The Ultimate Guide on How to Reset Radio Without Code for Honda, Ford, VW, Audi, Mercedes, Mitsubishi and Nissan


Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on How to Reset Your Radio Without Code

After getting the CODE sign way too many times I’ve decided to research a solution for as many vehicles as possible.


I will be brutally honest with you. In most cases you can’t reset the radio without the code. If it were that easy then thieves would have a field day.

However, there are a few clever tricks that might work or even give you a temporary fix until you find your code and you don’t have to drive in silence for endless miles.

Even if none of the methods work I will give you a free way to get your radio code. Scroll and find out.

I’ve looked up radio resetting without a code for the following cars: ong>. If you have a different car it might still work. Give it a shot.

Show it to me already!




How to Reset Honda Radio Without Code – Works with Acura

Honda radio code Free

I’ve found these two methods to work with most Honda and Acura cars.

Method 1:

  • Turn on the ignition
  • If the screen says CODE then turn off the radio
  • Press and hold the Power/Volume button for 40-50 seconds
  • It should unlock your radio in under a minute


This second method is a variation of the first.

Method 2:

  • Turn on the ignition
  • If the screen says CODE then turn off the radio
  • Press Down and the Power Button while holding for 60 seconds
  • It should bypass the radio and gives you access to music and radio


This method works on the 2010 and newer models of Acura ILX, Acura TLX, Acura RDX, Honda Pilot, Honda Civic and Honda Accord.


If these two methods fail you need to fetch your serial number.

All you have to do is power off the radio and press #1 and #6 plus the Power button just like in the picture below.


For newer models with a touchscreen, you need a different variation press the Power Button with the Eject and Home just as in the image below. Once you access the menu Tap “Detailed info settings” then tap “Unit Check” and then ”DA Unit” to get the serial.


Once you have your serial plug it into your website and you will get your FREE Code to unlock your Honda or Acura radio.

Honda radio code unlock free :

How to get Honda radio code by vin Free

Other methods for getting the serial. Look for a sticky note on the inside or side of the glove compartment. Also you can check the service history book they might even have the code there. Typically it’s a credit card-sized paper.

If everything else fails you need to remove your radio which can be difficult or you need specialized tools so the dealership is advised.

If the link above is not working then call up your dealer with a twist.

PRO TIP: When you call up your dealer don’t say that you need a radio code because they will put you on hold forever. It’s better to say that you need servicing and once you get to the service department, ask for the code. For this to work you will need your VIN number and the radio serial.

Tested and worked for me to get a honda odyssey radio code, honda crv radio code.


How to Do a VW Radio Code Reset for FREE

Unlock VW radio code FREE!

It works I’ve tested it.

I’ve tried this method on a 2009 Volkswagen Jetta it might work on other models as well.


  • Turn the ignition on
  • If you see the CODE message press and hold “Mode” and “On/Off“ for 5 seconds


If this didn’t work then you need to get your serial number and plug it into this website:

Disclaimer: this is a FREE method if you’re not in a hurry they will email you the code in 2 days. If you’re in a hurry you have to pay a bit.

How to unlock vw radio without code (vw radio code free)?

There are called anti-theft services for a good reason. Maybe you can get lucky and press the the “Mode” and “On/Off” button for 5 seconds.

If this doesn’t work you need to find the serial number in worst case scenario you have to remove the radio and check it on the unit itself. Then go to the above mentioned websites plug in the code and wait 2 days to get your VW radio code for free (they deliver tested it myself).

How to bypass vw radio code?

There are no bypass options for the VW radio. There’s only one method that works with certain cars you might try it.

All you need is press the “Mode” and “On/Off” button and hold it for 5 seconds.

This is how you get volkswagen radio code free. To my knowledge there’s no vw radio code hack if there were thieves would have a field day.


How to Unlock Ford Radio Without Code (Ford Radio Code for Free)

I have used this successfully on many Ford Vehicles including BA-BF and premium sound system 6 stack CD.


  • Turn the ignition on
  • When you see the code press and hold Power and Seek for 60 seconds (typically it takes only a few)


If this doesn’t work then you can get your serial either by pressing #1 and #6 and looking for the code that starts with the letter V and 6 numbers.

On some Ford models you have to press #2 and #6.

Once you get your serial then you have to plug it into this site:

Disclaimer: it’s FREE if you wait 2 days then they will email it to you. Or if you’re in a hurry you have to pay for it and get it instantly.

I’ve tried and tested it to get a ford fiesta radio code, ford 6000 cd code, ford focus.


How to Bypass Audi Radio Code for FREE


Sadly there’s no hack to bypass an Audio Radio. They really meant theft proof when they have installed it.

This means you will need your radio’s serial number. Now if you don’t have it laying around with your car documents you will have to remove the radio and find it on the top.

The radio code always starts with AUZ. Then head over to:

Plug in your serial number and if you pay you will get it instantly and if you want it for FREE you have to wait 2 days.

I’ve tested it and they do email you the audio radio code for free.



How to Bypass Mercedes Radio Code for FREE


Here’s what you need to know. There’s no easy way to bypass the radio code. There are no hacks or whatever because Mercedes has a serious anti-theft system.

For some reason you don’t have the unlock code I can help you out. Best of all you don’t even need to call the dealership.

You need to find your Mercedes radio’s serial number. If you have a Blaupunct stereo then the serial starts with BP. If you have an Alpine radio then it starts with AL. If you have a Panasonic radio it starts with PA. For other brands typically it’s only a number sequence.

If you can’t locate the serial you will have to remove the radio and find it on the device. Once that’s done visit this site:

Plug in your serial number and you either pay and get the code instantly or you wait two days and they send it to you via email.

I’ve tested it myself and yes they do send the code via email.

This is how you do a mercedes benz radio code reset.


What’s the Nissan Radio Code Hack?

This method is just a temporary fix so you need to do it over and over after you shut the car down. Plus you need a CD and it worked perfectly with a Nissan Micra.


  • Turn the ignition on
  • Make sure you have a CD inserted
  • When you see the CODE error press #1 and #4 and the ON button
  • You should see the Language text that’s when you hit the EJECT button
  • Enjoy your music.



How to bypass Mitsubishi radio code?

There are no known hacks or bypasses for the Mitsubishio radios.

If you can’t find the radio serial number and radio part number (you need them both) you will have to remove the radio and find it on the top just like the picture below



Once you have these numbers you will still need your VIN number and then head over here:

They will provide you the radio code for free.


How to reset Toyota car radio without code?


Sadly I didn’t manage to find a free online option. You can always try the dealership for the car radio code.

I’ve found this company:

They offer Toyota radio codes for $17.99

All they ask is the radio model and of course the make and model of your car and the manufacturing year.

They deliver the codes very fast.


How to reset car radio after battery change?

Hopefully before you did the battery change you made sure that you either have your radio code or at least the radio serial number.

Typically the radio unlock code (aka anti-theft code) is in your owner’s manual or it’s a small business car like paper. This is the best case scenario.

When you’re prompted to enter the code just plug it in and enjoy your music.

In case you don’t have or can’t find your radio code you have to find your stereo’s serial code. This can be on a sticker on or around your glove compartment or in the owner’s manual. If you can’t locate it then you need to remove the radio and get it off of it.

The next step would be either using one of the methods mentioned above or calling up the dealership (they typically charge $30-$50) for the help.


Other Tips and tricks

The radio and stereo set has increasingly become one of the most common and most used features of the modern-day car. The number of people who prefer to have some kind of audio running in the background while they are driving their cars just keeps on increasing as do the number of car owners every year.

But what do you do when the car radio does not work? You just had routine maintenance upkeep of your prized car or you replaced the dying batteries of your car finally and then, out of the blue, your car radio shows the message to enter a radio code. Don’t worry, it is a routine feature that is designed to keep your car safe.

This usually happens because of the anti-theft system placed in your car, which keeps in the event of a forced power upheaval of the car such as during a regular maintenance check or when you replace the car batteries. The anti-theft system kicks in and resets your codes such that the thief would not be able to access parts of your vehicle.

But surely you are not the thief. In that case, this becomes a slight annoyance. Don’t worry though, you can get it fixed in no time if you can access your car year, make, model and the vehicle identification number (VIN) of your car and go to your manufacturer to get the code and reset it.

Yes, it is as easy as that. You just have to go to your manufacturer’s website or call your manufacturer and give them these details to get access to your radio code. In case this does not work, just go to your local dealership and when you give them these details, they will provide you with the code to reset the car’s radio.

However, if for some reason you do not have access to either of these, here is the step-by-step guide to how to unlock car radio without code. The car manufacturers do not want you to know about this hack, but sometimes situations are dire and we need all the help we can get.

Don’t worry, these methods that I am going to let you know are not illegal. Rather, these are just some master codes that are set for the manufacturer’s ease. Just read on to find how to reset your car’s radio.


Conclusions on How to Reset Radio Without Code

We have reached the end of this journey. I really hope that one of these methods worked for you and now you can enjoy your favorite music.

Just in case nothing worked, you need to find that serial number so you can get the code and for that, I have multiple methods.

And this is how you get a radio code with serial number or get radio code with vin number.

Maybe you can help me out with something, can you please share on social media how did this post help you? It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

Roger and out!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do You Do If You Don’t Have a Radio Code?

First, try to search for the radio security code in the manufacturer’s manual. If it is not there, go to the manufacturer’s website and look for it there. If the code is not even on the website of your manufacturer, visit your local dealership where you bought your car or any other dealership of your manufacturer and get the issue fixed.

How Do I Get My Radio Out of Anti-theft Mode?

To get your radio out of the anti-theft lock, use the original car key that was provided to you to turn on the ignition. Turn on the key and keep it in the “On” position without doing anything for at least 10 minutes or until the “Theft System” light stops flashing. Turn off the key and leave it inside the ignition for a few seconds and then take it out.

Why Is My Car Radio Telling Me to Enter a Code?

The car radio systems are designed to prevent theft and prevent thieves from engaging with the car’s audio system. The system kicks in when there is an unnatural power breakdown of the car or the car is jump-started and the radio set then will ask the user to enter a code.

What Do You Do When Your Radio Says Enter Code?

For starters, you enter the code when your radio displays the message to enter the code. If you have entered the code correctly, the radio and the stereo should unlock automatically. In case the system does not accept your input when it shows you the message, turn off the car and wait for fifteen minutes, turn it on and enter the code.

Can I Get Radio Code from Vin Number?

Short answer: no. Long answer: the vehicle identification number or the VIN number is essential for the radio code to be accessed when you are asking for it on the manufacturer’s website or in the dealership of your manufacturer. You will have to provide the VIN in most cases to get access to your radio codes.

Where Can I Find My Radio Serial Number?

To find your radio serial number, first turn off the radio and then hold the preset buttons 1 & 6 together while you are pressing the buttons to turn on your radio. After a few seconds, a 10 digit serial number should appear on the radio’s display. Note it down as it will disappear once the held keys are let go.

Why Does My Radio Not Work after Changing the Battery?

As we have explained before, when the car battery is changed, it reads it as a forced power alteration to the car and the anti-theft system of the car kicks in, which requires the code to reset.

That is the reason why the radio sets do not work after changing the batteries usually. But this is the most easily fixable issue and the dealership would do it pronto.

When is the car radio code required to unlock the car radio?

A car radio code is required to unlock the radio of a car that has had its battery disconnected. The code is necessary to prevent thieves from being able to use the radio. There are a few ways that you can get a car radio code for free. One way is to go to a car radio repair center and ask for the code. Another way is to look online for car radio codes. You can also find car radios that come with unlocked codes. You should be able to find one of these radios at a local electronics store. Once you have the code, you will be able to unlock the radio and enjoy your music again.
If you’ve ever been in the situation where you’ve lost or forgotten your car radio code, you know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get around this problem. If your car stereo is locked and you don’t have the code, you can usually find it in your owner’s manual. If you can’t find the code in your owner’s manual, there are a few websites that offer radio codes for free. However, if you can’t find the code anywhere, you may need to take your car to a dealer or a radio specialist to have the code reset. In most cases, they will be able to help you unlock your car radio without any trouble.

What do I do if I my car radio is blocked?

If you’ve lost your car radio code, there’s no need to worry. There are a few ways to reset your car stereo without having to go to the dealer or service department. In most cases, you can simply enter a code to unlock the stereo. However, if you don’t have the code, you may be able to find it on the internet or in your owner’s manual. If all else fails, you can always take the stereo to a local electronics store and have them reset it for you. With a little patience, you should be able to get your car stereo up and running again in no time.

In most cases, you can easily retrieve it by following a few simple steps. First, locate the radio power button. This is usually located on the face of the radio or near the volume control knob. Once you’ve found the power button, press and hold it for about five seconds. In some cases, you may need to press and hold the power button for longer. Next, consult your owner’s manual. This should have information on how to reset your radio code. If not, you can usually find the reset code online. Finally, enter the reset code into your radio system and enjoy your music once again!

How to reset car radio without code?

First things first before you can unlock radio code you will need your VIN number and the serial of the radio. If you can’t find your serial then you have to remove the radio and there’s a guide above. Once you have these two numbers look up the model of your car and I have shared a free way to get the code.

How to unlock a car radio code for free?

To find my radio code free let me dispel some myths there’s no magic bullet you will probably need your VIN number and 100% the radios serial. After that look up the model above and use the free car radio codes. One of the most popular ones are the ford radio codes free.

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