Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX Review in 2024 –Should I Buy it?

Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX Navigation Receiver

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Best sounding stereo I’ve ever had…

Do you want a car stereo that has all the bells and whistles?  This Pioneer head unit has it all. No matter what’s your aspiration, it delivers.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a complete stereo. From great sound to GPS navigation and wireless connection, it’s all there.

This is why I’ve created the Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX review. I know how hard it is to find a good double DIN car stereo. This Pioneer unit is almost perfect. Well, it has some flaws which I cover in the shortcomings chapter.

The major problem with high-tech stereos is that they are complicated. There’s an actual learning curve to pass until you can use it. That’s not with Pioneer. It’s easy to use because it has an intuitive design.

Here’s a short preview on what I will cover in this review. Besides the standard music inputs and audio streaming like CD/DVD player and radio, there’s an HD radio, and it’s SiriusXM ready. This unit has a built in GPS navigation plus you get free traffic updates in major metropolitan areas.

How much for the map updates? They are free.

The mic is excellent; my voice is clear on the other side. Apple Carplay works both wirelessly and through a USB cord. I know which option you will use. As for Android users, there’s only the tethered option and Android Auto is not supported.

One more feature I want to mention, and this is the capability of adding two cameras (dash cam and backup camera).

Now let’s get this Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX review started.

Here’s the bird’s eye view for this head unit.

  • Wireless works as advertised
  • The mic is great the input is crystal clear
  • Built in nav and free traffic updates
  • Tiny buttons for the nav
  • Some pages look cluttered

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Who is the Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX for?

The Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX attracts those customers who love to have all the apps and gadgets. Plus, this head unit was created with Apple owners in mind.

This car stereo is for those who want to use the built-in a navigation system. Also, it’s for those who want to be safe driving. You can connect two cameras, plus Siri (Siri Eyes Free) is riding along being the perfect assistant.

I know driving gets old, really fast. This is why there are tons of entertainment options. From USB powered flash drives and iPods to smartphone steaming music apps.

When I say this unit has it all, I do mean that it has it all.

Maybe if you’re a bit old-school, this car stereo has a CD/DVD player and standard plus HD radio tuner. If you like to be entertained while driving, this might be a good fit for you.

What can the Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEXdo for you?

The thing is the Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX has so many options that I might go in too many details. So I will try to keep this short as possible.

The head unit comes with built-in Bluetooth so that you can connect smartphones. It has a built-in WIFI as well, which enables you to use wireless Apple Carplay. This is such a long-awaited feature.

There are two USB ports so that one can be used for your phone and the second one for a pen drive. I prefer to keep my music separate from my phone because I need the space.

If you love CD-quality radio, then you know for what HD radio stands for. We shouldn’t forget that it can play FLAC files.

The GPS navigation is great. The map updates are free. Plus, it comes with free traffic updates in major metropolitan areas.

The mic is top quality. Anybody who I speak with can hear me clearly.

The syncing works as advertised, and it’s fast. It’s user-friendly and easy to use.

One of the newest Pioneer head units is out, take a look at the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX Review.

Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX Navigation Receiver

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Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX shortcomings

As you know, there’s no such thing as the perfect car stereo. Even the high-end units have flaws. This is the case with the Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX head unit. Let’s see if one of these is a deal-breaker for you.

The installation is not that easy, but it depends on your car type. To make things worse, the manual is light. I mean, I couldn’t find the wiring diagram in it. There’s, of course, the online version or hit up YouTube. Videos helped me out a lot when I was configuring stuff.

This car stereo is Apple friendly. If you look at the market, there are only a handful of car stereos that cater to Android users. Why is that? Because Google is notoriously slow with updates. Plus Android Auto isn’t supported either.

It’s good that it has GPS navigation, but there are a few bugs with it. The buttons are almost impossible to use because they are so tiny. It’s so easy to miss them.

I wouldn’t mind getting more voice options. I have premium navigation on my phone, and that has Snoop Dog’s voice in it. The Pioneer stale voice can’t compete.

Here comes the biggie. You can’t modify your route while you’re driving. You need to pull over and do it then. Where’s that parking brake bypass? I’ll tell you all about it in the next chapter.

The good news is that it has a mute button. The bad news is that it takes seconds until it’s activated. I mean, I have to find that button and hold it down and wait and wait some more.

The last thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the interface. Some of the pages/windows seem to be cluttered. I get it. There is a lot of stuff, and I love something that’s more aerated.

So are you still with me? Good, that means these weren’t deal-breakers for you.

How To Get The Most Out Of Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX?

The first step is to get it installed. I always recommend the pro install. It saves time and nerves.

To keep the stock steering wheel controls, you will need an additional device. This would be the iDatalink Maestro. Besides keeping your steering control buttons, you don’t have to fiddle with those tiny buttons. Besides tiny button steering wheel controls help you make hands-free calling easy.

One more item you should add to your shopping list, and this is the parking brake bypass. As I mentioned, you couldn’t change your nav points if you are driving. With the bypass, you can. Also, you are locked out from many settings because Pioneer went overboard.

Since we’re talking about installation, it’s good to remember that you can install a dash cam and a backup camera thanks to the camera input. Having them both will keep you safe.

Don’t forget that you can personalize this head unit. You can pick the light colors and the background image.

If you are interested in the preamp outputs here they are: 4-volt front, rear, subwoofer.

Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX Review Conclusion

All in all, it’s a unit worth having. I love all the bells and whistles.

We have reached the end of our Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX review. I hope you understand the car stereo way better than you got started. Now you know if this unit is the right one for you.

Share your thought below.

Catch you next time.

Pioneer AVIC-W6400NEX Navigation Receiver

Does it fit in my car? Click Here to Check
Click Here to Check

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What can the iDatalink Maestro do for the AVIC-W6400NEX Pioneer in-dash receiver?

If you connect the iDatalink Maestro to the AVIC-W6400NEX Pioneer satellite radio you will get back your steering wheel controls. Not only that but you can get vehicle information as well. For example the DVD receiver will display the tire pressure, temperatures, gauges voltages etc. This is why it’s a good idea to get an iDatalink Maestro installed. This unit doesn’t come in the package and it’s sold separately.

How big is the display of this satellite radio?

It’s resistive touchscreen display and it’s 6.2″ wide. What I love about the resistive touchscreen display is that it doesn’t attract so many fingerprints.

What can the Equalizer do?

It’s a 13-band graphic equalizer with Auto EQ and time alignment.

Does this AVIC-W6400NEX Pioneer stereo support Android Auto?

Sadly the AVIC-W6400NEX Pioneer doesn’t support Android Auto at the moment.

Why have I decided to review Pioneer?

Because they deliver good products and world ought to know about them.

How good is the AVIC-W6400NEX Pioneer GPS navigation?

The GPS navigation is solid. No matter where you are it can triangulate your position. The navigational features are easy to use.

Is the Pioneer AVH-1550NEX a good alternative for the AVIC-W6400NEX?

Yes, it is a pretty good choice, that’s why I created the Pioneer AVH-1550NEX review.

Can I use Appradio mode with my phone?

Appradio mode is extremely buggy so no matter what phone you will use it will let you down. I understand Pioneer wants to control everything but AppRadio mode is a disaster.

Any missing features from the review?

Well there are a few. There’s the rear USB for which you need to get an extension cable which is sold separately. It has a HDMI input to connect with external monitors. Also it has an adjustable crossover. And finally it has a way to connect two cameras thanks to the camera input.

Does the Kenwood have an audio video input output?

Yes with this Kenwood you can utilize audio video input output so you can connect to an external monitors.

Does this unit come with a remote control?

Yes there’s a remote control included in the package.

Does this unit have wi-fi certified Miracast?

Yes there is wi-fi certified Miracast. They enable you to have seamless display between devices.

Does this unit comes with advanced sound retriever tech?

Yes this deck has advanced sound retriever enabled. These are the main features wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

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