Best Amp for Doors Speakers with Pros, Cons & Recommendations

Welcome to the Best Amp for Doors Speakers Award Show!

I’ve spent the last 12 days unpacking, installing, stripping wires, soldering, heat shrinking and tuning amplifiers while I’ve skipped on house chores and the kid’s bedtime stories (sorry honey, I will make it up to you), to bring you the best amps for door speakers.


Finding the perfect amplifier for door speakers comes down to three things, power requirements, impedance and, of course, your budget. As soon as you know these, it will be easy to find the perfect amp to bring the best out of those speakers.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been installing all types of audio equipment, so I know how much time it takes to find a good amp. This is why I’ve put together this review to save you a lot of time and help you avoid lemons and duds.

I’m ranking these 3 best of the best amplifiers on weight, ease of install, power rating, impedance, sound quality and price.

Now picking any amp from the list below is guaranteed to be a winner. These three are the best of the best, and you can’t go wrong with them.

Let me see those amps already!


#1 Rockford Fosgate P400X4 Punch – The Best Amp for Doors Speakers Overall

We have a WINNER!

Brace yourself this amplifier will make your system louder. It has a lot of power, and as a matter of fact, you will be getting more performance for no extra money. You see, these amps are underrated, and you get more power than advertised.

For your door speakers, this is the best setup. This Rockford Amplifier is a Class A/B which means it will get you the clearest sound possible. After the easy installation, the tuning is a walk in the park. Once that’s done, get ready because this monster will roar.

Power Specs:

  • 50 Watts x 4 at 4-Ohm
  • 100 Watts x 4 at 2-Ohm
  • 200 Watts x 2 at 4-Ohm Bridged

Actually, this was the missing link to get the best performance out of door speakers. It has more than enough power to drive your speakers. Plus, it works wonders with all types of music. What you’re getting is crisp, clean sound without distortions.

This amplifier makes all the difference; you will feel the speakers come alive.

This is why it’s top of my list:

  • Assault with Battery: If the speakers would bleed, then you would most likely be charged and arrested. It’s such a powerful amp that it will make your speakers work double time
  • The Beast Sounds Amazing: If you want a high SQ that is crisp and clean, then this is the right amp for you. Plus, it will drive your door speakers effortlessly
  • Underrated: Here’s a secret, you will get more power than advertised. This is how Rockford Fosgate rolls.

A few drawbacks to consider:

It’s a bad choice from Rockford Fosgate to make the bass boost unreachable. I mean, if you put the amp under the car seat, good luck reaching it. Since it’s a heavy amplifier, you have no choice but under the seat.

This is just a minor issue, and it’s worth mentioning the EQ instructions are weak. I’ve expected more from Rockford

It’s true that this amplifier has a few drawbacks, and they are not serious deal breakers because we’re talking about powering speakers and not subwoofers. It’s the #1 amplifier for that.

Since it’s so good and it’s so popular, then we shouldn’t wonder that it’s running out of stock. It’s time to move fast and get it before they run out. I heard from a friend of mine who works at a fulfilment center that it can take weeks until the new shipment arrives. There’s no time to waste.

If you want something cheaper, then check out #2 on my list.


Underrated, you’re getting a lot more power for the price

It puts the speakers on notice and cranks every performance out of them

Every music genre will sound amazing


Getting access to the bass boost is difficult

EQ instructions are weak

#2 MTX Audio Thunder75.4 – Best Door Speaker Amp for the Value

This is by far one of the most user-friendly amplifiers I have ever tested. First of all, the installation is a breeze. Thanks to the screw compression connectors, you will set it up very fast.

Once you get this amp dialled in, your vehicle will sound like a concert hall on wheels. Best of all, it’s ideal for door speakers because the sound will be a lot better than imagined.

Sound enthusiasts are raving about this amp and can’t get enough of it.

Power Specs:

  • 75 Watts x 4 Channels at 4 Ohms
  • 100 Watts x 4 Channels at 2 Ohms
  • 175 Watts x 2 Channels Bridged 4 Ohms

Just in case you like to tinker and get the absolute best out of it, then you can do it since the front, and rear channels have different frequency adjustments.

The biggest perk of having this amplifier is the never-ending compliments from people. Since it puts out so much power, your system will be loud, which will attract “groupies”.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

  • Thumper System: When you let this monster loose, look out, world! It hits the mids and the highs perfectly. And if you want to sound it perfect, you can tweak the front and rear channels separately
  • Bragging Rights: Besides delivering clean power for your door speakers, it will catch anyone’s attention because it looks cool. People will be impressed, and they will compliment you
  • Affordable: This is one of the best perks. You can have a great-sounding system without the need of taking out a second mortgage.

Here are a few drawbacks:

It’s a Class A/B amp, so get ready to run hot. If you’re living under a warmer climate, then you need to have some cooling options so it doesn’t overheat.

They messed up the filters on the rear channel. The range is 50-750. There’s no way to dial it correctly, so you will be guessing.

All in all, this MTX audio amplifier gets the job done. It offers great value for the price, even if it has a few drawbacks. In my book, these are not deal-breakers.

Since this is a popular subwoofer, we shouldn’t wonder why the stocks are always low. People are buying them like no tomorrow. Do yourself a favor and act fast and buy it before they are gone. It’s not uncommon to wait weeks for the new shipment to arrive.


An affordable, powerful Thumper system

Great for bragging rights

The perfect amp if you value distortion, static, hiss free music


It’s a Class A/B amp, so you will need cooling fans in hot areas

The blue LED light might be distracting for some

#3 Alpine MRV-F300 – Best Affordable Amp for Door Speakers

No matter if you have a brand spanking new system or just upgrading your amp, this Alpine will bring a new dimension to your music.

Brace yourself; this baby will be loud. I can’t listen to it on Max because it might hurt my hearing. It simply sounds fantastic. The output is clean and crisp, just what the doctor ordered.

This Alpine amp is a Class D, so you know that it will be very efficient, and there’s no need for a cooling system.

Power Specs:

  • 75 Watts RMS X 4 at 2 Ohms
  • 50 Watts RMS X 4 at 4 Ohms

If you prefer SPL, then you might want to look for a different amp; however, if SQ is the thing you’re looking for, you’ve just found the perfect one.

Even if this is a class D amplifier, there’s no distortion or humming. Alpine nailed it. This amp is just perfect for door speakers because it shines in the mids and highs. This baby will last for many years. I have an installing rocking for more than 4 years, and it has been running almost on a daily basis.

Here’s why it’s a must-buy:

  • Handles Like a Champ: If you love the clean sound on a higher volume, this is the amp of your choice. There’s no distortion and no clipping, only pure melody
  • For the Mids and Highs: Your door speakers never sounded this good. It’s free from hums and hisses, and you can enjoy your favorite songs
  • Built to Last: My very first install of this amp was 4 years ago. It has been battle-tested almost every day, and it’s still kicking and delivering as if I had installed it two days ago

Here are a few drawbacks:

I’ve expected an easier installation from Alpine instead of screw terminals; they should’ve used fork terminals, then this would’ve been much faster.

The mounting tabs are made out of plastic. I hope these will last.

All in all, this Alpine subwoofer is one of the most affordable ones on the market when comparing value for the money. It has a few drawbacks which will turn off a few people; however, serious music fans can take a pass on them.

Alpine is a well-known and respected brand. They are in the front lines when it comes to audio equipment. Thanks to high demand and production difficulties, there is only a handful of them left. So you need to move fast if you want this amplifier. The faster you move, the better your chances.


Like a champ in its prime, no distortions or clipping

The perfect amp for the mids and highs

Exactly what your system needs for clean, crisp music


The mounting tabs are plastic

Fork terminals would’ve been a better option

Buyer’s Guide for Door Speaker Amplifiers

The amplifiers listed above are all champions you can’t go wrong with them. Still, you need to match it with your system to get the perfect fit. This is why I’m putting together this simple and easy-to-follow buyer’s guide so you get the best sounding system possible.

The most important values to get the best sound quality would be the power rating and the impedance.

Amplifier Power Rating

This number is measured in watts. Now, please stay away from the maximum power output because this is usually inflated. The real number you should be concerned about is the RMS value. The amp RMS value should be in the range of the speakers.

Typically you can match in the range of 70-100%. Also, keep in mind if you have a bit more power than the speaker’s RMS value that’s not an issue they can handle. Or you can eventually upgrade. The big problem is if you don’t have the necessary power then you can blow your door speakers.

Amplifier Impedance

This is the second most important number and it’s measured in ohms. Make sure that this is an exact match. If you have 2,4,8 ohm speakers you need to get the same ohm amplifier.

Amplifier Classes

There are different amplifier classes, however, there are two that are the most important ones. There’s the Class A/B and Class D.

Class A/B is an older technology and it delivers the cleanest sound possible. The drawback is that it’s not that efficient. It also produces a lot of heat so it might be more expensive because you need a cooling technology

Class D on the other hand is far more efficient reaching even 95% so this means that there’s little or no heat produced. Also because of its architecture the sound isn’t that clean on a higher level. Although with recent advancements in technology, it’s getting there.

For the time being I have mostly recommended Class A/B amplifiers because those give the very best sound quality.

Why a 4-channel amplifier for door speakers?

The main reason I’m recommending 4 channel amplifiers is that typically cars have 4 of them so you get a convenient amplifier that powers all the door speakers. This will make the mounting easier and faster plus it won’t take up that much space.

Also 4 channel amplifiers offer the versatility you can power anything from 2 to even 6 speakers.

Conclusions on the Best Amp for Doors Speakers Awards

We have reached the end of this award ceremony. I hope you have already found the amp that suits your needs best and of course you enjoyed as much reading as I did testing these babies out.

Now I’ve done my best to cover as many options as possible with these 3 amplifiers. Since everyone has a different system it can be dead on or missed by a mile.

One thing is for sure though. No matter which one you choose from the list above you need to move fast because these are highly popular products and they are flying off the shelves. Take action and grab one while you still can.

If you happen to have questions or tips feel free to reach out and I will try to respond as fast as possible.

Roger and Out

What amp is best for door speakers?

The best amp for door speakers is on the list below:

  • Rockford Fosgate P400X4 – Best Amp for Door Speakers Overall

  • MTX Audio THUNDER75.4 Thunder -Best Amp for Door Speakers with High Value

  • Alpine MRV-F300 – Best Amp for Door Speakers which is Affordable

Do door speakers sound better with an amp?

Yes door speakers sound a lot better with an amp. This is because the car battery can’t provide sufficient power. Adding an amplifier will increase the power and it will make the door speakers shine.

How many watts do I need for door speakers?

It comes down to your personal preference. 200 Watts is sufficient if you want something very loud and it fits your type of music. Also 50 watts would be enough if you have something that more classical and jazzy.

Can you run door speakers on a 2 channel amp?

Yes you can easily run 4 door speakers on a 2 channel amp. All you have to do is match the impedance aka the Ohm value of the speakers with the 2 channel amp.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

What is the most common car amplifier / amp used for door speakers?

The most common amp used for door speakers would be the 4 channel amp for door speakers. The 4 channel amp is the best choice since there are 4 door speakers and the 4 channel amp has 4 output. If you want to know which is the best 4 channel amp you can read it on my latest post called best 4 channel amplifier in 2023.

What are the features for the amplifiers on the amp for door speakers list?

I try to avoid the features as much as possible because they are boring. So if you’re interested in the amp for door speakers features here they are:

  • Rockford Fosgate P400X4 Punch 400 Watt RMS power output 4 Channel Amplifier; frequency range: 20-20K Hz; great sound quality; very efficient heat sink; higher frequency signals
  • MTX Audio THUNDER75.4 Thunder Series Car Amplifier; great sound quality; input sensitivity ranging from 150 mV to 12 volts; this amplifier boasts low power consumption and high signal to noise ratio with minimal distortion
  • Alpine MRV-F300 4-Channel Car Amplifier, 50 Watts RMS power output x 4 (four channels); class d amp; very compact unit; great sound quality;

Will these amp for door speakers and best 4-channel amp for component speakers be running legacy head units?

Yes these amp for door speakers and the best 4 channel amp for component speakers will work. Speaking of component speakers I’ve just written a new post about the best amplifiers for component speakers in 2023 check them out here.

How to get the best sound quality (best audio quality) out of a car audio system (sound system)?

To get the best sound quality out of your car audio system (sound system) you need a few things. Maybe you have your factory audio system or an aftermarket car’s sound system either way you can improve the sound quality with these tips. First of all you need an amp and you don’t need an expensive amps if you want to there are plenty of expensive amps to choose from. If you’re looking for an amp for door speakers you have to check out a 4 channel amp for door speaker system (audio system). By getting the best 4 channel amp options you will instantly get a quality sound (sound system, audio systems, stereo system). Also a head unit will be nice for audio speakers. Typically head units are coming with preamp outputs. Do keep in mind that you will need a separate amplifier (car amp) for subwoofers. Since subwoofers need a more than average power supply. The best thing about the 4-channel amp for door speakers is that it can also power the rear speakers and always check the input sensitivity. All in all for a good audio system you need a 4 channel amp for door speakers.

Where to get the best info about car audio systems?

The best source for info would be the automotive audio industry and music industry publications. I personally love the music industry news about the audio system.

Do you need an amp for door speakers?

No, you don’t necessarily need an amp for door speakers. However, if you want to improve the sound quality of your car’s audio system, then an amplifier can certainly help. A 4-channel amp is a great option for powering door speakers, and will also be able to power other speakers in your car as well.

What is the best 4-channel amp for door speakers?

The best 4-channel amp for door speakers is the Rockford Fosgate P400X4 Punch. If you’re looking for an amp to improve the sound quality of your car audio system, the Rockford Fosgate P400X4 Punch is a great choice for a 4-channel amp, as it has a lot of power and great sound quality.

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