Clek Fllo vs Foonf – Which One is the Best in 2024?

clek fllo vs foonf comparison

The Cadillac’s of car seats are they good enough?

When you first see this car seat, the TANK word pops into mind. Clek design team sure has outdone themselves with these car seats.

Just by looking at them, you will have peace of mind that your little ones will be safe.

These two car seats stand out from the crowd. If you want to step away from the mainstream, these car seats are a good way to start.

Besides the looks, what’s the difference between them? This is the reason why I’ve created the Clek Fllo vs Foonf comparison. By reading this article until the end, you will not only know the differences, but you will know which the best fit is.


Here’s the bird’s eye view of the Clek Fllo. It’s a narrow profile car seat. It has all the safety features that you will ever need. It’s stylish and looks cool. Best space saver on the market.

Here’s the bird’s eye view of the Clek Foonf.  This car seat is for the safety-conscious parents. It’s a well-cushioned tank. Extended rear-facing is possible until age 4.

Direct Comparison Clek Fllo vs Foonf Convertible Car Seat

  Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seat Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat
Safety Energy-Absorbing Crumple Tech


5-point harness



5-point harness

Size Limits Rear Facing: 14-50

Front Facing: 22-65


Rear Facing: 14-50

Front Facing: 22-65


Installation Latch and Seat belt Rigid Latch and Seat Belt
Fabric/Material Hand Washable Spot Clean
Bonuses and Features    
Recline Position Fixed 3
ARB Optional when rear facing Required when rear facing
Rethread Harness Yes Yes
Extended Use Yes Yes

Breaking it down

The table above is the cheat sheet that I use whenever I’m checking out a new car seat. If you like it, you can copy it and use it.

The first thing I look at is safety. That is the top of the list for every parent. You can’t get enough protection for your little ones.

The next item on the list is the size limit. You need to know this to get the most mileage out of the seat. These car seats are expensive, so the more you can use them, the better.

After that comes the installation part. Some brands create a super simple install, and others make you work for it.

The last important feature is the fabric. If kids spill something or mess it up, you need to know in advance how easy it is to clean.

Sometimes when I compare two car seats, they might be tied. So I dig up everything there’s in the secondary features.

Let’s get this Clek Fllo vs Foonf comparison started. Just one more thing…

I have something special for you in the end. I have compiled a quick pros/cons list. The things I’ve found are quite interesting.


child car seat safety 9Safety is the most important thing in an accident. Now Clek builds their car seats like real tanks. Once your little one is strapped in, they are secured.

In this category, the car seats seem to be similar. The only difference that I see is that the Clek Foonf seems to be the upgraded version of the Clek Fllo.

The Clek Fllo has Energy Absorbing Crumple Tech. Now that’s a mouth full. Try saying that three times fast. This means that in case of an impact, the energy is absorbed by the seat, and it won’t travel up to hurt your little one.

The energy absorption is done by Crumble tech. To explain this simply, the inside of the chair crumbles, so your little one is not hurt.

The difference between the Clek Foonf and Fllo is that the Foonf has a rigid latch system. This will make the front-facing install a breeze—more on this in the install section.

Both car seats come with and Anti Rebound Bar. This gives extra protection for little kids who are in rear-facing mode.

Last but not least, both car seats use the 5-point harness, which is the most secure on the market. Slowly it’s becoming the standard.


With a slight edge, I give the point to the Clek Foonf.

Size Limits

No wonder they are the Cadillac’s of the car seat world. These is expensive car seats. Now there’s a good way to save money without compromising on safety. This can be done by getting the car seat for the long haul. If you don’t have to replace the car seat, you will be in the green.

Since both the Fllo and Foonf have the same stats, I won’t bore you by repeating myself.

These Clek car seats have two modes of usage. You can install them in rear-facing mode and front-facing mode. The lowest weight limit is set to 14 pounds. Infants with the inserts will be able to ride comfortably (it’s not for newborns, though).

The beauty of these seats is that you can do extended rear-facing. As you know, rear-facing is the safest wade for a child to ride in a car. With the upper limit set to 50 pounds, it will be good until your little one reaches four years of age.

In front-facing mode, the upper limit is set to 65 pounds or 49”. You will get decent mileage out of these car seats.

When it comes to weight, the Clek Fllo is a bit lighter with its 25 pounds compared to the Clek Foonf with its 33 pounds.


It’s a tie.


child car seat installation 7Remember that there are those brands that are a breeze to install? Well, Clek is not one of them. You need to polish off your degree in engineering to get this one installed correctly.

Here’s the good news. The Clek Fllo and the Clek Foonf work the same way, and in forward-facing, it’s a breeze to install. All you have to do is run the latches or the belt through the hole. With the Foonf, there’s the rigid latch system, so you don’t have to mettle with that either.

Here’s the bad news. If you want to install it in rear-facing mode, get ready for a world of pain.

There’s no buckle holder so that you can insert the buckle between the frame and the fabric. Then you have to remove the seat cushion. Then comes the opening of the blue seat belt lock-offs. After that, you have to carefully guide the belt or the latch through the belt guides.

Make sure that the belt is below the guide. If not and you happen to close the lock-offs, they might break. If that breaks, it will only be useful in front facing mode. When it comes to tightening the belt, it’s a good idea to press down with your waist or hips to get it as tight as possible.

It’s an expensive seat, and they designed it that parts can break off that’s not good.


It’s a tie.


We’re dealing with kids so messes and spills will be all too common. This is why the cover has to be easy to clean. Or at least have a darker color, so it’s not that visible.

The main reason I like Clek products is that they have done an amazing job with the fabric. It’s the most ECO thing that you can find. It doesn’t contain any chlorinated or brominated chemicals, and it’s free of toxic fire retardants. If you have a little one who has sensitive skin, this car seat is for you. The fabric is made out of natural merino wool.

Here are the major differences between the Clek Fllo and Foonf. The Clek Floo can be hand washed while the Foonf only allows spot cleaning. For this, you will have to get a special detergent and device.

They advertised it as a stain repellent. What about partially digested food chunks? Where do they fit in?


The point goes to Clek Fllo.

Bonuses and Features

The score is a tie. Let’s see if we can dig out some differences to pick our winner.

Since these car seats cater to infants, they must have a recline function. The Clek Fllo is a fixed car seat. It’s set to an angle that is perfect for all shapes and sizes. I have my doubts.

The Clek Foonf is a later generation, and they have added the recline feature. So apparently it wasn’t such a hot idea after all.

Here’s a biggie with both Clek car seats. Every time you adjust the headrest, you have to manually rethread the harness. I hate this with a passion, and I could never get it right. Every time I had to ask my husband for help. -1 point for both?

They are excellent seats if you want to do extender rear-facing. Both of them allow the maximum weight of 50 pounds, which is somewhere in the 4-year mark.


The point goes to Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat .

Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seat

Clek Fllo Convertible Car SeatPros:

It looks good in the car, and it’s safe at the same time

It’s safe tests show that it has the least toxic chemicals and fire retardants

It’s the narrowest car seat you can buy. Two of these in the backseat, and there’s still room in the middle for an adult.


The resistive stain fabric is a good idea until a peeing accident. It fills all the hidden crevices so it will smell.

It’s hard to fly with this car seat. TSA agents warn against it.

Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat

Clek Foonf Convertible Car SeatPros:

It’s built like and tank, and it’s elevated so kids can lookout

This car seat will allow you to keep your child rear-facing as long as possible

It has installation videos which will help you secure your car seat


The seat cover can’t be removed, so spot cleaning is the only option

Leveling is done through leveling lines which is difficult to get it right

Final Recount

Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat  won by two (2/5)

Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seat lost (1/5)

The other categories were a draw.

Clek FFoonf vs Fllo Verdict

The winner is the Clek Foonf. It has beaten the Clek Floo.

In the safety department, it’s obvious that it’s the upgraded version. It has more features than the Clek Floo. In the size and limits category, they faired the same.

The rear-facing installation is a real hassle, no matter which car seat you choose. Now the forward-facing one is easy, and the Clek Foonf made it easier with the rigid latch system.

The Clek Floo was better in the material and fabrics because the cover can be removed and hand washed. While the Clek Foonf can be cleaned by spot cleaning only.

Finally, the Clek Foonf was superior to the Clek Fllo because it has a recline feature while the Floo is fixed at an angle.

It wasn’t easy to decide which the best is. The Clek Foonf gave the most pros, plus the biggest one was in the safety category.

We have reached the end of the Clek Fllo vs Foonf comparison. I hope this article helped you make up your mind on which is the best one for you. Now it’s your turn to get the one that fits you the best. Do get it soon because stocks are running low.

I always like to read your thoughts and feedback, so please write it in the comment sections below.

Catch you next time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is CLEK Foonf worth the price?

The Clek Foonf is worth the price. Not only it has the top of the line safety features. It comes with the rigid latch system for the fastest install. No to mention the eco seat cover which doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Does CLEK FLLO recline?

No the Clek Fllo doesn’t recline. It has a fixed recline angle and that’s it.

Is the CLEK FLLO comfortable?

Yes tje Clek Floo is comfortable. It’s built like a tank and it’s soft and cushy. Kids love it.

Is CLEK FLLO FAA approved?

Yes the Clek Fllo is FAA approved.

Clek Foonf vs Clek Fllo what are the weight limits?

Checking out the foonf vs fllo we can see that the weight limits are the same. The weight limit for rear rear-facing position is 50 pounds and for forward facing is 65 pounds. The tether anchor weight limit is set to 65 pounds. The weight range is between 5 and 65 pounds. The infant seat height is 49 inches. If you’re using any convertible car seat you will need to use the infant insert.

What sets foonf vs fllo appart?

The main thing is their fabric. There are no flame retardants used what so ever. Their secret is the use of merino wool when they created the child seat. It’s a true lifestyle brand.

Foonf vs Clek Fllo seats which one has the best safety features?

There are so many safety reasons why you should choose the best car seats. With these Clek seat you can’t go wrong. One of the main safety feature of these seats is the react safety system. Both car seats offer great side impact protection. You shouldn’t skip the anti-rebound bar either. The anti-rebound bar was meant to be used for rear facing only. By using the anti-rebound bar you will be reducing impact damage on your child. For better leveling it’s advised to use a pool noodle. On of the most important safety features is the crumple zone technology. They have taken this to another level with the react energy management system. The aluminum honeycomb ads to the safety. All clek fllo car seats have the react energy management system and side impact protection. During side impact collision it’s a must. These would be the main safety features for the fllo car seat.

How do you install the Foonf and Fllo car seats on the vehicle seat?

Since these are convertibles they can be installed both front and rear facing you can use the latch installation and shoulder belt installation. Depending on the mode you have to flip the recline foot or the flip foot. The recline foot determines the seat’s position. I can’t recommend the rigid latch system enough. There’s no guess work with the rigid latch system. You will get the installation right on the first try every time. It’s super fast you can install it in matter of seconds. The latch connectors are second gen so easier to move around. As for the seat belt position install it’s similar with other car seats. The shoulder belt is fed through the be belt path and the slack has to be removed. Make sure you check the instruction manual first.

What is the rigid latch system?

The rigid latch system is Clek’s way to simplify the install. The latch connectors are rigid so the install is easier. The installation foonf car seat is effortless and so it is with clek fllo car seats.

What kind of recline options do the Clek Foonf vs Fllo Offer?

There’s a big difference with these two. The Fllo has a set angle. You can’t adjust the recline positions there’s just one recline option and that’s it. If the vehicle seat has some extra recline options then good other than that you’re stuck with their optimal one.

What are the Clek Floo and Foonf accessories?

Clek has the following accessories: Drink-thingy, Infant-thingy infant insert, Weelee travel bag, Cleaning Kit, Mat-thingy.  Here are some features you might want to check out: seating position, seating depth, child restraints, anchor connectors, cup holder.

Can the foonf vs clek fllo car seats used as a booster seat?

The clek fllo car seats can’t be used as a booster seat.

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