Playing the radio in your car can be an enjoyable experience. There are some really cool stations wherein RJs try their best to create a great listening experience for you.

In fact, there are people who like to take their cars out at the precise time a radio show is scheduled. But what if your radio keeps changing stations by itself?

To begin with, it can be quite annoying. This is more so the case when you have been waiting for a particular program on a specific channel for a long time. But can you do something to improve the situation? Let us find out!

Why Does My Car Radio Keep Changing Stations?

There are a number of reasons that can lead to this situation. These are also very common and hence, can be fixed. So, do not worry. However, before you find the solution, you need to understand the problem. Here we go!

1.    The Buttons Have Turned Faulty

This is one of the most common reasons that lead to faults in your radio. As the car stereo gets old, there is a high chance that the buttons have turned faulty, which leads to frequent and sudden changing of stations.

If you have an old radio in the car that has been worn out, chances are that the buttons have turned sticky from inside. Sticky buttons are a clear indication that the radio is past its prime and may have developed faults.

Alternately, if you have accidentally spilled some liquid on these buttons, it could lead to issues. Any liquid such as water or tea or coffee can be a cause of concern, which is why you need to take utmost care to keep your radio out of the way of your drinks.

The key cause in both situations i.e. prolonged usage and spillage is the buttons sticking from inside. So, when you notice a sudden fault in your radio and if it keeps changing stations by itself, this is the first thing you ought to get checked.

If wear and tear over the years is indeed the problem, you ought you get the buttons replaced with a new set. If it is a relatively new machine and the cause of the problem is a spillage, you can make things better by using a good cleaner for the buttons.

2.  The Steering Button Has Developed a Flaw

Another common issue that makes radio change stations of their own violation is a problem with the steering button. This mostly happens in the case of a pre-installed radio controller in the steering. Though this is usually done to make matters easy for the driver while driving, it can become a cause of concern.

When you are driving through rocky terrains and need to be in control of the steering, you may run into this issue as the buttons will keep getting pushed involuntarily.

The steering is also equipped with a remote in its head and sometimes, the remote may develop some issues because of driving on bumpy roads.

If you are facing this problem repeatedly so much so that it has become a source of annoyance, you may want to consider getting the radio controller removed. This will prevent the buttons from getting hit every time you drive on a bumpy road.

If you don’t want to go down that route, you may consider getting the controller replaced with a superior one that is not susceptible to this type of thing.

3.  Electromagnetic Interference Is the Culprit

A loose and faulty connection between the wire and connector could be the issue behind your radio acting up. A thorough inspection of the radio will help you gauge any loose connections and if you find any loose wire, you can get it fixed to solve the issue.

The plan of action should be to check the buttons first and then come to the wires because, in that case, you would be able to thoroughly examine the machine and find a permanent resolution to your problem.

Remember, the wires in your radio need to be firmly in their place for it to function smoothly sans any glitches.

4.  Old Car Stereo May Be the Problem

If you have tried all the above and the problem still persists, you need to head towards the circuit motherboard of the radio. This is particularly the case if you have an old stereo that belongs in a different era.

Don’t get us wrong, you certainly deserve applause for making it last so long, but one must never overstay their welcome and probably, your stereo needs some fixing. The thing is that these motherboards are quite delicate and can even get broken by a power fluctuation.

So, if you have tried everything else and still have not found a solution to your problem, chances are you need to change the radio and get yourself a new one. Getting these repaired is not always an option as these are too delicate and may have high wear and tear because of heating issues over the years.

The repair work may also cost you a lot of money and in this case, you are better off spending that on buying a new radio.

The Final Word

If you are driving through a dark alley and the radio station keeps changing channels on its own, it is natural for you to get spooked. However, it is not paranormal activity and no, ghosts are not following you!

If your radio keeps changing stations by itself, it may be indicative of a technical flaw with your machine, which can be fixed after careful introspection. We hope that the suggestions and tips above will help you fix the problems you have been facing.

Make sure you try to look into the problem as soon as you see the radio changing stations by itself. If you let the problem persist for long, it will only get aggravated. Act fast and you will be happier and find a solution.

Last Updated on November 10, 2021