Pioneer AVH-1440NEX Review 2024 – The best CarPlay HU?

Pioneer AVH-1440NEX 6.2" Multimedia DVD Receiver Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, HD Radio, SiriusXM

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My old stock speakers came alive…

Before this head unit, I was looking for a four-figure fix. It costs a lot to change all the speakers. Not to mention installing subs and amps.

Then I’ve got a second opinion on just changing the stock car stereo. This simple move has saved me a bunch of money.

This is the reason why I’ve created the Pioneer AVH-1440NEX Review.

Are you interested in a secret? You know why simply upgrading the car stereo the old speakers performed better?

It has a built in amp, and it sends more power to the speakers. No matter how old yours are, they will sound better.

Even when you turn up the volume, the sound stays clean.

Here’s the preview. Besides getting a great sounding car, you get a lot of other perks as well.

What are these perks? Well, you get access to Apple Carplay. Once you get a taste of it, you can’t live without it. You have a big selection of music sources: Spotify, Pandora. As you can see you can do audio streaming from anything. Also besides standard radio, there’s built-in HD radio tuner, and of course it’s SiriusXM ready.

Let’s get this Pioneer AVH-1440NEX review started.

Here’s the bird’s eye view for this amazing double din head unit.

  • Fast connection for Carplay through the USB cord
  • It holds your settings if the battery dies
  • You can customize colors and background images
  • No wireless Apple Carplay
  • There’s a learning curve for this head unit

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Who is the Pioneer AVH-1440NEX for?

The Pioneer AVH-1440NEX double DIN satellite radio comes with a lot of features. There are a few ones that people are attracted to.

First of all, this car stereo is for those people who want to take calls and send texts safely. Since this head unit supports Apple Carplay, Siri will be there to help. By using Siri Eyes Free, you have an assistant taking care of things while you focus on the road.

Also, we shouldn’t forget about the big boost in sound quality. This is a budget-friendly way to get a higher quality system.

We shouldn’t forget about the many music sources to choose from. It doesn’t matter what’s your preference this receiver will fulfill it.

What can the Pioneer AVH-1440NEX do for you?

It seems that Android users are left out again. Here’s the truth. There are so many devices out there that it’s hard to correlate an update. Google is notoriously slow with Android updates.

I know everybody wants a wireless connection. This unit offers Apple Carplay through a USB cord. It’s not the end of the world. I’ve seen that the connection through the cable is faster.

If this is a deal-breaker for you, then it’s better to pick a unit that has it.

The Pioneer AVH-1440NEX DVD receiver comes with one camera input. This means that you can connect a backup camera. If you have a big car like a van, this is a godsend. It will help you park easier. Plus, you can fit tighter spots than before.

What I love about this head unit is the customization. You can change the lighting, so it matches the interior. Also, you can change the background to any image.

The touch screen works great. Besides one page but that’s detailed in the next chapter. It’s a nice big touchscreen display and the screen size 6.2” wide.

The sound can be fine-tuned through the Equalizer. The interface has a 13-band graphic Equalizer. If you are not that keen on getting everything perfect, choose a preset.

Pioneer AVH-1440NEX 6.2" Multimedia DVD Receiver Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, HD Radio, SiriusXM

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Pioneer AVH-1440NEX satellite radio shortcomings

Sadly this head unit isn’t any different. The Pioneer AVH-1440NEX has its flaws. Let’s see if they are a deal-breaker for you.

My biggest issue is that Apple Carplay only works through a USB cord. To get the wireless connection, you need to pick a different model. Also, those head units cost more money.

I’ve noticed that the home screen lags a bit. Other pages work just fine. I wonder why is that?

This is a more advanced unit. Get ready for that learning curve. Some people prefer the manual to get accustomed, but usually, they are too thin. What worked best for me was going on Youtube. Some dedicated people can explain things better than any manual.

The control buttons are small. You will be in a world of pain if you don’t get steering wheel controls. I will tell you more about it in the next chapter. If you have steering wheel controls, you can mostly ignore those tiny buttons on the HU.

If you are getting that device makes sure you have somebody with a PC to configure it. Apple computers don’t work with the iDatalink Maestro.

There are times when you need to shut down the radio fast. Well, there’s no efficient way to do it. The only solution is a clumsy one. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

The last thing I want to mention is that there’s no HDMI. That limits the head unit’s capabilities.

It’s a long list I hope it didn’t scare you away.

How To Get The Most Out Of Pioneer AVH-1440NEX?

First of all, you need to get it installed. I’m not a tech guy, so I always go with a pro install. Less hassle, and it saves a lot of time.

The next thing you need to do is update the firmware. The chances are high that it’s outdated. Many bugs have been ironed out.

I suggest using the iDatalink Maestro so you can retain your steering wheel controls. Plus, you can get the car diagnosis info, as well. Since the Pioneer AVH-1440NEX head units are small, it’s safer if you use the steering wheel buttons. Voice control and audio playback will be flawless.

Pioneer obeys the law and doesn’t allow you to watch movies while in motion. That’s all fine, but you can’t pair a phone after you departed. Plus, you can dim the screen, either. These are just stupid rules. But there’s a fix for it. All you need is a parking brake bypass.

Initially, I didn’t want a backup camera. Now I got used to it so I can’t imagine life without it. If you are stuck with the installation process you can always contact customer support.

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Pioneer AVH-1440NEX Review Conclusion

As you’ve seen, the Pioneer AVH-1440NEX DVD receiver is a great car stereo to have. It comes with many features like SiriusXM and HD tuner radio. Plus, you can use both Pandora and Spotify thanks to the built-in Bluetooth. The major selling point is Apple Carplay.

We have reached the end of the review. I hope you gained clarity and know if this is the right fit for you.

Maybe you have experience with this car stereo? You can share it below. As always, hit me up if you want a review.

Catch you next time.
Pioneer AVH-1440NEX 6.2" Multimedia DVD Receiver Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, HD Radio, SiriusXM

Does it fit in my car? Click Here to Check
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Does the Pioneer AVH-1440NEX double DIN unit have a built-in Bluetooth?

Yes this double DIN stereo has a built-in Bluetooth. This will make hands-free calling, audio streaming and audio playback a breeze.

Will I get a remote control with this double DIN stereo?

Yes there’s a remote control included in the package.

Is this double DIN head unit Apple Carplay compatible Appradio Mode?

Yes this double DIN Pioneer unit is Apple Carplay Compatible Appradio mode. Plus you can utilize Apple Maps as well. Either way you will have Spotify control.

Does the AVH-1440NEX double DIN unit has audio video input/output?

Yes with this double DIN unit you will have audio video input/output. Thanks to the video output you can mount a camera to it.

Does it have a USB input?

Yes it’s rear input USB. This means that you have to run a USB cable to get access to the port.

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