[SOLVED] Why Does My Radio Turn On But No Sound?

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on Fixing a Car Radio With No Sound

Have you ever been on a journey, and the car is too quiet? Naturally, you would want to listen to something, so you turn on the radio but get no sound. What do you do?


I once made a trip and to keep myself alert, I turned on a radio station and heard… nothing. I sat and wondered ‘why does my car radio turn on, but no sound comes out?’ I did not immediately have an answer, but I knew I did not want it to happen again. 

Fortunately, I found the possible problems and solutions. If you do not know why your car radio turns on with no sound, read this article.

Well, tell me already!

Various factors can result in car stereos malfunctioning, depending on your car brand or model. Some causes are simple, while others are complicated. So, start with the ones you can easily fix and move to the complicated ones.

Car Radio Works But No Sound From Speakers?

If you are sure your chevy radio turns on but no sound comes from the speakers, check the mute button, or ensure the volume is up. The problem may also be that your VW radio turns on but no sound comes out, your Ford radio turns on but no sound is heard, or any other car brand.

Be Sure the Radio Is Not Muted

Before you begin to panic about this, one of the first things to do if your radio turns on but has no sound is to check radio functions. Checking the volume may sound too obvious, but people ignore it because of this. So, ensure you have an audio source selected, such as radio. 

Sometimes the radio signals don’t get through properly, which distorts the sound waves.

If you use USB, AUX, or BT AUDIO, check to ensure the device you have is channeled to the proper input. Also, if your radio selection needs a cord, you must be on the proper selection. 

You may mute the radio for a phone call or to talk to someone, and completely forget about it. In most cases, you do not know there is a problem until you have tried many other solutions. Before you freak out, make sure that the ‘Mute’ button on your radio is not active.

Why Does My Car Radio Have Power But No Sound?

Consider the following possible issues that may occur and find the most applicable solution for them.

  • Faulty Speaker

Car speakers, like any other car part or machinery, experience wear and tear with constant usage. This is because of the equipment with which speakers in most cars are made. Many of them last years, but they eventually wear out with regular use.

So, there is a chance that your speaker is aging. Speakers improve the sound from the car stereo, but their effectiveness reduces as they get older.

One of the easiest ways to check the operating status of your speakers is to listen for a hissing sound or any other odd sound. If you hear this sound, the best solution is to change the speaker in the stereo system.

Check the head unit, the amp, or the wiring system if you find that all the speakers suddenly do not work.

Sometimes, a problem between one single speaker and the head unit can affect the other speakers and make them stop working. Check the speaker wires and other components to see if you need aftermarket wire harnesses.

  • Defective Amplifier

The singular most important use of an amplifier is to get the most out of the radio, that is, to amplify the sound. So, if your AMP is faulty, it may result in your car radio audio not turning on or working.

What do I do? You may want to remove the amp from the setup and see if something changes. It is like tapping a malfunctioning TV remote and it works. 

If the sound problem continues, the amp is the most likely the issue. The best repair for this problem is to change the amplifier.

  • Wiring Error

The condition of the wires and the entire wiring can contribute to a faulty car radio. If it has no sound even when it is on, the wire in the electrical system may be loose or damaged. 

There are different types of wires that connect to the radio system. Each wire has a particular function, and the radio may not work well if one is out of order. If you have a silent radio, you must check all the wires connected to the system. Use an auto technician if you are unsure of what to check, especially to see if there is faulty speaker wiring. 

  • Blown Fuse

A surge of power from the battery or engine can cause a fuse to blow in the fuse box. If a fuse connected to the radio blows, it could reduce the flow of electric power, which may affect the volume.

In other words, excess electric current can flow to the stereo, causing the fuse to stop working and disconnect the electrical connection to preserve the radio. Car radios will have a fuse or more that protects them from power spikes or other electrical issues. 

If a lot of current goes to the stereo system, the fuse blows as a protective measure. The same applies to other electrical appliances.

What do I do? Ensure you use wires that are strong enough to carry the power supply to the audio system without causing issues. Have an auto technician check what is already available in the car and fix possible problems.


If you love music or value the sound system in your car, a fault in the system will put a damper on your mood. Fortunately, it is not the end of the road because there are simple solutions to the problem. 

The repairs are not typically expensive; some are even DIY-friendly. However, ensure to confirm that everything is in place before you start looking for ways to fix the sound problem.

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