


Welcome to the best 12 Inch subwoofer awards!

After spending the last 14 days mounting, running wires, soldering, fine-tuning, breaking in and rattling the neighbor’s windows, meanwhile sweet talking myself out of a fine for disturbing the peace, I’m ready to reveal which are the very best 12 inch subs on the market.


Finding the perfect 12 inch woofer comes down to two things, your available space and your budget. As soon as you know these two, it will be easy to find that perfect sub.

I’ve ruthlessly eliminated many subs, and I’ve only left 5 champions, and I’m ranking these by bass power, size, weight, ease of install and looks.

You see, I’ve been upgrading car stereos for more than 20 years, and it’s more than a job. It’s my passion. So I’ve decided to do the heavy lifting for you and give you the best of the best. Pick any sub from the list below, and you will have a winner and a great-sounding ride.

These 12 inch subs come in all sorts of styles to cover all the needs of my readers. From standard subs to enclosed and powered ones, there are all included. I had a blast bumping to these winners, and you will too.

Let’s feel some thump, thump already!


#1 MTX Audio Terminator Series TNP212DV – Best Overall 12 Inch Sub

And we have a Winner!

Warning! Don’t mess with the gain. A buddy of mine didn’t heed my warning and managed to crack his back window at 50% gain. These two 12” subs in the box are monsters. They are rated at 500 Watts RMS.

The truth is that this woofer takes up quite a lot of space, and it’s all worth it in my book. The bass is strong yet not overpowering, although you will be making your neighbors mad.

Besides being all too powerful, it’s a looker. MTX included a well-crafted and luxury-looking box. If you go with this bundle, you’re getting the amp as well, so you just plug it in and play your favorite music. This sub will change the way you listen to your favorite tracks.

You will be getting a great bang for your buck. So there’s strong and heavy bass at an affordable price. Can you ask for more?

This is why it’s top of my list:

House shaker: the bass is strong. Whenever I pulled up in the garage, the house was shaking, daddy’s home yelled my little one.

Turnkey subwoofer system: the subs are enclosed in a high-quality perfect box, and you get an amp as well, so no guesswork is needed.

Wallet-friendly: you’re getting a great bang for your buck with this MTX Audio Terminator Series subs.

A few drawbacks that I’ve encountered

There’s an initial smell during the break-in period. It will be gone when you’re finished, and then the bass will be perfect.

Some people experience flickering sounds. This means that the gain is set to a high level, so you have to turn it down.

This is a one-of-a-kind sub. People love it and go crazy for it. I have many happy clients who are bumping into this sub. The list of cars includes: Jeep, Mercedes C300, Challenger and Explorer, to name a few.

Not only do people love this sub, but they are buying it like crazy. So don’t be surprised if it’s out of stock. It’s a good idea to visit back later, and you might get lucky to find one still available.

If you want something a bit cheaper, then check out #2 on my list below.


Hardcore bass that is loud enough at 50% gain

Super easy to install because everything is configured for you

Super affordable, it won’t break your bank account


A few reports about flickering headlights

Some said that the amp gets hot


#2 Skar Audio SDR-1X12D2 – Best 12 Inch Bundle Sub

I don’t know how to say this. The bass is insane. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, this will be the downfall if you don’t turn it down in time. Plus, you will have to turn it down at the stoplight because it will rattle the other cars. It’s just a single 12” sub, but it’s rated at 600 Watts RMS.

I want to highlight the amazing customer service experience a friend of mine had. The rep has sent him the perfect box design to make the most out of it. Skar Audio went the extra mile.

The bass is hard and loud while being clean and accurate. This sub can easily overpower and take down two other 12” subs. It’s a monster.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

Approved by bass heads: this sub hits hard and powerful, and it’s just one 12” sub-bass heads who will love it.

You will feel the vibrations: this is a no joke sub. You will fill the vibrations throughout your body.

Awesome price: those days are long gone when you had to fork out $600 for some bone-rattling bass. You are getting bass on a discount with this one.

A few drawbacks that you have to know about:

I’ve noticed that during the low bass sequence, it puts out a squeaking noise which gets annoying fast.

You can also read the best subs for bass post for the highest-rated deep bass subwoofers.

Brace yourself. There’s a break-in smell. After a while, it will disappear, and then you know that it’s properly broken in.

This hard-hitting sub is loved by many, and I had my fair share of installs like: Kia Optima, Kia Stinger and Charger, to name a few.

This sub is sought after by many, so don’t be surprised that the stocks are running low. The last time I’ve checked, there were still a few left, so you need to move if you want to grab one before they are gone.


The bass is so strong that you will have to fix your mirrors frequently

Customer service is top-notch, and they go out of their way to help you

The vibrations are powerful. You can feel them in your entire body


There’s a smell during the burning off period

During ultra-lows, there’s a bit of squeaking going on.

To read more reviews take a look at the best sounding subwoofer for car page.


#3 Rockville Punisher 12D2 – Best 12 Inch 2-Ohms Sub

I thought I could take it. I was so, so wrong. This sub creates such a powerful bass that your eyes will vibrate. Plus, your rearview mirror will be crooked all the time, so you will have to adjust it frequently.

No wonder it’s called the Punisher series; this sub is not a joke. For being a 12” sub, it’s one hell of a beast rated at 1400 Watts RMS. That’s an insane amount of power. It has one of the biggest magnets that I’ve ever seen.

Before you get this, do apologize to your neighbors in advance.

The build quality is excellent. There are only high-class materials included that can take a beating. Also, keep in mind since the magnet is that big, the break-in period should be super slow. Best of all, it’s super affordable. The price tag won’t make you sweat.

All in all, you have to own this monster to understand what I’m talking about.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

When it hits, it hurts: I mean this in a good way. The first time I’ve turned it on, it scared me.

Incredible Bass: this is a monster, so no wonder it can beat three 12” Kickers with ease.

Money saver: even though it’s an elite subwoofer, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

A few drawbacks that you have to know about:

They have overhyped the max power. It doesn’t get anywhere near 5600 Watts. However, the 1400 Watts RMS is scary enough.

They have dropped the ball with the spring post terminals because they are cheap. You have to be careful not to damage them.

Once people get hooked on it, they don’t want to take it out. I’ve installed this beast in Chevy Malibu, Ford F150 and Tahoe, to name a few.

The last time I’ve checked, there weren’t many in stock. So grab one while they are still available. Grab one before someone else does.


It’s the ultimate Kicker Sub Killer

Hard-hitting bass that will make the rearview mirror look crooked all the time

You have to own it to understand it


The top wattage is overhyped

The spring post terminals look cheaply made


#4 Alpine SWT-12S4 – Best 12 Inch Tube Design Sub

This sub is meant for those music lovers who want to enjoy all the perks that a 12” sub can offer, yet they don’t want to use up too much cargo space. Thanks to its tube-shaped design, this Alpine subwoofer turns out to be a real space saver.

You can feel the thump, thump, and it’s clear. You will be surprised how good this sub is.

To make the install as quick and painless as possible, get a wiring kit. These are real lifesavers. Since they tend to roll around, secure it tightly to the floor.

This space-saving 12” sub is rated at 300 Watts RMS. Plus, it’s easy on the budget.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

Badass bass: since it’s a 12-inch sub, it delivers big time—the right amount of bass exactly when it’s needed.

Small space requirement: thanks to the unique tube-like design, it takes up so little space you can mount it even in the trunk.

Affordable bass: even though Alpine is a premium brand, this subwoofer is quite affordable and will significantly add to your bragging rights.

A few drawbacks that you have to know about:

It’s a huge space saver; however, this tube design has one major flaw, which is rolling around. It needs to be secured tightly so it won’t get damaged.

A few people reported that their sub went quiet out of the blue. This means that the installation wasn’t right. Make sure that everything is according to the specs.

Even though this sub has a unique design, I have many clients who love this sub, and the list includes: Corvette, Ford Torus and Volkswagen Passat, to name a few.

Now, this is quite a popular sub because it takes up so little space. For this reason, and probably is subwoofer season, people are buying like gangbusters, so don’t be surprised that they run out of stock quite frequently.


The best sub for car owners who have no space for a sub

It delivers the perfect bass to enjoy the thump thump

It’s easy to install thanks to the handy connections


It rolls easily, and it might get damaged, so mounting is a must

For some, this sub died prematurely


#5 Kicker 44CWCS124 CompC – Best Affordable 12 Inch Sub

While I was testing this sub, I had an experience like nothing else before. I felt every subsonic sound from the music. It’s quite a unique experience.

By far, it’s one of the cleanest subs I have ever encountered. The bass is hard-hitting, and it’s loud as it should. However, it’s not overpowering, and it’s crystal clear. No matter what kind of music you’re into, it will sound perfect with this Kicker. Plus, your heart will be shaking.

By getting this 12” Kicker sub that’s rated at 300 Watts RMS, you’re getting a strong sub that is a space saver at the same time. It’s ideal for small cars or for those who don’t want to give up way too much space.

I couldn’t resist, and I’ve pitted against two Boss subs. There was no competition Kicker kicked their ass.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

Feel the shakes: this bass is so strong that it will shake the mirrors and the trunk as well.

Deep bass: not only it’s hard-hitting, but it’s smooth and crystal clear.

Fast break-in: within 4-5 hours, this sub is ready for the championship and delivers the best quality.

A few drawbacks that you have to know about:

There’s no grill provided for this sub. It would be a nice touch to protect it from accidental damage. However, you can pick one up for around $20.

Kicker sends you complimentary stickers, which I wouldn’t put on my car because it tells thieves what system I have.

I have many Kicker fans who have opted for this sub, and the list includes: Mustang, Cadillac DTS, 4Runner, Silverado and a PT Cruiser.

Lately, there have been some stock issues with this sub. So there’s no time to waste if you want a space-saving sub that hits hard and sounds clear you have to take action now. Buy it before someone else does.


This sub is a monster. When it’s turned on, it’s like two silverback gorillas going at each other in the back.

It’s perfect for any type of music, and it’s heavenly loud without any distortions whatsoever.

It’s the hardest-hitting responsive subwoofer you can get. It will flex your windows and the roof.


It’s so powerful that you have to regularly add screws, or the box will fall apart.

It’s huge, you will need a lot of space, and it’s heavy, 80 pounds.


Conclusions for the best 12 inch subwoofer

We have reached the end of this 12 inch sub-award show. By now, you should’ve picked out your favorite. I’ve done my very best to narrow down the choices, and I’ve listed only the winners.

It was a blast testing them out. Hopefully, my neighbors didn’t mind that much. 12-inch subs are the best choice if you want to feel real bass.

Now it’s your turn. You can rest assured that picking any of these from above means you’re getting a winner. So move fast because the stocks are limited, and I would hate to see you waiting for the next shipment.

If you have questions or tips, you know where the contact button is.

Roger and out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the best 12 inch subwoofer on the market?

The best 12 inch subwoofers are as follows:

  1. MTX Audio TNP212DV Dual 12″ Subwoofer Vented Enclosure with Amplifier
  2. Skar Audio Single 12″ 1200 Watts peak power handling Loaded Sdr Series Vented Subwoofer Enclosure
  3. Rockville Punisher 12D2 12″ 5600 watts Peak power handling Car Audio Subwoofer Dual 2-Ohm Sub 1400 watt RMS power handlingCEA Rated; dual voice coil subwoofer (dual voice coils)
  4. Alpine SWT-12S4 1500W Maximum power (300 Watts RMS power handling) Single 12″ Sealed Subwoofer Tube Enclosure; 4 ohm voice coil

What 12 inch subwoofer hits the hardest?

In my experience the Skar Audio Single 12 inch Loaded SDR series is the hardest hitting subwoofer on the market.

What is the best subwoofer for deep bass?

The best subwoofer for deep bass would be the Rockford Fosgate P300-12 punch series sub. If you’re interested in more hard hitting subs check out my full list.

What is the frequency response for these best 12 inch subwoofers?

For these best 12 inch subwoofers the frequency response (frequency range) is as follows:

  1. MTX Audio TNP212DV Dual 12 inch Subwoofers Vented Enclosure with Amplifier; frequency response: 20 – 200 Hz; 500 watts RMS power output; single voice coils
  2. Skar Audio Single 12 inch subwoofer 1200 Watts peak power rating Loaded Sdr Series Vented Subwoofer Enclosure; frequency response: 22 – 300 Hz (frequency range); dual voice coil subwoofer (dual voice coils);
  3. Rockville Punisher 12D2 12 inch subwoofer 5600 watts  Peak power rating Car Audio Subwoofer Dual 2-Ohm Sub 1400w RMS CEA Rated; frequency range: 32 – 500 Hz;
  4. Alpine SWT-12S4 1500W Max power (300 Watts RMS power handling) Single 12 inch subwoofer Sealed Subwoofer Tube Enclosure; frequency range: 28 – 200 Hz; low frequency range
  5. KICKER 44CWCS124 CompC Dual 12 subwoofers Inch 600 Watts peak power handling 4 Ohm Single Voice Coil Car Audio Subwoofers with Polypropylene Cone and Polyurethane Surround; frequency range: 27 – 500 Hz; 4 ohm voice coil; shallow mount subwoofer; low frequency range; sensitivity rating 85 db

Which car subwoofers (car stereo) didn’t make it on my 12 inch subwoofers list?

These subwoofers didn’t make the cut for my 12 inch subwoofers list: rockford fosgate p3d4 12 2 ohm 600 Watts rms rating, pioneer ts series (Pioneer TS-W309D4 4 ohms dvc subwoofer, PIONEER TS-SW3002S4 power output 400 watts rms),  kenwood kfc series 400 watts power handling capacity 2 ohm, 4 jl audio car subwoofer 300 watt peak power 4 ohms,

Is a shallow mount subwoofer a good idea for a car subwoofer audio system?

If a shallow mount subwoofer will be a good fit for a car subwoofer audio system depends on a few things: if the sound quality (quality of sound) is distortion free. Also you must consider how much power can you provide for sufficient bass quality. Maybe a lower rms power, low frequencies sub can handle (subwoofer can handle) or deliver a better listening experience. The shallow mount sub (subwoofer) is designed to fit in tight spaces such as under the seat. Always check the mounting depth before purchasing at any price range.

What kind of features should the 12″ subwoofer car’s audio system have?

These features are essentials for 12″ subwoofer systems if you value sound quality and distortion free music at any price point: injection molded polypropylene, mineral filled polypropylene cone, ported enclosures, sealed enclosures (sealed and ported), paper cone, continuous power handling, amounts of excursion, accurate bass, vented pole, steel basket, 1 year warranty, fast bass response, cooling system, rubber surround, cast aluminum basket; die cast aluminum voice coil in a sealed enclosure. You should always check the build quality, power handling capabilities for the ported box (ported enclosure powered subwoofer), anodized aluminum 2 ohm voice coils. Quality bass comes from a quality subwoofer, if you a louder sound then increase the gain. For the best overall sound you need to do a subwoofer test. For example the rockford fosgate p3d4 12 comes with stamp cast, heat dissipation, continuous power in a sealed box. This 12″ subwoofer requires high power output. How much power can be transformed into sound depends on the sensibility measured in db. For the best sound performance you should go with a sealed or ported enclosure and a powered subwoofer. For the best sound output and sound reproduction you need a more than decent audio equipment as your car audio system (car’s audio system). Sound quality is also influenced by foam surround, rubber surround, ohm impedance, audio quality sound system.

How much power is needed for a great system?

It depends mostly on your space available. In a small car you can get decent sound with medium power and foam surround. High power is needed with bigger vehicles.


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