What to Do When Car Radio Keeps Turning on by Itself?

The modern-day car is an engineering marvel. With so many features at its disposal, a car is just not a car. Equipped with the best of sound stereos and radios or TV screens even at times, the modern car has been transformed into an ultimate entertainment module.

Having said that, its primary function is to be a motor vehicle that can transport people from one place to the other and all the adjacent quality of life features such as the entertainment system, the air conditioning system or the communications system are designed around this primary function.

Therefore, these devices have to be fine-tuned and designed out of the box to fit in with the car and its mechanical structure. The radios and in-built speaker systems in most cars are also designed specifically to fit in these cars with their power supply points being engineered to receive power from the car.

While most of these devices are designed very well, there are bound to be issues with them as, after all, they are still electric devices that suffer wear and tear as they go on.

Further, since the car treads on different surfaces and goes through extraneous stress at times on the road, the propensity of these devices getting fried increases.

Today, we look at one of the more common problems that car users seem to complain about. The complaint that we are looking into today is: the car radio keeps turning on by itself.

Why Does My Radio Keep Turning on by Itself?

The reasons why the car radio turns on by itself can be primarily attributed to the following major causes. While there might be several other reasons such as an accident of the car or physical damage to the radio system, in normal circumstances, the following reasons are seen as the most common.

The reasons leading to the car radio turning on by itself are:

Power Misdirection

To understand why the car radio keeps turning on by itself, we need to understand how power is provided to the radio set. The power source of a radio designed for a car is usually linked to the ignition switch and the reason that the radio set switches on by itself will be a case of the power being provided to it when not intended.

In simple words, what this means is that when the ignition switch is turned off for the car, ideally, the power should be cut off from the radio set. However, in case the power is still being fed into the radio set even after the ignition switch is turned off, the radio set might turn on by itself.

Wrong Installation

The radio set of the car can be wrongly installed in the car. This is one of the most common reasons why users experience the situation where the radio is turned on by itself. This issue needs to be fixed by the proper manufacturer and the workshop which installed the radio set in the car.

The Devices Growing Old

This is a problem that is prevalent across devices all around and is not just specific to car radios. As the devices grow old, their internal components lose their integrity and begin malfunctioning. This might be one of the reasons why car radios turn on on their own as they get old.

Faulty Wiring

The last common reason why the car radio might malfunction is that there might be a case of faulty wiring either while during the installation of the radio set or the wires becoming loose and faulty as time goes on and the car goes through the stress of being driven across different terrains.

Blown Fuse

Another issue that can cause the car radio to turn itself is the car fuse getting blown. The fuse in the radio set ensures that the device keeps on operating at a constant voltage and when it is blown, the device enters into a circle of operating at sub-par or overbearing voltages leading to the malfunctioning of the device.

Fixing the Issue: What to Do When Car Radio Keeps Turning on by Itself?

The key to fixing the issue of the car radio turning itself on by itself is to identify the root cause of the issue and then fix it accordingly. For instance, if the issue at heart is that the devices are getting old, then the solution is to get a new device, whereas if the issue is of the wrong installation, then the solution is to get the radio set installed properly.

In other words, the key to this process is diagnosis and maintenance upkeep. As soon as the issue presents itself, it should be the priority of the user to go and get their car checked at the local garage or the proprietary workshop of the car manufacturer if possible.

The quick diagnosis and maintenance of the radio set problem is not only important for the functioning of the radio set but also important for the general functioning of the car as the diagnosis may reveal graver issues with wiring and devices that could cause serious issues, damage and even injuries if not checked at the bud.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Can a Bad Battery Cause Radio Problems?

Yes, a bad battery can cause problems with the radio set. However, if your radio set stops working after a jump start, this might also be an issue of the car radio’s anti-theft feature becoming activated.

2.  Does Disconnecting Battery Reset Radio?

Yes, disconnecting the battery not only resets the radio by erasing the radio codes but, in most cases, it also resets the drivability and security codes of the car as well resetting your preferences.

3.  Where Is My Radio Fuse Located?

The radio fuse is usually located on the fuse panel, which is on the driver’s dashboard in most vehicles. Otherwise, refer to the manuals provided by the manufacturer.

Final Word

So to sum up, the issue of the car radio turning on by itself is an issue with the power being fed into it because of either faulty wiring or devices and it needs to be fixed with proper technical expertise.

Last Updated on June 29, 2022 by Danny Reid