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For the past few weeks I’ve been working harder then I did in high school because I was researching all cars and brands with the letter W by reading encyclopedias, watching the Discover Channel, scouring old newspapers and finding my dad’s old car magazine collection (and some ehum mags stuffed between them).


I spare you form the nonsense and give it to you straight. You most likely will love the list below about Expensive cars and Sports cars.

Best of all I found their price tag and it’s a shocker so beware. Plus I’ve listed the power output as well. Scroll and Enjoy!

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Car Brands That Start with W



If you want to find some fun facts about these brands then scroll, but first…


Expensive Cars That Start with W


Top 6 Expensive Cars That Start With the Letter W:

#6 Wiesmann Roadster MF5 V10 daHLer SchwabenFolia Black Bat


Price: $350,000

#5 Wiesmann GT MF4-CS


Price: $380,000

#4 Wiesmann GT MF5


Price: $500,000

#3 Weber Sportscars Faster One (F1)


Price: $1,370,000

#2 W Motors Fenyr SuperSport


Price: $1,400,000

#1 W Motors Lykan Hypersport


Price: $4,500,000



If you think that these were cool wait until you see these sports cars below…


Sports Cars That Start with W


Top Sports Cars That Start With the Letter W based on Engine Power:

#3 Westfield SEiGHT


Year: 1992

Power Output: 270 bhp

#2 Wiesmann Spyder Wiesmann-Spyder-sports-cars


Year: 2011

Power Output: 420 hp

#1 Wiesmann GT MF5


Year: 2008

Power Output: 507 hp


What You Need To Know About Car Brands That Start with W



Wanderer was founded in 1896 by Johann Baptist Winklhofer and Richard Adolf Jaenicke and it was based in Chemnitz, Germany. Initially they were focused on bicycles, motorcycles and cars. They were producing cars until 1944. In 1945 during the war they factory was destroyed and it never recovered.




Wartburg was founded in 1955 in Germany. They were operational between 1955 and 1991. While operational they were making cars with very few moving parts (7). The vehicles were made in Eastern Germany and they shut down when Opel bought them in 1991.




Weltmeister was founded in 2015 by Freeman Shen and it’s based in Shanghai, China. They are owned by WV Motors and they focus on creating electric vehicles.


Western Star


Western Star was founded in 1967 and it’s based in Portland, Oregon, United States. It’s owned by Daimler Trucks North America. They are focusing on creating trucks mostly heavy-duty ones.




Westfield was founded in a 1982 by Chris Smith and it’s based in Kingswinford, England, United Kingdom. They focus on creating Roadsters and sports cars.




WEY was founded in a 2016 by Wei Jianjun and it’s owned by the Great Wall Motors company. They focus on creating premium crossovers and SUVs based on the Haval model.




Wiesmann was founded in 1988 by Martin Wiesmann and Friedhelm Wiesmann and it’s based in Dülmen, Germany. They were focusing on hand-built custom convertibles. They were operational between 1988 and 2014.




Willys-Overland was founded in 1908 by John Willys and it was based in Toledo, Ohio, United States. They focused on creating military jeeps and their civilian versions. They were operational between 1908 and 1963.


W Motors


W Motors was founded in 2012 by Ralph R. Debbas and Sari El Kahalil and it’s based in Dubai, UAE. They focus on creating sports cars and supercars.




Workhorse was founded in 1998 by Stephen Burns and it’s based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. They focus on creating electric-powered utility vehicles.




Wuling was founded in 2002 and it’s based in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China. It’s a joint venture company between SAIC and GM. They focus on making commercial and consumer vehicles.



Cars That Start with W



  •     W427 – HSV
  •     Wagon R+ – Suzuki
  •     Waja – Proton
  •     WB – Holden
  •     Wira – Proton
  •     Wraith – Rolls-Royce
  •     Wrangler – Jeep
  •     Wrangler Unlimited – Jeep
  •     WRX – Subaru


Conclusions on all the Cars That Start with W Hot List

We have reached the end of this list. Those were some cool cars right?

As promised you have seen all the brands and cars with the letter W plus a list of Expensive Cars and Sports cars.

Now the letter W doesn’t have much to offer so why not click one of the links above and explore the rest of the alphabet.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What car starts with the letter W?

These are the cars that with the letter W:

  •     W427 – HSV
  •     Wagon R+ – Suzuki
  •     Waja – Proton
  •     WB – Holden
  •     Wira – Proton
  •     Wraith – Rolls-Royce
  •     Wrangler – Jeep
  •     Wrangler Unlimited – Jeep
  •     WRX – Subaru

What car manufacturer starts with the letter W?

These are the car manufacturers that start with the letter W:

  • Wanderer

  • Wartburg

  • Weltmeister

  • Western Star

  • Westfield

  • WEY

  • Willys-Overland

  • W Motors

  • Workhorse

  • Wuling

Volkwagen  (from Wagen), Wanderer, Western Star, W Motors and Willys-Overland have the W as their main symbol in their logo.

What are all the car brands?

You can check out all the car brands by following this link.

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