The Best 5 Point Harness Car Seat with Pros, Cons and Recommendations


Welcome to the Best 5 Point Harness Car Seat Award Ceremony!

For the past month, I was driving around my kids for infinite miles while enduring fusses tantrums to test which are the best 5-point harness seats on the market.

I’ve also asked other momsexperts and researched recalls to bring you these results, and during this time, my husband was kicking back and enjoying some peace and quiet (you owe me a big one, honey…)


Finding the perfect 5-point harness car seat comes down to three things, your child’s sizeyour vehicle size and budget. As soon as you know these, it will be easy to find the right fit.

I’m a mom of 3 perfect angels (mostly when they are asleep, mostly), so I thought it would be a great idea to help other parents out by doing the heavy lifting. Thanks to my kids, I can test multiple car seats at once. This is the reason why I’ve created this article to save you time and give you the very best options.

I’m ranking the top 5-point harness car seats on: safetyextended 5-point harness mode, comfort, ease of installation and, of course, price.

Now no matter which one you choose, you can rest assured that you have picked a winner. There are only champions on my list.

Let’s see those car seats already!

In a Hurry? Here Are the Top 3 Best 5 Point Harness Car Seats

For parents who want the safest car seat on the market when it comes to 5-point harness seats, plus it will be the last one you will ever buy

For parents who want to enjoy driving without forcing the passenger to kiss the dashboard, even in a Prius

For parents who want their child to sleep in as much comfort as possible and without head bobbing and compromised breathing

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#1 Diono Radian 3RXT- The Best 5 Point Harness Car Seat


We have a WINNER!

When it comes to 5-point harness seats, the Diono Radian 3RXT is simply the best. Not only is it a comfy car seat, but it also allows extended rear-facing and longer use of the 5-point harness (which, we know, is the safest).

With this Diono, you will get your money’s worth as it can be used up to 10 years, so even a younger sibling might fit in without having to make a new purchase.

There’s more good news! The design is simply perfect for eliminating bobbing heads or the floppy head syndrome, so your child will sleep without compromising their airways.

Finally, the installation is fast and effortless, and you will get it nice and tight each and every time.

Here is why it’s top of my list:

  • Perfect for the Long Run: You will be able to use the 5-point harness in the extended rear-facing mode, so your child will get the best protection possible
  • First in Comfort: My son was falling asleep in the seat. It’s that comfortable. And best of all, he didn’t experience the floppy head syndrome
  • Installation Is a Breeze: Finally, a car seat that you can install without making frequent donations in the swear jar!

Here are a few drawbacks that you might want to check out:

Brace yourself as the only way to clean this seat is with spot cleaning. Indeed, you can’t remove the cover and just throw it in the washing machine. Hopefully, you won’t have any incidents and your kids are meat-eaters.

The gray color option isn’t the greatest because it’s not stain-friendly. Coupled with spot cleaning, darker colors are much better for use.

As you have seen, the Diono Radian 3RXT is a great choice for anyone. Parents are assured that their child is safe and protected thanks to the extended 5-point harness, and it’s super comfy, where kids will gladly stay.

Since this seat is in such high demand, no wonder it’s constantly running out of stock. You need to move fast if you want to secure it.

If you’re looking for something cheaper, check out #3 on my list.

  • Finally, a car seat where the baby isn’t slouching or sliding down
  • It’s lightweight and easy to move around
  • It’s soft and padded plus it comes with side impact protection
  • The gray fabric is not that stain friendly
  • You can’t remove the fabric the only solution is spot cleaning


#2 Britax Grow With You High-Back Booster Seat – Best 5 Point Harness Booster Seat 2023

Best-5-Point-Harness-Booster-Seat-2022Britax is one of the best car seat brands you can go with.

If you want the absolute best protection for your child that a tank can offer with extended 5-point harness mode, this is the one to choose.

This car seat could be the very last one that you have to buy. After this, only the seat belt will be needed.

With the Britax Grow With You, there are a bunch of perks you probably didn’t hear of. First of all, it’s highly rated for safety, and thanks to the Clicktight system, the mounting is child’s play. Yes, you don’t have to sweat blood to get it tight enough.

This seat is so comfy that my kids were falling asleep after hitting the road. It’s quite uncommon because they tend to have a lot of energy.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

  • Longer 5-point Harness Mode: We all know that the 5-point harness is the safest protection for kids, and now, they can be protected for a longer time
  • Built for the Road: This car seat is so comfortable that you won’t hear any whining or complaints, even on longer trips; I can vouch for that
  • It’s a TANK: I’m not kidding! It’s big, heavy, and it offers the very best protection possible. No matter what, your child will be safe in this seat

Here are a few drawbacks that you might want to check out:

This car seat is heavy in all the right places to offer the necessary protection. However, you won’t be tempted to swap between cars too frequently.

Britax usually does a good job with instructional videos, but in this case, they have dropped the ball. However, parents have stepped in, and you will find many great videos on YouTube.

All in all, this Britax car seat is a great choice for a 5-point harness car seat. Not only is it highly rated for safety and super comfy, but you can also use the 5-point harness for a longer period of time.

You need to hurry, though. The last time I checked, there were only a few left in stock. You might just snag the last one.

  • The safest car seat after you have clicked it in it doesn’t wiggle a bit
  • Your little one will be safe like a Nascar driver thanks to the 5-point harness
  • This is the ultimate traveling companion if you want to style
  • Big and heavy you won’t be swapping between cars
  • This car seat needs better instructional videos


#3 Chicco Myfit Harness + Booster – Best 5-Point Harness Car Seat For Travel

Best-5-Point-Harness-Car-Seat-For-TravelHe’s not breathing! Get to the hospital!

You never want to hear these words. But he used to common for a friend of mine. Their son was born with breathing problems. If anything has blocked his breathing route, he ended up in the hospital.

Their latest scare came when they have upgraded the seat. They have picked the wrong one. After a certain stage, most car seats don’t provide the necessary head support, so the head flops. This is what happened to them.

They have tried and tested many car seats until they have found the Chicco Myfit belt-positioning booster seats. Now head flops are the thing of the past. Also, they are driving much safer because they aren’t constantly checking the rearview mirror.

My kids have fallen in love with the Chicco Myfit harnessed booster seat. They have gotten to the stage that they only want what big kids have. The Chicco Myfit convertible car seat answers this need perfectly. It stands out of the rest of the kiddie seats. It’s more like a smaller version of a race car seat.

Besides the looks, it’s super comfortable and safe. The side impact protection not only keep the head safe but the whole body as well.

From 30 pounds, this seat can be used with the 5 point harness in front-facing mode. Eventually, you can upgrade to booster mode. This means that it’s the last car seat that you will ever have to buy.

The Chicco Myfit is cool and safe at the same time. This is why it won it the spot.

  • It’s a heavy-duty car seat that won’t move no matter what
  • Your child will sleep easily without the dreaded head slump
  • It’s well-cushioned, and it won’t overheat
  • It has a narrow profile so thinner kids will be the most comfortable
  • Padding behind the belt not removable for washing


#4 Evenflo Symphony Elite High Back Booster Car Seat – Best 5 Point Harness Convertible Car Seat

Best-5-Point-Harness-Convertible-Car-SeatAs your kids get older, you have to upgrade the car seats. With each upgrade, they tend to be more difficult. The Evenflo Symphony Elite has solved this problem with a genius solution.

It’s the easiest to install 5 point harness car seat that you can get. They are using ratchet technology. After you have clicked the latches, you turn the ratchet until it’s nice and snug. According to Evenflo, you will be able to get a 3x tighter installation this way.

There’s no force needed whatsoever. It’s an ideal car seat for grandparents or people with arthritis. It’s simple and effective.

It has quite a generous weight limits. You can start using it in 5 point harness mode front-facing from 22 pounds and to 65 pounds.

Now, after 65 pounds, you can upgrade to booster mode. This seat is a great money saver because you can use it for so long.

Best of all, it’s super affordable without being cheap.

We all know kids, and they leave a mess behind. You don’t have to worry about the Evenflo Symphony harness booster seat. The cover can be easily removed, and machine washed.

As far as a 5 point harness car seats go, this is the easiest to install. Also, it’s affordable without being cheap.

  • The latch system after you got used to it it’s amazing
  • All in one car seat that protects your little one from 4 to 120 pounds
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Shallow and bad cup holders they fly around at their own will
  • It’s bulky, and you won’t be moving it around after the install


#5 Graco Tranzitions Harness Booster Car Seat – Best Lightweight 5 Point Harness Car Seat

Best-Lightweight-5-Point-Harness-Car-SeatThis incident happened with a friend of mine.

They were heading home from ballet class. Her daughter was sitting quietly in the back. It was their regular commute. Everything turned to the worse when they stopped at that red light.

A few seconds later, a drunk driver slammed into them, traveling at 50 mph. It was a devastating crash. The trunk simply disappeared. The back seat was bent.

The mother expecting the worst, she turned back to check on her daughter. Then she saw her. She was wide-eyed and unhurt. This Graco car seat did its job and kept the girl safe from harm.

If you’re looking for a secondary 5 point harness seat or if you’re on the budget, the graco Tranzitions convertible car seats might be a good fit.

The Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 combination seats has a few surprises for you. It’s a 3 in 1 convertible car seat. It can be used in 5 point harness mode; then, it can be upgraded to high back booster mode and backless booster mode.

It’s super light and a great travel companion. It’s a safe seat, as you have seen from the story above.

Since kids are messy, Graco has thought of everything. The fabric can be easily removed, and machine washed. No matter the stain, it will be good as new after a wash.


Finally, a super lightweight car seat that’s easy to transition in and out

  • It has a narrow profile so three seats can be fitted in the back
  • The cushion gives extra comfort, so it’s good on long road trips
  • The armrest feels short you can only utilize them in backless booster mode
  • It’s not the prettiest car seat around it gives a cheap feeling


Buyer’s Guide for the Best 5 point Harness Seats

It was a long and interesting article to write. I hope you’ve got a lot of value out of it. I thought that I would over-deliver and include a buyer’s guide.

Maybe shortly you will have to research a new car seat so it will come handy. Before we could get to it, though, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Not all spots for the car seats are created equally. The safest place to put your child is in the middle. I know that’s not doable for everyone, so here’s the second-best option which is behind the driver.

Installation is crucial. Since poor mounting won’t provide the necessary protection, then the car seat loses its purpose.

There indeed are few notoriously hard to install a car seat. Either way, it’s super important to check out the manual, and if you’re stuck, there are a bunch of videos online. Also if you have second thoughts, reach out to a licensed professional for help.

Amazon started offering car seat installs for a fee. Maybe that will work better for you. No matter which choice you go with getting the tightest install possible.

Let’s get this buyer’s guide started.


Safety is top of my list. This is the reason why we’re getting car seats to have our little one safe no matter what. My best advice in this category is to get the most protection that you can afford. There’s no such thing as an overprotected child when it comes to seats.

All car seats have the front and rear impact protection as standard. You can go a step beyond this. Side impact protection is becoming popular nowadays. It ranges from one up to three layers of protection.

A handful of pioneer models have rollover protection. As you know, these accidents are only a dime a dozen, but they are the deadliest ones.

Size Limits

Do you want to know how to save money without compromising safety? It’s so simple anybody can do it. Best of all, you don’t have to stay up until the crack dawn refreshing the page, hoping for a discount.

The secret is to buy a seat for many years to come. It’s that simple, the more it’s being used, the more money you’re saving.


In the early days, the installation was quite difficult. Now there is much advancement, so it’s getting easier and easier.

Make sure that the wiggle room is less than an inch.

Keep in mind that harness seats usually tap out around the 65-pound mark after that the seat belt is the next best option.


We’re talking about kids so that messes will be all too common. This is why it’s good to know ahead of time what you’re getting into. Stick with brands which have an easy removal and machine washable covers. If not, you will be in a world of pain.


Conclusions on the Best 5 Point Harness Car Seat

We have reached the end of this award ceremony. I hope you have learned a lot.

By now, you should have a clear picture of which one of these car seats is the right fit. Now it’s your turn to take action. I’ve taken the liberty to look up stock info, and you need to hurry because they are low.

I would love to hear about your experiences. You can share them below.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How long should a child be in a 5 point harness?

It’s advised to keep the child in a 5 point harness up to 65 pounds or if they reach the height limit. The 5 point harness is safer for a smaller child than the seat belt.

What is the 5 point harness weight limit?

The 5 point harness weight limit is 65 pounds.

Are 5-point harness car seats legal?

Yes 5-point harness car seats are legal and they are the safest ones to use. These harnesses provide the best protection possible you can use it in both in rear-facing or forward-facing mode.

Is there a booster seat with 5-point harness?

Yes these are the best booster seats with 5 point harness:

  • Diono Radian 3RXT

  • Britax Grow With You High-Back Booster Seat

  • Chicco Myfit Harness + Booster

  • Graco Tranzitions Harness Booster Car Seat

Is a 5 point harness safer than a booster?

Yes the 5 point harness is safer than a booster for a smaller child.

Which is the best 5-point harness car seat up to 100 lbs?

The best 5-point harness car seat up to 100 lbs is the Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat.

Which is the best 5-point harness car seat for older child?

The best 5-point harness car seat for older child would be:

  • Graco Tranzitions 3-in-1 Harness Booster Seat

  • Wayb Pico Harness Booster Seat – best high back booster with harness

  • Nuna Exec – forward facing 5 point harness car seat

  • Britax Grow With You ClickTight Harness Booster Seat – Best britax 5 point harness booster

  • Chicco MyFit Zip – Best 5-point harness car seat up to 120 lbs

Which is the best 5-point harness booster seat for over 65 lbs?

The best best 5-point harness booster seat for over 65 lbs would be:

  • Diono Radian 3RXT

  • Maxi-Cosi Pria – Best booster seat with harness

  • Britax Grow with You ClickTight – Best high back booster with 5 point harness

Which is the best 5 point harness car seat up to 120 lbs?

The best best 5 point harness car seat up to 120 lbs would be:

  • Diono Radian 3RXT – Best 5 point booster seat with Harness

  • Maxi-Cosi Pria – Best harness booster seat

  • Britax Grow with You ClickTight – best 5 point harness booster car seat

  • Chicco Myfit – High back booster seat with harness

Which car seats didn’t make it on the five-point harness car seat list?

These car seats didn’t make the cut: Britax frontier belt-positioning booster seat, chicco kidfit harness booster seat. Even best bet backless boosters have fallen off.

What are the height and weight limits for the best booster seats?

The weight and height limits would be as it follows.  The weight limit for forward facing backless seat would be 110 pounds (100lbs). For the forward facing belt-positioning booster seat the upper weight limit is 90 pounds.  The weight and height limit for a convertible car seat in rear facing mode is 40 pounds (40 lbs). The high back booster seat later one converts to a backless booster seat. These would be the height and weight for the best booster seat with the 110 pounds limit. There are a few combination booster seat that are limited to 120 lbs. As you can guess this 120 lbs is the upper limit ever. If you’re interested in the best booster seats then check out this post the list is filled with many great seat.

What kind of safety standards can we expect from 5 point harness big kid seats?

Many parents are looking for the best in safety when it comes to backless booster seat options. The most important child safety features are the side impact protection and impact absorption. The five-point harness is a safety feature itself. No matter if you’re looking at a high back booster seat or best backless booster seat safety is key. Other safety features include the vehicle seat belts, latch system, multiple layers of side-impact protection. The best backless booster seat can only be installed via the vehicle seat belt. As for the belt-positioning booster seat it’s important to have a steel frame and adjustable headrest height positions and harness height positions. All these seats have passed the crash test. The upper weight limit for the harness 2 booster seats is 65 lbs. With these booster seats you typically getting 10 years warranty. From 4 years and upwards it can be used up to 12 years old.  If you have a 5-year-old take a look at the best car seats for 5 year old article. The forward-facing car seat (harness booster seats, highback booster seats) weight requirements are 22 pounds. There are rear facing booster seats. The only option for rear facing would be 2 in 1 or harness 2 booster seats. Here’s the truth the more expensive the high back boosters are the better the build quality. The highback booster and the harness booster offer the most leg room from all the booster seat options out there. It’s also easy to use. All these harness booster seats have passed the crash test standards.

What is forward facing height limit for a backless booster seat and youth booster seat?

The top height limit is 62 inches tall. These seats can be used from 4 years old all the way up to 12 year old.

How do you install these best booster seats?

If they have a back then you can use the latch system and the shoulder belt or the seat belt. Now if it’s a backless booster seat then the latch system won’t work you will have to rely on the seat belt. Make sure you read the manual first. All in all these seats are easy to install. Use latch connectors (lower latch) and as the child grows use the seat without the latches. The belt guides come handy when you transitioned out of the harness system. Keep in mind to adjust the crotch buckle positions according to the need. The lap belt will use the belt guides as well it’s super easy with seat options. The combination booster seat like the graco tranzitions 3 in 1 can be installed with the shoulder belt guide or the latch system. All you have to do is pull on the latch tightener and you’re done.

What kind of features should I look at with these best harness car seats?

Do check out the cup holders. There should be dual cup holders on these seats. It should be easy to remove and easy to install them. One cup holder can be used for drinks while the second one for toys. Removable cup holders get a plus from me. The foam padding provides enough support and comfort. The seat cover is machine washable. These seats should have recline positions. The facing harness 2 booster seats have and easy to remove seat cover. Plus there’s a storage compartment for the harness covers when it’s not in use. The seat pad is washing machine friendly. You can choose from multiple recline position options and crotch buckle position options. The harness positions and head rest is adjustable according to the vehicle seats.

What’s the best 5 point harness car seat?

The best 5 point harness seat for car is the Britax Grow With You.

How does the harness booster seat work?

A harness booster seat works by attaching a strap to the car’s seat belt, feeding it through the seat and attaching it with clamps on the other side. This prevents your child from moving out of position during a collision.

What factors should I look at while shopping for a 5 point harness seat?

You will want to ensure that you purchase the harness booster seat with the best possible safety and comfort for your child. Some key factors to look at include:

  • Look for a five point harness seat that is well constructed with strong stitching. You will want to make sure the belt straps are very durable and cannot be easily chewed on by your pet (if you have one) and make sure that the belt holes are reinforced.
  • Look for a harness seat that is machine washable and dryer safe as well so you can keep it clean. Check the weight and size of the car seat to make sure it will fit in your vehicle. If possible, try to find a lightweight seat that can be transported easily from car to car.

How do I install a harness booster seat?

The harness booster seat should be installed tightly into the middle position of your backseat, which is between the driver and passenger’s seats. The harness booster seat should face the direction that your child is already most comfortable sitting in. Proper installation is key to ensuring the safety of your child while driving. A harness booster seat installed in a vehicle improperly will not provide optimal protection for your baby or toddler.

Which is the safest kind of harness car seats out there?

The safest kinds of harness car seats are those that you can install easily in your vehicle, which do not take up too much space and still provide a snug fit so they will be stable during travel. It is highly advisable to always check the weight requirement for each seat.

What is a harness car seat?

A harness car seat is a type of child safety seat that you place your baby into. It straps in using either the lap and shoulder belts or a 5 point harness system. The goal is to make sure your child remains safe during travel, even if there’s an accident

What is the best 5 point harness booster seat?

The best 5 point harness booster seat is the Britax Grow With You.

What are the benefits of 5 point harness booster?

The best things about a five point harness booster seat are that it’s easy to use and install, can be used for long periods of time (so your child is still safely strapped in if you have to drive around town or across country), and comes with an adjustable head rest. The benefits of 5 point harness booster are that it ensures your child is kept safely in place during travel, the design is adjustable and can be used for a very long time (so you won’t have to shop again for another seat anytime soon).

When can a kid use a harness booster seat?

Use a booster seat in the back seat when your child reaches at least age 5 and outgrows the forward-facing car seat with harness. Use a booster seat until the belt fits properly. Until 4 ft 9 in (145 cm) tall, a booster seat is typically required. An adult safety belt may not be used by children before they reach.

What age can a child use a 5 point car seat?

It is safer for young children under the age of 5 or 6 to remain in a 5-point harness car seat. Do not rush to “graduate” your child to a booster seat. If your kid still fits in his 5-point harness car seat, keep him there!

Can a 7 year old be in a 5-point harness?

The five-point harness may be used with children who weigh more than 40 pounds. The harness can then be unclipped and it becomes a belt-positioning booster that works in conjunction with the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belts. Children weighing up to 100 pounds may safely use some of these seats.

Which booster seats are safest?

Booster seats help ensure that your child is safe in the car. With a booster seat, you can keep your child harnessed in a 5-point harness longer before transitioning to just using a seat belt. This helps protect children by keeping them restrained at their correct height and position in the vehicle.

Are all high back booster seats safe?

All high back booster seats have a 5-point harness for children 40 – 80 pounds and/or under 57 inches tall. Some high back booster models may convert to belt positioning booster (with vehicle seat belt) mode when the child has reached the maximum weight of 100 pounds.

How do I know if a highback booster seat is safe?

Knowing whether a highback booster seat is safe or not depends on the amount of time your child can comfortably sit in this car seat. Keep in mind that your child should be able to sit comfortably with her back straight against the vehicle’s seatback for the duration of your trip (gas station pit stops included). If there are gaps between her shoulders and the vehicle seatback, or if her knees are bent because her butt is too low in the seat cushion, it may be time to try a different style of booster seat.

What is a five point harness car seat?

A five point harness has five attachment points for attaching it to your child at the upper body’s most sturdy places, which are his or her shoulders and hips. When an accident occurs, the car seat harness distributes the force of the collision to these firm areas of the body and into the seat.

What is the best booster seat with 5 point harness?

The Britax Grow With You car seat is the best booster seat with 5 point harness for a number of reasons. First, it is highly rated for safety and it is built for comfort, so your child can remain comfortable even on long trips.

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