For the Ultimate Sound Experience Here’s the Best Alpine Subwoofer

Welcome to the best Alpine subwoofer awards!

After spending the entire week on testing subs (more than a dozen), now I can confidently say that I’ve found the best alpine sub on the market.

I’ve also got into some hot waters with the missus when she asked: who’s this stripper called Alpine? Then I explained to her that it’s a subwoofer called Alpine. It has nothing to do with strippers. I think she believes me…


Buying the best sub for your vehicle comes down to two things the space you have and your budget. As soon as you know these, the faster it will be to find your perfect sub.

Warning: Once you felt the bass digging into your bones, an emotional connection is made with the music. After that you can’t live without it.

For more than twenty-plus years I’ve been installing amps, subs and speakers in all types of cars and trucks, let it be a Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Civic Type R, Dodge Challenger, Tahoe, Corvette, 4Runner, Silverado, F150, to name a few. Not all subs go with all vehicles, so this is why I’ve created this best article to set the record straight.

Let’s hear some bass already!

#1 Alpine SWT-12S4 12” – Best overall

And we have a WINNER!!!

If you’re an Alpine fan that this baby is a real treat for your car. It not only delivers the right amount of bass but it will handle overpowering like a champ.

This tube-type subwoofer is in a league of its own. Typically bazooka subs can’t touch this. The competition is left in the dust while you can feel and enjoy the thump thump.

For some, this sub is a bit of an oddball, and that’s ok. You can rest assured that this is a boomy subwoofer. Maybe you have small or no space in your car, then this Alpine sub will be the perfect choice for clear and perfect bass.

Here’s why it got the top spot:

Superb sound quality: Many people are pleasantly surprised by the perfect bass that this tube delivers. Some even call it the badass alpine sub

It’s powerful and small: It can indeed handle overpowering well. There are no distortions even in the smallest cars

Easy to install: before you go at it, make sure you have the right wiring kit, and you will be enjoying all the emotions that your favorite music delivers

There were a few things that I would consider negatives:

Being a tube (bazooka) sub, it rolls around. Makes sure that this is mounted to the floor, or it will have a very short lifespan

Some music fans reported that this sub had died prematurely. To avoid their faith, make sure you use the right wiring kit and the right amount of power.

I’ve tested this Alpine subwoofer in the following: Ford Torus, Volkswagen Passat and Corvette. In all of them, the bass was perfectly clean and enjoyable.

By far, this Alpine sub with its 300 watts RMS is the best choice if you have a small space and value a badass bass.

Now, if you want to use your own enclosure, then check out #2 on the list.

Side note since it’s that time of the year, these subs are flying off the shelves. Get them before they run out.

This subwoofer is one of the best 12 inch subwoofers for car.


The best sub for car owners who have no space for a sub

It delivers the perfect bass to enjoy the thump thump

It’s easy to install thanks to the handy connections


It rolls easily, and it might get damaged, so mounting is a must

For some, this sub died prematurely

#2 Alpine Type R 12” – Best 12 inch Alpine Subwoofer

Holly smokes if you want the ultimate Alpine experience, this baby is a keeper. If you don’t mind fiddling with wires and enclosures, this should be your top choice.

How good is this Alpine type R?

It’s safe to say that anybody walking around things that you have two of them. Or my friend of mine said it best: with the one you wake up the neighbors, with two you’re waking the whole neighborhood.

There’s a difference between type s and type r. My bet is on the type r because it brings the goods.

Warning! Don’t even think about installing four of these because you will blow the windows out, right Jim?

On a serious note, the Type R Alpine sub is a beauty. The 750 watts RMS delivers a clean, crisp bass, and best of all, it hits all notes with amazing accuracy. Guess what? It’s amazing with low frequencies as well.

Here are the reasons why this type R is a keeper:

Music Perfection: No matter what music you’re listening to, it will be excellent since it hits all ranges with perfection

Built like a tank: Alpine made this beast last. I have many friends who have been booming this baby for more than 3 and 4 years

Unbeatable bass: with 750 watts RMS, you’re getting a clean, crisp bass with ZERO distortions

Also, there are few drawbacks with this sub:

First of all, you need a lot of power to feed this beast. Get ready to deliver 5000 watts. Not only that you will need to get the right box, or it won’t perform at its best

Another thing that it’s a biggie is that my wife says it’s too loud. Then I might need to change … the sub or the wife, that is the question

So far, I’ve tested this Alpine Type R sub with the F350 crew cab, Silverado and Ram single cab 1500.

All in all, this sub delivers big time. This Alpine Type R sub handles all frequencies perfectly, which means you can enjoy the excellent sound quality no matter what kind of music you’re into. Make sure that you get it before the stocks run out, or you have to wait a few weeks.


It’s so powerful that people think that there are two 12” in the trunk

It’s built to last because it has been bumping hard for 3-4 years

There are 0 distortions, and it hits all the notes with amazing accuracy


The right box is needed to get the best performance out of it

My wife dislikes the loudness

#3 Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Restyle Compact Powered 8” – Best 8 inch enclosed Alpine sub

So what can this tiny little thing do for you?

Well, it will surprise you. This powered 8-inch sub will bring your speakers alive, and the wow factor is unbeatable.

This Alpine sub is small and will fit perfectly under the driver seat. Most of all, it will surprise you with the serious boom that it delivers. It’s rated at 120 watts RMS which gets the job done.

In most cars, there’s only a small amount of space, so this sub is just perfect. Being an 8-inch subwoofer, it still delivers a very punchy bass

This is why it’s a must-buy:

Serious boom: It’s a looker, and there’s so much bass under the hood. You will be enjoying a punchy bass without heating up.

No nonsense and comfortable: It’s super easy to install, and there are multiple connections. The built in amp takes out the guesswork. Plus, you have a remote for effortless volume control.

Rugged construction: this little thing is built to last. They haven’t sacrificed quality because it’s made out of cast metal to handle abuse well.

We shouldn’t forget that there are a few drawbacks.

It can’t handle the low frequencies that well. The truth is that most 8” subs struggle below 35hz.

If you’re a fan of pop music, this might not be for you because it doesn’t pulsate that well on the otherwise, it’s perfectly accurate

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great-sounding subwoofer, and I’ve tested it in: Jeep Wrangler, Tundra Crewmax, Nissan Hardbody, Silverado, 4Runner and Tacoma.

If you have a limited amount of space and you want to enjoy a punchy bass, this is the right choice for you. Keep in mind that it’s a popular sub, so don’t be surprised that there are only a few in stock. Make sure you buy it because restocking takes a lot of time.

The PWE-S8 is rated as the #1 subwoofer in the best under seat subwoofers article.


This sub brings the speakers alive it’s the ultimate wow factor

If you want clean bass without sacrificing space, this is the right choice

Rugged construction made out of cast metal so it can handle some abuse


It struggles when it has to go down below 35hz

There aren’t enough brackets for mounting

#4 Alpine SWR-8D4 8″- Best 8-inch Alpine Sub

Don’t let the size of this sub fool you. Many believe that 8” subs can’t deliver excellent quality, and this is far from the truth. What I have here is an Alpine masterpiece.

It will handle any type of music you throw at it. What you’ll get is great sound without sacrificing space in the trunk.

A neighbor of mine walked by while I was testing this Alpine subwoofer, and he asked if I have installed 12” back there. He was surprised to hear that it’s an 8” one.

This sub has double coils, and the power handling is 150-350 watts RMS or 175 watts per coil. If you have small or, no space at all, this Alpine sub delivers big time.

Here’s why this sub is your best choice:

This bad boy kicks: This small subwoofer packs a big punch. It’s doesn’t rattle the car, and it shakes the seats a bit

Tight and accurate: The bass is clean no distortions what so ever

More Power: This little one is a power-hungry sub, and it can handle the excess like a champ

Keep in mind that there are a few drawbacks as well:

I miss the faceplate from this sub that would’ve given a more esthetic look

The mounting part is quite questionable because the holes are spaced differently, and I didn’t get any mounting screws

So far, I’ve installed and tested this Alpine Subwoofer in Jeep Wrangler, Tahoe, Corvette, 4Runner, Civic Type R and Camry. It doesn’t break the bank, and it hits hard and deep. Best of all, you can install it in 20 minutes.

This sub is great for those who want a big sound in a small package. So get it while they are in stock, or you risk waiting for weeks on end.


This little one is power-hungry, and it can take the extra power like a champ

There are two things to say about the bass it hits hard and deep

Those who don’t know think there’s a 12” in the trunk


I didn’t get any mounting screws

I miss the faceplate

#5 Alpine SWT-S10 10” Sealed Subwoofer – Best 10 inch enclosed Alpine Sub

If you’re looking for the perfect 10 inch sub for your truck, look no further you have found your winner.

Trucks look pretty big from the outside, but the inside is a whole another story. In most cases, you don’t have enough space to get a decent sub, so this is why this Alpine subwoofer got on my list. It’s small enough to not take up cargo space, and it’s powerful enough to entertain you through your trips.

It’s safe to say that this is built for trucks. With the 250 watts RMS you’re getting plenty of bass without being overpowering.

Did I mention it’s easy to install? It’s as simple as plug and play, and you will be ready to enjoy your favorite music.

Here are the reasons why it’s a winner in my book:

It’s a looker: Not only that it is way better than any shallow mount you can get, plus the price is unbeatable

Perfect for trucks: the size makes it the ideal sub for trucks, plus it can be installed in 2 minutes and if space is needed, it can be removed just as fast

Plenty of Bass: the bass is more than enough without being too much the mids and highs are hit perfectly for your delight

Of course, there are a few drawbacks as well:

I miss the grill protection, and the straps feel cheap. With these tube subs, it’s essential that they are held down. The straps don’t do justice for them.

This sub won’t win any stereo competition; however it will hit the mids and high perfectly

I’ve installed this Alpine Subwoofer in: F150 standard cab, Silverado crew cab, Dodge Challenger and Toyota Matrix. The sound was impeccable.

This sub beats the standard shallow mounts, so go ahead and give it a try. It doesn’t break the bank either. Last time I’ve checked, the stocks were running low, so return later if they happen to be out of stock.


If you have a truck, you just found the perfect sub

The bass is plenty without being overpowering

It’s so easy to install that you can do it within 2 minutes now. That’s why I call plug and play


I miss the grill protection

The straps feel cheap, and they don’t hold it down properly

#6 Alpine R-W10D4 10” – Best 10 inch Alpine Sub

It’s a beast of a sub, and best of all, it can’t be heard from the outside. So if you have neighbors who are trigger happy to call the cops, then you will be safe with this one.

What I like about this sub is that you don’t need a huge box to get the max out of it. Many experts call it a mid-level budget sub. It does kick a punch, and it won’t bleed your wallet dry.

All you need is a quality amp, and you’re ready to rock. This sub is rated at 750 watts RMS. Amazing sound and the powerful vibrations are a bonus.

Here’s why it’s a must buy in my book:

Big Bang for Your Buck: The price is just perfect. The bass is strong and it can’t be heard from the outside.

Hits the lows: It brings some powerful vibrations with a quality amp.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks as well:

The model that came in my package had the jumper wires lose. I had to tinker a bit to make them tight.

If you have only a small space available, this might not be the best choice for you since it has a large magnet.

This is a great value sub, and I’ve already installed it in Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2012 Silverado. The best part was that I’d made my wife’s hair float. She wasn’t that happy about it, and it’s all good fun.

If you want to get your money’s worth, this sub is a keeper. There are known supply issues, so if they are in stock, buy them instantly, or you might be left out.


It delivers a big bang for your buck

This sub will make your girlfriend’s hair float

It’s a beast of a sub. It’s powerful and vibrates, and of course, it can hit the lows.


The jumper wire was loose; I had to modify it

The magnet is huge and might not fit in any type of box.


If you weren’t a fan of Alpine, you wouldn’t have read this post. It’s true that there are many Alpine subs on the market. After sifting through most of them, I’ve picked a dozen or so, which I’ve mounted in different cars to see which the best is.

Only  6 of them cut. This is what you got above. I’ve skipped the 15” one because that’s not suited for most vehicles. Besides checking the ease of use and the power of bass, I’ve split them into two categories. Some prefer the regular sub so they can tinker with it, while others go with the enclosed one because it’s easier to handle.

No matter what your preference is, I have you covered. Plus, you can choose from 8”, 10” and even from 12” subs.

We have reached the best alpine subwoofer post. I had a blast installing and testing these babies. By now you should know exactly which one suits your needs best. Here’s a helpful tip. Get that sub immediately since it’s flying off the shelves. It happened more than a few times that friends of mine had to wait for weeks until the stocks were replenished. Get it if they are in stock.

I’m here at your disposal. If you have questions or tips, I’m always reading my emails.

Roger and out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the best Alpine shallow mount subwoofer?

The best Alpine shallow mount subwoofer is the Alpine SWT-10S2 10″ Subwoofer 2 OHMS. It has a very good design and provides superb sound quality.

Is Alpine one of the best car subwoofers in the market?

Yes, Alpine is a subwoofer brand that makes quality car audio products. Most subwoofers produce excellent bass and clear sound with power handling.

What is a subwoofer peak power?

A subwoofer peak power is the maximum amount of energy that a subwoofer can put out to handle high quality bass tracks. It’s measured in Watt.

What is the subwoofer voice coil?

The voice coil of a subwoofer is the component that produces sound. The voice coils are usually made out of copper wire and wrapped around a magnetic core to help reduce eddy currents in the material.

What is the peak power of a subwoofer?

You can find the peak power on a subwoofer’s label. It will tell you how much power it can handle, so make sure to match your system with one that fits its peak wattage.

Do subwoofers have dual voice coil?

A dual voice coil woofer will have two coils of wire inside their magnets. These are wound in opposite directions to cancel out any noise between them.

What’s better 10 inch or 12 inch subwoofer?

The 12 inch sub is better than a 10″ sub. It can handle more power and won’t distort as easily.

What does the subwoofer power rating mean?

The power rating of a subwoofer is the measurement of how much total power it can produce. It indicates how loud and deep this kind of speaker plays.

What is the best alpine subwoofer?

The best alpine sub is the Alpine SWT-12S4 12”. It got big bass with an awesome sound quality that will surprise you!

What is a dual 4 ohm voice coil?

A dual 4 ohm voice coil is a type of subwoofer speaker system that consists of two speakers which are connected to one another. The main advantage to this configuration is that it can play low frequencies more accurately and with less distortion than most others.

What is a subwoofer RMS power?

The RMS power is the amount of power a speaker can handle continuously without being damaged. Usually, this is measured in watts.

What does the subwoofer magnet structure consist of?

A subwoofer magnet structure consists of two circular plates. The smaller plate is in the middle and it’s surrounded by a larger plate that has an even bigger hole in the center.

Are Alpine Type R series the best 12 inch Alpine subwoofers?

The Alpine Type-R series are subwoofers with a 12″ large woofer that can deliver a massive bass performance.

Are Alpine R-series subwoofers a good choice?

The R-series subwoofers are a great choice. They have excellent bass response, and they handle high volumes very well. The company has been around for a long time and is still making quality products.

Which is the best alpine 750w RMS subwoofer?

The best alpine 750w RMS subwoofer is the Alpine W12S4 12″. It’s powerful and has an excellent bass response, which will satisfy even your pickiest listeners! It’s also easy to install and made of durable materials.

Where can I find the subwoofer impedance rating?

You can find the impedance rating of a subwoofer in the specifications and sometimes on the box.

What is the best frequency response for a subwoofer?

The best frequency response for a subwoofer is between 20 and 120 Hertz. This range ensures that the bass sounds crisp and clear without any distortion.

What is the frequency response and power handling for these alpine series subwoofers?

The power handling and frequency response for these alpine series subwoofers are as follows:

  1. Alpine SWT-12S4 12 subwoofer Car Speakers 12 inch; frequency response: 28 – 200 Hz; 4 ohm voice coils; 1000 watt peak power handling; sealed box
  2. Alpine Type R 12 Inch 2250 Watt Max Dual 4 Ohm Voice coil Round Car Audio Subwoofer R-W12D4 12 subwoofer; frequency response: 24 – 200 Hz; Power Range: 500W-750W RMS power handling; 2250 Watts peak power handling
  3. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Restyle Compact Powered 8-Inch Subwoofer; frequency response:  25Hz – 152Hz; 2 ohm voice coils; 120 watts rms power handling; 240 watts peak power handling; sealed box
  4. Alpine SWR-8D4 8″ Car Subwoofer; frequency response: 30-200 Hz; 4 ohm voice coils; power range 150-350 watts RMS power handling;  1000 watts peak power handling
  5. Alpine SWT-S10 1200W Max (250W RMS) Single 10″ Sealed Subwoofer, sealed box;  2 ohm voice coils; 250 watt rms power handling; 1200 watt peak power handling
  6. Alpine R-W10D4, R Series Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil 2250 Watts Subwoofer; Power Range: 300W-750W RMS power handling; 2250 watts peak power handling

What should I look at when I’m in the market for a new alpine subwoofer?

The main traits you have to check are these: a decent power range, aluminum frame or something that’s sturdy but aluminum frame works the best, dust cap included or you have to buy it separately the dust cap, 2 ohm voice coils or 4 ohm voice coils

Last Updated on October 16, 2021