In-Depth Kenwood DDX9705S Review – Is it the right choice?

Can a factory stereo be beaten by Kenwood?

I have to hand it to the carmakers they are trying. I mean, they have to focus on so many things when they build cars. Maybe entertainment and music are least on their priorities.

For users, it’s the most important thing. So no wonder there has been a boom in the stereo aftermarket. Every year the companies are trying to outdo each other. At the moment aftermarket stereos leave the car manufacturers in the dust.

This is why I’ve created this Kenwood DDX9705S Review. It’s for you. You are probably thinking about installing this head unit in your car. I will make you a promise. Contrary to the hype you are used to, I will tell it straight.

You will see the good and the bad side of this stereo. By reading this article, I hope you will make the right choice.

Let’s get this Kenwood DDX9705S review started. For all those who want the final results, here they are.

  • Finally, a WIFI enabled device
  • No more map updates just use Google
  • Best Bluetooth sound that you have ever heard
  • The menu might be overwhelming
  • They should invest in better screens like Samsung

Who is the Kenwood DDX9705S for?

Who are the people who are buying Kenwood stereos? Those who already own Kenwood units. Once you get one, you will only upgrade to a better one.

Kenwood positioned itself as one of the best music quality stereos on the market. I mean this quality at this price range is without competition.

If you love to listen to music and radio while driving, this stereo would be a great choice. By music and radio, I mean crystal clear sound. Say goodbye to scratched CDs’ and tapes. (What’s a tape?)

Also, the Kenwood DDX9705S delivers HD radio. The audio is crisp and clean.

Besides these features, the stereo gives 22 watts of power. After installing this unit, people have learned that they have subwoofers. Crazy isn’t it? You had it all along, and you couldn’t feel it. Then comes along a stereo and you have unlocked your car’s full potential.

The other segment of the market that buys it is people needing extended capabilities. No more outdated GPS is making you go down on one-way streets.

Thanks to the wide range of apps, you can drive and take calls hands-free. Best of all, you can have text messages read to you. Plus, you can reply to them by dictation.

For all this, you don’t have to buy a brand new car which costs tens of thousands. All this technology can be yours if you install a Kenwood DDX9705S head unit.


What can the Kenwood DDX9705S do for you?

I already mentioned that thanks to the extra power, the subwoofers are felt. This is not just for those who want to enjoy great music.

Finally, a WIFI enabled stereo. This means that you can connect to Android Auto wirelessly. Before the WIFI feature, you always had to connect through USB. Plus, it wasn’t charging the phone. This is in the past.

Did you know that you can pair up to five phones?

This comes handy on long road trips. Anybody with a phone can put on music.

What I loved was that you could actually connect your steering wheel controls to the device. This means you can take a call by pressing just one finger. You can drive safe and keep your attention on the road.

Kenwood is known for its customization capabilities. For example, you can change the background of your screen — no more boring stock images.

Thanks to Google maps, you don’t have to worry about outdated maps. Plus, you don’t have to pay anybody to update it (lost revenue for dealerships).

Has this happened to you? Driving in a new city and the GPS takes you down on a one-way street… of course, it’s the wrong way.

I almost forgot to mention this. I have to return to the audio quality again. It has one of the most in-depth Equalizers I’ve ever seen. If you want that extra quality, then you can customize to your heart likings.

The EQ is easy to use. Plus, you can achieve some great tonalities.

The LCD is great and responsive. Gone are the days when you had to press extra hard to see something change. It’s responsive, and the design is slick. The LCD screen size is 6.95 inches wide.

Last but not least, let me tell you about the apps which can be used. No matter if you use an iPhone or an Android, it will work with this unit. Siri and Android Auto are at your disposal.

Besides all these features, you can connect two cameras. The must-have is the rearview camera. With the help of this, you can easily and safely park. Plus, you can add a dashcam.

Kenwood DDX9705S shortcomings

It’s not the perfect stereo, either. It has some issues.

It starts with an LCD. Samsung is creating one of the best and cheapest LCD on the market. Kenwood should invest in them because the screen glare is bothersome. The biggest problem is that the map isn’t that clear during strong sunlight.

Squinting at the screen and not looking at the traffic could be dangerous although you can tilt the screen to get a better view.

Another issue with the screen is that it collects a lot of fingerprints. It’s a good idea to buy a screen protector.

Let’s talk about the menu system. Brace yourself; it’s overwhelming. In a way, it’s good that you can customize so many things. In a way, it’s bad because there’s a learning curve. Once you set it up, it’s good forever.

It’s advertised to work with iPods. They failed to say that it’s only compatible with the latest high-end versions.

Soundcloud doesn’t support Android auto, and they will never go there. What a shame I’m a great fan of them.


How To Get The Most Out Of the Kenwood DDX9705S?

Even though Kenwood made this unit easy to install I highly recommend going to a specialist. So many people complain that the unit is defective or some features don’t work. When you get to the bottom of it, it’s because of bad wiring.

Save yourself from stress and headache and take it to a professional. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the “miles” of wiring.

Installing the unit isn’t that hard. Difficulties pop up when you are installing the cameras. And the toughest thing to crack is the steering controls.

This is why I recommend a professional installer.


As you have seen, you are getting tons and tons of features with this Kenwood device. And this comes at a cost. For a few, it might be too much.

For this, I always prepare an alternative. There’s the Kenwood DDX9704S. For some reason, it is more expensive at the time of writing. Maybe this will change, and the price will be lower.

The main benefit of having the older version is that it should be cheaper. Although you will be losing a couple of perks. For example, it doesn’t have WIFI. Another thing that was an issue was slow to start. You will be driving some before the music starts. It’s that slow.

If you are interested in an in-depth Kenwood DDX9704S review, read my article here.


At the moment, Kenwood DDX9705S is the latest generation. It’s jam-packed with features that make it a no-brainer purchase.

I’m about to conclude my Kenwood DDX9705S review. Feel free to contact me if you want to see different reviews also if you have something to share a comment below or email me.

Catch you later.



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