How to Deal With Your Subwoofer Making Noise Without Input

Does your subwoofer make weird noises with no music playing? We can fix that. Let’s learn how.

Why Does My Subwoofer Make Noise?

Subwoofers are big speakers. They make deep sounds for music and movies. Sometimes, they make noise when they should not. This is not good. But do not worry, we will help you.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Noisy Subwoofers

  1. Turn off the subwoofer. This is for safety.
  2. Unplug all the cables. We will check them one by one.
  3. Check the power cord. It should fit snugly in the subwoofer and wall outlet.
  4. Look at your audio cables. Are they broken? If yes, replace them with new ones.
  5. Plug in the subwoofer with no other cables. Turn it on. Is it still noisy?
  6. If it’s quiet, plug in one cable at a time. This finds the noisy cable.
  7. If all cables are okay, move the subwoofer. It might be too close to other electronics.
  8. Try a different power outlet. Sometimes, the outlet can cause noise.
  9. If it’s still noisy, it might need repair. Ask an adult to help find a fixer.

Common Noises and What They Mean

Noise TypeWhat It Might Mean
Hums or BuzzesPower problems or cable issues.
CracklingBroken cables or bad connections.
PoppingElectronics interference or power spikes.
Subwoofer Making Noise Without Input
Subwoofer Making Noise

Tips to Prevent Future Noise

  • Use high-quality cables. They are better and last longer.
  • Keep cables tidy. This helps avoid damage and noise.
  • Keep the subwoofer away from other electronics. They can cause interference.
  • Use a surge protector. It keeps your subwoofer safe from power spikes.


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When to Get Professional Help

If you tried everything and it still makes noise, it’s time for expert help. Find a local audio repair shop. They know a lot about subwoofers. They can find what’s wrong and fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Subwoofer Making Noise Without Input

Why Does My Subwoofer Buzz Without Input?

A loose connection or electrical interference often causes the subwoofer buzzing. Check your cables and nearby electronic devices.

Can Grounding Issues Affect Subwoofer Noise?

Yes, improper grounding can lead to noise in your subwoofer. Ensure all components are correctly grounded to reduce hum or buzz.

What Is Subwoofer Humming A Sign Of?

Subwoofer humming usually indicates a problem with wiring or interference from other electrical devices.

How To Fix A Noisy Subwoofer?

Secure all connections and isolate the subwoofer from potential interference sources like routers or microwaves.


Subwoofers should make good sounds, not noise. If yours is noisy, follow our guide. You can fix it yourself or with a little help. Then, enjoy clear, deep sounds again!

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