Alpine ILX 107 Review IN 2024 – Is This Your Dream Head Unit?

Alpine iLX-107 - 7" Mech-less In-Dash Receiver with Wireless Apple CarPlay

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Do you want easy in and out from the car without cables?

The Alpine iLX-107 answers this call. I love listening to music even on short commutes. When I’m doing the shopping, I pop in and out of the car a lot. This is why it was important to have a wireless head unit.

All that plugging in and taking out is a hassle. This is the reason why I’ve created the Alpine iLX-107 review.

Matter of fact, it was one of the first units offering wireless Car Play. I will be upfront with you. This stereo is not a good fit if you have an Android phone. You can either change the stereo or change your phone. At this moment, only iPhone 5S and the above phones are supported.

Here’s another heads up: it’s a luxury item that is worth the money.

So let’s get this Alpine iLX-107 review started.

  • Finally a wireless Apple Car Play
  • Highly responsive 7-inch screen
  • Excellent for seniors because it works
  • No CD and HD radio
  • Android phones are not supported

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Who is the Alpine iLX-107 for?

The Alpine iLX-107 has polarized its user base. As I’ve mentioned before, only Apple phones are working with this double DIN head unit. The second elimination comes from price. It’s not cheap. Actually, it’s one of the most expensive units I’ve ever reviewed.

Other than these factors, it’s a great stereo. For example, a neighbor of mine installed it in his senior dad’s car. He loves the head unit. He starts the car, and everything works. Plus, his car now has a rearview camera (backup camera), which makes it easier to park.

This receiver isn’t just for music. Sure it has the usual AM/FM radio tuner. Also, you can get access to satellite radio. One thing I’ve missed that there’s no CD slot. So if you are a fan of CD’s it’s time to convert them.

The wireless connectivity makes it easy to get in and out of the car. Plus, and this is a big plus after it’s installed, it looks stock.

It doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. They have done an excellent job, and this unit fits into cars like a glove.

What can the Alpine iLX-107 do for you?

The Alpine iLX-107 has a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen. It’s responsive and easy to handle though it might take some time to get used to the menu system.

I can’t tell you enough how much I love the easy connection to my phone. After doing so many reviews, this is one of the fastest stereos I’ve seen. You start the engine, and the music is on.

With this Alpine unit, you can connect a rear view camera (backup camera). As you put the car in reverse, the camera is running. This is an issue for several competitors that it takes 10-30 seconds to boot up, not with Alpine.

The stereo has a built-in amp. This booster helps to make your stock speakers sound great.

Besides music, you can listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I’m a great fan of podcasts. On my morning commute, I have a list lined up.

You can connect your steering wheel controls to the unit. Taking calls and changing the volume will be easier.

Speaking of calls, Siri is here to help. She can read texts and send replies. Not to mention hands-free calls. This will make driving a lot safer.

The EQ is great, and you can customize it to your liking. The Equilizer is 9-band parametric which helps to make this car audio sound amazing.

I’ve almost forgotten to mention that the screen is easy to see. During the day, it has sufficient brightness. And during the night it can be dimmed, so it doesn’t bother you. Best of all, it has auto-dimming.

Alpine iLX-107 - 7" Mech-less In-Dash Receiver with Wireless Apple CarPlay

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Alpine iLX-107 shortcomings

Yes, here’s the truth it has negatives. I’ve already mentioned that Android is not supported.

So, what other issues are there?

Most of them are first world problems. For example, you can’t change the button backlights. With later models, that is possible.

I miss the usual sound knob. I actually caught myself reaching for it before I realized. I have a strong reflex memory.

The Alpine iLX-107 has some missing features like HD radio. It would be a great plus to have it. It doesn’t have standalone navigation. You are relying on Google or other apps.

The touch screen shows exactly what’s on your phone. If somebody is using it to do something, you lose navigation.

My biggest gripe comes from the missing memory. If you are listening to a long podcast or a book, you might lose your position. Hopefully, the app that plays the audio has built-in memory.

How To Get The Most Out Of It Alpine iLX-107?

Interestingly, consumers are divided. Some say that it’s easy to install, and others say it’s hard.

I believe it comes down to your experience. If you are handy around the car, then it’s probably easy. Otherwise, take it to a professional.

For example, you need to connect to the parking brake. Without it, you can’t change the settings. Do keep in mind that the manual is thin. To get the best info, go online and read the extended info. The double din head unit comes with the Alpine Tuneit App. This Alpine Tuneit app helps you adjust the sound settings from your smartphone.

I’ve seen some negatives reviews of this unit, and they are from bad installs. If you don’t want to waste time, heed my words.


The Alpine iLX-107 is an old model. It the best double din head unit at the time money could buy, but there are better options out there now.

This is the truth it has missing features. So if you want more stuff like Mp3 playback or HD radio, then take a look at Alpine iLX-207.

The Alpine iLX-207 has other features like Sat radio and button color changing.

For some reason, the 207 model is cheaper than the 107. Even if it’s a newer model, this might be a budget-friendly stereo.

Alpine iLX-107 review conclusion

Alpine creates great stereos. The Alpine iLX-107 is a double DIN unit. It was one of the firsts which supported wireless CarPlay (wireless Apple Carplay). This head unit has its fair share of pros and cons.  By now, you know if this is the right one for you.

I’m about to end this review. Let me know how the install goes. Of course, I’m here to serve you. If you want me to review a different stereo, reach out.

If a certain digital receiver has big enough interest, I will consider reviewing it.

Catch you next time.
Alpine iLX-107 - 7" Mech-less In-Dash Receiver with Wireless Apple CarPlay

Does it fit in my car? Click Here to Check
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

With this ILX-107 car stereo can I access Apple Carplay and Android Auto?

Yes, the Alpine car stereo allows you to use Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Don’t forget there’s wireless Carplay.

Can I connect this car stereo to my steering wheel remote control buttons?

Yes, the ILX-107 car stereo is compatible with most steering wheel remote control buttons.

Which multimedia receiver is the best?

Please read the best double din receiver article to know more.

How good is this digital media receiver’s sound quality?

The best way to characterize the sound quality is superb. This is why I recommend the ILX-107 digital media receiver.

Does this in-dash receiver has a GPS antenna?

Yes, the Ilx-107 has a GPS antenna. Make sure you position so it’s not obstructed by anything else. Many consumers reported bad reception and all because the GPS antenna was at the wrong place.

Is the Alpine ILX-W650 a good alternative for the iLX-107?

It definitely is a good choice, for more details here is the Alpine ILX-W650 review.

Can I use Apple Maps with this car stereo?

Yes with this in-dash receiver Apple Maps works fine. If you prefer Waze that’s a good alternative. If you are used to Apple Maps stick with it.

Can I use wireless CarPlay?

With the ILX-107 you can use wireless Carplay. I assume you have an iPhone (anything above iPhone 5s works). If you don’t then and iPhone then wireless Carplay won’t work.

Is there a dedicated call Siri button?

Yes, there’s a Siri button. You press it and Siri will do you bidding. With wireless Carplay you can use Siri Eyes Free.

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