How to Carry Car Seat Through Airport: The Complete Guide in 2024

Welcome to your ultimate guide on navigating airports with a car seat!

Understand Your Airline’s Policies

Each airline has its own rules for car seats. Check these early!

  • Look up your airline’s car seat guidelines
  • Know the age and size limits if stated
  • Confirm if you need a special reservation for the seat

Choose the Right Car Seat

Your car seat should be:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved
  • Comfortable for your child
How to Carry Car Seat Through Airport
How to Carry Car Seat Through Airport

Prepping Before the Airport

Get ready before you leave home.

  • Pack necessary car seat accessories
  • Put a protective cover on the car seat
  • Label the car seat with your info

Car Seat Carrying Options

Here’s how to carry your car seat:

  1. Car Seat Travel Cart: A compact cart lets you wheel the car seat.
  2. Car Seat Travel Bag with Wheels: A bag that keeps the seat clean.
  3. Car Seat Backpack: Wear the car seat like a backpack.
  4. Using a Stroller: Some strollers let you attach car seats.

At the Check-In Desk

Decide whether to check the car seat or use it on the plane.

  • Ask about any gate check options
  • Remember to use a gate check bag if needed

Security Screening

Here’s what to know:

  • Car seats usually have a separate screening
  • Airport staff can help if needed
  • Empty pockets in the seat to speed up screening


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How to Carry Car Seat Through Airport
Carry a Car Seat Through Airport

Boarding the Plane

These tips make boarding easier:

  • Pre-board if the airline allows
  • Know how to install the car seat on the plane

Post Flight

After landing, here’s what to do:

  • Be patient waiting for the car seat at the gate
  • Check the car seat for any damage

Carrying Car Seat Through Airport – Checklist

Airline PoliciesCheck your airline’s car seat rules✔/✘
Right Car SeatSelect an FAA-approved seat✔/✘
Prep at HomeLabel and cover your car seat✔/✘
Carrying OptionPick how you’ll carry the seat✔/✘
Check-InDecide to check or gate-check the seat✔/✘
SecurityPrepare for security screening✔/✘
BoardingReady your seat for onboard use✔/✘
Post FlightCollect and inspect your seat✔/✘

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Carry Car Seat Through Airport

What Is The Best Way To Carry A Car Seat In An Airport?

Transporting a car seat through an airport is most convenient using a car seat travel cart or a dedicated car seat travel bag with wheels.

Can You Bring Car Seats On Airplanes For Free?

Yes, most airlines allow you to check car seats at the gate or with your luggage at no extra cost to you.

How To Navigate Tsa With A Car Seat?

Ensure the car seat is not housing any prohibited items, and expect to place it on the X-ray belt or have it manually inspected by TSA agents.

Are Car Seat Bags Necessary In Airports?

While not mandatory, car seat bags offer protection against dirt and damage and can make handling and identifying your car seat easier.

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