Pioneer Parking Brake Bypass


Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on the Pioneer Parking Brake Bypass!

If you’re trying to relax and enjoy the journey, the Pioneer parking brake can get in the way. Therefore, even though this brake is there for safety reasons, the majority of people want to know how to bypass it so they may use their device.


Bypassing the Pioneer parking brake is no rocket science. The simplest way to do so is by connecting the brake wire to the stereo ground.  This will allow you to control the Pioneer stereo while driving. 

However, it is not the only way. You can go for toggle switches and relays as well. These methods are easier and hassle-free. Interested in learning more? You have come to the right place if you are looking for a DIY Pioneer parking brake bypass guide. Join us on our adventure of discovery. 

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How to Bypass Pioneer Parking Brake Wire

As mentioned above, there is more than one method of bypassing the parking brake wire. We’ll walk you through each tip and technique individually.. 

  • Disconnecting the Head Unit 

The main function of the Pioneer parking brake is to allow the driver to watch movies only when the brake is engaged. It’s a precaution to ensure the driver doesn’t get distracted while on the road. The technology works in a simple way. The DVD  players or AV units are wired to the braking system. So, to bypass the parking brake you need to disconnect the head unit’s wire. 

To achieve this, just stick to these basic procedures. Following these instructions will ensure a stress-free experience.

Step 1 

To begin, take the stereo system off the center console. You must exercise extreme caution throughout this procedure. A little ignorance can damage your head unit. 

In most cases, the head unit has a plastic trim around it. Remove this plastic frame first. Use the right tools and extra care so that you don’t break the frame. 

Once you have removed the plastic trim, pull the AV or head unit from the dashboard. 

Step 2

Now it’s time to identify the wires of the player. If it is your first time playing with these things, we recommend using the head unit’s instruction manual. 

You will see two wires: a black wire, and a green wire. Bring these two wires to the back of the head unit. 

The black wire is a ground wire and the light green is the parking brake wire. 

Step 3

Now that you have identified the parking brake wire, disconnect it from the locking system. You can do so by gently pulling it from the system. If you think it will break the wire, you can also cut it one to two inches gently. 

Step 4

After cutting the wire, cover it with electrical tape. Trim this green parking brake wire’s end. 

And the same holds true for the black ground wire. Cut this ground wire one to two inches from its end and then strip both ground wires’ exposed ends. 

You should strip the wires in such a way that the ends of the wires should be a little exposed. 

Step 5

Firmly attach the exposed ends of the wires. You can use an electric or simple tape for this purpose. There should be no separation between the open ends, and the connection should be secure. 

Step 6

After this, you need to mount the head unit back in the dashboard. Again, you need to do it gently so that you do not damage the head unit. 

Then, place the plastic trim back on the head unit before starting your vehicle. You are all set now!

Installing MicroBypass Switch to Bypass Parking Brakes 

Another method to bypass the parking brake system is installing a MicroBypass switch. The first steps in doing so are identical to the preceding procedure. You must take the head unit out of the dashboard. The plastic molding should then be taken off. 

The difference in this method is that you will be attaching an extra device, a MicroBypass switch, here. To learn how to attach the switch, follow these simple steps. 

Step 1

Identify a blue wire on the MicroBypass switch. You can use the instruction manual to get some help. Connect this blue wire to your vehicle’s blue w/white wire. 

Step 2

Now, connect the black wire of the MicroBypass to the Pioneer’s ground wire. Pioneer’s ground wire is also black so you can easily locate it. 

Step 3

You will find a green wire on the MicroBypass. Grab this wire and connect it to the Pioneer’s green wire. The green wire of the Pioneer is a parking brake wire. 

You can use electric tape to connect the ends of the wires. Make sure you connect the wires firmly and that there are no gaps between them. 

Once you have created the connection, you need to put back the head unit. Before you start the car, carefully reinstall the plastic trim. Once you have done this, you are good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you bypass the parking brake on a car radio?

You can bypass the parking brake on a car radio or car stereo by disconnecting the head unit’s wire from the braking system. If you’re having trouble with this technique, try using a MicroBypass toggle instead. 

Connecting the MicroBypass switch with the head unit will remove its connection from the braking system. This will let you enjoy DVDs even while driving. 

Why do I need a parking brake bypass?

It is not necessary to bypass the parking brake. However, if you want your head unit to play or your AV unit to display videos while you are driving, you need to bypass the parking brake system. Without it, your AV unit and the head unit won’t work unless you apply parking brakes. 

Final Thoughts

Parking brakes are used to increase safety during driving. It prevents the driver from getting distracted by videos. However, if you want to bypass the system, there are some hacks. 

The first method is to disconnect the head unit from the braking system. However, some Pioneer units are capable of comprehending this hack. If this does not work for you, you can go for a MicroBypassing switch. Connecting this switch with the head unit or AV unit will let you bypass the braking system.

We recommend the installation of a bypass in retail display only. It will not kill the actual function of the parking brake wire and you will still be able to enjoy your drive. The parking brake bypass hack might not work in Pioneer Avic Navigation models. Still, you can give it a try!

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