Do I Need a Car Seat in Taxi? – The Definitive Answer


Depending on the state taxis might be exempt from the need for car seats for children. This would be my short answer. This means that you can take your child in a taxi without a car seat even in New York.

Do I Need a Car Seat in Taxi?

This exemption is valid through all states however it’s not the safest option.

Important! read this article to the end to find out which is the best way to keep your child safe on a “routine” taxi ride. Plus I will share with you which are the best child car seats for taxi rides.

Let’s get started!


Car Seats in Taxis and What You Need to Know

Since typically taxis don’t have child car seats by default you have two options if you want to ride safe:

  1. Bring your own car seat
  2. Arrange ahead of time


1; Bring Your Own Car Seat

If you decide to bring your own car seat, make sure it’s the right one for taxis. The safest and most convenient option is a taxi-specific car seat. These seats are designed with an easy-to-reach handle and ample head room, so they’re ideal for short rides in cars that may not be equipped with a rear door opening wide enough to accommodate larger models. They also come with handy pockets on the side of the carrier which can store keys or other small items while you’re on the go. Plus, these carriers typically offer more storage space than their counterparts, making them perfect for having all necessities at your fingertips.

The second best option would be a booster seat because it will be a lot easier to carry for a parent. If you go with a car seat make sure it’s one that is not bulky and big.

2; Arrange ahead of time

I would recommend you to call them and ask if they’re able to provide one when needed. If they say yes, then make sure you take note of their number in case something goes wrong and also share your contact information so that they can reach out to you anytime during your ride should an emergency arise. This will help ensure a safe trip for both parties involved – you and the child which makes it worth all the effort! Even though this may seem somewhat difficult at first


Taxis & Car Seats: What’s the Safest Option?

Most people think that a taxi driver will have a car seat available for them on short notice. The reality is that they don’t, and it can be difficult to find one on the fly. That’s why many parents opt to bring their own safety seats with them when they travel or rent from an airport if their destination has rental cars available.

For example in New York City, the Taxi and Limousine Commission states that “children under 4 years old are allowed to be carried in a vehicle without being restrained as long as they are not traveling in front of an active airbag.”


What if I Don’t Want a Car Seat With Me?

If you don’t want to bring your own car seat, or if there are no rental cars available, you can arrange for a car seat to be provided ahead of time. Many taxi companies offer this service, and it’s a good idea to ask about it when you make your reservation. In addition, many hotels also provide car seats for their guests.

If you decide to go with the taxi company option, make sure to inquire about what kind of restraint will be provided. While some companies will add a child safety seat (which is the safest option), others may simply provide a seat belt, which does not provide adequate protection in case of an accident.


What’s the Biggest Risk of Riding in a Taxi Without a Seat?

The biggest risk of riding without a seat is that your child may not be restrained, which can lead to injuries or fatalities if the vehicle were to become involved in an accident. In fact, according to statistics from 2013 compiled by Kids and Cars, children under age four represent 30% of all child passenger accidents.

In addition, a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 77% of all children involved in taxi accidents were not restrained either due to a lack of child seats or incorrect use of the restraints available.


What’s the best child car seat for taxi rides?

Since we all have kids in different ages I will do my best to list the very best taxi friendly car seats for each case

  1. Doona Infant Car Seat (from birth to 1 year old)
  2. Cosco Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat (rear and front facing options included)
  3. WAYB Pico Travel Car Seat (2- 4 years old)
  4. Safe Traffic System Ride Safer Travel Vest (4 to 6 years old)
  5. BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Car Seat (6 years and above)

Doona Infant Car Seat

The Doona Infant Car Seat is a great choice for parents who frequently take taxi rides. This car seat can be used as both a car seat and a stroller, which makes it easy to transport and store.

The Doona Infant Car Seat also features an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable ride for your child.


Cosco Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat

The car seat is made of a single piece of injection molded plastic, which makes it very lightweight. It includes a single latch hook for front and rear facing, as well as the strap that goes over the top of the seat for forward facing. That’s all there is to it, four pieces in total.

When traveling, this thing should be indestructible.


WAYB Pico Travel Car Seat

The Pico travel car seat is designed for children 2 years old and up, weighing between 22 and 50 pounds, with a height of 30 to 45 inches. Pico’s 5-point safety harness protects you and your child from every angle. A Travel Bag is included in each bundle where Pico may be stored and transported, as well as the

The Pico travel car seat is light weight. The frame is made of aluminum, which is strong and light. It has a soft fabric cover that feels good against your skin and keeps you cool (or warm). You can put it in the bag when you take it with you.

This car seat can be stored in an overhead compartment and is easy to transport while walking through the airport or driving to and from your vehicle.


Safe Traffic System Ride Safer Travel Vest

It’s been fantastic for traveling across borders when we don’t want to sit in a taxi for long distances. It’s better than sitting on our laps or in taxis that our car seat doesn’t always fit properly in anyway.

If you live in a city with a toddler and travel frequently via ride share, I highly suggest this safety harness. It’s easy to put on. It only takes a few seconds to correctly attach the harness (you must read the instructions!) and less than a minute to secure the safety belt in the vehicle. There will be no more excuses for lugging heavy car seats around!


BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Car Sea

The only inflatable car booster seat with a patented stability system and high-density memory foam, giving both you and your child more security and comfort.

It’s a take-anywhere automobile booster seat for children aged 4 to 11 years and weighing 40 to 100 pounds.

The lightest backless car booster seat on the market. It folds up to fit in a handbag or backpack for everyday usage. Children may readily transport it wherever they go. It’s ideal for errands, automobile rentals, carpools, taxis, and trips abroad.


Conclusions on car seats in uber and taxis

Whether you want to save money on car seat rentals or avoid lugging a heavy item through the airport, there’s no need to worry about the safety of your child when taking taxi rides. The best children’s car seats for taxis are lightweight and can be stored in overhead compartments, making them easy to transport while walking through airports or driving from your vehicle. When picking out an appropriate cab-friendly infant carrier, consider how often you plan on traveling by taxi as well as what features will work best for your family.

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