Go With the Absolute Best Car Speaker Brands in 2024

Finding the best car speaker brands is not something you should do, you should find the best car speaker. Yet, you are here, and I’ve written this article about the subject. The fact is that all of us has a favorite brand that we like, and we want to stick with it, right?

There is no “best car speaker brand” as that is very subjective and can always be changed but just as you have your list of your favorite brands, I have mine, and this is it. Maybe you want confirmation that the brand you think of really is the best, or maybe you just want to know which brand you should look at. Well, whatever is true, this is the article for you.

The Best Car Speaker Brands

More than once, I’ve gotten the question “Which car speaker brand is the best?” and every time, I say that there is no right and wrong answer. All brands have good and bad products, but in the end, we all have a favorite.

When I made this list, I looked back at the speakers we’ve been reviewing in the best, speakers that we think are great and user reviews on speakers to see what other users have been saying about the brand. But in the end, this is my opinions and yours may be different.

But with that said, this is my list of the best car speaker brands that you want in your car.

Brand #1: Infinity Car Speakers

Infinity Kappa 62IX 6.5" Coaxial Speaker System Infinity has always been a personal favorite of mine and I have been buying them ever since I first heard them. The reason for this is simple: their speakers provide clear highs and mids that suits my type of music perfectly.

Infinity Systems were founded in 1966 in Los Angeles and has always been working with speakers. Today, they are owned by the reputable company Harman, as in Harman Kardon speakers. With such a company in the back, Infinity has really been able to make a dent in the market.

Infinity is making car speakers in all price ranges and you can find both cheaper car speakers that are very budget-friendly, as well as more expensive component speakers for the audiophiles. The thing that really defines the brand, in my opinion, is the clear mid and highs. If that is something you are after, you will not be disappointed with a pair of Infinity car speakers.

Brand #2: Polk Audio Car Speakers

Polk DB652 Ultramarine Dynamic Balance Coaxial Speakers, 6.5" - Pair Polk Audio car speakers have really been growing on me since I started this website and actually started to look around for other speakers than the ones I knew. Polk is great at making durable speakers that sound great.

Polk was founded in the 70s and is making all kinds of speakers. They may be best known for their car speakers, but they also have smart speakers with Google Assistant integrated as well as high-end home speaker systems.

Speakers from Polk is often IP55-rated, meaning that they are water- and dust-resistant. Because of this, Polk speakers are great for motorcycles, boats and off-road vehicles. The best part with it is that the sound is not hurt by this rating. Speakers from Polk are very loud and can easily fill a car (or a boat) with music.

Brand #3: Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5-Inch Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker - Set of 2 Rockford Fosgate makes great car speakers. They have been in the game for a long time now and they have this fan following around them like no other speaker brand really. But it’s no wonder when you make speakers with good pricing and good sound.

Fosgate made their first product in the 70s, the PR-7000 amplifier and not long after, the Punch-series was created and has been a success ever since. They are making car speakers, subwoofer and amplifiers and there is no problem getting a full Rockford Fosgate set for your car.

The car speakers that Rockford Fosgate makes are often well priced, they are made for the masses and not the top 1%. The speakers deliver good mids and highs while the subwoofer from the company will take care of the lows. Funny enough, I like the punch in the subwoofers from Rockford, to complement the Punch-series car speakers (I had to).

Brand #4: Kenwood Car Speakers

Kenwood KFC-P710PS 280 Watts Performance Series 6-1/2" Component Speakers Kenwood is a strong brand in the car speaker market, everyone knows who they are and what they stand for. I’ve always liked the build quality in Kenwood-speakers. Fun fact is that Kenwood electronics and Kenwood kitchen appliances are not the same company.

The history of Kenwood goes as far back as the 1940s when Kenwood was founded in Japan. The name Kenwood didn’t come in until the mid-80s but by then, the company had been making radio transceivers and hi-fi systems for a long time.

If someone asks me what I think of Kenwood, I would say that they are average. They are not the top performer in the market, but they certainly do not land in the bottom either. Their speakers are a combination of great build quality, good pricing, and good sound. You can never go wrong with a pair of Kenwood’s in your car.

Brand #5: Pioneer Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-F1634R 6.5" 200W 2-Way Speakers Pioneer, the big giant in the car speaker industry. Once, everything they touched became gold and there was no other brand than Pioneer. Then, the rest of the manufacturers caught up and today, they have lost the legendary status that they once had.

Founded in the late 1930s in Japan, Pioneer has been making consumer electronics in all shapes and forms. They played a role in several technologies that we take for granted today, like the DVD recording, OLED or interactive cable TV. They have since then stopped working with TVs, but they are still making hardware for the car.

Their car speakers are still very praised by people, but, unfortunately, I think that is because of the name. I like Pioneer car speakers just as much as anyone else, but there are better speakers today and I think it’s good that Pioneer is not the “brand to rule them all”. They are more average today.

Don’t get me wrong, a pair of Pioneer speakers for a good price is great, and Pioneer is still able to produce good sound in their speakers. They are also making great head units for cars still and I would say that they are the best ones at it. But for car speakers, they have to be happy with the 5th place.

Look for Other Brands as Well

Is your favorite brand not on the list or have you found a speaker that you really think will be great for you but the brand is not on the list? Get it anyway. If everyone bought products from 5-6 brands only, there would be very little competition and that is bad for us as consumers.

As I said in the beginning, this list is what I think and if yours is different, that’s good for you. I wrote this for those of you who don’t know what exists on the market or if you just want to get a hint on where to look. If that is so, this list should be good for you.

If you are looking specifically for the best car speakers, you should instead read our amazing guide where we have ranked and reviewed a ton of car speakers to find the best 12 in all different sizes. You can click here to find the best car speakers.


What are the best car audio speaker brands?

The best car audio speaker brands include Infinity, Polk Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Kenwood and Pioneer.

How do Infinity Car Speakers perform?

Infinity Car Speakers provide great clear highs and mids.

What makes Polk Audio Car Speakers stand out?

Polk Audio Car Speakers are very durable, water-resistant, loud, and can easily fill a car or boat with music.

What is unique about Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers?

Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers have been in the game for a long time, are well priced, deliver good mids and highs while their subwoofers will take care of the lows.

What is a voice coil in car audio systems?

A voice coil is the cylindrical piece of wire that is wrapped around the center of a speaker magnet and connected to the speaker cone. It carries an electric signal from the amplifier to move back and forth, creating sound waves. The larger the diameter of the voice coil, the better it can handle power at higher frequencies with more clarity and accuracy.

What are good car speaker brands?

Some popular brands for car speakers include JBL, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, Rockford Fosgate, Harman Kardon, Polk Audio, Infinity and Alpine.

What is peak power handling in speakers?

Peak power handling refers to how much power a speaker can handle at its maximum before overheating or permanently damaging it. Most manufacturers list this number in both watts (measured in amps) or decibels (dB). This figure helps determine how loud your audio system is capable of achieving without experiencing distortion or potential damage to components.

Which 6.5 inch size offers amazing sound quality for cars?

Sound quality depends on many factors such as driver construction type (cone material), frequency range covered by drivers, peak/RMS wattage ratings etc.. However some premium brands like JBL or Harman Kardon offer amazing sound quality even with their small 6.5 inch size speakers like JBL GTO 629 which has polypropylene woofer cones and silk-dome tweeters capable of producing crystal clear mid range frequencies & deep bass sounds.

What are the best car speaker brands?

The best car speaker brands are Infinity, Polk Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Kenwood, and Pioneer.

What is unique about Infinity Car Speakers?

Infinity Car Speakers provide great clear highs and mids.

Which brand of car speakers is known for being very durable?

Polk Audio Car Speakers are very durable, water-resistant, loud, and can easily fill a car or boat with music.

What do Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers offer?

Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers have been in the game for a long time, are well priced, deliver good mids and highs while the subwoofer from them will take care of the lows.

What is the best car speakers brand?

There are many great car speaker brands on the market, such as Rockford Fosgate, Harman Kardon, Kicker, Boss Audio Systems and Polk Audio. These brands offer music lovers incredible sound quality with a wide frequency range and maximum power output for an amazing sound experience.

What are the best car speaker brands for cars?

The top car speaker brands include Rockford Fosgate, Harman Kardon, Kicker, Boss Audio Systems and Polk Audio. These speaker manufacturers create speakers that provide superior audio quality with a wide frequency response range for a clear sound experience. They also feature high-quality voice coils and butyl rubber surrounds for loud sound and deep bass.

What size speakers deliver the best sound?

Speaker system classes vary in size depending on their features; however generally speaking larger sizes tend to deliver higher-quality sound because they can handle more power handling levels than smaller sizes. For example three way coaxial speakers usually come in 6×9 inch sizes while component speakers are typically available in 5×7 inch or 6×8 inch versions.

Which type of car audio system has the highest audio quality?

For maximum audio quality it is recommended to install either a three way coaxial or a component type of car audio system. Both types feature multiple drivers which allow for superior clarity of highs as well as lows making them ideal if you’re looking for an incredible listening experience from your audio system.

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