Why Is My Car Stereo Display Not Working

It’s an extremely annoying thing to find out while on a drive that the display unit of your car is not functioning. Whether you want to check out your own entertainment options or just check out the radio, you will be in for a disappointment if the display unit is not functioning.

There are quite a few reasons why this might happen. And that is good news because problems that are popular also have tried and tested solutions. You will be able to figure out what is wrong with your unit and fix it with ease.

Car Stereo Display Not Working

No matter what options you are trying to switch, the malfunctioning of a display unit is not something you cannot ignore. So, if you were looking to find out why your car stereo display is not working, here’s what might be wrong and how you can fix it.

What Is the Most Common Reason That a Car Radio Display Doesn’t Turn On?

We start with the most possible scenario and then will look at some other reasons why your car’s radio display is not working.

Problems with the Wires

One of the most likely reasons for your car radio display not working is that there could be a problem with the wires. If the configuration of some wires gets mixed up you might start to notice that the screen starts to stutter from time to time. In some severe cases though, it is likely to go blank in its entirety.

To fix this problem you need to know that the display unit is usually either soldered to the main radio unit or is connected with wires. If it is connected with wires, you need to check if any of them are connected loosely.

And because the connections are poor, the display might not be getting enough power. That’s a problem of bad attachments and it can be fixed quite easily.

The display units of stereos have connections that are usually fitted through connectors to a board. The connectors being loose is possibly the easiest problem to fix. And it is not uncommon for these connectors to move from their positions.

But if you are dealing with mismanaged wires, you might have to get a cleaning cloth and get to work. This is the case when the screen goes completely blank. Sometimes, the wires get damaged because of the tension in the unit.

Sometimes the solution is in changing the wires if they have been damaged. But when you do so, make sure you don’t get connectors of low quality as that won’t end up being as cost effective as you hope because they will not last too long.

Once you get connectors of good quality, you will notice that your display looks like it was when you first installed it.

Now, if the display does not work even after changing the connectors, you might be looking at an unstable unit which means you need to adjust the new wires again.

Other Reasons Why the Display of My Car Radio Is Not Working

In case changing the wires and connectors does not work, you might be looking at a different kind of problem. Let’s take a look at what those scenarios look like.

Unbalanced Brightness Settings

The first option to look at when your display unit does not work at all is to check the brightness settings. A lot of times this doesn’t occur to anyone because it is such a trivial problem to have. Now, display units typically come with brightness settings that can be adjusted.

If those settings were tampered with, it might look like your car stereo won’t turn on but it has power. In that case, you need not replace any hardware at all which should come as a relief. It might simply be a case of the brightness being so low that you can’t see anything.

This is likely to happen if you have had kids in the car and they decided to mess with the settings. The solution to this simple problem is also just as basic. You need to figure out where the button for the dimmer is.

Typically, it is located near the volume button. So, adjust it back to regular levels and you will be fine. But if the settings are on your display, you might have to find another way to fix it.

You might have some luck if you remember the sequence of taps to make or buttons to press on the screen in order to bring it back to life.

Fuse Issues

If even that doesn’t seem to solve your problem and you’re still looking at the radio not working in the car, you might have an issue with the fuse.

Your car stereo is an electronic device and like all other such equipment, is fitted with a fuse. This stops the circuit from getting damaged in case something like a voltage surge takes place. The fuse blows out and in that process, it keeps the circuits of the stereo safe.

But it is possible for the circuit to get damaged partially in some cases. When something like that takes place, the power that is transmitted to your stereo might not be enough or complete and the display will be blank.

Interestingly, in this case, your car stereo has power but no display. And that means you might be able to use it some but the display part of it will not be accessible.

But if the fuse is defective, it might cause more than one problem. Apart from your stereo not turning on, you might even have trouble with the ignition.

But fuses are an effective way to keep the circuit safe which is why they are a part of all electrical systems. If the fuse blows out, you might have temporary trouble but it means that your car radio was saved from a bigger disaster.

However, in the meantime, you need to fix it so that your car stereo display starts working again. The fuse is located in between your power line and the stereo display unit.

And a defective fuse can cause problems in more ways than one. It might not have blown off but it will be defective if you recently replaced the stock radio for an aftermarket model. In this case too, the stereo won’t turn on because of the fuse.

All you need to do to fix this problem is replace the old fuse with a new one and you will be good to go.

Bad Radio Unit

Then there is the case of a bad unit. This is not a common problem but it is in the realm of possibilities. Like every other product in the market, old age or bad maintenance can cause the radio unit to malfunction. This happens because your car gathers dust over a period of time which will slowly gather in the stereo unit.

This is the main part of your entertainment system in the car. So, even if a simple thing like dust gathers near the circuits, the display is likely to stop working.

When this happens, there are two simple options. If you know how a radio unit and its circuits operate, you can try to unscrew the unit and give it a thorough cleaning. Once you put it back together, the display will start working.

You can also call a technician to get it done for you. And once it is fixed, you must put some time aside to maintain it so that there are no problems in the future.

Sometimes, the damage might be severe enough that you might have to replace it. This is why we cannot stress on the importance of regular maintenance.

Damaged LCD Panel

Stock panels that come with the unit are usually durable and won’t break. But every now and then there will be a bad unit and it might just be your misfortune if you landed with one of those.

In these cases, the display might have been defective right from the get go which means you will have trouble from the time you have purchased the unit.

But sometimes, the display is fine in the beginning but the problems start later on. This is only to say that just because it worked fine for a little while doesn’t mean it’s not a defective piece.

The reason is very likely to be a defective LCD panel. This means you will be checking the wires constantly and disturbing the circuits often is not good for the car’s heath.

The simplest solution for this is to change the LCD light. And when you get a new one, make sure it is not a cheap quality product. The reason is as mentioned before.

It might seem cost effective at the moment but it will stop functioning sooner than it should and you will end up having to get it repaired or replaced within no time. It’s not worth the trouble. Getting and installing a new LCD panel is fairly quick and simple. So, that’s nothing to be worried about.

Defective Backlight

If all else is fine, it is possible that the problem is with the backlight. In some cases, you can identify this problem when you see that the car touch screen is not working after cleaning. This is because the problem is with the backlight of your car stereo’s front panel.

This problem is often confused with a blown fuse because the symptoms are similar. But it might happen because some of the old car stereo models have a display that is powered by an LED lamp that is a lot smaller than it should be.

This lamp is, as you would expect, at the back of the panel and it might not be enough. This makes it tricky to use the display panel as it is meant to be used.


How Do You Fix an Unresponsive Car Screen?

If your car stereo’s touch screen is not responding, you might want to start by cleaning the stereo. For this, you must remove the touch screen that acts as a protector. Get a microfiber cloth and wipe the screen thoroughly. You must also make sure that your hands are clean and dry before you get started with this process.

And if that does not do that trick, you must try and reset car radio. That will recalibrate it and fix any anomalies that it might have accidentally picked up.

Why Is My Head Unit Not Turning On?

The most likely answer to this is that the fuse is blown. As mentioned in the piece, this is not the biggest problem. In fact, it is probably the reason why you don’t have a damaged heat unit at hand.

Other reasons for the head unit not switching on might be problems with the wiring. It could be damaged wires or loose connections. You should check those out.

Then, you must understand that the electronics in a car deal with a lot of dust, heat and vibrations which can cause trouble in the electrical circuit. This is why regular maintenance is very important. It’s a chance to take stock of how the unit is functioning.

How Do I Reset My Car Screen?

This is a simple process. Locate your entertainment system’s power button. Make sure you are not looking at the car’s main power button. Press the button and hold it for about 5-10 seconds. You will see the display telling you that the system is “Starting”.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of reasons why a car stereo display might stop working. Now you know that they could be anything from dust causing the circuits to jam, wires getting loose or damaged because of the heat and vibrations in the car, faulty LED display panels, a bad backlight, brightness settings tampered with or a blown fuse.

Whatever the reason, you need to figure out if any part needs to be cleaned, reconnected or replaced. And once you do, your stereo will start working as good as new.

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