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Oregon Booster Seat Laws


According to the booster seat law in the state of Oregon, a child can start using the booster seat if they weigh more than 40 pounds or they have maxed out the limits of their forward-facing car seat. Also, kids can graduate to the seat belt when they reach the age of 8 or the height of 57 inches.


Oregon Rear-facing Car Seat Laws

According to the rear-facing car seat law in the state of Oregon, all kids under the age of 2 have to be in a rear-facing car seat.

Also, they mention that a child should remain in rear-facing mode even if they have reached age 2 if the weight didn’t go over 20 pounds.


Oregon Forward-facing Car Seat Laws

According to the law, when a child is over the age of 2 and has outgrown their rear-facing car seat, they can upgrade to a forward-facing one. Also, they can use this forward-facing seat until they reach 40 pounds in weight.


Oregon Taxi Car Seat Laws

According to the law, all taxis are exempt from the above-mentioned car seat laws.

Even though it’s not required, it’s still a good idea to have a car seat with you if you because you can never know what will happen.


When Can My Child Sit in the Front Seat in Oregon?

There’s no law that will dictate when a child can sit in the front. However, according to experts, only kids above the age of 13 should be sitting in the front.


Oregon Car Seat Laws at a Glance

Here you can find the entire law in one place:

Car Seat Law (ORS 811.210(2))

Law: According to the law, this is how you should protect your kids:

  • If you have a child under the age of 2, they have to be in a rear-facing car seat. There are no exceptions, even if they pass the weight and height limit. Also, a child has to remain in a rear-facing car seat even after the age of 2 if their weight isn’t higher than 20 pounds.
  • Suppose your child weighs less than 40 pounds they have to be secured by a car seat that meets the Department of Transportation under ORS 815.055 for child safety standards.
  • If your child weighs more than 40 pounds and their height doesn’t reach 57 inches, they must be secured with a booster seat.
  • Suppose your child is older than 8 and taller than 57 inches, then they can be secure with a seat belt.

Location in car: Not specified

Taxi: Taxis are exempt from the car seat laws mentioned above. However, if you want to protect your kids, then it’s a good idea to bring your car seat because you can never know.

RideSafer legal: Yes. The Ride Safer travel vest qualifies for children at least age 3 and 30 pounds.

Fines: $110

Seat Belt Law

  • Law: According to the law, all occupants must wear a seat belt.
  • Fine: $130
  • RVs: The law for RVs concerning seat belts is the same as the general law as in all occupants have to wear a seat belt. Also, if there are kids on board, they have to follow the car seat laws.


What is the law concerning Leaving kids in the Car in Oregon?

There are no laws prohibiting leaving a child unattended in a vehicle. If you want to be cautious, then you can have a 12-year-old or older child next to yours for safety.


Is it Illegal to Smoke in a Car with a Child in Oregon?

In the state of Oregon, it’s illegal to smoke in a vehicle if there’s a child who’s younger than 18 years old.


Conclusions on Oregon Car Seat Laws

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Oregon law for booster seats?

According to the booster seat laws in the state of Oregon every child above the weight of 40 (over forty pounds) should be in a car seat. They have to use the booster seat until they either reach 8 years of age or the height of 57 inches.

When can I turn my child forward-facing in Oregon?

In the state of Oregon a child can be turned forward facing after the age of two and weighing more than 20 pounds.

Who is a child passenger safety technician and what can they do?

A child passenger safety technician is a certified professional who can tell you exactly what kind of car seats (child safety seats) you need let it be rear facing  or forward facing child seat, or a convertible car seat. Also the can explain oregon car seat law (child passenger safety laws). Plus they can show you exactly how to install child safety seat, rear facing car seats or any vehicle seat  or child seats. They can tell you when it’s a good idea to use a safety belt (safety belts), safety harness, shoulder belt, lap belt or stick with car seats.

Does the oregon car seat law tell when can a child sit in the front seat?

There are no specifics when a child can use the front seat according to the oregon car seat law. If we look at expert recommendations they say that only kids above the age of 13 should be sitting in the front who don’t need car seats and can be secured with the safety belt.

What’s the upper weight limit for rear facing car seats?

The upper weight limit fort rear facing car seats defers from brand to brand and model to model. On max side can be as high as 40 pounds. As you know rear facing car seats are the safest way for kids to ride.

Last Updated on May 19, 2022