Pioneer AVH-200EX Review in 2024 – A Great Starter Unit?

UPDATE: The last time I’ve checked this head unit was out of stock. The best alternative would be the Pioneer MVH-300EX. If you want a stereo that has a fresher look, better sound quality and an awesome display this is the winner you’ve been looking for.

Pioneer MVH-300EX
Pioneer MVH-300EX head unit



When you have the choice between a brand, you never heard of made in a country you can’t pronounce…

Would you buy a car stereo like that? Or would you invest in a brand that is known do deliver?

The market is flooded with head units. It makes no difference if you want a low end, mid-range, or high-end stereo. There’s a huge variety.

This is why I’ve created the Pioneer AVH-200EX review. I will set the record straight. By the end of this post, you will know if this car stereo is good for you to deal with?

Here’s the preview of the Pioneer AVH-200EX head unit. When you install it, you have a standard radio and a CD/DVD player. Plus, the built-in Bluetooth delivers strong connection and a rear view camera.

It’s an ideal starter unit. Or it’s a good choice for seniors. This radio receiver can modernize any old car. Don’t forget it’s a double DIN head unit, so if you have a single din, then it won’t fit.

You are probably familiar with my reviews, so here’s a shocker. I can’t tell you just yet if you are impatient to go to the shortcomings section.

Let’s get this Pioneer AVH-200EX review started.

Here’s the bird’s eye view for this Bluetooth enabled head unit.

  • Great radio picks up more stations
  • The display is as good as smartphones
  • Balanced backlight easy to see in the day doesn’t bother at night
  • Only small USB drives are recognized
  • Only two background images to choose from

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Who is the Pioneer AVH-200EX for?

The perfect customer for the Pioneer AVH-200EX car stereo would be someone who wants a starter unit or a senior.

For example, it’s a great Father’s day present. I got it for my dad. He’s not a techie guy, and he got the hang of it fast. This car stereo has a few features, and they all work well.

The touchscreen display is intuitive so that nontech seniors can learn it fast.

You have a wide range of sound input. As I mentioned earlier, you can listen to music from CDs/DVDs and streaming from phones. Plus, it has a USB port where you can plug a pen drive.

Many customers reported that by changing their head unit, the sound quality got a lot better.

What can the Pioneer AVH-200EX do for you?

It’s a great starter unit because it’s not stuffed with useless apps.

What I love about the Pioneer AVH-200EX is that the built-in Bluetooth connection is fast. In under 10 seconds, the phone is connected and music playing. I have no clue where high-end units go wrong. It’s not unusual to shell out a ton of money, and you have to wait until you have paired up.

This car stereo has a video input and video output so you can mount a rear view camera (sold separately). I have to admit I never wanted a rear view camera. I thought that was for beginners. I have to admit that I was wrong.

After I installed a backup camera in my car, I was pleasantly surprised. For example, with the help of the camera, I can park in tighter spaces. It also beats going around the block, trying to find a good spot. We shouldn’t forget that this camera makes parking safer.

The radio is better than the stock. It’s more sensitive. Thus it picks up more stations.

So many car stereos get this wrong. I’m talking about the brightness. The Pioneer AVH-200EX is nice and bright during the day. Plus, it’s dimmable, so you don’t even notice of being there during the night.

The sound quality is unmatched. I am willing to compare it with more expensive units; it’s that good.

The touch screen has nice colors and responds well. It’s 6.2 inches wide, and it’s snappy. Every touch gets a fast response.

Pioneer AVH-200EX Multimedia DVD Receiver with 6.2" WVGA Display, and Built-in Bluetooth

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Pioneer AVH-200EX shortcomings

I don’t know what happened. I tried, and I tried, but I couldn’t find many drawbacks. I believe this review has the fewest shortcomings that I’ve ever written. Either way, there are a few bugs that need to be mentioned. Maybe it’s a deal-breaker for someone.

The Pioneer AVH-200EX car stereo only recognizes flash drives that are formatted to FAT32. This means only smaller USB sticks can be used. So forget about loading all your music on a 128gib drive. It won’t work with the head unit. You need to go with smaller drives.

They have dropped the ball with background customization. Well, actually, there’s no customization. You can choose from two images, and that’s it. I mean that this should be an easy firmware fixed and it didn’t happen yet.

My last issue with this head unit is the interface. It seems dated. A bit of polish wouldn’t hurt.

Now I could go on, and on that, there’s no HD radio, GPS, or Apps. This unit is a starter one. If you want these capabilities, you need to invest more. Higher priced head units allow both Android and Apple support.

How To Get The Most Out Of Pioneer AVH-200EX?

I have a few hot tips for you to get the best out of Pioneer AVH-200EX.

First, you need to get it installed. Now I’m not that much of tech guy, so I leave it for the pros. This saves me a lot of time and headaches.

You can change the colors, so it matches the interior. Besides this, you need to know about two important things.

First of all, the backup camera is set to off by default. So even if you have done a perfect install, your camera won’t work. You need to go to the settings and enable the rear view camera. Once that’s done, it will be operational.

The second hack you need to do is bypassing the e-brake (parking brake). Most people would think that only those people do it who wants to watch movies or watch video of any type. It’s not so.

For example, if you’re on the road, you won’t be able to change the EQ. It’s a safety feature. There are other system settings that are locked during driving. By bypassing the parking brake, you can change stuff on the fly without stopping.

Hot tip: you need to connect the car stereo to the e-brake (parking brake), or you won’t be able to use built-in Bluetooth. A friend of mine learned it the hard way. He wanted to save time, and the built-in Bluetooth wasn’t working. If you have any issues do contact customer service.

Finally, if you like to listen to the perfect music, the head unit comes with a 13-band graphic Equalizer. You can tweak to your liking or choose one of the presets.

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Pioneer AVH-200EX Review Conclusion

As you can see, the Pioneer AVH-200EX is a good starter head unit. It does a few things, and it does it well. It’s senior-friendly.

You have reached the end of my Pioneer AVH-200EX review. I hope this post was valuable to you.

Now I’m doing car stereo reviews by request. Contact me and see what we can cook up.

Catch you later.
Pioneer AVH-200EX Multimedia DVD Receiver with 6.2" WVGA Display, and Built-in Bluetooth

Does it fit in my car? Click Here to Check
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Does this Pioneer DVD receiver have secure simple paring?

Yes, this Pioneer DVD receiver comes with a secure simple pairing. Since it’s Bluetooth enabled you can make phone calls and do audio streaming. You can see artist album info on the screen. Also, it supports dual phone connection. Thanks to the secure connection you can enjoy your Bluetooth touchscreen. As you can see you have many opportunities with Bluetooth Wireless.

Does the AVH-200ex unit have audio video remote control profile?

Yes, the AVH-200ex unit has the audio video remote control profile feature. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth you can remote control audio streaming and video playback. Also, you can play pause songs.

What is the advanced audio distribution profile?

The advanced audio distribution profile or A2DP for short determines what’s the maximum quality of audio that can be streamed through built-in Bluetooth devices. This works with compatible Android smartphones and iPod iPhone. This is one of the Bluetooth features that you can connect to any Android smartphone.

What are the specs for the built in amp?

Power output 14 watts RMS/50 watts peak x 4 channels

Can I connect with my phone to this multimedia DVD receiver?

Wit this multimedia DVD receiver there’s a rear USB input. For that, you need a USB cable for easy access. All you have to do is take the cable and input rear USB and you’re done.

Is the Pioneer AVH-210EX a decent substitute for AVH-200EX?

Yes, the Pioneer AVH-210EX review explains why it’s a good choice.

How is the user interface?

The user interface can be matched with the vehicle’s interior. This is why the customer ratings are so high and there are rave customer reviews.

How good is the WVGA display?

The WVGA display is 6.2″ and it’s snappy. It’s one of the fastest one that I’ve tested.

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