The Ultimate Sony XAV-AX200 Review

Sony is a name and will always be a name that is well recognized in the electronic industry. Over the years, they have introduced a great number of products that showcase the company’s true innovation and dedication. And, it is safe to say that the qualities shine through in this dvd receiver. And, after reading this sony xav-ax200 review, you won’t have any option but to agree. The sound quality on both the dvd layer and audio-video system is off the charts.


Who Should Buy The Product?


This dvd receiver really is for anyone, but for those individuals that love streaming music, you are going to love this device. It not only gives you access to Spotify and Pandora, but it gives you complete and total control of your streaming accounts. All you have to do is simply connect your iPhone via the USB ports or Bluetooth and you’ll be all set. Android users can also pair their phones using the Android application. For Google Play Music subscribers, you’ll easily be garnered access to millions of songs anywhere, any time of the day or night.


The radio receiver is also perfect for anyone that is looking to upgrade the performance of their vehicle’s current audio system. While you do not get new speakers or amps, the technology installed in the audio side of this device can take those old speakers and make them sound like new ones or even better than new ones.


What Comes Included With The Sony XAV-AX200?


Sony is especially known for its innovation. And, this is why they have included so much with their package. When you invest in this product, you literally give everything that you need to get started and more. Professional installation is always recommended, but with a little audio and automotive skills, you shouldn’t have a problem getting this device up and running in any vehicle, as long as you have the right wiring harnesses and tools.


All that aside, when you invest in this product you will also receive the wiring harness, a 53-inch USB cable, a handy remote control, the battery for the remote control, a microphone with installation brackets, the SiriusXM Connect vehicle tuner, the SiriusXM antenna, two-sided tape, 4 ISO-screws, Velcro-straps, alcohol prep pad, AV receiver instruction, the brochure and channel guide, and the warranty sheet.


A Concise Overview Of The Best Features


It would be hard for anyone to dispute the fact that the Sony XAV-AX200 comes with a lot of features. However, there are some features that stand out more than others. One of the most notable features has got to without a doubt be the fact that the device syncs right up with SiriusXM. When you get a SiriusXM account, you’ll be granted access to all your favorite stations from Jacksonville to Junction City. The best part about the SiriusXM tuner is that it plugs directly right into the receiver. All you need is your Sirius subscription and you’ll be all ready to do. Unfortunately, the satellite radio service is only available for those individuals that live in the lower 48 states. The satellite feature will not be available in Hawaii or US territories. If you do not currently have a SiriusXM account it really won’t matter because upon investing in this product, you will be granted a free three-month trail.


And, this is not to even mention the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto features. These two features alone are like a fantasy for most audiophiles. Simply connect your iPhone via the USB port and you’ll immediately be granted access to a friendly iOS- styled interface that lets you access your music, messages, streaming music, and every other useful application currently installed on your phone. Android Auto offers a simpler, safer, and easier solution for those individuals that have a hard time keep their eyes on the road. The easy and intuitive interface gives you access to maps, music, communication apps, and voice controls. As soon as you plug in your Android device all of this will be ready to go for you.


Tutorial: How To Get The Most Out Of It


To get the most out of your Sony XAV-AX200 is to pair it with all of the compatible apps. By pairing with Apple CarPlay, you will have access to maps, hands-free calling, music streaming services, and your personal messages. You can enhance the unit’s capabilities by pairing it with your Android smartphone. There is no end to the possibilities when utilizing the XAV-AX200 as long as you are willing to go to the extreme.




If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to the Sony XAV-AX200, we recommend the Pioneer AVH-1300NEX. Both units share some similarities and differences. One of the most significant differences in the units is the size of the display. While you may be saving a bit of money when purchasing in the AVH-1300NEX, you will be getting a slightly larger display. The display for the AVH-1300NEX measures in at 6.2 inches while the AVH-1300NEX display is only 6 inches. If you are not concerned with the display size, then the cheaper alternative maybe your best option.


Both units are compatible with SirusXM Satellite Radio and Apple CarPlay. But, only the Alpine iLX-207 works with Siri Maps and Android Auto. However, the AVH-1300NEX utilizes Pioneer’s AppRadio, which will give you access to a broad range of mobile apps.




At the end of the day, it is more than easy to see that Sony XAV-AX200 literally has everything for the audiophiles out there. Whether you are gearing up for a long road trip with the kids or you are just looking to take your vehicle’s entertainment system to the next level, you simply cannot go wrong with this receiver. You can see that the device has some flaws, but the other included features more than makeup for where the product is lacking. Heck, the fact that the device supports SiriusXM. TuneMix, Traffic and Weather Now, and Sports Flash is reason enough alone to invest in this amazing audio video device.

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