A subwoofer is meant to enhance the sound quality of a stereo or radio. However, when the subwoofer itself begins to sound weak, it can be quite frustrating to deal with the issue. It is not necessary for you to completely replace your subwoofer in such a situation. In fact, simply figuring out what the … Read more

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A subwoofer or a sub is meant to reproduce sounds that usually range from 20-200 hertz. Like most speakers, they have cones with a diameter of 8-21 inches that helps the sub move air and reproduce the low frequencies. But if you got into your car one day and found your subwoofer not working, here’s … Read more

Before you even ask—‘how many subwoofers do I need?’, you should learn about the subs’ destination. The number of subs ideally depends on where they will be placed because the answer varies from cars to home theaters. But the good news for you is that two is almost always better than one. The decision you … Read more

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Can subwoofers damage your car? This is a question I get asked often and what I always say is, “Yes.” Subwoofers can potentially damage the car. Subwoofers are strong enough to potentially cause some parts in your car to become loose, but they will not cause any structural or mechanical damage. Some examples of things … Read more