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Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on How to Fix the Aux Port in Your Car

I understand how frustrating it can be to drive in silence for hours. Honestly, the quietness becomes much of a suffering sometimes. That’s why I researched and listed a few possible reasons why your aux port might not be working and how to get it running within minutes. 


The solution to fix an auxiliary port in a car varies depending on the underlying issue. If there is an inside problem, you have to open the car stereo and check what’s going on with the port. 

The most common reason for the aux not working in a car is because it has become loose. You can try different fixtures for this and other problems explained below. 

Let’s take a look at every solution! 

Reasons Why Your Aux Is Not Working in Car

The key to finding a solution starts with finding the underlying problem. Below are the commons reasons why your aux connection might not be working;

The Aux Port Is Dirty

Dirt and debris are one of the most common aux port problems affecting its functioning. They can clog the aux input and hinder the jack connection.     

You can clean the port using a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Attach it with a toothpick and gently clean the insides. Another way is to place a compressed air can at the port opening and let it out suddenly. 

You can similarly clean water or moisture from an aux port with a toothpick and cotton.

Issues With the Cable

If the sound quality is distorted or simply too low, it is commonly due to a bad-quality aux cable. It can also be caused by kinks or bends in the aux cord that you can easily detect by looking carefully. In either issue, you have to replace the cable.

A damaged or broken jack can be another reason why your aux cable is never properly plugged. Get a new jack or replace the entire cable with a different aux cord, working perfectly. 

The Inner Wires Are Damaged

The connecting wires of your car’s aux port can become damaged or loose with time. You can easily detect if a wire coming from or going to the aux button is tempered or completely cut by opening the car stereo system. 

In this case, you will have to replace the loose wires. Another common reason is a blown fuse which also needs replacement with a new fuse.  

The Aux Port Is Loose

Inserting and removing the aux jack, again and again, makes it loose over time. This can be the underlying issue when you are playing music but the aux port jack keeps getting disconnected. You can either temporarily fix it in place for a trip or replace the entire port for once.

How to Fix a Loose Aux Port in a Car

You can adjust the auxiliary jack grip using a toothpick, a small wooden stick, or a similar-sized object. However, this is a temporary fix that I have also tried several times. 

The permanent fix is to replace the entire aux port altogether. You can get help from a professional mechanic or even do an aux port replacement yourself.  

How to Install a New Aux Port

  • First, open the car’s stereo unit in which the auxiliary input is located. Unscrew the panel and access the connecting wires. You may need DIN tools and a plastic wedge tool for Honda Civic and many other cars. 
  • Confirm the stereo model compatible with your car by looking at its manual. Different stereo models only operate in certain car types. 
  • Plug the new aux connection in place carefully
  • Gently insert the aux jack in the input and play music to see if it is working properly
  • Connect the bottom cover and tighten it until it’s securely sealed

Note: Ensure your phone charger or other electronic devices are not connected. This prevents a short circuit. You can also add a new stereo model compatible with your car using the above steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my aux cord stop working?

If your aux cable stops working after a while every time you connect it, it may be due to a bad-quality aux wire. Another reason is a loose or dirty aux input. If it only happens with a particular device, maybe its headphone jack is loose or damaged.

Can you fix the AUX port in the car radio?

You can fix the auxiliary port in car radios yourself by detecting the main issue. You can clean the port, adjust the loose end, or replace the cord or aux jack to see if the issue resolves. If not, open your car’s stereo system and check for loose wires or a blown fuse. 

How do you fix a loose auxiliary port? 

You can fix a loose aux port by keeping the audio input jack in place with a toothpick or folded paper. If there is a loose wire at the back end of the port, you can fix it or replace it with a new one. 

Why is my aux not working in the car with an iPhone? 

If your car aux is not working with an iPhone, contact your vehicle manufacturer to confirm if it supports the phone model. Other solutions involve keeping your device up-to-date (latest version). Its audio port must be debris-free and functional. Finally, restart the car and your smartphone, plug the aux cable and keep the device’s home screen open. These steps may also work with any other device, like if your aux is not working in the car with an android or another audio device. 


Several reasons can make your auxiliary port damaged or loose and it happens with everybody. But the best part is that you can fix it yourself! Simply follow the above guide per your issue and enjoy the best music system in your car.  

However, I suggest getting professional help if you are hesitant to replace the port yourself. For this, you can ask for recommendations from friends or family. Besides, you can search for “fix aux port in car near me” on the internet. It will open a list of the best mechanics in town who can fix the aux port in car within minutes.

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