Do You Need an Amp for Door Speakers: Things No One Will Tell You

There is nothing quite like going on a drive with your favorite music playing in the car. Music can be uplifting and help one have a good time alone or in a group. Either way, it is an immensely satisfying experience. But the million-dollar question remains, do you need an amp for door speakers?

If you think of it an amp or amplifier can actually make a huge difference to any sound system be it your home or your car. This is the reason many people get it for their car door speakers. There are a few, however, who see this as an unnecessary, additional cost that they are better off without.

But what is the verdict? Do you need amp for your door speakers? Let us find out!

What Is an Amplifier?

This is the most basic thing that one needs to answer if they are wondering whether they need an amp in their car or not. So, an amplifier, as the name suggests, is an electronic device that is adept at boosting audio signals and making the music coming out of your system sound better.

In most cars, the stereo system comes preinstalled with an amplifier. This is the reason the music in the car sounds so good. When you add more speakers, you make the sound system better and more powerful.

Sometimes, this is not always powerful as your additional speakers may demand more power from the car. This is precisely the reason people opt for an additional external amp such as the one installed in the car door for an enhanced audio experience.

Benefits of an Amp for the Car Door

Before we dive into some crucial aspects, here is a look at the benefits of an external amp if you are wondering do you need an amp for door speakers. Take a read!

1.    Enhanced Sound Quality

Though one can argue that most music systems in automobiles come with a built-in amp, but the truth is that they alone are not enough to offer a premium sound experience. This is truer for those who are constantly on the move and love music.

Sometimes the speakers of the head unit may get cranked displaying the shortage of power in the built in, thereby leading to below-par sound quality. To solve this issue,  one can consider getting an amp for door speakers as these will ensure a superior sound quality in your car.

If you like to listen to loud music while on the road, the amp will give you a cleaner sound and the music will not crankle even at high volumes.

2.  For Additional Functionality and Features

Who said an amp is only for offering a premium sound quality? An additional amp comes with several features that can make your car more utilitarian.

The external amp comes with features such as signal processing and equalizers which is something a lot of cars, especially older models, won’t have. If you add an external amp to your car, you won’t have to shell money on buying a new stereo for your car.

An external amp also places you in a better position to add and remove channels in a car. What is the point of having a car if you can’t play your choice of music well on it? Isn’t life a big party?

3.  Loud Music for Those Crazy Night Outs

Cars can get extremely noisy. Add to this the sound and cantankerousness of traffic outside and you have distracting, sometimes irritating music. These are moments when some nice music can actually save you from all the chaos surrounding you.

This is where the amp door speakers come into play as they let you play loud music at all times. The amplifier will amplify the car’s music, making it sound infinitesimally better without poking a big hole in your pocket.

4.  For Additional Charm to Your Space

The factory speakers are not quite efficient at heavy power and run the risk of sounding shrill especially when you increase the volume. When you add an amp for door speakers, you give your car a way better sounding system, making the drives in it more charming and enjoyable.

5.  Powering a Subwoofer

If you have or wish to add a subwoofer to your car’s audio system, it is important that you get an amplifier. But if your car is not compatible with it, getting a subwoofer amplifier is also going to solve your problem. But if you skip it, you are going to miss out quite a lot.

Component vs Full Range Speakers: Which One Is Better?

This is not a straight answer and we don’t have a clear winner simply because each of these has its individual merits. For instance, component speakers offer way superior sound quality but full-range speakers are certainly easier to use and install.

When Should You Not Get an Amp?

It is only fair that we answer this question to help you make an informed choice. Well, if a little sound distortion and crank in your sound system does not bother you while you are in your car, you can skip getting an amp.

An amplifier is ideal for those who are looking for a seamless music experience and want to enjoy every minute they are on the road.

What Are Some of the Best Amp for Door Speakers?

If you are looking for an amp for door speakers and are not sure which one to go for, we have you covered. Though there is quite a staggering range when it comes to an amp for door speakers, given the purpose they serve, we can give you a couple of recommendations that may be of help.

1.    Alpine MRV-F300

The brand reputation of Alpine precedes its reputation. The product in itself has an excellent THD and is fairly compact and offers a great sound experience at a price that is not exorbitant.

2.  Kicker CXA300.4

If you are looking for a good budget option, this is the one you need to go for. Though it is slightly big in size, it makes up for that in other departments such as an efficient heat sink that cools really soon.

Do You Need an Amp for Door Speakers: Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering do you need an amp for door speakers? We have answered some of the most commonly asked questions just for you. Have a read as these may help you make up your mind and eliminate all the confusion!

Do I Really Need an Amplifier?

This is a rather subjective question, the answer to which will vary from person to person. But if you are an audiophile and like to enjoy good music while on the move, you should certainly try getting an amp for door speakers. You will have a way better audio quality.

I Want an Amp for Door Speakers. Is It Going to Be Very Costly?

This is again very subjective and there is a range when it comes to the pricing of the amplifier.  You can get something between a couple of hundred dollars and thousands of dollars.

But price doesn’t always dictate the quality so, you can find a great option in your budget only if you look around well. So, be prepared to put in some work and do your research. It may pay heavy dividends.

How to Choose the Best Amplifier for My Needs?

There is a range of amplifiers available in the market to choose from. This makes the choice very difficult so we totally understand this question. The answer depends on your needs and the build of your current system.

A 3-channel or 4-channel amplifier is mostly able to meet the needs of even the pickiest of people and will offer a massive upgrade and a superior sound system. So, if you are at a loss of what to buy, you can look into these options.

If you get a 4-channel amplifier, for instance, you will always have the choice of adding more speakers to your system which is not the case if you go for a lower one.

What Is the Power in Car Amplifiers?

This refers to the wattage that is sent to the speakers. The power of the amplifier is one of its key features and will have a massive impact on the sound quality of your system. An RMS ratio of 75 to 150% of the power is considered worthy enough for great sound quality.

An underpowered speaker is not going to be any good so if it comes to a choice, underpowered speakers should be chucked in the favor of overpowered speakers.

The Parting Words

If you are still thinking do you need an amp for door speakers, we hope we have been able to answer your question, or at least have given you more clarity than before. Though it is a matter of personal choice, an amp can certainly oomph up your car’s audio system giving you a far superior experience.

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