Where to Donate a Car Seat?

Are you wondering what to do with your old car seat? Let’s find out how to give it a new life!

Why Donate Your Car Seat?

Donating a car seat can help families in need. It also keeps car seats out of landfills. But, car seats have expiration dates. Check yours before donating.

Where to Donate

Here are some places you can donate your car seat:

  • Charities: Some charities accept car seats.
  • Women’s Shelters: They often need car seats.
  • Police Stations: Some have donation programs.
  • Hospitals: They might take gently used seats.

Preparing Your Car Seat for Donation

Before you donate, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the car seat with mild soap and water.
  2. Check for an expiration date or recalls.
  3. Make sure it has not been in an accident.
  4. Include the manual if you have it.

Recycling Your Car Seat

If your car seat is expired or damaged, recycle it. Many baby stores have trade-in events. You can get discounts on new items for recycling.

Where to Donate a Car Seat?
Donate a Car Seat?

Donation and Recycling Programs

Here is a table of some programs:

TargetRecycling EventNationwide
WalmartRecycling EventSelect Locations
Local SheltersDonationVaries


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What to Avoid

Do not donate car seats that are:

  • Expired
  • Damaged
  • Recalled and not fixed

Frequently Asked Questions About Donate a Car Seat

Can I Donate An Expired Car Seat?

Expired car seats are generally not accepted for donation due to safety concerns and legal liability. It’s best to recycle them if possible.

Who Accepts Car Seat Donations?

Many organizations, including children’s charities, hospitals, and family shelters, may accept car seat donations. Always check the item’s condition and expiration date before donating.

Are Car Seat Donations Tax-deductible?

Donating a car seat to a qualified charitable organization can be tax-deductible. Keep a receipt of your donation for your records and consult with a tax professional.

How To Find Car Seat Donation Programs?

Search online for local car seat donation programs or contact child safety organizations to find options in your area.


Donating a car seat can be a great help. Make sure it’s safe and clean. If it’s not, consider recycling it instead.

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Written by Linda Reid

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