Pioneer AVH 3300NEX Review 2024 – Is This Your Dream Head Unit?

Pioneer AVH-3300NEX 7" Flip Out DVD Receiver with CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth

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How to get a new car?

Buy an old one and install this stereo. It’s like getting a brand new car…

With the help of a good aftermarket car stereo, you can make a modern car out of anything. The problem is that the market is flooded with so many stereos. It’s hard to know if you have made the right choice.

This is the reason why I’ve created the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX review.

Update: A newer version of this Pioneer model is out. Check out the Pioneer AVH-3400NEX review for more info.

After reading this post, you will be sure if this is the right single DIN head unit for you. This Pioneer stereo is a single DIN so that it will work with most cars, even with older ones. If you have a double DIN slot, then you might need some work to cover up the remaining space.

Here’s a quick preview of the AVH-3300NEX. After installing it, you will be able to use both Apple Carplay and Android Auto, depending on what phone you use. The connection is through USB cable. If you want to enjoy wireless connectivity, you need a bigger budget and a different head unit.

It’s a premium stereo, and it allows two phones to be connected through Bluetooth. The sound quality is superb. It comes with everything you need from the DVD player to the SiriusXM ready module.  It looks cool and slick, and it doesn’t scream aftermarket.

Let’s get this Pioneer AVH-3300NEX review started.

Here’s the bird’s eye view for this head unit.

  • No more manual brightness adjustment it comes with auto-dimming
  • This stereo has a slick look and great design
  • It doesn’t scream premium thus not a thief magnet
  • Only standard radio supported no HD radio receiver
  • Being a single DIN unit, you can’t use iDatalink Maestro

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Who is the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX for?

The Pioneer car stereo is for those who have a single DIN slot. Usually older cars are equipped with single DIN. Even older cars can be brought in the new era. Anybody who wants hands-free calling and a huge selection of music sources can use this unit.

20+ year old cars can have Bluetooth connectivity plus hands free control. How cool is that?

What can the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX do for you?

The Pioneer AVH-3300NEX has everything that you need to feel that you have a new car. Both iPhone and Android phones are compatible. The connection is through the USB cable there’s not wireless with this unit.

You plug your phone in, and it will be immediately recognized so you can go with Apple Carplay or Android Auto. Did I mention that the built-in Bluetooth connection allows you to pair two phones at the same time?

Yes, you will be able to make and take calls with ease. All you have to do is say “Hey Siri” or “OK Google” and the assistants are ready to serve you.

The AVH-3300NEX car stereo comes with a CD/DVD receiver plus it’s SiriusXM ready. So you can enjoy satellite radio wherever you are.

The display is nice and crisp. The head unit screen size is 7” and it’s a fold-out the motorized touch screen.

To avoid screen glare, you can tilt it. Plus, it remembers the settings, and it will come out the same way the next time you start it.

I just love the auto-dimming feature — the screen brightness changes according to the surrounding light conditions. The sound quality is great without the need to change the speakers.

As always, Pioneer units are easy to use, and there’s no learning curve.

Key Features:

  • ​Motorized display flip out unit
  • Compatible with Apple Carplay Android Auto, Spotify, Pandora
  • Siri Eyes Free with compatible iPhones
  • Music streaming and Hands Free Calling  through Bluetooth
  • 7″ touchscreen clear resistive display; Resolution WVGA (800 x 480)

Pioneer AVH-3300NEX 7" Flip Out DVD Receiver with CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth

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Pioneer AVH-3300NEX shortcomings

As you have probably guessed, the perfect stereo doesn’t exist. The Pioneer AVH-3300NEX has its own flaws. Let’s see if they are a deal-breaker for you.

It takes some craftsmanship to make this stereo sit flush. I usually turn to professionals for these jobs. If you want to do a DIY job, it will be difficult.

Since it’s a single DIN unit, it comes with a flip-out screen. Here’s the bad news. If you tuck the screen in, you don’t know where you are or which media you have chosen. This is why it would be great to have a small LCD so you know if you have a radio or the phone selected.

Many consumers reported that the only time when the screen becomes a must-have when they use navigation.

It’s highly recommended to get the latest firmware updates. This is the tricky part. You need to jump through so many hoops to get this done. They should’ve streamlined it.

For some odd reason, you can’t delete files from the USB drive. What a bummer you need to connect to a laptop or PC to do it.

Since it’s a single DIN unit, you won’t be able to use iDatalink Maestro. As you know, this device helps you keep steering wheel controls.

Here’s the last nuisance I’ve discovered, and this is the lack of HD radio. If you are living in an area where radio stations offer this, you will be missing out. I love the CD-quality radio shows.

These are the flaws of the Pioneer stereo. Are you still with me?

How To Get The Most Out Of Pioneer AVH-3300NEX?

The first thing is to get it installed. Now I always recommend a pro job. This time is a must if you want to sit flush in your dash. For some reason, it’s hard to align it properly. This is why it’s a good idea to take it to a pro.

The next thing to do is get the latest firmware updates. Now, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Hot tip: get a USB drive and make sure that it’s formatted to FAT32. When you upload the firmware file, do remember to be the only file on the pen drive. Many consumers reported having difficulties if there are multiple files.

Sadly the single DIN stereos are not supported by iDatalink Maestro. You might need to look for a different device if you want to keep the steering wheel controls.

Last but not least, don’t forget that you can customize your screen. Upload the images on the USB drive, and you can set it from there.

To get the absolute best sound quality, do play around with the 13-band graphic equalizer. If you don’t have the time, then pick one of the presets. Don’t forget that this unit has a camera input. You can mount a rear view camera (backup camera) for safer parking. The backup camera is not included in the package, and it’s sold separately.

Pioneer AVH-3300NEX Review Conclusion

As you have seen, this Pioneer AVH-3300NEX is compatible with many cars. It’s particularly suited for older ones that have single DIN slots. How cool is to have a 20+ year old car with Siri Eyes Free or Google assistant?

We have reached the of the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX review.

What do you think about this Pioneer stereo? Are you interested in it?

Do you want to share your thoughts? Feel free to comment below. Also, if you want me to review a stereo, give me a shout out.

Pioneer AVH-3300NEX 7" Flip Out DVD Receiver with CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth- Pioneer AVH-3300NEX Review
Pioneer AVH-3300NEX Review

Catch you next time.

Does it fit in my car? Click Here to Check
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How big is the touch screen for this Pioneer NEX unit?

The touch screen is 7″ wide.

Can I use Appradio mode with my phone?

App radio mode is extremely buggy so no matter what phone you will use it will let you down. I understand Pioneer wants to control everything but AppRadio mode is a disaster.

What is the advanced audio distribution profile?

The advanced audio distribution profile or A2DP for short determines what’s the maximum quality of audio that can be streamed through built-in Bluetooth devices. This works with Android Auto compatible Android devices and iPod iPhone. If you still have hangups do read the customer reviews.

Can I use wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay with this Pioneer NEX unit?

You can only use Android Auto and Apple Carplay through wired connection. You can connect other compatible Android devices to this head unit through wired connection. For wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay you will need a higher end unit. Since it supports smartphone integration audio playback will be flawless even if you don’t use Apple Carplay Android Auto.

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