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We have all been in that situation when an aux cable finally gave in and refused to come out of the port after a long entertainment session. The trouble now isn’t just that you don’t have an aux cable.

Because let’s face it. That’s not such a big deal. You can get a new one quite easily for not much investment. The problem now is that the aux cord broke in the port and you need to remove the jack from there.

So, if you are looking for ideas on how to get a broken aux cord out, here are a few.

Below you will find 5 ways to remove the broken aux cord which will work guaranteed!

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#1 Using Superglue – Works 100%

How to Get Broken Aux Cord Out of Car - superglue

Super glue is a super useful item when it comes to handling broken aux port in a car. The first thing to remember is that you don’t bind any two surfaces right away when you are using superglue.

You need to wait a minute so that they dry up. Once it gets tacky, you have a much better chance of removing the aux cord that broke off in the car jack.

Now you need to find something sharp like a pen refill or a cocktail stick. Get a little bit of the superglue on the part of the aux cable that is sticking out. Now wait for it to get tacky which is when it must be slid into the applicable socket.

Do that for about 30 seconds and then pull it outwards. If the jack is attached well, your problem will be solved.

Now, it is key to use a small bit of superglue during this process because if there is an excess, it slides into the system and causes different problems.

But if it sort of happens, you can put a little alcohol on a Q-tip and clean the socket. In fact, you can do it even if the glue doesn’t slide in just to be sure.


#2 Using a Biro – Works 95%

How to Get Broken Aux Cord Out of Car - biro

Another option, and this one is simple, is to use a biro. The diameter on the inside of the biro is pretty much the same as your aux cable. Then you might have to adjust the biro a little bit till you can pull the aux connector out.

You might also need to remove the inside tube of the pen which contains the ink. The opposite side of the nib which does not have any ink is a good pick. You can stick it in the connector and try to pry it out of the socket.

You just need to push it in the socket with a little firmness and pull out the broken aux cable jack. This is helpful because the tube is usually narrow enough to get a grip of the broken aux cable and get the job done.

Now, sometimes this does not work in the first go. That means you just need to improvise. Get something small and pointy like a nail and use it to make the tube a little wider so that it fits into the broken side of the aux cable.

You can also try heating the tube just a little bit to make sure it gets just wide enough. Then you should fit the tube in the socket. Keep it there for a short while and then pull it out.

And sometimes, it is just a matter of putting a little bit of pressure. Get the grip into the aux cable just right and pull it out.


#3 Using Hot Glue and Toothpick – Works 90%

How to Get Broken Aux Cord Out of Car - toothpick n hot glue

The hot glue technique also works with a toothpick. That’s because it is a small enough object for the jack. Take a wooden or plastic toothpick. Make sure that it is long and narrow enough to fit into the socket. Go for the broken cable and once you do, add a little bit of hot glue to the end that is on the outside.

Then you must push in the jack till it reaches the other end of the cable. Wait for a minute to make sure that the hot glue has cooled off and take it out.


#4 Using a Thumbtack – Works 90%

How to Get Broken Aux Cord Out of Car - thumbstack

Finally, you can remove this using a drawing pin or a thumbtack. Get a hammer along with a regular thumbtack for this to work. Bend the thumbtack a little bit such that it is perpendicular to the aux cable. That means it should be in the shape of an L.

Now, push the thumbtack into the socket where the cable is stuck. Make sure it touches the other side of the cable so that it settles into it with a good grip. Once you feel like the thumbtack has burrowed itself into the socket, you must pull it out.


#3 Using a Heated Paperclip – Works 85%

How to Get Broken Aux Cord Out of Car - paperclip

You can do the same heating trick with a paperclip too. This is also helpful in case you don’t have glue. Undo the paperclip and bend it to 90 degrees so that it is perpendicular to the cable. This will give you the grip you need when you need to pull the broken cable out of the socket.

You must heat the end of the paperclip that needs to go into the socket. Now, some of these are made of metal in which case you need to have something that is heatproof on the end that you will be holding.

Take a minute to hold it right and push it right into the center of the socket. Then you must keep it there for a few seconds so that it can attach itself to the jack and then you must remove it.


Conclusions on How to Get a Broken Aux Cord Out of Car

These are the common solutions. The trick is to make sure that whatever you are using to push into the broken aux cable must settle into the other side of the broken cable so that it has something to hold on to when you pull it out.

Some of the ideas require you to add heat and dig into the broken aux cable because that little guy is going to be of no use to you and it is okay to cause that damage.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Get Something Out of My Headphone Jack?

If you have a 1/16-inch drill bit, you can place it into the bottom of a headphone jack and twist it in the clockwise direction. Then you must pull it out gently. When the drill bit comes out, if you see debris like lint on top it means you have succeeded in removing the dirt. You will have to do this 2-3 times till you get it all out. Once you are confident of the clean up you must clean the jack with a Q-tip that is sanitized with alcohol.

How Do You Remove a Broken Pin from a Connector?

First you need to turn off the power. Take a pair of tweezers and grab the pin. Now turn it around till it is loose. Sometimes the pin is far too deep in which case you might need pliers to get it out.

How to take out broken aux jack from car?

There are a few ways that you can try to take out a broken aux jack from your car. You can use a heated paperclip, a thumbtack, or a drill bit. If the cable is really stuck in there, you might have to use some force to get it out. Make sure to turn off the power before trying to remove the cable.

How do you get a broken aux cord out?

There are a few methods for removing a damaged aux cable. A heated paperclip, a thumbtack, or a drill bit can all be used to free it. You may need to use some force to remove the cable if it’s really caught in there.

How do you get a broken off aux cord out?

To get a broken off aux cord out you will need a plastic straw (q-tip, WD-40 straw, ball pen ink refill). Insert it in the jack and see if you can get it out if not add some super glue at the end and leave it there to stick for an hour or two and then gently extract it.

What do you do if your aux breaks in your car?

With these steps you will be able to fix an aux if it breaks in your car:

  1. Make sure there’s no damage to the device
  2. Use a plastic straw to extract the broken bit
  3. If it doesn’t come out use super glue to extract it
  4. If all else fails try to vacuum it

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