Top 7 of the World’s Most Expensive Car Subwoofer Options


Welcome to the Most Expensive Car Subwoofer Awards!

For the last 18 days, I’ve been running wires, heat shrinking, calibrating, and soldering, meanwhile dodging housework and bedtimes stories just to test the most expensive subs on the market.


Here’s my full disclosure I haven’t bought any of these subs because my wife would’ve buried me; however, I’ve horse traded a bit. I’ve made a great deal with a shop nearby that lent me these amazing subs.

Now, if you want the ultimate bragging rights and crush SPL competitions, these are the best subs to make that happen. You might need a mortgage or a second one just to get these babies and do the necessary upgrades, and it’s all worth it.

I’ve been installing car stereos for more than 20 years, and I had a blast testing these babies out. So without any further ado, I’m ranking this subwoofers by power handling, clarity, performance, and price.

Show me the goods already!


#1 DS18 Troublemaker SPL Competition Subwoofer

Holly mother, what do we have here? It’s called the trouble maker, and it stands true to its name.

It’s an 18″ sub that stacks a punch. If you want to be accurate, it’s like stepping into the ring against Ali in his prime. When it hits, it hurts.

It’s a monster of a sub that has a peak power handling of 6000 watts, and it’s rated at 3500 Watts RMS. Your car battery won’t be enough to power this beast.

This sub was bread for SPL competitions. If you have the money, then you will be the winner of these contests. You know, typical subs push of a lot of air? Well, this is a different weight category. This sub moves bodies.

These woofers are so strong that they move the driver’s seat. You won’t be wearing a hat or cap with this monster loose in your car because it will fly away.

By getting this sub, you will be envied and hated at every car show. It’s lonely at the top, and it’s so worth it.

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#2 Rockford Fosgate T2S1-16 Power 16″ T2

Hold onto something, or you will be blown away by this Rockford Fosgate sub.

It’s a breathtakingly beautiful sub. The maximum power handling is at an insane 5000 watts while it’s rated at 2500 Watts RMS. To say this is a beast it’s an understatement.

I can simply compare to Ferrari. You can tell that it’s fast even if it’s standing still. It’s the same impression with this sub only in the loudness category.

Warning! Use deadening or suffer the consequences. This sub is no joke. It can permanently damage you if you don’t have adequate protection.

Attention for bass heads and bass addicts this sub will satisfy your needs.

You’re in luck; this sub supports both sealed and ported boxes. There’s very good and detailed info in the manual.

This is a winner no matter which angle you’re looking at it.


#3 Cerwin Vega SPCL152 15″

Old school bass heads can attest to this. Back in the day, this was the best sub on the market. In the ’90s, Cerwin Vega hit the record for being the best woofer.

Nothing much has changed since then. These subs are still bumping hard as they should.

The peak power handling for this sub is 2400 Watts, and it’s rated at 1200 Watts RMS. If you like the bling look to set you apart from the rest, then this is a must-buy subwoofer.

Cerwin Vega is one of a kind woofer. It has two layers of spider web, which gives its distinctive look and amazing performance.

It’s an SPL-grade sub that will put you in the lead with the right configuration.


#4 DS18 PRO-BX21N.1 Car Subwoofer Audio Speaker – 21″

I can’t believe it’s a 21″ subwoofer. It’s huge. As a matter of fact, it’s the biggest subwoofer on my list. I’m lucky that I have an SUV, or I wouldn’t have been able to play with it.

You need to upgrade all your electrical system if you want to hear this beast purr. I mean, DS18 says that the max power handling is 6000 Watts, and it’s rated at 3000 Watts RMS. Your stock battery and alternator won’t cut it.

Since I’ve been doing car audio systems for so long, I’ve managed to put together a required system in record time.

After I had wired everything up, I was too afraid to stand close to this 21″ beast. It’s so powerful that it pushes you away.


#5 Alpine X-W12D4 Car Audio Type X

Do you want people to think that you’re a famous rapper? Get these subs. They will shake the neighboring buildings.

Alpine is known to create top-of-the-line subs. This is the case with this sub as well. Wow, this is not for the faint of heart. These subs really slam.

These subs are real killers. I’ve pitted these two Alpine subs against 4 Sundown SPL subs. It wasn’t even a contest. My friend wanted them out and wanted these Alpines in.

This will be the last subwoofer that you will ever purchase. They are so good that others don’t even compare. With these Alpines, you get the perfect balance between SPL and SQ, and they are loud. I mean, if you want to shake the bolt loose in your car, this can do it easily.

The power handling is 2700 Watts Max, and it’s rated at 900 Watts RMS.


#6 DS18 HOOL-X15.4DHE 15″ Competition High Excursion Car Subwoofer

It’s a Hooligan, all right. Damn, this sub hits like a champ in its prime. I’ve actually managed to tear the door seal off while blasting it at full power. Boys, this is not a drill. This is the real deal.

If you’re serious about winning, this subwoofer will get you there. It packs a serious heavy bass.

The max power handling is 6000 Watts, and it’s rated at 4000 Watts RMS. If you think that this sub is expensive, think about the electrical system that needs to be upgraded, or you can’t fully let this beast loose.

Do you love to do hair tricks with the ladies? This Hooligan delivers. No rocket science is needed, just more power. Also, with this sub, you’re getting some deep lows.

This is for bass heads who like it loud.

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#7 Alpine R-SB10V 10″ 750w R-W10D4 Subwoofer

Don’t hate me just yet. I know this is a 10″ sub, and it’s loud and worth being on my top list. What Alpine has done with this R version is genius.

Besides, it has a modern and slick look. This sub can be easily paired with a second one. If you happen to have a Jeep Wrangler, then this will be the perfect fit. Alpine made it so that the pro-link system makes the paring effortless.

Well, they advertise 2 of these paired up, but what about 4? That would be an absolute monster.

The power handling is 750 Watts RMS, and it can reach those lows without issues. So if you want to bump in the 20hz range, you can do that.

It’s a very powerful sub, and it will satisfy your bass needs to the fullest.


The Most Expensive Subwoofer in the World is the Adire Audio Partheon

Get ready to sign a second mortgage because this is not cheap. Depending on the situation, it costs $5,000 to $8,000.

That’s an insane amount of money. Having this in your trunk will guarantee you the ultimate bragging rights, and all contest wins.

Sadly you can’t order this sub from Amazon. To my knowledge is custom made for every buyer. The motor itself costs $3,000. There is nothing but quality parts used here. And you get what you pay for with this sub.

I’m wondering in what kind of tank do you need to install it, so it doesn’t shake it loose.


Conclusions on the Most Expensive Subwoofer Awards

This is the end of this sub award show. If you like any of these subs, you can easily get them by clicking the links above.

I have no doubt that you will be crushing SPL competitions with any of the choices above. I’ve done my best to bring you what the subwoofer world considers the best. From 10″ all the way up to 21,” you will find a ground shaker.

Bass heads will get their fix if they choose from the list above. I don’t know how the police didn’t show up while I was doing the tests. Man o man, these subs are so powerful. Pretty much, you have to convert your vehicle into a stereo on wheels.

Anyways I hope you loved this top list. If you have questions or tips, let me know. I will try my best to respond.


Roger and Out!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the most powerful car subwoofer?

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What is the peak power handling of DS18 Troublemaker SPL?

The peak power handling of the DS18 Troublemaker SPL subwoofer is 6000 watts.

What type of vehicle is the Alpine X-W12D4 Car Audio Type X suited for?

The Alpine X-W12D4 Car Audio Type X is suitable for small cars, trucks and suvs

What type of bass soundtracks does the DS18 HOOL X15 4DHE Subwoofer provide?

The DS18 HOOL X15 4DHE Subwoofer provides high excursion bass soundtracks for cars.

How much does an Adire Audio Partheon cost?

An Adire Audio Partheon typically costs between $5000 to $8000, depending on the situation.

What is a Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer?

A Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer is a high-end car subwoofer that produces clear and powerful bass. Its 16 inch woofers are designed to provide exceptional sound quality for vehicles.

What is the World’s Most Expensive Subwoofer?

The world’s most expensive subwoofer is the Rockford Fosgate T2 15. It features an impressive 6000 watt amplifier and high-performance double-stacked motor structure, making it one of the most powerful and sought after car speaker systems on the market.

Do Expensive Car Speakers Provide Better Sound Quality?

Yes, expensive car speakers typically provide better sound quality than less expensive models due to their higher production standards and materials used in construction.

Is a 16 Inch Subwoofer Good Enough For A Car Audio System?

Yes, a 16 inch subwoofer can be good enough for a car audio system as long as it has adequate power handling capabilities to support your desired maximum volume level.

What is the Adire Audio Partheon?

Answer: The Adire Audio Partheon is an incredibly powerful subwoofer with a peak power handling rating of over 2000 watts. It also boasts impressive looks and styling, as well as great performance.

What are the top 7 most expensive subwoofers in the world?

Answer: The top 7 most expensive subwoofers in the world include the SVS PB-4000, VTF-15H MK2, Hsu Research VTF-2 MK5 HP, JL Audio Gotham G213, Adire Audio Partheon, Paradigm Reference Signature Sub 1 and REL Acoustics T/9i.

How does peak power handling affect price?

Answer: Peak power handling is one of the factors that affects a subwoofer’s price. Higher peak power ratings typically mean higher prices due to increased levels of performance and reliability.

Are these subwoofers difficult to install?

Answer: Installation of these high-end subs can vary in difficulty depending on their size and construction. Some may have ports that require extra skill for setup but overall they should be relatively straightforward to install with basic skills and tools.

What are the most expensive car subwoofers?

The most expensive car subwoofers can be found in brands such as Rockford Fosgate, which offers products with maximum output power ranging up to 7500W.

What is the best car subwoofer?

The best car subwoofer would depend on personal preferences and budget. However, one of the highest rated models currently is the Rockford Fosgate T2S1-16 that comes with dual voice coils for improved audio quality, an increased frequency response range to cover low frequency sounds and a mounting depth of 6.5”.

How do I improve my car’s audio?

Installing a subwoofer designed for use in cars is one of the best ways to improve your car’s audio system. This will help deliver powerful bass tones and improve overall sound quality.

What is the maximum power of Rockford Fosgate T2S1-16?

The maximum power output rating for the Rockford Fosgate T2S1-16 Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer is 1000W RMS (2000W MAX).

What is the hardest-hitting subwoofer?


What is the most powerful subwoofer?


How expensive is a subwoofer?


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