If you get to play a video on your car screen, there is nothing like it in terms of entertainment for the passengers in your car. It can definitely enhance your experience on the road, especially if it is a long drive.

We have got you covered on several aspects of how to play video on car screen so you don’t have to do the hard work.

Which Car Screen Can You Use to Stream Videos and Multimedia?

Car screens come in myriad shapes and sizes. If you are looking for an ultimate streaming experience, you can use the LED screen of your car for streaming multimedia.

Here are the components that you need to watch out for:

  • Head Units: These are equipped for watching videos and several even have a touch feature that makes changing stuff easier and simpler and certainly faster. This is why it is one of the key features people look out for while buying or upgrading their car stereo.
  • Removable LEDs: These can be used in the car stereo for a seamless experience. The fact that they are removable makes them flexible.
  • Roof Fittings: Sometimes screens are fitted on the roofs of the car. These are adjustable and you can move them as you please for a seamless streaming experience.

How to Watch Movies on Your Car Screen?

In most cars, the head unit is equipped with DVD and CD elements and once you play them, you can watch movies on your car screen. Combination units are also adept at helping you watch movies on your car screen.

You need to put the CDs and DVDs in the combination unit set and they will stream the video for you, giving you a great experience.

How to Stream Video from Phone to Car?

These days, people have the entire world on their phones. From messaging and staying connected to the people in your life and the world at large, the phone is a repository of several videos and multimedia elements.

It is only natural that one would want to stream something from their phone on the car screen when they are on the move. The two of the most important ways of streaming video from phone to car include USB ports and aux cables.

Car stereo systems are equipped with USB ports that allow you to connect your phone to the car’s stereo system, giving you a range of stuff to choose from when it comes to streaming.

Here is how you can stream movies and music videos from your phone to your car screen:

  1. Save all the data that you want to see on your car screen effectively on a USB port. This is the tool that you will be using to connect to your car’s stereo for streaming later.
  2. Once your car’s stereo is connected to the USB, you can stream the content in it on your car screen.

Aux cables are one of the most commonly used tools for streaming videos, audio and music videos and movies on your car. Anything that is there on the phone can be mirrored onto your car’s stereo.

The biggest benefit of using aux cables is that you don’t have to go through the trouble of saving something on the cable. You just need to connect your aux cable to the phone and enjoy seamless streaming on your car screen. It is simple, effective and immensely popular. And now you know why!

How to Watch Videos on Your Car Screen: Local Broadcast Television

If you are into watching and enjoying local broadcast television and have something important to watch while on the move, there is good news. There is a way you can watch videos on car screen easily without any hassles.

The installation might be slightly troublesome but it is worth the hassle if you really want to watch something. There are a number of requirements that you need to put in place should you decide to go ahead with the setup. These include an antenna, tuner and a display.

The antenna can be difficult to find, but will be worth it!

Similarly, if you wish to broadcast satellite television in your car, you need to buy a mobile antenna and a paid subscription to the service you want to stream. Though people have this in their homes, it can also be installed in cars. It is a wireless system that also gives it an edge over broadcast TV.

How to Play Music Videos in Car Stereo?

If you wish to play music videos in your car’s stereo, you can use some other options to do this if the above-discussed options do not appeal to you or are not working for some reason.

Here are a couple of options that you may consider:

  • Bluetooth: All smartphones come equipped with Bluetooth and that makes multimedia sharing easier and simpler. Pairing devices with Bluetooth is simple and can be done in a fraction of a second.Hence, if you wish to stream a movie or music video on your car screen, you simply need to pair your phone’s Bluetooth with that of the car’s and stream whatever you wish to.
  • SD or Memory Card: This is one of the oldest ways of streaming audio or video on your car screen. But you would have to check if your car stereo is equipped with a card reader.If it is, all you need to do is to connect your card reader to your car’s stereo and stream anything that you want.

The Final Word

It is very convenient to play movies and music videos on your car screen if you make use of some of the most commonly available tools such as aux, Bluetooth and memory cards among others. There are several options available and you may choose as you please.

A word of caution though, you need to follow all the laws and take necessary precautions while streaming and driving simultaneously. Do not get too engrossed in watching the video that you end up in an accident.

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