Pioneer AVH 2550NEX Review – The Good, Bad & Ugly [Updated 2023]

Pioneer AVH-2550NEX 7-Inch AV Receiver review w/CarPlay and AndroidAuto

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It feels like being in a new car…

I bet you remember when you got your new car. You can feel it again if you update your car stereo. Best of all, you don’t need to break the bank either.

This is why I’ve created this Pioneer AVH-2550NEX Review.

You can bring your car to the 21st century. This double DIN head unit can give you some much-needed features. Would you like to park safely and in tighter spaces with a rear view camera?

Here’s the quick preview: You can pair your Apple or Android phone and stream music. It has built-in Bluetooth. Apple Carplay and Android Auto work great. You can enjoy hands-free calling.

What about music quality? You can enjoy louder music which is crisp. The sound quality is amazing. Not just that, you can feel the highs, lows, and mids. Plus, you can customize the Equalizer to your liking.

All this can be done without changing the speakers or buying subwoofers. The Pioneer AVH-2550NEX delivers all this and more.

I’ve made a pros/cons section at the end of the review. Read it to the end so you know what you’re getting and what compromise you will be making when you buy it.

Let’s get this Pioneer AVH-2550NEX review started.

Who is the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX for?

The Pioneer AVH-2550NEX is for any driver who wants to enjoy quality music. Maybe you like to listen to the radio. Well, this head unit comes with SiriusXM ready. Not just that it has HD radio tuner for those who love CD quality.

With the help of Bluetooth connection, you can stream music from any app you have. It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and Weblink is at your disposal.

With a simple USB connection, you can listen/watch YouTube.

It comes with a CD/DVD player. That opens up another music source.

Of course, if you like to listen to podcasts and audiobooks, that option is available.

As you can see, the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX delivers on all fronts. 

If you are looking for the best double din head unit for the money, the Pioneer would be a great choice.

What can the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX do for you?

I’m letting you know early. Android Carplay is through USB cable only. There are a few high-end car stereos on the market that have wireless. Even so, it only works with a handful of phones. So if this is a deal-breaker, you at least know.

Since the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX has built-in Bluetooth, you can pair any phone. This means you will have GPS navigation. The truth is I prefer non-native GPS. Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze it’s free. You can update them on the fly.

As I mentioned earlier, the satellite receiver comes with SiriusXM ready. You can enjoy your favorite shows after signing in.

HD radio is the default. After I got used to it, it’s hard to listen to regular radio.

When you have connected your phone to the USB port, you can use Pandora and Spotify.

You can avoid the small Pioneer buttons altogether. All you need to do is connect the steering wheel controls to the head unit. This is possible through iDatalink Maestro. By buying this extra component, you can make and take calls hands-free.

The touch screen is 7″ wide. It’s responsive and fast. Also, you can customize it, so it fits the interior. It has 5 display options, and you can choose from 112 key color options.

Pioneer AVH-2550NEX 7-Inch AV Receiver review w/CarPlay and AndroidAuto

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Pioneer AVH-2550NEX shortcomings

As you know, there’s no such thing as a perfect stereo. Every brand has flaws. It’s no different from this Pioneer AVH-2550NEX, either.

I don’t know what’s wrong with these Pioneer head units. They all seem slow to me. I remember earlier versions that weren’t as smart and the booted up instantly. Maybe they have packed too many features?

When you are driving a long distance, it’s not a problem. It annoys me when I’m popping in and out of the car when I’m shopping. I have to admit I’m not a patient person.

The look and feel of this satellite receiver feel cheap. It has a glossy finish that rubs me the wrong way.

The tiny buttons are a bug, or we can slowly call it a feature with Pioneer head units. If you have a farmer’s hands, it will be difficult to press the right buttons. They should either eliminate the physical buttons or add bigger ones.

It’s not safe to drive while searching for the buttons. Also, they are located on the left side. Bit odd because passengers might distract the driver.

A minor inconvenience would be that the cooling fan is a bit loud. You can’t hear it while driving.

PIONEER CAR AVH2550NEX 6.8-in Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and SiriusXM-Ready - Multimedia DVD Receiver
  • CTA-2006 * Continuous PowerOutput: 22 W x 4-Channel * Load Impedance Allowance: 4 Ohm (4 Ohm to 8 Ohm Allowable) * Max PowerOutput: 50 W x 4-ch 4 ohm / 50 W x 2-ch 4 ohm 70 W X 1-ch (subwoofer) 2 Ohm * RCA PreampOutputs: 6-ch * RCA Pre-out: 4V * RMS PowerOutput (CTA-2006): 14 W RMS x 4-ch 4 ohm * BackLight: LED * Brightness Control * Color Customization: 5 display colors, 112 key colors * Device (Non-DIN/Modular Unit): 2-DIN * Dimmer: Automatic w/ vehicle illumination, Timer Controlled, Manual
  • Display Off Mode * Home Screen Customization * Monitor Mechanism: Fixed * Resolution: WVGA (800 x 480) * Screen Size/Aspect Ratio: 6.8-in /16:9 * Touch Screen: Resistive * Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) * AVRCP: 1.6 * Built-in Bluetooth * Dual Phone Connection * Hands-Free * Microphone Included: Included * Phone Registration: 5-phone * Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) * Serial Port Profile (SPP) * Sound Retriever Air: Mode 1/Mode 2/Off * Best Station Memory * Local Seek tuning
  • HD Radio : Built In / Artist Experience / Multicasting * Presets: 18 FM, 6 AM * RDS * SiriusXM-Ready (Tuner Sold Separately) * Amazon Alexa: Paired with Pioneer Vozsis * Android Auto : Wired USB Connection * Apple CarPlay: Wired USB Connection * Mobile Operating System: Android / Apple iOS * Music Playback (MTP) * Pandora : Source through iPhone/Android * Pioneer App Compatibility: Vozsis Android, Vozsis iPhone * Siri Eyes Free (VR) (Internet Required): iPhone Only * Voice Control * Weblink

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How To Get The Most Out Of It Pioneer AVH-2550NEX?

The thing is I’ve read many complaints that this Pioneer AVH-2550NEX is useless. The main issue was that Android Auto didn’t work. Yes, this is true, and it can be easily fixed. All you need is to update the firmware.

Hot tip: before you start a firmware update, set the emergency brake. If not, the stereo won’t let you change the settings.

As always, I recommend letting the pro install it. This is the easiest way to keep your sanity.

Another common complaint was that in broad daylight, there’s an impossible glare. I have no idea what people are talking about. I have seen this Pioneer AVH-2550NEX in a convertible with the top down. I could see the touch screen without any issues.

The EQ comes with 7 presets if you like to tinker with the sound than there’s a 13-band graphic Equalizer.

This double din head unit comes with video input. Put it to good use and install a backup camera. Since we’re talking about outputs, it comes with a video and 6-channel preamp outputs (4V front-rear subwoofer)

This Pioneer radio receiver’s built in amp delivers 14 watts of power.

Here’s the bird’s eye view for this head unit.

  • It has a full array of features for your music needs
  • Colors can be customized to match the interior
  • The sound is cleaner and louder
  • It has tiny buttons that might be difficult for some
  • The finish is a little glossy gives a cheap feeling

Does it fit in my car?

Pioneer AVH-2550NEX Review Conclusion

Wow, this was a long journey. We have reached the end of this Pioneer AVH-2550NEX review.

As you can see, it’s a good car stereo. It delivers the required features. Plus, it beats buying a new car.

I hope you learned something from this review. If you want to reach out, feel free to do so. Also, I’m doing reviews if a particular stereo is in high demand.

Catch you later.
Pioneer AVH-2550NEX 7-Inch AV Receiver review w/CarPlay and AndroidAuto

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Does the Pioneer avh-2550nex multimedia DVD receiver have dual camera support?

Yes you have dual camera support with this unit. You can connect a rear view camera and a dash cam as well.

What can the iDatalink Maestro do for me?

With the iDatalink Maestro you will be able to keep your steering wheel controls. Plus getting the iDatalink Maestro gives you an extra bonus. You will get vehicle diagnostic information.

Can I use Apple and Android phones?

Yes you can plus Apple Carplay Android Auto is both supported. Also you have Spotify Control for streaming music.

Does the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX digital receiver have a remote control?

Yes there’s a remote control included in the package.

Should I consider the Pioneer AVH-1550NEX an alternative for Pioneer AVH-2550NEX?

Yes, it’s one of the best alternatives. Take a look at the Pioneer AVH-1550NEX review for more details.

Does this Pioneer radio tuner come with advanced sound retriever tech?

Yes it does. With this tech you will get extra details from compressed files. You can get this amazing detail even through audio streaming.

How does the sound quality compare to the stock stereo?

The difference in sound quality is night and day. This is why it’s a great choice for streaming music.

What features does the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX have?

The Pioneer AVH-2550NEX has built-in Bluetooth, Apple Carplay and Android Auto for GPS navigation, SiriusXM ready for radio shows and HD radio tuner for CD quality.

What are some of the drawbacks of the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX?

Some of the drawbacks of the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX are tiny buttons that may be difficult to use and a glossy finish that feels cheap.

How is listening to music with the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX compared to stock stereos?

Listening to music with the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX is much cleaner and louder than stock stereos, making it great for streaming music.

What types of media can be played on the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX?

The Pioneer AVH-2550NEX supports many different kinds of media such as MP3s, WAVs, AACs, FLACs, as well as other audio formats like MP4s, JPEGS, PNGS.

How is the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX head unit?

The Pioneer AVH-2550NEX is a great head unit with Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility. The only drawback is that it does not have a built-in HD radio receiver.

What are the reviews of the Pioneer AVH 2550NEX?

The reviews for the Pioneer AVH 2550NEX are overall very positive. It has been praised for its user interface and integration of modern technologies such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Where can I buy an Apple CarPlay radio?

You can purchase an Apple CarPlay radio from Best Buy or other online retailers such as Amazon.

What is the best unit to get for connecting to Apple Car Play?

The best unit for connecting to Apple Car Play is the Pioneer AVH-2550NEX. It offers all of the necessary features for Apple Car Play and also provides Bluetooth connectivity and other useful functions.

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