Car Seat Showdown: Uppababy Messa Vs Chicco Keyfit 30 Comparison

chicco keyfit 30 vs uppababy mesa comparison

Infant carrier showdown which one is the right fit?

Many of you, dear readers, have requested I to do a comparison article between Uppababy Mesa vs Chicco Keyfit 30.   Your wish is my command.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the infant carriers. They are all great ones, and one might fit your needs better than the other one.


Here’s the bird’s eye view of the Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat. It’s one of the safest carriers you can get. Besides the usual protections like front and rear, it has side impact protection (SIP) as well.

Here’s the bird’s eye view of the Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat. It’s one of the highest-rated car seats in Consumer Reports. It has all the safety features you will ever need. Plus, it’s super comfy for the baby.

Direct Comparison Uppababy Mesa vs Chicco Keyfit 30

  Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat
Safety Side Impact Protection

5-point harness

EPS energy-absorbing foam

5-point harness

Size Limits 4 to 35 pounds


4 to 30 pounds


Installation SMART Secure system Super Cinch One-Pull LATCH
Fabric/Material Manual Washing Recommended Machine Washable
Bonuses and Features    
Newborn Padding Included Yes Yes
Stroller Compatibility Yes Yes
ECO-Friendly Material Yes No
Breathable Fabric Yes Yes

Breaking it down

Let’s get this Uppababy Mesa vs Chicco Keyfit 30 comparison started. Just one more thing…

I have something special for you in the end. I have compiled a quick pros/cons list. The things I’ve found are quite interesting, to say the least.


child car seat safety 7Our kids are the most precious things in our lives. This is why it’s our duty as parents to keep them safe from harm.

Every day we travel a lot with cars. It’s mandatory to have the best protection possible for them. The good news is that there are no bad apples in the car seat world. The math is simple if they pass the strict government tests they can be sold. If they fail they won’t hit the marketplace.

The safety investment is the most important choice from them all.

Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat

The main reason what you have to check out when you’re getting an infant carrier is the protection that it provides. The most commonly tested ones are for the front and rear. Now Uppbaby  Mesa went beyond the minimum requirements. It has side protection as well.

It’s just recently that cars started to add side airbags for passenger safety. And there are numerous accidents because of inattentive drivers or reckless ones who run red lights. I have talked with many parents, and more and more say that they had T-bone accidents. This is a huge plus for the Uppababy Mesa.

The 5-point harness is the most secure that you can get. So your little one is safe on the road.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

The Keyfit 30, on the other hand, relies on a different technology. It provides front and rear impact collision safety. And this is achieved with ESP energy-absorbing foam.  During an impact, that energy has to go somewhere, and I would rather let the foam have it than my little one.

They have not done any side-impact tests. It’s assumed that the foam does its job.

You secure your baby with a 5-point harness. It’s the safest in the industry.


This goes for the Uppbaby Mesa. They have the proof that it keeps little ones safe even in side crashes. For the Keyfit, it’s only assumed.

Size Limits

These infant carriers don’t come cheap. This is why it’s good to know the limits so you can get the most mileage from them.

It’s an important point for parents who decide to do extended rear-facing. Let’s see how this compares.

Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat

Uppababy Mesa’s lower weight limit is 4 pounds. This means that you can put your newborn into this carrier and take them home from the hospital. Make sure you add the baby inserts so the seat is as comfortable as it can be.

This carrier is super comfortable until your little one reaches 35 pounds or 32”. If you prefer to do extended rear-facing, this is a good carrier to do it with.  You will be able to keep your little one in this carrier until 2 years old.

Another important factor is the carrier’s weight. You have to haul this baby around for a long time, so what’s the weight. Without the base, it’s almost 10 pounds. With a heavier baby, you will feel the weight quite early.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

The Keyfit is closing the ranks fast. Its lower limit is set to 4 pounds. This means that you can easily put your newborn and take them home after birth. The upper limit is set to 30 pounds or 30”. The difference isn’t big, and who wants the utmost protection, it’s significant.

Around the age of two, kids tend to want what bigger kids have. If in the family there’s an older sibling, they might want to get a bigger seat. So for those, the Keyfit would be a better choice.

As for the weight, it’s a bit lighter than the Uppababy Mesa. The carrier alone weighs 9 pounds. In the earlier days, when you are probably taking your little one on errands, it does count. The difference is less than a full diaper, but when you have to hold that for minutes on end, you can feel it.


This was a tough one. I would call it a tie. Because the Uppababy Mesa can be used for a longer time, and Keyfit 30 is lighter.


child car seat installation 7It always makes me giggle when I see the promo videos showcasing how easy it is to install. I wish it were that easy. This is a very important thing you have to check out before buying. If it’s a hassle to install and uninstall, then it will be extremely hard to move between cars.

Or in the case of carriers between the home and the car. For the best install, always check the manual and install videos.

Uppababy Mesa Infant Seat

This carrier relies on SMART, a secure system. According to the ad, you can get it installed in 5 seconds. Well, the real world is around five minutes. The 5-second install probably means attaching the carrier to the base.

The base installation is the most important one, and that takes around 5 minutes. With practice, it gets better. All you have to do is to use the latch system. This car seat is unique. It has a tightness indicator for taking the guesswork out of the equation. You have to check the indicator is it red or green? If it’s red, you have to pull tighter.

Thanks to this feature, the installation will be 100% correct every time so it’s easy to install.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Seat

This car seat works on a different theory. It uses the Super-Cinch system. Once you’ve connected the latches, you pull on one strap until it’s tight. That’s it. You can’t get this wrong.

One of the most important things to consider when you’re installing is how leveled the seat is. The base for this Chicco is spring-loaded and has a bubble that shows you how leveled the seat is. You press down on two buttons and watch the bubble. Once that’s done, you can install the latches.

It’s intuitive and friendly for newcomers so it’s easy to install.


It’s a tough one. I have to give this to the Chicco Keyfit 30. So at the moment, the score is a tie.


After all these features, the material is super important. This provides comfort and padding for your little one. Also, it has to be soft because there are brands that have scratchy material that resembles sandpaper.

The next thing you have to consider is how easy it is to remove and wash. Accidents happen with kids, so you have to know in advance how fast you can fix it.

Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat

Uppbaby was the first car seat to get the highest rating while not containing harmful chemicals. Most brads tend to go with the cheaper options. This means adding brominated and chlorinated chemicals plus fire retardants. The Uppababy Mesa is different thanks to Merino wool. These are not needed. So it’s safe for kids with sensitive skin.

The drawback of this material is that it’s highly recommended to be washed by hand. There are compromises with this car seat.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Seat

The good news with the Keyfit 30 is that it’s machine washable. So if you have a baby with motion sickness and you have to wash the fabric, frequently, this is the better choice for you.

The material is easy to remove and reinstall. You can remove it fast. No disassembly is needed.


This goes to Uppababy Mesa the comfort of the washing machine is lost in front of the natural, non-toxic fabric.

Bonuses and Features

This section will cover a few things that make life easier. Here is a list of features that will help you every day.

First of all, both the UppaBabby Messa and Chicco Keyfit 30 are compatible with strollers. Now, if you don’t have the same brand for the stroller, you can always get an adapter. Both infant carriers come with infant padding included in the price. (Some high-end brands don’t)

To add extra comfort, both UppaBabby Messa and Chicco Keyfit 30 use breathable fabrics. This means that your little one won’t be sweaty when you remove them from the carrier. It will keep them nice and cool.

Last but not least, I want to mention the canopy. Both of them come with it. The Chicco Keyfit 30 has some issues. Many parents reported that it doesn’t cover the baby enough. In certain angles, the baby is exposed.

On the other hand, UppaBabby Messa has no such issues, and it is an SPF hideaway canopy. It will protect your little one from the sunrays 50+, and it can be hidden when not in use.


In this category, both infant carriers are nearby, so I will call it a tie.

Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat

UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat

  • It’s the top-rated safest car seat on the market
  • Do you have to run some errands this is the perfect carrier to do it
  • No more guessing just look at the tightness indicator, and you know if you’re good
  • It’s a pricey infant car seat
  • There were a few complaints that the baby gets hot

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

  • It’s the highest-rated car seat according to Consumer Reports
  • It’s easy to transfer from the car
  • You can install it in 5 minutes, and it is just as easy to adjust
  • It’s not compatible with most shopping carts
  • The canopy doesn’t cover the baby sufficiently

Final Recount

UppaBabby Messa  won by one point (2/5)

Chicco Keyfit 30 lost by one point (1/5)

The other three categories were a tie.

Uppababy Mesa vs Chicco Keyfit 30 Verdict

The UppaBabby Messa won by one. The Chicco Keyfit 30 was close behind. The main reason why Uppababy Mesa took the crown is that it allows us to use it for a longer time. The weight limit is bigger by 5 pounds, and the height is bigger by 2”.

The Chicco Keyfit 30 made up the lead by being easier to install. This is very important when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to fiddle around. Finally, the UppaBabby Messa won because of the ECO-friendly material. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or fire retardants. The only drawback of this is that it’s only hand wash only.

We have reached the end of the UppaBabby Messa vs Chicco Keyfit 30. I hope it’s clear to you, which is the right fit. Now it’s your turn get it now because stocks are running low.

Catch you next time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is the UPPAbaby Mesa worth it?

The UPPAbaby MESA is worth it because the cover doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxic flame retardants. Also, this car seat is for those who want something different.

How long is the Chicco KeyFit 30 Good For?

The Chicco KeyFit 30 is Good For 6 years after the date of manufacture.

What is the best infant car seat?

The best infant car seat is the Britax B-safe 35 infant car seat.

Uppababy mesa vs Chicco keyfit 30 infant car seats how to make a travel system?

Both infant car seats (uppababy mesa and keyfit) can be mounted on strollers. They are compatible within their own brands (like the uppababy vista) or with the help of an adapter, you can use it with a different one. This is how you create a travel system.

Which baby car seat from Uppababy and Chicco has the best weight height limits and weight limits?

The weight limits and height limits are different. The uppababy mesa height limit is 32 inches and the weight limit is 35 pounds while the keyfit is limited to 30 inches and the weight limit is 30 pounds. The uppababy mesa is a little bit roomier. The chosen baby car seat is easy to install. The car seat comes with an infant insert in the package. The infant insert can be used up to 11 pounds.

Uppababy mesa vs Chicco keyfit 30 infant car seats which is better worth the money?

The Uppababy mesa is a little bit more expensive than the Chicco. They are both easy to install and the fabric is machine washable.

What kind of safety features do these Uppababy mesa and Chicco infant car seats have?

The best safety features is the side impact protection. As you know side impact protection is the most important one nowadays. I consider it easy to install a safety feature as well. They both have high safety standards. I consider the proper head support one of the most important safety standards.

Which of this uppababy mesa vs chicco keyfit 30 infant seats are ready for airplane use?

Both infant seats are ready for airplane use.

What other features are important with the uppababy car seat and the Chicco car seat?

The harness system is one of the best. They are easy to install. Thanks to the latch connectors and the ride-right bubble levels. Before you start the installation make sure you check out the manual. Also, use the ride-right bubble levels for the seat. The latch connectors are easy to use. They only work with the base. Without the base, you have to use the seat belts instead of the latch connectors. The harness system has no manual rethreading. The installation system is straightforward. You can use the latches or the seat belt. No matter which one you choose the installation system will be a breeze. The sun canopy is detachable and provides protection from the elements. You won’t be able to live without the recline sure feature. All in all, they have high safety standards.

Uppababy mesa or Nuna Pipa which one should I choose?

Uppababy mesa car seat is the better choice.

Which car seat is better Chicco Keyfit 30 or  Nuna Pipa?

Chicco Keyfit 30 is the better choice.

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