Who Else Wants to Know the Best Convertible Car Seat for Tall Babies? These Are the Safest and Comfiest Ones on the Market

best convertible car seat for tall babies Welcome to the Best Convertible Car Seat for Tall Babies Award Show!

I’ve spent the last month testing the top 6 car seats, which are perfect for tall babies. Besides talking to moms, checking recalls on consumer reports, analyzing reviews, I’ve driven around my youngest daughter to evaluate her scowls meanwhile doing all my husband’s chores, honey it’s time to repay the favor…


Finding the perfect car seat for your growing baby takes a lot of time. This is why I’ve done the testing for you to save you weeks of research, and you can buy an ice cream or two for my daughter’s contribution.

Instead wasting 3 weeks of your time and hopefully not going with the wrong seat, I have ranked the top6 car seats on safety features, comfort level, ease of install, coolness factor and value for the money.

No matter which one you choose from below, you will have a winner. Best of all, your tall or growing child will not need another car seat ever again.
Let’s see those car seats already!

In A Hurry? Here Is Our Top 3 Car Seat For Tall Babies

For parents who want to enjoy driving without forcing the passenger to kiss the dashboard, even in a small car like a Prius

For parents who want the safest car seat on the market and are fed up with buying the next stage seat before time is due

For parents who invest in the future and love to make a statement with a cool looking car seat, a real big kid seat

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What Will I Learn?

#1 Britax One4Life ClickTight – Best Convertible Car Seat For Tall Babies

Britax One4Life ClickTight Best Convertible Car Seat For Tall BabiesWe have a WINNER!

Mom’s this car seat is the safest one on the market, and it’s super comfortable. Wait, there’s more…

Besides having more than enough padding and energy absorption, the Britax One4Life allows you to keep your child rear-facing up to 50 pounds. As you know, rear-facing is the preferred choice for babies and toddlers because it offers the most protection.

Don’t let the size discourage you since it fits in smaller cars. For example, I’ve tried it in my sister’s Prius, and there was room for the passenger without issues.

Many people consider going with the color black, but they are worried that it will overheat their little one. I’ve tested it out in 95 degrees, and it was just slightly warm while the driver seat was scorching hot.

Now this car seat is safe and comfortable, and easy to install thanks to the Clicktight system. Plus, the fabric can be removed in pieces to clean it without removing the whole seat. It’s the only car seat you have to buy because it caters to infant up to young adults and you can use it for 10 years.

This is why it got top of my list:

  • The safest tank on the road: this car seat has all the necessary safety features and then some. It was voted the safest car seat on the market
  • Colossal time-saver: I have wasted so much time installing car seats with my eldest two and muttered my fair share of curse words; meanwhile, the Clicktight system gets it done in 2 minutes flat
  • Child’s play to clean: no matter if you had a diaper blowout or road sickness, you can remove the stained fabric only and wash it. Best of all, there are no smells after drying

A few drawbacks that I’ve found:

When this model was introduced, there wasn’t an anti-rebound bar. Now you can buy it separately; however, you don’t need it because if the installation is correct, the seat won’t move.

It’s a beefy seat weighing 30 pounds. No matter how easy it is to install, you won’t incline to swap it between cars too often.

All in all, the Britax One4Life is a perfect car seat for those parents who value safety above everything else. Besides being safe, it’s super comfortable as well, so no wonder it’s also the best Britax car seat overall.

Since it’s so popular, I wouldn’t be surprised that they are having shortages all the time. Just in case if it’s out of stock and you need it urgently, check out a different color option, so you don’t have to wait.

If you want something a bit cheaper, check out #2 on the list

  • It’s easy to install, and it’s impossible to mess it up
  • Extremely durable it will last for 10 years and serve several kids
  • Finally, a Britax car seat that allows machine washing the material
  • There’s no anti-rebound bar included you have to buy it separately
  • It’s large and heavy anything for safety

#2 Diono Radian 3RXT Convertible Car Seat – Best Car Seat For Tall Toddler

Diono Radian 3RXT Best Convertible Car Seat For Small Cars The Diono Radian car seat is one of the safest car seats you can get. Now I know how it feels when your baby is hitting a growth spurt, and you have to buy a new seat because the old one is not good enough. This is where the Diono comes into play.

This car seat grows with your child, it’s the only car seat you will ever need. Best of all, you can use it from 5lbs all the way up to 120lbs. Wait, there’s more…

It allows extended rear-facing up to 50 pounds. So you can keep your little one extra safe up to 4 years old.

If you happen to have a small car, here’s some good news. The Diono has a slim profile, and you can do 3-across easily because the width is just 17 inches.

Is it comfortable? You bet it is. My daughter was falling asleep without fussing making the drive much more enjoyable.

This is why it’s a must buy seat:

  • Perfect for Tall Babies: Your little one won’t be able to outgrow this car seat because it grows with them until 120lbs
  • Safety and Comfort in the Same Package: The steel frame makes it worth every penny because that won’t bend or crack like cheap plastic keeping your little one safe. Plus, kids fall asleep all the time
  • Extended rear-facing: you will be able to keep your little one in the safest position up to 50 pounds (around 4 years old)

Here are a few drawbacks you have to know about:

It feels like a downgrade compared to the older version because the fabric has a cheaper feeling, and the padding is lighter as well.

This car seat is huge, weighing 35 pounds. Once you mount it in the car, you won’t be tempted to swap it between cars or carry it inside.

All in all, the Diono 3RXT is a very good purchase. It not only saves you money in the long run, but it’s one of the safest car seats on the market.

Since this car seat is so popular, people have been buying them like hotcakes. Just in case if it’s out of stock, make sure you check the other color options. Diono makes the most beautiful car seat, and the colors are simply splendid.

  • Finally, a car seat where the baby isn’t slouching or sliding down
  • It’s lightweight and easy to move around
  • It’s soft and padded plus it comes with side impact protection
  • The gray fabric is not that stain friendly
  • You can’t remove the fabric the only solution is spot cleaning

#3 Chicco Fit4 Convertible Car Seat – Best Car Seat For Tall Babies

Chicco Fit4 4-in-1 Best Car Seat For Tall Babies

Chicco has the coolest car seats, and best of all, they look good for older kids when everything is about image. It doesn’t look like a small child seat.

Besides the looks, it’s one of the safest car seats you can buy. The steel frame makes sure that your little one is protected no matter what, and all the energy-absorbing materials will keep your child safe in case of an accident.

The reason why I like this Chicco seat is the details that they have taken into count. The straps are sufficiently long, so you don’t have to fish it out from a squirming child’s bottom.

The washing can’t be any simple than this. All you have to do is remove the fabric part that got stained and wash it. Best of all, it’s not a full-length weekend operation.

The Chicco Fit4 will give you the peace of mind you desire while being a money saver since it’s the only car seat you will ever have to buy. It reduces clutter as well; instead of 4 seats, you only have one.

This is why it’s a must buy seat:

  • Comfortable? You bet it is. Finally, you can avoid all those nightmare trips because it’s comfortable and roomy at the same time
  • The only car seat you will ever need: Since it grows with your child, you will be able to use it for 10 years from infancy up to school age
  • Idiot proof install: Finally, a car seat that you will get right from the first try without the excess cursing

Here are a few drawbacks you have to know about:

We have to mention the elephant in the room, which is the size of this seat. There’s no way you can do 3 across with this seat, and small cars might not be compatible with it.

Make sure you keep the manual because it’s hard to keep in mind all the installation and stage transformations for 10 years.

All in all, the Chicco Fit4 is a great choice for your child’s car seat. You’re getting a cool design with all the safety features that you will ever need, plus it’s comfortable.

The last time I’ve checked, there were only a few left in stock. If you want this car seat, you need to hurry and grab it before someone else does.

  • This car seat is the first and the last one you will have to buy a real money saver in the long run.
  • Thanks to the QR codes on the side you get access to instant help through videos
  • Kids love it because it’s so comfortable
  • It takes up a lot of space the front might suffer
  • The Manual is needed for stage conversion without it’s hard

#4 Graco 4Ever DLX Convertible Car Seat

Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

This incident happened with my sister in law. She was driving her four and a half year old daughter to ballet. It was their routine trip. Then everything changed for the worst.

An SUV slammed into their car head-on. The forces at play were enormous. The engine took most of the beating. It has twisted and bent into an odd shape. The airbags exploded and protected the life of the mother. Glass cracked and shattered.

It wasn’t over yet. Their car got hit so hard that it has spun out into oncoming traffic. All the tires exploded. They were lucky that day. My niece walked away without being hurt. She was fine the next days she went to kindergarten. Her mother wasn’t that lucky. She ended up in the hospital with a few cuts and a broken nose.

This car seat caters to growing babies. The lower limit is set to 4 pounds.  And this car seat is a lifer as well. You only have to buy it once, and it will be good for the years to come.

The biggest issue with this car seat and the only reason why it didn’t win was that the headrest isn’t that good. The head tends to flop. It can be distracting while driving to constantly check on your little one. Other than this issue, it’s a winner.

  • It’s easy to install might be the easiest of them all
  • No more rethreading the straps ever
  • The fabric removal is super-fast
  • The straps tangle up too fast, and it’s a pain to undo them with a protesting child
  • The cup holders fall off way too easily.

#5 Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Symphony Elite All-in-One Car Seat

The Evenflo Symphony Convertible Car Seat came in a close second in this category. It may seem like a cheaper alternative for the Fit4. Now it has many positives and a few negatives.

The main reason why this car seat lost was that in rear facing mode, there isn’t enough tilt. So your little one’s head will flop. This can be distracting in front-facing, but in rear facing can be quite dangerous. While you’re driving, you should be focusing on the road and not in the back.

Besides, this flaw is a good car seat for growing babies. It has great mileage. If you buy this car seat, it will be the last one you’ll need. By getting an all in one car seat, you will be saving money.

You will never have to worry that your child will outgrow this seat. The upper limit is set to 110 pounds, so you can clearly see that you won’t be needing another car seat.

It has three functions it can be installed in rear facing, forward facing, and booster mode. The Symphony supports extended rear facing until 40 pounds.

Many parents with fast-growing babies opted for this car seat, and they love every minute of it.

  • The latch system after you got used to it it’s amazing
  • All in one car seat that protects your little one from 4 to 120 pounds
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Shallow and bad cup holders they fly around at their own will
  • It’s bulky, and you won’t be moving it around after the install

#6 Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

This incident happened with some friends of ours. They were coming home from the grandparent’s house. Their 11-month old was asleep in the back.

The routine trip soon turned to tragedy.

A drunk driver smashed into them, head-on. He was speeding excessively. The crash was a vicious one. The impact was deafening. The airbags exploded, protecting the parents. Metal screeched as it bent under pressure. The windshield cracked.

It wasn’t over yet. There was so much energy during the impact that their car did a 180 and flown across three lanes landing in the ditch.

The family got lucky. The parents walked away with a few cuts and bruises. Their son was the luckiest of them all. He had no scratch on him. He cried because he was scared other than that he was fine.

The Graco Extend2Fit car seat was a perfect contender for this category. It has everything that it needs, but it has fallen short.

It has two biggies. First of all, it’s limited to 65 pounds (lbs). So eventually, your child will outgrow it. Secondly, it’s so hard to reattach the cover. If it weren’t for YouTube, I would probably use duct tape to fix it to place.

The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat is a good seat none the less. You can do extended rear-facing up to 50 pounds (50 lbs), and it has an adjustable foot rest. Because of those two limitations, it has lost.

  • It’s one of the easiest to install can be done in less than 5 minutes
  • There’s no manual rethreading of the straps ever
  • The fabric is easy to wash even after a vomiting incident
  • The release button is hidden, and if you have big hands it’s hard to reach
  • You need to watch videos to put the fabric back into place

Buyer’s Guide for getting the best car seat

It was a lot of info to digest. So I thought I would leave you with a bonus. You see, it’s always good to have a system. If you’re planning to add more kiddos to the family, you will have to do this all over again. This is why I’m giving you a quick and dirty buyer’s guide so you can filter car seat quickly and efficiently.

Before we can get to that, let me share with you two pieces of advice, which are a must-read.

When you get the car seat, you have to decide where you will mount it. According to experts, the safest place is in the middle of the car. That’s all nice, but not many of us can use that space. So here’s the second safest place which is behind the driver.

My second piece of advice is related to the installation. I’m repeating this over and over because 75% of car seats are poorly installed. This means that your little one isn’t 100% protected. I’ve checked all the car seats above, and the installation isn’t difficult.

Just in case you want to be on the safe side, do reach out to a licensed professional. Amazon now offers car installation for a fee. Maybe that would work better for you.

Here’s my checklist when I’m reviewing car seats

Safety features

Safety is the most important for me and many parents; thus, it’s top of my list. There’s no unsafe car seat on the marketplace. This was told to me by a policeman. The only unsafe one is an unused or poorly installed one.

All of them have passed government tests. There’s something that rarely gets mentioned. Some of the brands barely pass those tests. So I don’t know about you, but I rather trust the one that goes the extra mile.

The heaviest car seats offer good protection because they have a steel frame or steel reinforcements. As you see, there are compromises. It’s a good idea to check if it has a SIP or side impact protection. These are quite common accidents, and it’s a must.

Size Limits

No matter if you have a tall baby/toddler, you should always look at the numbers. You have to know how much mileage you’re getting from these seats.

The longer you can use, the less money you have to spend in the long run. This is why all in one car seats became so popular nowadays.

Sure, you have to pay a ton upfront, but that’s going to be the first and last car seat you have to buy.

Another important item on the list to check if they offer extended rear-facing. As you know, this seating provides the best protection for the young ones.

How to Install seats correctly

The installation gives the most headaches for parents. There are some impossible car seats. Luckily I’ve checked them all, and the installation is quite easy.

Before you jump to it, please check out the manual. Also, for extra info, you can find some great tutorials on the internet.

Make sure that the wiggle room is less than an inch. You have to measure it at the closest par to the car seat. The far side will wiggle no matter what you do.

Fabric Quality

This is the last item on my list. We’re talking about babies and toddlers, so spills and accidents will be all too common. This is why you need to know how easy it is to remove and clean the cover.

Besides the Graco Extend2Fit car seat, all of them are easy to use. The only problem with the Graco is that it’s hard to reattach. Other than that, it’s fine.

This would be my buyer’s guide. If you like, it put it to good use.

Conclusions for the Best Convertible Car Seat For Tall Babies

We have reached the end of this best article. It was quite a journey. By now, you should know which car seat fits your needs best.

I have filtered and sorted, so only you have to deal with the very best. Now it’s your turn to pick the one that fits you most. Take action soon because the last time I’ve checked stocks were running low.

I would love to hear your stories and ideas. You can share them below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the best convertible car seat for tall babies?

The best convertible car seat for tall babies is the Britax One4Life convertible car seat. It is also rated as the best car seat for 3 year old.

Which is the best convertible car seat overall?

Overall the best convertible car seat is the Britax Advocate clicktight convertible car seats on the market.

When should I put my baby in a convertible car seat?

Convertible car seats cater to infants as low as 5 pounds in weight. They all come with an infant insert which can be removed after 11 pounds.

Is it better to get an infant car seat or convertible?

It depends on the infant car seat is good since you can carry it around with ease. This is specifically good for people who live in colder climates. Infant car seats are outgrown fast. If you want to save money in the long run then the convertible car seat is a better option.

What is the height and weight limit for these car seats for tall babies?

If you’re looking for the height and weight limit for car seats for tall babies you have just found them. For convertible car seats the typical upper weight limits in forward facing mode is 65 pounds (lbs).  The weight limit for rear-facing position is 40 pounds (40 lbs). If you want to go with extended rear facing then the weight limit is 50 pounds (50 lbs). The weight limits for the booster seat is around 100 to 120 pounds. As for the maximum height, limit is 57 inches. The weight limit limit and the maximum height limit is set by the manufacturer. The height and weight limit (weight limits) can be read in the manual or on the site. The height limits are in the 57 inches and 62 inches range. For rear facing position the weight limit is 40 pounds.

What does extended rear facing means for a tall baby?

If you have a tall baby then an extended rear facing car set comes with extra legroom. So you can keep your child rear facing as long as possible on the back seat. With the Extend2Fit you can do it until 50 pounds (50 lbs) that’s a long time.

Which are the best convertible car seats for tall babies?

The best convertible car seats for tall babies would be the Britax one4life clicktight convertible car seats and the Graco 4Ever DLX Convertible Car Seat.

What kind of features should you expect from these car seats for tall babies?

Well, adjustable harness straps would be a good thing. Plus the need for a cup holder. If you can get one with more than one cup holder that would be ideal. The cup holders are great especially if they are on both sides.

What is a good alternative for a forward facing position tall baby car seat?

There are good alternatives for both forward facing and rear facing position like: maxi cosi pria 3 in 1 convertible car seats, diono rainier all in one convertible car seat, nuna rava belt positioning booster car seat, evenflo sureride dlx, chicco nextfit 5 point point harness system, eddie bauer all in one one convertible back seat, britax marathon. The american academy of pediatrics has highly recommended the diono rainier forward facing and rear facing 5 point harness system.

How long can you use and infant insert with a tall child?

Most seats come with a body pillow. And they can be used up to 11 pounds. Car seats like maxi cosi pria 3 in 1, diono rainier and evenfly sureride dlx have a grow with your child function.

What kind of safety features come with the belt positioning 5 point harness system tall baby back seat?

All car seats have side impacts protection by default. Also they come with eps foam. Not to mention that they have a steel frame that will keep any year old for a long time. These seats are designed to provide protection as long as possible. The energy absorbing foam can be of multiple levels. For example the highest energy absorbing level is three. The side impact protection is an absolute must because that’s the only one having protection against T-bone accidents. If the seat comes with a cup holder on each side than a cup holder will serve for drinks and the other cup holder for toys. The best seats on the market designed to provide an easy installation system. The proriotory air protect provides a 360 degree protection. Most car seats have memory foam for comfort.

How do you install these rear facing car seats for tall babies?

Like with most seats you will have the latch connectors and the seat belt installation system. The seat comes with them. Make sure you check the manual and adjust the recline positions to the default position. The seat also comes with great leg room. A few features to check out: shoulder straps, seat cover, harness holders, harness adjustment and the belt positioning boosters.

Are convertible car seats for tall toddlers easy to install?

Convertible car seats for tall toddlers are easy to install. Convertible car seats are a great way to keep your kids safe.

What weight capacity do car seats have?

Car seats can hold up to 65 pounds. They are safe for children between the ages of 1 and 12 years old.

What are baby growth spurts?

If you’re a parent, then you’ll know about baby growth spurts. These are periods of rapid growth your child might experience around the age of 6 months and again at 18 months.

Who should choose a clicktight convertible car seat?

Clicktight convertible car seats are a good choice for parents who want convenience, safety, and style. They are easy to install and it can be installed in a variety of vehicles, including SUVs.

What kind of car seat is best for a tall baby?

Not every car seat is designed to fit a child of all shapes and sizes. If you have a baby who is long or on the taller side, you might need to look into specific seats that are compatible with your needs. We recommend a convertible seat. Please read the article above to see our recommendations.

What kind of car seat is best for a big baby?

If you have a baby who is tall or on the heavier side, you might need to look into specific seats that are compatible with your needs. We recommend a convertible seat. Please read the article above to see our recommendations.

Last Updated on October 16, 2021