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Honda Odyssey Radio Code

I’m going to tell you the truth. It’s going to be a long day if you try to turn on your radio and it asks for a code. Nonetheless, if you adhere to these instructions, you will be able to fix the issue.

Your Honda Odyssey radio code is necessary to reset your car’s audio system when the battery has died. You may locate it on a sticker in the glove box, in the owner’s handbook, or by doing a web search. But if you don’t know how to go about it, I’ve got you covered in this piece.

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Why Does My Honda Odyssey Require a Code?

If it’s the first time seeing the code message flash on your radio, you’re probably a bit perplexed. 

However, your car’s radio is not broken! If the battery has recently died or been changed, your radio will want a code to be entered to reset it. Even though radio codes are a built-in security mechanism designed to prevent audio theft, they may be a hassle to decipher if you don’t have the numbers handy.

It should take no more than a few minutes to track out the necessary code. However, if you hold down the power button for two seconds, the radio will first reset itself. This should enable you to once again use your radio without providing a code.

How to Enter Honda Odyssey Radio Code

First, you need to find the radio code number. Your car’s service handbook will provide the radio code number, which is four or five digits in length. Finding the radio’s serial number is the next best thing if you’ve misplaced the repair manual. If you take the stereo out of the dashboard and examine the bottom of the radio, you’ll see the serial number. The serial number is needed to retrieve the radio code from a Honda dealership.

Ignite the engine. The code should be displayed on the radio. To transmit the radio code, please dial the radio presets that match the numbers in the code. At the end of the number entry process, you should hear a beep. If you see this, it means you entered the code correctly and the radio will start working normally.

Reset Code for 2010 Honda Odyssey Radio or Older Models

The radio’s serial number is an 8-digit numeric code that you’ll need to enter into the system as you won’t be able to discover the code anywhere else. If your car was manufactured in 2001 or after, you may find the serial number on a sticker inside the glove compartment.

If you, too, have lost the serial number, proceed as follows.

Radio Serial Number and Reset Code Without Navigation

The procedures are different if you have a radio with a built-in GPS as opposed to a regular radio. Unless it’s a 2004 or newer model. All models from 1994 to 2004 and those from 2005 to 2010 without a GPS may use this technique to locate their serial numbers.

Just put your key in the ignition and flip the switch to the ON position to activate all the convenience features. Avoid starting the vehicle.

Patiently await the radio unit’s CODE readout. If the message doesn’t appear, turn off the car and try again.

When you get the CODE alert, you know it’s time to power off the radio. Turn on the radio while holding the 1 and 6 buttons down simultaneously.

The dual-mode operation allows the radio to switch between two different frequencies. The first code will begin with the letter U and the first four digits of the serial number, such as U1200, and the second code will begin with the letter L and the next four digits of the serial number, such as L1122.

Note the numbers alone; the letters are irrelevant. If you’re following along with the preceding example, your code would be 12001122.

The vehicle identification number (VIN) must be found once the serial number has been discovered. You may locate this code, which is 17 characters long, on the registration, the driver’s door, or the door sills of your vehicle. write

You will find the code there. Once you enter your information, it will give you the car’s reset code.

Code for 2007 Honda Odyssey Radio

The Honda radio code for a 2007 Odyssey may be found on a small white sticker labeled “Anti-Theft Radio Code” or something similar in the glove box or owner’s handbook. Keep in mind that the radio code is just five digits long; it may be printed on the same label as the serial number.

Radio Code for Honda Odyssey 2006

The radio code for a 2006 Honda Odyssey is often stored in the glove compartment. A white sticker with the words “Anti-Theft Radio Code” and a five or six-digit code should be affixed to the front or door of the glove compartment. Stick it to the inside covers of your Odyssey’s owner’s manual for added convenience.

Methods for Resetting the Radio of Cars Without Navigation

Now that you’ve discovered the code, here’s how to enter it if your radio unit lacks a GPS. Again, this will work for 2004 or older Honda vehicles.

To activate the accessories, start by flipping the ignition switch to the ON position. Wait until the radio displays CODE. If the message is not shown, switch off the vehicle, remove the fuse, and try again.

Once the CODE message appears, try to enter it using the radio’s preset buttons.

Use the radio preset buttons to enter ‘12345’ as an example, if your code is ‘12345’.

Once you enter the code, the radio equipment should emit a lengthy beep. This indicates that the reset code was successful, and your radio is now operational.

Methods for Resetting a Radio that Contains Navigation System

If the Odyssey is older than 2004 and has a navigation system, the processes are identical to those listed above. However, if your Odyssey has a GPS and was manufactured between 2005 and 2010, follow these steps:

Insert the key and flip the ignition switch to activate the accessories. 

Hold down the ‘Cancel,’ ‘Guide,’ and ‘Menu’ keys simultaneously. The radio will then show the screen for diagnosis.

Similar to previous generations, you may find the code by visiting Honda’s website and entering the necessary details. It will then provide the radio reset code for your Honda Odyssey.

After obtaining the reset code, switch the ignition key. The display will then display the code entry screen; just input your code at this point. Once you input the code and press Done, the GPS and the radio will once again function.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do I find the radio code for my Honda Odyssey?

The radio code will either be printed on a label inside the glove compartment or listed in your vehicle’s owner’s handbook. Like the Honda GPS, your Honda radio code will have a unique serial number.

How do I find 4-digit radio codes for the Honda models?

A radio code may be found on a little white label in the glove box of several Honda vehicles. The reset code consists of a five-digit number. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter this code using the radio’s preset buttons.

How do you unlock a Honda radio without the code?

Start the engine. If the code appears on the screen, you must turn off the radio. Try to hold down the Power/Volume button for 45-50 seconds. The process to unlock your radio should take less than a minute.

What is the security code on my Honda Odyssey?

You may get the radio reset codes for a Honda Odyssey from either your local Honda dealer or the Honda website. You will need the radio’s serial number in addition to your VIN number to get the reset codes.

I tried to reset the radio by holding the volume button, but nothing happened. What to do?

There are a few possible explanations for why this technique fails to work for a vehicle manufactured in 2011 or later. To begin with, consider the possibility that the ECU in your vehicle just has a minor software glitch that is preventing it from detecting the radio. There is still a chance that using the radio code will do the trick.

The second option is that you haven’t kept the factory radio from when you first bought the vehicle. If you purchased the vehicle used, it’s possible that the prior owner swapped out the stereo system. Since this is not the original unit for the vehicle, it is very doubtful that inputting the code would unlock the vehicle.


The Honda Odyssey has a security feature called the radio code that aims to stop radio theft. You’ll need to enter a code into the radio every time you detach it from the car’s battery. The method of resetting this code is straightforward, but you will need to find the correct code for your radio. Access to the vehicle’s service manual will determine how simple or complex the process of discovering this will be.

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