Pioneer AVH-600EX Review in 2024

UPDATE: The last time I’ve checked this head unit was out of stock. The best alternative would be the Pioneer MVH-300EX. If you want a stereo that has a fresher look, better sound quality and an awesome display this is the winner you’ve been looking for.

Pioneer MVH-300EX
Pioneer MVH-300EX head unit



A rolling entertainment center…

If you spend any time in a car, you value a good stereo. It makes the miles fly by.

The Pioneer AVH-600EX has some features which were hard to ignore. Plus, many of my readers requested to look into it.

This is why I’ve created this Pioneer AVH-600EX review.

You don’t need to be an audiophile to enjoy good music. Driving long distances is boring. A good stereo system can help you pass the time.

Not long ago, I had to make a 9h drive. I’ve loaded up a few audiobooks, and on my way, I went. It was the first time when I’ve listened to an audiobook for that long. The long journey didn’t register. Only when I got out of the car, I felt that it had taken a toll on me.

Maybe you have a lot of standby time during work? You can watch movies to avoid boredom.

Here’s my promise. After reading the details, you will know if this double din head unit is a good fit.

Let’s get the Pioneer AVH-600EX review started.

As you are accustomed, here’s the bird’s eye view.

  • Enjoy high-quality music with the FLAC format
  • Snappy touch screen
  • The screen can be angled to avoid glare
  • By passing the emergency brake is a must
  • The firmware update can be tricky

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Who is the Pioneer AVH-600EX for?

The Pioneer AVH-600EX double DIN DVD receiver is a good head unit to upgrade your car. As you have already read, it delivers excellent audio and video. Now, what else is this digital receiver good for?

You can connect your phone and stream music. It has built-in Bluetooth, so the connection is easy. Also, it will automatically connect to known phones.

During shopping, I pop in and out of the car a lot. It’s a real hassle always to plug the phone in. I don’t want to leave the phone in plain sight either. You know opportunist thieves might smash a window to get it.

The only solution for me was to get a wireless car stereo. It works without hassles.

You can also enjoy hands-free calls if you want to know how to keep your steering wheel controls read the last chapter.

What can the Pioneer AVH-600EX do for you?

We have already established that you can listen to music and watch videos with the Pioneer AVH-600EX. Besides that, you can take hands-free calls. None the less you can connect a backup camera for easy parking. It only has one camera input so you can’t mount a dash cam.

Sadly it’s not included in the package. It is sold separately.

Once you have the head unit installed, you can feel the difference. The clarity and punch are out of this world.

The touch screen is snappy to respond. I’ve tested many car stereos, and some of them are too slow for me. I love the Pioneer AVH-600EX because it’s fast and easy to use. The touch screen is 7″ wide wvga display. The currently supported resolution is 800X400 pixels.

I value safe driving above anything else. Since the screen is intuitive, I can keep my eyes on the road. I can’t wait for those safe autonomous cars to appear.

To add to safety, I always use hands-free controls. With this satellite receiver, you can use Siri Eyes Free. I love that I can listen to text messages. Also I can dictate and send text messages with the help of Siri.

Spotify and Pandora come installed so you can enjoy extra music sources. We shouldn’t forget that it’s SiriusXM ready.

There’s a big problem with most car stereos. When the sun is shining bright, there’s glare. Now the guys from Pioneer came up with a solution. With the Pioneer AVH-600EX, you can angle the screen. With a push of a button, the glare is gone.

Pioneer AVH-600EX in-Dash Receiver DVD Receiver w/ 7" WVGA Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM Ready and AppRadio

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Pioneer AVH-600EX shortcomings

For some, the Pioneer AVH-600EX seems to be the perfect car stereo. For others, it might not be suitable. Here are the flaws of this head unit.

People complained that they had installed the backup camera, and the screen is black. They said that they followed the manual. There’s an error in the manual you should plug the video input into the RC plug.

I’ll be upfront with you. The firmware is tricky to install. Luckily there aren’t many bugs, so updates are few to install.

A few people complained that the Bluetooth lags by 2s. I haven’t noticed it. Maybe they have made a bad install? I can watch videos on my phone without issues.

This is a minor one, but here it goes. If you are watching foreign movies, you won’t be able to add subs from USB. Lesson learned I only watch English movies in the car.

How To Get The Most Out Of Pioneer AVH-600EX?

There are a few steps to take to have the perfect experience. First of all, you need to get it installed. I’m not good with electronics; this is why I let pros handle it. I also warmly recommend it.

After the install, you have to do the firmware update. This eliminates bugs and frustrating errors.

Do you want to use your steering wheel controls? Then you have to buy iDatalink Maestro. This little device lets you keep your stock button settings. Not only that, but it displays vehicle diagnostics. This the reason why I always recommend getting the iDatalink Maestro.

So far, so good? Now it’s time for the fun part. The Pioneer AVH-600EX has a 13-band graphic equalizer. If you want to feel the punch, then you need to tune it a bit. Don’t worry if it’s not your thing you can use one of the presets.

With this satellite receiver, you can connect two phones at the same time. This feature alone is worth having during trips.

The Pioneer head unit supports the FLAC file format. This means you can enjoy great sound quality without taking the time to convert all your music. You just insert the CD/DVD or plug a pen drive in the USB port.

The USB port is 1.5VA, and it will charge your phone.

Pioneer AVH-600EX Review Conclusion

All in all, it’s a great head unit to have. You can customize the colors, so it matches your interior. The music is clean, and you can feel the punch. The touch screen is snappy and safe to use during driving. By having a backup camera (sold separately), you can park in tighter spots. We shouldn’t forget the number of different music sources you can choose from

You have reached the end of my Pioneer AVH-600EX review. I hope you have found clarity by reading this article.

If you have ideas which stereos I should review, hit me up.

Catch you next time.
Pioneer AVH-600EX in-Dash Receiver DVD Receiver w/ 7" WVGA Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM Ready and AppRadio

Does it fit in my car? Click Here to Check
Click Here to Check

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Does the AVH-600EX radio tuner audio video remote control profile?

Yes the AVH-600EX DVD receiver has the audio video remote control profile feature. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth you can remote control audio streaming, audio playback and video playback. Also you can play pause songs.

Is the Pioneer AVH-600EX a good alternative for the Pioneer AVH-601EX?

Yes, you can find out more after reading the Pioneer AVH-601EX review.

What is advanced audio distribution profile?

The advanced audio distribution profile or A2DP for short determines what’s the maximum quality of audio that can be streamed through built-in Bluetooth devices. This works with compatible Android smartphones and iPod iPhone. In case you were wondering this Pioneer satellite radio has it. Since it’s a radio receiver you can pick up local radio stations and online ones as well. All you need is Bluetooth enabled Android devices (SPP serial port profile).

Should I use the Appradio mode with the Pioneer AVH-600EX in-dash receiver?

Yes you can use the Appradio mode with this satellite radio. However I strongly advise against it. The app is super buggy and has a low start rating. You are better of using other apps for audio streaming.

What kind of audio streaming is available with this Pioneer DVD receiver?

All your favorite apps like Spotify, Pandora are there for audio streaming. The audio features allows you to play any mp3 wma aac files. Thanks to the great sound quality audio playback and video playback is top notch.

Does this stereo have a rear rca video output?

Yes and you can connect any outside monitor to it.

What can iDatalink Maestro do with this Pioneer AVH-600EX in-dash receiver?

With the iDatalink Maestro you will be able to keep your steering wheel controls. No only that it gives you extra info. With the iDatalink Maestro you can also check vehicle diagnostic info.

Is the AVH-600EX stereo navigation ready?

Yes you can connect any navigation app.

Does this digital receiver comes with audio video input  output?

Yes it does.

Can I mount a backup camera to it?

Yes but that’s sold separately. Makes sure you get a high quality one so the image isn’t distorted.

What can the DVD receiver do?

It can read DVDs like DVD DVD-r.

How do I connect an Android smartphone or USB device?

You have two choices you can use the built-in Bluetooth connectivity or the USB input.

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