The Best MTX Subwoofers with Pros, Cons & Recommendations


Welcome to the Best MTX Subwoofer Awards!

After spending the last 12 days installing, tuning and drinking more coffee than my cardiologist should know about, I’m ready to reveal the top 5 MTX subwoofers on the market.

I’m ranking these MTX subs by the quality of bass, annoyance factor, ease of install and looks.


Getting the perfect MTX subwoofer comes down to two things which are your budget and the space available in your vehicle. As soon as you know these, it will be easy to find the perfect fit. No matter if you want some good thump-thump for your daily commute or you want to shake the innocent bystander at the red light, I have something for you on this list.

I’m sharing my knowledge with you because I’ve been in car audio for more than 20 years. I’ve seen everything, and I know when I see a winner and dud from a mile away.

This is why I’ve created this top list to save you time in the research. These subs are in two categories there are enclosed and regular subs, and I’ve searched for the most popular sizes, which are 8”, 10” and 12” ones.

Let’s feel that bass already!

In a Hurry? Here Are the Top 3 MTX Audio Subwoofers

For music fans who are not afraid of a “bit of bass” while they don’t want to take up too much space in the trunk.

For those who want an affordable monster: This sub is for those who want to feel the thunder in their heart without breaking the bank.

For music lovers who don’t have a lot of space to spare yet want the cleanest crispest low-end possible.

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#1 MTX Audio Terminator TNP212DV Dual 12″ Subwoofer – Best MTX Subwoofer

Best-MTX-SubwooferAnd we have a WINNER!

MTX is known to release some monsters in the wild. This subwoofer is one of them. Once installed and tuned properly, it will shake the house when you pull up in the garage.

These woofers are so good that you can use them in a home theater system. Many of my clients who have installed this sub said that it had changed the way they listen to music. You can expect some hardcore bass.

In the package, you’re getting two 12” subs that need to be fed 500 Watts RMS.

The look of this MTX sub is fantastic. Everything telegraphs quality, and best of all, it’s an affordable system. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Here is the reason why it’s the top pick on my list:

  • Serious Bass: I’m not joking with 50% you can risk shattering your back window and all this without breaking the bank
  • Super easy install: the installation can’t get any easier than this everything comes configured for your needs
  • Neighbor Aggravator: we all have those neighbors who are a pain, so this is a perfect cure for them, it’s not an overpowering sub, and it’s just good enough to make that pesky neighbor mad

I have found a few drawbacks you have to see

Some owners reported that they have flickering headlights. Well this is an easy fix. All you have to do is to reduce the gain or get a capacitor

Others have said that the speakers get too hot in most cases. This happens if it’s not properly tuned and turned close to max

People sure love MTX, so no wonder I’ve installed it in so many vehicles like Ford Explorer, Challenger, Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes C300 and Laramie, and they were all happy campers with their newfound thump.

Now, if you prefer to create your own system a bit cheaper, then check out #2 on my list.

People are going crazy for this sub combo, so make sure you get it as soon as it’s available, or you’re risking waiting weeks on end.

This subwoofer is the #1 rated best 12 inch subwoofer for the money.

  • Hardcore bass that is loud enough at 50% gain
  • Super easy to install because everything is configured for you
  • Super affordable, it won’t break your bank account
  • A few reports about flickering headlights
  • Some said that the amp gets hot


#2 MTX Audio 5512-44 5500 Series Subwoofer – Best MTX 12 Inch Subwoofer

Best-MTX-12-Inch-SubwooferWhat can this 12” single sub rated at 400 Watts RMS do for you? Well, it bangs like a hammer. Seriously if you are maxing it out, it can lift the sunroof out of its place.

The bass is amazing. It’s loud and clear, plus it kicks hard. What more can you ask for? A small price? Yes, even that’s included with this MTX subwoofer.

It’s welt built and durable. People have been using it for many years without even a single hiccup. Best of all, it’s not just for music. You can use it for movies to get that extra punch.

Keep in mind this sub needs air: the more room you can give, the better. The build quality is excellent and looks cool. You can wake up with sore eardrums because it will vibrate them for a long time.

Here are the top reasons why it’s a must-buy:

  • Too Powerful: this single sub can takedown other double 12” subs without breaking a sweat
  • The Perfect Combination: this sub isn’t too loud that it becomes obnoxious on the ourside; however, on the inside, you get a great boom at an amazingly low price
  • Long-lasting sub: I installed one 20 years ago, and it’s still bumping like it was installed yesterday

There are a few drawbacks that I would like to mention:

I’ve found that this sub is not that loud; however, wait until the break-in passes then you will feel that it’s too loud where I can turn it down

A few people mentioned that this sub is not that good with the lows; this is why you need a professional install. By having the perfect tuning, you will be able to feel those lows

This sub is well-liked by many people in both small and big vehicles like Mini Cooper, Mustang, Tacoma and Dodge Ram. They all left with a big smile on their face.

The price is simply insane. It’s a real steal, so no wonder that they are constantly out of stock. You have to move fast if you want to bump to this type of sweet bass.

  • The bass hits hard, and it’s clean sounding
  • It’s long-lasting because I know of one that’s been thumping for 24 years
  • This is a good looking sub that can compete with more famous brands with ease
  • Initially is not loud enough after the break-in period; it starts to shine
  • The lows are only accessible after fine-tuning


#3 MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Subwoofer – Best 8 Inch Enclosed Sub

Best-8-Inch-Enclosed-SubThis 8” 120 Watts RMS powered sub is the most underestimated yet the most highly recommended sub that I had the pleasure to install.

Being an 8” woofer means that it won’t take a lot of space from your trunk. And let me tell you about the bass.

It’s a small sub, and it’s enclosed, so you should set your expectations accordingly. It’s the ideal subwoofer for those who have limited space or have a small vehicle. This baby will enhance the bass greatly, and best of all, it won’t break the bank.

I mean, you can’t go lower in price than this without sacrificing certain things. If you wondered, it could handle the lows perfectly. Country and rock will sound out of this world.

Here are the top reasons why it’s a must-buy:

  • Most Underestimated Sub: this 8” MTX sub delivers amazingly clean bass. It’s ideal for small and mid-sized cars. The lows are perfect, and the thump thump is nice and tight.
  • Enhanced Bass on a Budget: the price is unbeatable; it won’t shake the mirrors or bruise the kidneys; however, it will deliver the perfect bass for your needs
  • Too easy to install: Since it’s an enclosed sub, it’s super easy to plugin or remove if you need the space

There are a few drawbacks that I would like to mention:

There’s no speaker protection for this unit. You will have to buy it separately it shouldn’t cost more than $20

The tube look of this subwoofer limits the available mounting positions

By far, this is the most popular sub that I’ve installed so far. You name the vehicle. I’ve probably installed it. Here’s a short list: Audi A4, Jeep Wrangler, Ford Ranger, Honda Civic, Mini Cooper, CRV, Toyota Pickup, Accura RSX, 370Z, F510, Highlander.

Since this sub is so popular, no wonder that it’s flying off the shelves, take action and buy it now, or you will have to wait a long time.

  • The most underestimated sub in this list, it even got an audiophile’s approval.
  • Nice tight bass, and you can’t get more at this ridiculous price range
  • Big sound in a small package all this at an unbelievable price
  • There’s no protection for the sub
  • It needs more power


#4 MTX Magnum MB210SP Dual 10″ Subwoofer – Best 10 Inch Enclosed Sub

Best-10-Inch-Enclosed-SubOh man, what do we have here?

It’s a dual 10” subwoofer that can run at 400 watts RMS.

Here’s a heads up this is not a competition sub. It’s ideal for beginners because it has everything in place, and all you have to do is wire it up, which can be done very fast.

The sound is clean; no matter if you’re using it at minimum or maximum, there are no distortions. I love this sub simply because it’s a great bass for the ride for most people. In case you were wondering, you can shake your mirrors with this beast.

There’s more than enough bass coming out and typically; you will be satisfied with the loudness around the mid-way point. It’s not a boomy unit, so it’s ideal for daily driving.

Here are the top reasons why it’s a must-buy:

  • Psst Surprise: here’s a neat trick which I’ve done over and over, let your favorite lady sit in the back and then turn it up; I will never get tired of her screaming from the vibrations.
  • How strong is this? well, it’s strong enough to peel the skin off your face; it’s perfectly loud if you set it in the middle
  • For all types of music: This sub can handle anything you can throw at it. No matter if you want perfect mids or lows, this baby can handle it

There are a few drawbacks that I would like to mention:

My biggest gripe with this subwoofer is that it doesn’t come with protection grilles

A few people reported that the amp is not that good, and they suggest changing it with a better one

It’s quite a popular subwoofer, and I always like it when people drive away grinning ear to ear. So far, I’ve installed it in Tundra, Cherokee, Mercedes C230, Mustang GT, Passat, Ford Explorer, and Honda Civic.

The last time I’ve checked, they were nearly out of stock. So if I were you, I would jump on immediately so you won’t have to wait weeks on end.

  • The bass is strong enough to peel your face off your head
  • Strong thump, intimidating looks and affordable
  • It handles any type of music, and it’s ideal for the daily commute
  • There are no protection grilles for these subs
  • It’s a biggie. It can take up all the trunk space


#5 MTX Audio 5510-44 5500 Series Subwoofer – Best 10 Inch Sub

Best-10-Inch-Sub-from-MTXWhat can this 10” single subwoofer rated at 400 Watts RMS do for you? If you love deep and powerful bass without being overwhelming, you just found your perfect sub.

So far, this sub is the best for your daily driving needs. It can handle the lows perfectly, so music that fits into this category will truly sound breathtaking.

If you just have one of these, then it will move the sunroof out of the frame. Now, if you have two of these, you will shake your car apart. Yes, you can listen to this all day long without getting any damage and headache-free. It’s ideal for all-day listening.

Here are the top reasons why it’s a must-buy:

  • Kicks Hard: the bass is amazing, you’re getting a loud and clear sound, and best of all, the price is unheard of in the industry
  • Perfect Lows: if you are a fan of hip-hop, rap, and other genres that require lows, this is the winner for you
  • It can take a beating: this sub is nothing if it’s not resilient. It’s one of my longest-lasting installs to date

There are a few drawbacks that I would like to mention:

Finding it in stock proved to be difficult, so be patient if they are running out

Some people reported that they had some kind of burn-off smell before the break-in happened

It might be that people are buying them up like crazy, or there are some production issues because they are almost always out of stock. I hope you get lucky and they are in so you can buy them.

  • With one of these, you can lift the sunroof out of its frame, and with two, you rattle your car
  • It’s an amazing sub since it kicks hard and it’s perfectly loud
  • All this can be gotten at an unbeatable price
  • The stocks are constantly empty
  • There’s a smell during the break-in period

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Conclusions on the Best MTX Subwoofers

We have reached the end of this MTX subwoofer award ceremony. By now, you should know exactly which is the best fit for you. Luckily MTX is known for a couple of things. First of all, they make some monster subs, and secondly, these are all made for people on the budget.

These are not competition subwoofers. Those are a whole another weight class. By choosing #1 on my list, you can rest assured you will have amazing bass and piss off your neighbors. Other than that, you can choose from enclosed or regular subs.

If you have questions or tips, feel free to contact me.

Roger and Out.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are mtx subwoofers good?

MTX subwoofer are good value for the money. Your getting more than enough bass though if you’re looking for SPL then you need to go in a higher price range.

What are the hardest hitting subs?

The hardest hitting sub is the Rockford Fosgate P300-10 Punch Single 10″ 300 Watt Amplified Subwoofer or you can check out my full list of deep bass subs on this post.

What is the highest quality subwoofer?

By far the highest quality subwoofer is the Rockford Fosgate P300-10 Punch Single 10″ 300 Watt Amplified Subwoofer. The MTX terminator series tne212d is one of the best value for the money! But usually, it’s difficult to find it on stock.

Which are the best MTX subs for a great car audio system?

For a great audio system these are the best mtx subs:

  1. MTX Audio TNP212DV Dual 12″ Subwoofer Vented Enclosure with Amplifier

  2. MTX Audio 5512-44 5500 Series Subwoofer

  3. MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Subwoofer Enclosure

  4. MTX Magnum MB210SP Dual 10″ Enclosure/Amp Combo

  5. MTX Audio 5510-44 5500 Series Subwoofer

What is a sound system?

A sound system is a group of components that are installed in an automobile, boat, or building to reproduce recorded music.

You will need the following:

an amplifier, speakers (speakers also require an enclosure), wiring (the type of speaker cable depends on the impedance of the speakers), and crossovers (optional).

See also: Top car subwoofer reviews of 2023

What is the best sub and amp package?

The best sub and amp package is the MTX TNP212DV Terminator Subwoofer with Amplifier. It’s a very good package for the price.

What is the best mtx subwoofer?

The best MTX subwoofer is the TNP212DV Dual 12″ Subwoofer. It’s the best subwoofer for the money period.

What are the key features to look for in a subwoofer?

The most important feature to look for in a subwoofer is the size of the woofer. Bigger woofers produce lower-frequency sounds, which creates deeper bass.

The second thing you should consider when buying an aftermarket subwoofer is what type of enclosure it comes with. For your car, for example, you will need a ported enclosure.

There are many other features in a subwoofer, such as its power rating and impedance level.

In the end, however, it all comes down to sound quality.

Can I trust the best MTX subwoofer reviews?

Yes, you can trust the best MTX subwoofer reviews for several reasons. Not only are these people experts in car audio, but they’re also enthusiasts just like you. They know first-hand what it’s like to experience mediocre sound systems and inconsistent bass. They want you to get the most out of your money, so they write honest and unbiased reviews.

Is MTX good for a sound system?

Yes, MTX is very good for a car sound system because it’s affordable and delivers great bass response. These subs hit hard and the sound quality is good too. They’re a great value for the money!

Where can I buy the best MTX subwoofers?

The best place to buy the best MTX subwoofers is Amazon, eBay, Crutchfield, and other sites. You can get huge discounts on these subwoofers on these sites.

Are MTX speakers good?

Yes, MTX speakers are good for the money. They deliver great sound quality and bass response. You won’t be disappointed with these speakers!

Is MTX audio good?

Yes, MTX audio is a great brand for car audio. They make affordable and high-quality subwoofers, amps, and speakers. You can’t go wrong with an MTX audio system!

Is mtx a good subwoofer brand?

Yes, MTX is a good subwoofer brand. They make some of the best subwoofers on the market. Their products are affordable and deliver great sound quality. You can’t go wrong with an MTX audio system!

Are MTX subs good?

Yes, MTX subs are good. They’re a great value for the money and deliver great sound quality. You won’t be disappointed with an MTX subwoofer!

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